Free Resonance of Fate DLC in Phantasy Star Portable 2

Resonance of Fate” or “End of Eternity” depending on where you live, will have two free download content items for Phantasy Star Portable 2. You can download these items only in the Japanese Playstation Store. Resonance of Fate is an upcoming game from Sega that is a ATB turn based RPG, expected to release in the US on March 9th, 2010. Now you can dress up like Leanne (Reanbell: JP) and use her signature weapon.

Viju Skyline
(Female Clothes and Parts)
Free of Charge: 2/3/2010


(Single Handgun)
Free of Charge:  2/3/2010


Blog Updates

  • The number of players simutaneously logged on during the MALW CUP is almost the same amount of  players during the release of PSP2.

If you are keeping track of the Maximum Attack Little Wing Cup, please refer to the previous post for information when it is available.


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