IDOLA Phantasy Star Saga: Battle Flow and Idola Vs Idola Battle

Idola Battle Flow

Idola’s Battle System is a turn based affair. You must first select the commands for each character and press the [Battle Start] button in the lower right hand corner. Each character will attack the enemy, aiming for the ones in which they have an elemental advantage.


Next to each character’s name is their elemental icon. This will rise each time a character performs an action or defeats an enemy. As the elemental values rises, more actions will unlock. For example, Uly gains access to a skill called “Rising Vigor” which increases [Attack Power] by 10%. Stella gains a skill called Twinkle Blaster that allows her to attack twice if her water elemental value is 5 or more.


Once a character’s element reaches a certain value, a new special move will unlock known as the [Elemental Blast]. The player can choose to activate this move by tapping the character’s elemental icon, which now has transformed into an ornate crest.


An action-packed cutscene will commence once a character activates their Elemental Blast. For example, with [Mark Star Riser], Uly rushes through the field, performing a series of slashes at the enemy. In addition, [Mark Star Riser] also has an effect that increases damage towards Idolas by 50%. Activating an Elemental Blast consumes a certain amount of an element’s value, so please keep that in mind for any strategies you wish to plan.


Phantasy Star Saga battle system allows you to switch between two parties. One is comprised of characters who follow the rule of [Law], while the other is composed of characters who follow [Chaos]. During battle, you can switch to the other party by activating the special move [Reverse Rush].


Once [Reverse Rush] is activated, characters from the initial party will jump out the scene to make way for the alternate party. During this transition, the alternate party will make a grand entrance with an all-out attack!

Aries Knights Formation

The Aries Knights are formed with members of [Law] and [Chaos], however, Uly, the main character, is neither of the two and is actually [Neutral]. The previous head of the Aries Knights is Anna Marie, Stella’s mother. Uly is the captain of the Aries Knights’ Commando unit with Rosalind leading the [Law] faction, and Jasper leading the [Chaos] faction.


Fate Divergence

As a character reaches the max bond level, a new option will be enabled for them. This allows the player to choose the character’s fate, either following in the path of [Law] or siding with [Chaos].


Uly is a bit of an anomaly, because even if he branches towards a side, he’ll still be considered neutral. Through [Divergence A], he’ll wear a white dignified law style costume.


However, in [Divergence B], he’ll have a cool black chaos style appearance.


Idola vs Idola Battle

Idola Battles run pretty much the same way as regular battles, except that each Idola consists of a main form and two body parts. For example, the Aries Idola has its main form [Aries], and the body parts [Aries Sky Horns] & [Aries Ground Horns].


Each body part has access to its own list of actions based on its current elemental value. Due to this, you can select actions where the main form does a regular attack, while the other body parts could heal, buff, or deal damage.


Idolas even have access to their own Elemental Blasts. For example, Aries can perform [Dimension Gate].


The enemy will drop down and expose its core after receiving a certain amount of damage. Once this happens, you can attack this weak point for massive damage until the core disappears.


New Character: Popona

Popona (Aries Knight PR Official)

Popona will now be in charge of the Idola Twitter account. Her first order of business is to open a Help Desk section on Twitter and the Official Site. You may send in your questions and they’ll make videos explaining their answers at a later date.

IDOLA: Phantasy Star Saga Battle System and Mechanics

The Forces of Law & Chaos

In the world of [Idola: Phantasy Star Saga], are two forces that compete for dominance. Characters within this world follow one of these paths.


Characters who follow the rule of “Law” value order and justice. These characters typically hold skills in healing and protecting allies. 


Characters under “Chaos” value freedom from restraints. These characters have high attack power and posses status effect abilities.


Some characters have decided to remain in a “Neutral” position and are neither Law nor Chaos. These rare characters can join up with any party.


New Characters

Rosalinde (CV: Mikako Komatsu)

  • An imperial princess who manages the ‘Law” side of the Aries Knight’s commando unit.


Jasper (CV: Soma Saito)

  • The former leader of a group of bandits who now manages the “Chaos” side of the Aries Knight’s commando unit.


Battle System

Phantasy Star Saga returns to the series roots by offering a command style battle system. When you choose a method of attack, the character will automatically target an enemy with an advantageous element. You can also perform a concentrated attack by specifying the target.

There are various settings you can choose from such as [2x Speed Battle], [Auto Battle], and [Skipping Elemental Blasts].


During battle, the elemental value will increase based on the various actions that characters perform and by the element of the defeated enemy. This will lead to advanced skills and even strengthen your normal attacks.


Consuming your Elemental Value allows you to release an [Elemental Blast], a special move inherent to the character.


Stella’s Elemental Blast, [Aries Starlight], deals heavy damage while recovering the party’s HP.


Uly’s Elemental Blast, [Mark Star Riser], damages the enemy with a series of slashes.


Switching Parties

During battle you can switch between parties of Law and Chaos.


Switching between these parties can unleash an all out attack called [Reverse Rush]. Use this power to change the tides of battle!


