PSO2 Station #21 Recap

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June 23rd Stream

Players can receive prizes by answering the quiz question in regards to the 20th episode of BEATLESS airing next week.

Prize List

  • Female Lacia Voice Ticket (CV: Nao Tōyama)

If you complete the following phrase and say it in chat, you’ll receive the above mentioned items. This phrase can only be entered between June 29th @ 26:00 JST ~ July 11th

  • 最後にレイシアがいたのはXXX-ム

The answer will be revealed when the 20th Episode of BEATLESS airs next week. You must fill in the X’s with the correct Japanese characters.




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PSO2 JP: Maintenance (6/20/2018)


Check out our PSO2 Station #21 Recap

PSO2 Maintenance

  • 6/20/2018 @ 11:00 ~ 17:00 JST
  • 6/19/2018 @ 10:00 PM ~ 4:00 AM EDT
  • ※ Click the above link to convert to your timezone.

PSO2es Maintenance

  • 6/20/2018 @ 10:55 ~ 17:30 JST
  • 6/19/2018 @ 9:55 PM ~ 4:30 AM EDT


Rainy 2018 Bingo (Front)
  Objective Note
A-1 Defeat Za Oodan Lv.1+
A-2 Defeat Kyklonahda Lv.1+
A-3 Clear [In the Driving Rain 2018] Emergency Quest
A-4 Defeat Ol Micda Lv.1+
A-5 Defeat Fang Banshee Lv.1+
B-1 Defeat Cyclonahda Lv.1+
B-2 Play Arkuma Slots Casino
B-3 Defeat Guwanda Lv.1+
B-4 Talk to Lachesis Title Counter
B-5 Defeat De Malmoth Lv.1+
C-1 Defeat Crabahda Lv.1+
C-2 Defeat Dagacha Lv.1+
C-4 Defeat Fang Banther Lv.1+
C-5 Clear Emergency Trial:
(The Storm’s Gift)
D-1 Talk to Leontina
(Arks Handbook Attendant)
Main Gate
D-2 Defeat Oodan Lv.1+
D-3 View Everyone’s Fashion in the Fashion Catalog  
D-4 Defeat Wolgahda Lv.1+
D-5 Grind an NT Weapon, OT Weapon, or Unit. Item Lab
E-1 Defeat Kartagot Lv.1+
E-2 Have A Drink Medical Center
or Campship
E-3 Defeat Rockbear Lv.1+
E-4 Defeat Fangulf Lv.1+
E-5 Clear Client Order:
(Hostiles Covering the Forest)
From: Hans

Rainy 2018 Bingo (Reverse)
  Objective Note
A-1 Defeat Empe Rappy Lv.1+
A-2 Clear Client Order:
(Dancing in the Corruption)
From: Hans
A-3 Defeat Wurmritter Lv.61+
A-4 Clear Client Order:
(Powerful Infection!?)
From: Lottie
A-5 Defeat Flame Diamos Lv.61+
B-1 Defeat Gorango Lv.41+
B-2 Give a Like in the Fashion Catalog  
B-3 Grind a Ring Item Lab
B-4 Clear Endless Quest Very Hard+
B-5 Obtain Title from clearing Omnibus
Quest: [Dark Falz [Elder] Revival]
with S-Rank on Normal
Omnibus Quest
C-1 Defeat Omega Angel Lv.61+
C-2 Defeat Imperial Demonic Sorcerer Lv.61+
C-4 Defeat Plosiorgles Lv.41+
C-5 Defeat King Mesetan in Mesetan Shooter Casino
D-1 Find the Lilipan Sticker Casino
D-2 Obtain Title from clearing Omnibus
Quest: [The Final Goodbye]
with S-Rank on Normal
Omnibus Quest
D-3 Defeat Predicahda Lv.41+
D-4 Defeat Imperial Demonic Assault Warrior Lv.61+
D-5 Defeat Skull Archer Lv.41+
E-1 Defeat Omega Gryphon Lv.61+
E-2 Defeat Falz Hunar Lv.41+
E-3 Increase the attribute of a weapon Item Lab
E-4 Defeat Breehda Lv.41+
E-5 Clear Client Order:
(Ferocious Fiery Bird)
From: Hans

Happy Birthday Sonic!

