Races and Classes in IDOLA: Phantasy Star Saga


IDOLA features six major races in the world of Vandore. While Phantasy Star fans might be able to instantly recognize who they are, IDOLA switches things up a bit by using a more traditional naming scheme.


Human Race

The race with the highest population. They engage in various classes.


Elf Race

The next highest population after humans, and known for their pointy ears.


Lycan Race

A human-animal hybrid of various species, such as wolves, rabbits and cats, etc.
Visually, men are closer to animals while women appear more human-like.


Gnome Race

While they may be diminutive in size, many of them are skilled in magic.


Demonic Race

This race is known for their distinctive horns and skin color.
They tend to be persecuted often due to their unusual appearance.


Machina Race

A rare race whose bodies are machines.
You may encounter them as enemies at the ruins.


IDOLA Class Outline

IDOLA classes are split into three categories: Law, Neutral, and Chaos.

  • Law: Knight / Archer / Saint / Elementor / Paladin
  • Neutral: Brave / Grappler / Bard
  • Chaos: Berserk / Wizard / Assassin / Dancer


Law Classes

Archer Deals heavy damage with skills that shoot at the enemy.
Knight Plays the role of the party’s shield thanks to its high defense.



Saint A rare class that cures status effects and heals.
Elementor A good energy source for the party that increases elemental values.


Chaos Classes

Berserk A hyper offensive class that deals heavy damage by putting their bodies on the line.
Wizard Excels at magic that can attack several enemies together.


Assassin Seizes the first move in battle with rapid strikes and are also skilled in followup attacks.
Dancer Bolsters allies through dancing and provides support effects.


Neutral Classes

Grappler They fight with their own fists and are skilled in using their energy to strengthen themselves.
Bard A musically trained class with a skill that naturally heals allies.


Special Classes

Brave Can raise his own ability after an attack
Paladin Stella’s native class that heals, defends, and attacks.


Fate Divergence

Your party’s composition changes with the Fate Divergence system. Nadia, who’s normally [Law], can switch alignments and be the healer for the [Chaos] side. Melissa, the [Chaos] Wizard, can switch alignments and strengthen attack power on the [Law] side.


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IDOLA Phantasy Star Saga Set For November Release

Today Popona cheerfully announced that IDOLA Phantasy Star Saga is set to begin service in November. The game is Phantasy Star’s return to a turn based RPG that plans to release on Android and iOS devices!


IDOLA is set in a world of two major competing forces where each character is affiliated with either [Law] or [Chaos]. Some characters, however, belong to neither side, and are classified as [Neutral] participants.

Starting the game up for the first time will allow you to input your name and birthday. The birthday you enter will decide the main protagonist’s element. You can change your name as you play the game, but you will not be permitted to alter the birthday.


You can confirm the status of your party prior to heading out into battle. From here, the livestreamers began their first [Free Quest], which happened to consume 15 Drive points.


These enemies might look familiar to those who’ve played PSO2. Standing in the back is the red [Rocked Bear] with two [Lugulfs] in front of it. Typically at the beginning of battle, each character only has access to basic attacks, indicated by the orange icons. These attacks will grow stronger as the battle progresses due to the increase in elemental values when various actions occur.


Characters will gain access to new attacks once their element reaches certain values. These new attacks are known as [Skills] that apply various effects on the enemy or your character. Skills in red icons usually perform powerful attacks that apply a particular effect. Skills with blue icons generally provide some sort of effect without an attack. For example, the blue icon [Shifta-Deband] increases both ATK and DEF on an ally.

Once a particular skill is used, the icon will grey out and go into cooldown for a number of turns.


Reverse Rush is yet another form of attack that switches out the current party with another in the opposite faction. Activating this action will unleash an all-out attack by members of the opposite party. Reverse Rush can also grant an effect that either reduces the enemies’ defenses or reduces the amount of damage your characters would receive.


Once a character’s element reaches a high enough value, their elemental icon will transform into a crest. This allows you to activate their [Elemental Blast]. This special move unleashes an action packed attack sequence that ends up consuming a certain amount of the element’s value. Each Elemental Blast has its own effect. For example, Jasper’s [Twin Blade] reduces his own speed after he finishes the attack, while Madock’s [Steal Life] recovers HP after he completes the attack.


Once you’ve completed a quest, you’ll be presented with a screen that displays the item drops and Meseta you’ve earned. You may also receive additional rewards if you achieve certain conditions in battle, such as winning without any incapacitations, or using elemental blasts a certain amount of times.

