PSO2 Station! Plus #5 Recap

Warning! This post is updating in real time!
Please take note as the information below is subject to change.

Secret Phrase

  • Say the secret phrase below in chat to receive prizes.
  • アニメエピソードオラクル堂々完結
  • You have until April 1st’s maintenance to complete this task.
  • Items will be delivered to the Visiphone Campaign rewards
  • Prizes include:
    • Fast Burger
    • Puso Ni Comic Memory 2
    • White Day 2020 Trigger


Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • A Boisterous White Day 2020
  • March 24th @ 23:00 JST (Quna Concert First)
  • +250% Rare Drop Rate and +100% EXP Rate (In addition to other boosts)


Puso ni Comi Anime #2

  • The next Puso Ni Comi anime will air on Youtube and Nico Nico
  • The series will air starting April 7th and at the end of the episodes will be a secret phrase where you can earn 1 [Puso Ni Comic Memory 3]
  • There will also be several campaigns running alongside like Bonus Key Presents, Double Sage Crests, and even [Puso Ni Comic Memory 3] campaigns.


Mani Mani ARKS

  • A new Web Manga will be releasing every Wednesday.
  • It’s meant to be a slice of life story starring Hiroto and the newman Sharo.
  • Releasing March 25th, 2020


March 25th Update

New Feature (Special Ability Transplant)

  • Special Abilities from Material Items can be transplanted over to the Base Item.
  • This process requires Meseta and Special Ability Transplant Passes
  • The number of passes you need are based on the amount of slots for the finished product.
    • 1 Slot = 5 Passes
    • 2 Slots = 5 Passes
    • 3 Slots = 5 Passes
    • 4 Slots = 5 Passes
    • 5 Slots = 15 Passes
    • 6 Slots = 25 Passes
    • 7 Slots = 50 Passes
    • 8 Slots = 100 Passes
  • Transplantation will only take special abilities away from the material item. The material item’s S-class abilities will remain intact. S-Class Abilities are not transplanted in this system.
  • Be careful as transplanting could cause your base item to have less slots than it started out with if you don’t select enough special abilities. For example, if your base item is an 8 slot weapon, and you select a material item with 2 slots, then you’ll only be able to transplant two abilities. This will reduce the amount of slots for the base item.


New Feature (Special Ability Transplant)

  • The Recycle Shop will have a Limited [Class EX Cube Exchange Shop]
  • Trade in Class EX Cubes to receive a Special Ability Transplant Pass
    • 1 Special Ability Transplant Pass = 2 (Hu/Ra/Fo EX Cubes) [Limit 10 Per 28 Days]
    • 1 Special Ability Transplant Pass = 2 (Fi/Gu/Te EX Cubes) [Limit 10 Per 28 Days]
    • 1 Special Ability Transplant Pass = 2 (Br/Bo/Su EX Cubes) [Limit 10 Per 28 Days]
    • 1 Special Ability Transplant Pass = 2 (Hr/Ph/Et EX Cubes) [Limit 10 Per 28 Days]
  • So essentially you could get 40 per month.


Early April Update

PSO2 Early April Update

  • Easter Lobby (~4/22)
  • Xie (Easter 2020) COs (~4/22)
  • CO Reward: *Woval Edge
  • Easter 2020 Bingo Front and Back
    • Angel Wing Mag


PSO2 Early April Update

  • Courage Cute Look (AC Scratch)
  • Contains Unique School Uniforms


PSO2 Early April Update

  • Courage Cute Look (AC Scratch)
  • Satchel Bag Outerwear
  • Takt Pose and Egg Race Lobby Actions
  • And a Variety of Accessories


PSO2 Early April Update

  • Episode 6 Chapter 4: The Protectors of Earth
  • Shiva’s grubby hands have finally made it to Earth
  • Rina, Aika and other Earth characters will appear.
  • Pietro will also have a side story.


PSO2 Early April Update

  • Wild Easter 2020 Seasonal Emergency Quest
  • Acquire Multi-slot equipment and Factor-type abilities
  • Material Items from Divide Quests can also drop.
  • Lizeth Ghidour will appear along the way


PSO2 Early April Update

  • Wild Easter 2020 Seasonal Emergency Quest
  • Prefix named Descente Draal will appear at the end
  • Quest Drop and Special Collection Weapon: Promessa Pagina

Mid April Update

PSO2 Mid April Update

  • Automata Revival (Revival AC Scratch)
  • A Revival Scratch to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of the NieR series.
  • YoRHa 2B, 9S, A2 Repcas
  • Emil Head will appear in the Scratch Bonus

Late April Update

PSO2 Late April Update

  • Sakura Wars (2019) Collaboration!
  • Sanshiki Koubu OR Mugen will appear in the lobby.