This June 23rd marks Sonic’s 27th Birthday. To celebrate his birthday, saying ソニック誕生日めでたいぜ in chat will reward you with sonic related items!

You have until June 27th’s Maintenance to say the phrase.

Reward Items

  • Sonic Mask B (Accessory)
  • *Sonic Knuckles (Weapon Camo)
  • Escape From The City (Music Disc)
  • 27 Star Gems


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Emergency Quest Schedule

Boost Event 49

▲▲ Eastern Daylight Time ▲▲
Please [Refresh] the calendar after maintenance has ended!

▲▲ Japanese Standard Time ▲▲
Please [Refresh] the calendar after maintenance has ended!

Eastern / Central / Mountain / Arizona / Pacific

Hawaii / São Paulo / London / Berlin / Moscow

Bangkok / Philippines / Sydney / Japan

Please Note:

  • The Emergency Quest schedule will update automatically during maintenance. Please wait until after maintenance has ended to see the current schedule.
  • Please resync the calendar periodically to receive the latest updates, as the schedule may change at Sega’s discretion.
  • This calendar is unable to show Emergency Quests that occur at random.
  • Boost Events that occur for 24 hours will appear with only their start times.
  • Boost Events that occur for several hours will use the “period” suffix in their titles. Please check the Google Calendar itself to view the event duration.
  • You can see the Emergency Quest schedule on your phone by subscribing to the Google Calendar.


AC Shop Bargains

The following bundles will contain AC Shop items at a discounted price!

Period Date: Until June 27th Maintenance

Item Package Contents Price
Half-Priced AC Scratch Ticket
AC Scratch Ticket (x1) 100 AC
Character Storage Set + Bonus
Character Storage Expansion +50 (x2)
Scape Doll (x3)
Bonus Key Tokyo [Gold]
1,800 AC

※Each bundle is limited once per account.


Player Survey

Sega is holding a Player Survey regarding recently added content and PSO2 Cloud. Filling out the Survey will reward players with 40SG at a later date.

If you’re struggling with the captcha boss, try using this Hirgana Keyboard

Survey Period

  • June 13th ~ June 24th 23:59 JST

Player Survey

Reward Date

  • Mid July


Quest Boosts

June 13th ~ June 27th

Annihilator’s Apparition + Annihilator’s Purification

  • +300% EXP Boost
  • +150% RDR Boost

Annihilator’s Apparition

  • Added Weapon Camo to the drops

Annihilator’s Apparition (XH Only)

  • +300% Enemy HP
  • +100% Enemy ATK
  • Added some ★14 Weapons to the drops
  • Added some ★13 Weapons to the drops
  • Added Conqueror’s Crest to the drops

Mega Mecha’s Awakening

  • +300% EXP Boost
  • +100% RDR Boost
  • Increase Dark Blast Gauge fill rate

Mega Mecha’s Awakening (XH Only)

  • +100% Enemy HP
  • +200% Enemy ATK
  • +80% Enemy S/R/T Resistance and all Attribute Resistance
  • Rare Enemy [King Varder] always appears
  • Added some ★14 Weapons to the drops
  • Added some ★13 Weapons to the drops
  • Added some ★12 Units to the drops
  • Added Conqueror’s Crest to the drops
    ※Infection Core will not appear on Big Vardha


Conqueror’s Crest Campaign

Complete the following goals to obtain Conqueror’s Crests. The crests can be exchanged for ★14 Weapons at Zieg!

Campaign Period

June 20th ~ June 27th

Campaign Tasks

  Goal Reward
1 Clear (5x) Mega Mecha’s Awakening Conqueror’s Crests (x10)
2 Clear (1x) Annihilator’s Apparition
Conqueror’s Crests (x10)
3 Clear (3x) Annihilator’s Apparition
Conqueror’s Crests (x10)
4 Clear (1x) Endless Quest Conqueror’s Crests (x10)
5 Clear Hans’ Client Order:
(Wicked Waves)
Conqueror’s Crests (x5)
6 Login 3 days during the campaign period Conqueror’s Crests (x5)  

Reward Distribution

  • Goals 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 rewards will be distributed instantly.


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