Fate Divergence

Fate Divergence Idola Phantasy Star Saga

Fate Divergence is a special event that occurs once a character reaches their max [Bond level]. This allows the player to choose the path of either “Law” or “Chaos” for that character. If you’re not happy with your selection, you can change their fate again by using certain items.


Whichever path you choose for them will not only change the character’s appearance, but also their skills and elemental blast.


Fate Divergence can also change the tactics used in battle. For example, if a Chaos Wizard diverts to Law, then the attack power for Law will be strengthened. If a Lawful Knight diverts to Chaos, then they’ll place themselves in the defensive role.


Fate Divergence also changes the conclusion to a character’s story.


A Chaos Version of Stella!?


Idola Battle

Idola Battles are raids where you join forces with friends and players nationwide to defeat the Idola.


However, Phantasy Star Saga has one other trick up its sleeve. For the first time ever, you can become an Idola and battle other players.


Idola Battle

  • If you’re [Battling the Idola], you’ll earn a bonus if you defeat them.
  • If you’re [Playing as the Idola], you’ll earn bonuses as you defeat many players.

Even Idola vs Idola battles are possible within the story and other quests.


The Various Idola

Various kinds of Idola are available within the game.

  • Aries: Excels in Defense and Recovery
  • Leo: Has overwhelming destructive power.
  • Gemini: Has phantasmagoric dual-style attacks.


Some lower ranking Idola include:

  • Chamaileōn: An Element Changing Idola
  • Lupus: A quick witted and agile fighter.
  • Cetus: Attacks with devastating rays.

Idola Phantasy Star Saga Announced for iOS / Android



Sega has announced the latest entry into the Phantasy series, titled [IDOLA: Phantasy Star Saga]! The game’s story takes place in a land called [Vandor], where the giant creatures known as [Idola] roam.

The evil god Dark Falz, sealed away during ancient times, begins its resurrection. Can civilization stand up and stop its return? And what is the true identity of the [Idola], regarded as kin to Dark Falz?


Stella, the story’s heroine, leads the [Aries Knights], an armed brigade that battles the Idola. She is shy in nature, concealing her face behind an iron mask.

Uly, another main character, lost his parents at a young age. Following a fateful encounter with Stella, he becomes head of the Aries Knights’ commando unit.


A Familiar Feeling

IDOLA: Phantasy Star Saga is a brand new game starring Uly (CV: Toshiki Masuda) and Stella (CV: Akane Fujita). This game was made as an entirely separate project, meaning the development of IDOLA will have no effect over the operation of PSO2.

Fans of the Phantasy Star series will recognize staples of previous works, such as [Idola], the ominous term that has come to be associated with the music of Dark Falz. Certainly the series most famous mascot, the cute yellow creatures known as Rappies, will appear on Vandor! In addition, if you look closely, you can even see a Mag floating next to Uly in the artwork.


Even Quna, the pop Idol from Phantasy Star Online 2, will be presented as a character in a pre-registration reward.


IDOLA: The Cash Content

Even though Phantasy Star Saga is free to play, the game will contain cash content in the form of a Gacha. This will allow players to obtain weapons and characters. However, outside of that, there will be other opportunities, such as in-game events, where you can obtain characters.


IDOLA Pre-Registration Campaign

Those who pre-register for IDOLA: Phantasy Star Saga will be rewarded with Star Diamonds and other items based on the number of people pre-registered.

10,000 People = 300 Star Diamonds
20,000 People = 300 Star Diamonds & 1 Stamina Med (L)
50,000 People = EXP Book+1 (x4) & 300 Star Diamonds
80,000 People = 30,000 Meseta & 300 Star Diamonds
100,000 People = ★5 Character [Quna] & 600 Star Diamonds
200,000 People =  ★5 Weapon Symbol & 600 Star Diamonds
300,000 People = 600 Star Diamonds

※1 Gacha = 300 Star Diamonds

I Have A Sega ID I Don't Have A Sega ID


Idola Pre-Registration (PSO2 Campaign)

Pre-Register to Sega’s newest game, [Idola: Phantasy Star Saga], to obtain Star Gems and Conqueror’s Crests in PSO2.

Campaign Period

  • July 24th, 2018 ~ Until Idola Pre-Registration ends

Campaign Conditions

  1. Pre-Register for [Idola: Phantasy Star Saga] with a SEGA ID
  2. Play on PSO2 with the same SEGA ID before the pre-registration period ends.

Campaign Rewards

  • 100 SG Ticket (x1)
  • Conqueror’s Crests (x100)
  • 50 King’s Crests

Reward Period

  • 1 month after Idola pre-registration ends


IDOLA: Phantasy Star Saga Fact Sheet

IDOLA: Phantasy Star Saga

  • Release Date: 2018
  • Platforms: iOS & Android
  • Service Type: Free to Play + Cash Items
  • Genre: RPG

Development Team

  • Producer: Shuntaro Tanaka (Senior Director of PSO2)
  • Director: Tomomasa Chin (Assistant Director of PSO2)
  • Art Director: Sho Mutsuura (Lead Artist of PSO2)