PSO2 Late April Update

  • Seijurou Kamiyama and Sakura Amamiya costumes!
  • Seijurou Kamiyama’s Sword and Amamiya Kunisada Weapon Camos
  • Sakura Wars Lobby Actions


PSO2 Late April Update

  • Outside of the collaboration is Sci-Fi Punk, Steampunk, and Arabian outfits.
  • New Lobby Actions including Partisan Pose


PSO2 Late April Update

  • Mining Base Defense VR now supports Ultra Hard!
  • New ★15 Nova Series will drop.
  • New ★13 Leg Units [Leg / Miragecel] and [Leg / Novacel]
  • There’s also the [*Randle] weapon camos consisting of Orbit, Mirage, and Nova.


PSO2 Vita Service Ending

  • Vita Service will be ending on August 19th.
  • They will be holding a Point Back Campaign that works sort of like a cashback rewards program. Essentially, half of the total AC & SG used during certain time periods will be given back to you as Star Gems, using a calculation of 5 AC to 1 SG. To qualify, you need to have logged into the PlayStation Vita version before March 24th @ 0:00 JST. You can get up to 1000 SG per period.  We’ll talk more about this during maintenance.
  • Using 5000 AC would convert to 2,500AC, then dividing that by 5 would = 500 SG back!
  • Using 500 SG would convert to 250 SG that = 250 SG back


PSO2 Roadmap

PSO2 Roadmap 2020

May and June Update

  • EP 6 Chapter 5
  • New Complex PA for Bullet Bows
  • 8th Anniversary Event
  • 12 Player Limited Quest
  • New Bonus Quest
  • New Superior Pet

July Update

  • Episode 6 Final Chapter
  • New Raid Quest and New Raid Boss
  • Summer Event


  • PS Vita Service Ends (August 19th)
  • New Successor Class
  • New Spec Quest


  • Instead of a new episode, we’ll have a Gigantic New Update!


New Bullet Bow Complex PA


New Superior Pet


New Successor Class


New Raid Boss




to be added…



PSO2 Episode Oracle Drama CD

  • Releasing March 26th, 2020
  • Price: 2,800 Yen
  • Item Codes
    • CD Package Mat 19
    • All Male Voice Ash
    • 591 “EP Oracle Communication”


PSO2 Episode Oracle Soundtrack CD Vol. 2

  • Releasing April 8th, 2020
  • Price: 2,700 Yen
  • Twenty Two Songs Included
  • Item Codes
    • CD Package Mat 20
    • Xion’s Light
    • Theme of MATOI -Piano-
    • Luther Battle (Episode Oracle Version)
    • And Five others.


PSO2 Episode Oracle Character Song CD

  • Contains songs from Ash, Afin, Matoi, Quna, Klariskrays, Melphonsina, and Dark Falz Double!!
  • Item Codes
    • VO Performance 10 LA
    • CD Package Mat 21


PSO2 Episode Oracle Blu-Ray & DVD Vol 6

  • Releasing April 15th, 2020
  • Contains Episodes 13, 14, 15.


PSO2 Episode Oracle Blu-Ray & DVD Vol 6

  • Ol Blink M and F [Ou & Ba]
  • Ol Blink F [In]
  • EP Oracle 3 LA
  • EP Oracle Mat E
  • EP Oracle Vol 6 Poster


PSO2 Episode 6 Deluxe Package

  • Due to the novel Coronovirus (Covid-19) outbreak, some components in manufacturing have been delayed.
  • PSO2 Episode 6 Deluxe Package has been postponed until May 21st, 2020.


PSO2 JP AC Scratch: Slightly Sugar

Slightly Sugar
(Until April 08, 2020)



着崩しカーディガン[Ou] | Relaxed Cardigan [Ou]


マリンルックスカート[Ba] | Marine Look Skirt [Ba]
マリンルックスカート紅[Ba] | Marine Look Skirt Crimson [Ba]
マリンルックスカート葉[Ba] | Marine Look Skirt Leaf [Ba]
マリンルックスカート栗[Ba] | Marine Look Skirt Brown [Ba]
マリンルックスカート影[Ba] | Marine Look Skirt Shadow [Ba]
マリンルックスカート雪[Ba] | Marine Look Skirt Snow [Ba]



シンプルバックパックF[Ou] | Simple Backpack F [Ou]



フィエルテノエズ[Ba] | Fierte Noese [Ba]
フィエルテノエズ紅[Ba] | Fierte Noese Crimson [Ba]
フィエルテノエズ雅[Ba] | Fierte Noese Elegant [Ba]
フィエルテノエズ栗[Ba] | Fierte Noese Chestnut [Ba]
フィエルテノエズ葉[Ba] | Fierte Noese Leaf [Ba]
フィエルテノエズ夜[Ba] | Fierte Noese Night [Ba]