The next screen displays each character’s results with two bars underneath. These indicate their progress towards leveling up and their bond level. Characters will earn hearts as you keep filling their bond gauge. This ties into the Fate Divergence system explained previously on this site.


Beasts Are Back?

IDOLA brings forth the revival of “Beasts” after their long absence! This time they’re known as the [Lycans] who dwell alongside a mountainous region.



New Characters

Anna Marie (CV: Sayaka Ohara)

  • Stella’s mother and former head of the Aries Knights.


Popo Pudding (CV: Miyuki Kobori)

  • When she puts on her glasses, she switches to tactical mode, and her personality changes.


Phramy (CV: Eri Kitamura)

  • The administrator of the Aries Knights who hails from a different world


The Imperial Army

Sigmund (CV: Rikiya Koyama)

  • Rosalinde’s father and ruler of the Leoria Empire!
  • A warrior who carries the lineage of the Idolan Leo.


Erwin (CV: Kōki Uchiyama)

  • A man of superior wisdom who’s the Crown Prince of the Empire!
  • He possesses excellent skills in protection and healing.


Gustav (CV: Kōsuke Toriumi)

  • The Second Prince in line of the Empire.
  • He excels in martial prowess and is a master of the bow.


Gerda (CV: Ami Koshimizu)

  • The First Princess who specializes in strategy and intrigue.
  • She has her sights set on Rosalinde’s life.


Correction: Release Date Is Set For Sometime in November

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IDOLA Phantasy Star Saga: Battle Flow and Idola Vs Idola Battle

Idola Battle Flow

Idola’s Battle System is a turn based affair. You must first select the commands for each character and press the [Battle Start] button in the lower right hand corner. Each character will attack the enemy, aiming for the ones in which they have an elemental advantage.


Next to each character’s name is their elemental icon. This will rise each time a character performs an action or defeats an enemy. As the elemental values rises, more actions will unlock. For example, Uly gains access to a skill called “Rising Vigor” which increases [Attack Power] by 10%. Stella gains a skill called Twinkle Blaster that allows her to attack twice if her water elemental value is 5 or more.


Once a character’s element reaches a certain value, a new special move will unlock known as the [Elemental Blast]. The player can choose to activate this move by tapping the character’s elemental icon, which now has transformed into an ornate crest.


An action-packed cutscene will commence once a character activates their Elemental Blast. For example, with [Mark Star Riser], Uly rushes through the field, performing a series of slashes at the enemy. In addition, [Mark Star Riser] also has an effect that increases damage towards Idolas by 50%. Activating an Elemental Blast consumes a certain amount of an element’s value, so please keep that in mind for any strategies you wish to plan.


Phantasy Star Saga battle system allows you to switch between two parties. One is comprised of characters who follow the rule of [Law], while the other is composed of characters who follow [Chaos]. During battle, you can switch to the other party by activating the special move [Reverse Rush].


Once [Reverse Rush] is activated, characters from the initial party will jump out the scene to make way for the alternate party. During this transition, the alternate party will make a grand entrance with an all-out attack!

Aries Knights Formation

The Aries Knights are formed with members of [Law] and [Chaos], however, Uly, the main character, is neither of the two and is actually [Neutral]. The previous head of the Aries Knights is Anna Marie, Stella’s mother. Uly is the captain of the Aries Knights’ Commando unit with Rosalind leading the [Law] faction, and Jasper leading the [Chaos] faction.


Fate Divergence

As a character reaches the max bond level, a new option will be enabled for them. This allows the player to choose the character’s fate, either following in the path of [Law] or siding with [Chaos].


Uly is a bit of an anomaly, because even if he branches towards a side, he’ll still be considered neutral. Through [Divergence A], he’ll wear a white dignified law style costume.


However, in [Divergence B], he’ll have a cool black chaos style appearance.


Idola vs Idola Battle

Idola Battles run pretty much the same way as regular battles, except that each Idola consists of a main form and two body parts. For example, the Aries Idola has its main form [Aries], and the body parts [Aries Sky Horns] & [Aries Ground Horns].


Each body part has access to its own list of actions based on its current elemental value. Due to this, you can select actions where the main form does a regular attack, while the other body parts could heal, buff, or deal damage.


Idolas even have access to their own Elemental Blasts. For example, Aries can perform [Dimension Gate].


The enemy will drop down and expose its core after receiving a certain amount of damage. Once this happens, you can attack this weak point for massive damage until the core disappears.


New Character: Popona

Popona (Aries Knight PR Official)

Popona will now be in charge of the Idola Twitter account. Her first order of business is to open a Help Desk section on Twitter and the Official Site. You may send in your questions and they’ll make videos explaining their answers at a later date.

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