トルークローゼ[Ba] | Truek Rose [Ba]
トルークローゼ紅[Ba] | Truek Rose Crimson [Ba]
トルークローゼ桜[Ba] | Truek Rose Sakura [Ba]
トルークローゼ雪[Ba] | Truek Rose Snow [Ba]
トルークローゼ栗[Ba] | Truek Rose Chestnut [Ba]
トルークローゼ夜[Ba] | Truek Rose Night [Ba]




シンプルバックパックM[Ou] | Simple Backpack M [Ou]


Female Variation

ゴシックメイド振袖F | Gothic Maid Kimono F
ゴシックメイド振袖F空 | Gothic Maid Kimono F Sky
ゴシックメイド振袖F鋼 | Gothic Maid Kimono F Steel
ゴシックメイド振袖F桜 | Gothic Maid Kimono F Sakura
ゴシックメイド振袖F月 | Gothic Maid Kimono F Moon
ゴシックメイド振袖F雪 | Gothic Maid Kimono F Snow

Male Variation

ゴシックメイド振袖M | Gothic Maid Kimono M
ゴシックメイド振袖M空 | Gothic Maid Kimono M Sky
ゴシックメイド振袖M鋼 | Gothic Maid Kimono M Steel
ゴシックメイド振袖M桜 | Gothic Maid Kimono M Sakura
ゴシックメイド振袖M月 | Gothic Maid Kimono M Moon
ゴシックメイド振袖M雪 | Gothic Maid Kimono M Snow


Variation A

スーツオブグリザイユA | Suit of Grisaille A
スーツオブグリザイユA夜 | Suit of Grisaille A Night
スーツオブグリザイユA紅 | Suit of Grisaille A Crimson
スーツオブグリザイユA影 | Suit of Grisaille A Shadow

Variation B

スーツオブグリザイユB | Suit of Grisaille B
スーツオブグリザイユB夜 | Suit of Grisaille B Night
スーツオブグリザイユB紅 | Suit of Grisaille B Crimson
スーツオブグリザイユB影 | Suit of Grisaille B Shadow





Female Voice 208 (CV: Kana Asumi)

  • 女性追加ボイス208
  • 女性C追加ボイス208

Male Voice 174 (CV: Nobunaga Shimazaki)

  • 男性追加ボイス174
  • 男性C追加ボイス174

Lobby Action

  • 597「Wランスポーズ」 | 597 [Wirelance Pose]
  • 598「オフィスチェア」 | 598 [Office Chair]

Female Recolors

  • フルドラスイフト雪[Ou] | Huldra Swift Snow [Ou]
  • フルドラスイフト影[Ba] | Huldra Swift Shadow [Ba]
  • フルドラスイフト静[Ba] | Huldra Swift Tranquil [Ba]
  • フルドラスイフト玄[Ba] | Huldra Swift Mysterious [Ba]
  • オリエントグレース海[Ba] | Orient Grace Sea [Ba]
  • オリエントグレース冬[Ba] | Orient Grace Winter [Ba]
  • オリエントグレース玄[Ba] | Orient Grace Mysterious [Ba]
  • メディックワンピース夜[Ba] | Medic One-Piece Night [Ba]
  • メディックワンピース冬[Ba] | Medic One-Piece Winter [Ba]
  • フォージライン燃[Ba] | Forge Line Burning [Ba]

Male Recolors

  • トルネオエスコート玄[Ba] | Torneo Escort Mysterious [Ba]
  • トルネオエスコート鋼[Ba] | Torneo Escort Steel [Ba]
  • トルネオエスコート海[Ba] | Torneo Escort Sea [Ba]

Female GV Cast Parts

  • ナイトメア・ボディGV | Nightmare Body GV
  • ナイトメア・アームGV | Nightmare Arms GV
  • ナイトメア・レッグGV | Nightmare Legs GV

Male GV Cast Parts

  • クリミナル・ボディGV | Criminal Body GV
  • クリミナル・アームGV | Criminal Arms GV
  • クリミナル・レッグGV | Criminal Legs GV


Female Outfits

  • フォージドレス鋼[Ou] | Forge Dress Steel [Ou]

Male Outfits

  • トルネオエスコート[Ou] | Torneo Escort [Ou]
  • シャルフヴィント[Ou] | Scharf Wind [Ou]
  • シャルフヴィント影[Ba] | Scharf Wind Shadow [Ba]


  • スイフトヘアー | Swift Hair
  • ファレグヘアー | Phaleg Hair

Body Paint

  • メディックニーハイ | Medic Knee High Socks
  • シャルフペイント | Scharf Paint

Support Items

  • 特殊能力(法撃&PP/3)| Add Ability (Tech&PP/3)



Scratch Bonus

Play this AC Scratch a specific amount of times for exclusive bonus items!

Normal AC Tickets
Frequency Rewards
5 times White Day 2020 +100%
10 times White Day 2020 Trigger
15 times Lovey Rappy Knitted Cap
20 times White Day 2020+100%
25 times White Day 2020 +100%
30 times
Slightly Sugar Ticket
40 times
Bonus Key Tokyo [Gold]
50 times
EX Tri Boost +200%
60 times
Slightly Sugar Ticket
120 times
Slightly Sugar Ticket
Gold AC Tickets
Frequency Rewards
2 times White Day 2020 +100%
4 times White Day 2020 Trigger
6 times Lovey Rappy Knitted Cap
8 times
White Day 2020 +100%
10 times
White Day 2020 +100%
12 times
Slightly Sugar Ticket

※Players can receive each item only once.
※All of these items are untradeable.

※Slightly Ticket allows you to choose 1 item from this AC Scratch.
※White Day 2020 +100% applies a Tri Boost to [A Boisterous White Day 2020] and its Trigger (120m)


FUN Scratch


  • アルゴンウルフ | Argon Wolf

Face Aesthetics

  • チークスター 赤 | Cheek Star Red
  • チークスター 白 | Cheek Star White
  • チークスター 黒 | Cheek Star Black

Body Paint

  • 全身タイツM 赤 | Full Body Tights M Red
  • 全身タイツM 青 | Full Body Tights M Blue
  • 全身タイツM 緑 | Full Body Tights M Green
  • 全身タイツF 赤 | Full Body Tights F Red
  • 全身タイツF 青 | Full Body Tights F Blue
  • 全身タイツF 緑 | Full Body Tights F Green


  • ダイナミックハート 青 | Blue Dynamic Heart
  • たらこクチビル 桃 | Fish Lips Peach
  • たらこクチビル 赤 | Fish Lips Red
  • たらこクチビル 紫 | Fish Lips Purple
  • くわえハンカチA | Bitten Handkerchief A
  • くわえハンカチB | Bitten Handkerchief B
  • くわえハンカチC | Bitten Handkerchief C
  • ガスボンベ | Gas Cylinders
  • アームキャノン | Arm Cannons
  • マウントキャノン | Mounted Cannon

Lobby Action

  • 483「バースデー」| 483 [Birthday]


  • ホワイトデーリリーパ | White Day Lillipa
  • ホワイトデークッション | White Day Cushion
  • ホワイト・ファウンテン | White Fountain
  • チョコチップクッキー | Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • いちごのショートケーキ | Strawberry Shortcake
  • ブルーライト | Blue Light
  • ゴシックテーブルB | Gothic Table B
  • ゴシックソファB | Gothic Sofa B
  • ゴシックローテーブルB | Gothic Low Table B
  • ゴシックベッドB | Gothic Bed B
  • ゴシックチェアB | Gothic Chair B
  • ゴシックスタンドB | Gothic Stand B
  • ゴシックライトB | Gothic Light B
  • ゴシックマットB | Gothic Mat B
  • ゴシックシャンデリア | Gothic Chandelier
  • ゴシック・テーマ/B | Gothic Theme / B


PSO2 JP: The Magnifico Dragon Ignissimo!

~ March 4th, 2020 ~


White Day 2020

Take on the Ultra Hard version of [A Boisterous White Day] and face the fearsome Dragon Ignissimo! Armed with crystallized shields on both wings, Ignissimo will strike at its foes with wide, sweeping motions. Break its shields to gain an advantage in battle.

Characters donning their White Day attire may pop up during the quest. Fight alongside them for a chance to receive Plain Chocolate 2020 boost items!


The ★15 [Folgore Weben] will be available as a new drop within the quest.


Check Kyokuya out in his dazzling White Day suit and help out with some client orders for prizes! If you cleared Stratos’ Valentine orders, an additional request will be unlocked that rewards a new weapon camo.


The White ’20 Collections contain +35 weapons, like Fornis Gen, and a selection of ★14 Eggs.


Featured Quest Rotation

Limited Quest “The Piper of Disharmony” will now be converted into a Level Up Quest! In addition to the +200% EXP Boost, players can battle against the Ultralized Lizeth Ghidour. Catch this quest and others as part of the Featured Quest lineup.


Arks Battlewear Selection (SG Scratch)

The Arks Battlewear selection is a compilation of outfits, accessories, weapon camos, and lobby actions that appeared in previous battlewear scratches. New color variations of Neighbor Quartz, Lorette Beldia, Active Camisole, and Flammegash will also be available.

(The SG Scratch will be released March 18th 2020)



Slightly Sugar (AC Scratch)

The newest scratch is packed with costumes with wildly different motifs, such as a maid-style kimono and a dark, sexy nurse uniform. Also worth mentioning is that Kyokuya’s hairstyle will be available for the first time!