PSO2 Station #30 Recap

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Balance Adjustments coming April 24th

SEGA has released their own balance info on April 12th for Episode 6. Info in the link below.


View Episode 6 - Balance Adjustments


April 10th Info

Don’t worry, you didn’t miss a stream, but today we got some information from the latest Weekly Famitsu! One of Episode 6’s main concepts is to allow you to play with your favorite weapon and class. A preview of the first batch of adjustments have been provided by Famitsu. Later on, we will provide a more detailed list of adjustments on its own separate page once that information is announced.

Existing Class Adjustments & Features (This list is NOT exhaustive.)

Hunter Adjustments

  • Hunter Gear Boost / Charge Parrying / War Brave will have their max skill level set to LV. 1.
    • Their effects will be the same as the current Lv. 5.
  • Improved the turning speed of Partizan’s normal attack while on the ground.
  • Added New Skill Ring : L / Another Wired Mode
    • When using WL’s Holding PAs, you can attack the enemy without capturing them.

Ranger / Gunner Adjustments

  • Piercing Shell, Grenade Shell, One-Point, Diffuse Shell
    • Relaxed the timing of descent when using these PAs in the air.
  • Launcher PAs will also receive some improvements.
    • Extended the range of Cracker Bullet’s shooting range.
    • There might be more adjustments for other Launcher PAs but details weren’t given.

Techer Adjustments

  • Added New Skill Ring: L / Another Wand Element Change
    • By having Wand Gear, it changes the element of the wand to that of the charged technic (excluding support).
    • We weren’t given details on what exactly is different from the other skill ring.

Hero Adjustments

  • For TMG PA: Final Storm, expanded its attack range and added a Guard Point in all directions when activated.
  • Made it possible to move while attacking in Talis normal attack, step attack, and after the fast moving weapon action.
  • Expanded the suction range of Talis Jet Wheel PA and made it possible for you to move after activation.

Other Additions

  • You can now set Technics to your main weapon palette, even if the weapon is a sword.
    • Ex: Sword Palette: (Normal Attack / Guard / Foie / Il Zonde / PA 1 / PA 2)
  • Trade in Hero’s Crests to receive ★14 Ares and ★14 Omega Angel / Apprentice drops.
    • Blanc Absolute
    • Lug Sarola
    • Bringer’s Rifle
    • Cursed Slayer Gaen
    • Reaver Garola
    • Vante Weihen
    • Yasminkov 4000FJ
    • Motav Grimoire
    • Ares Weapons


More Episode 6 - Balance Adjustments


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PSO2 Station #29 Recap

Warning! This post is updating in real time!
Please take note as the information below is subject to change.

Post Livestream Updates

  • Expanded the ★15 Weapon Get Campaign


March 10th Stream

Secret Phrase

  • Say the secret phrase in chat to receive several prizes
  • 翔べ、閃光の宇宙へ。
  • You have until March 20th’s maintenance to complete this task.
  • PS Festa 2019 Logo (Sticker)
  • Weapons Badge 2019 (x40)


Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • Specter of Destruction (Elder & Apprentice)
  • March 10th @ 23:00 JST (Quna Concert First)
  • +200% EXP and Rare Drop Boost
  • +10% Live Boost If Attending Concert


Revival Scratch (March 13th ~ March 20th)

  • New Year Carnival 2019! Accessory Selection
  • Popular hairstyles, accessory and lobby actions will return!
  • Geometric Wings, 392 [PR Pose 2]
  • New Year Carnival 2019! Support item Selection
  • Special AC scratch containing items to support your adventures!
  • Grace series special ability, Special Ability Protection (5 Slot or Lower)


Road to Episode 6 Campaign

★15 Weapon Get Campaign (March 20th ~ April 24th)

  • Let’s acquire the materials for ★15 [Atlas EX Series].
  • Clear the following quests a certain number of times for prizes!
  • Specter of Destruction x6 = Time Reversal Stone Chronos
  • Enchanted Forest x3 =  Val Ars (Grind Gap = 32)
  • Enchanted Forest x5 = Jutus Stich (Grind Gap = 32)
  • Hans CO: Unidentified Enemies = Regaloyakut Skull (Grind Gap = 32)
  • Any Free-Field x10 = Schvelle Buechse (Grind Gap = 32)
  • Any Featured Quest x4 = Lambda Grinder x30
  • Any Featured Quest x6 = Goldnia x500
  • Any Featured Quest x8 = Saphard x500
  • For the items highlighted in blue, there’s another set of tasks in the future.

[Road to EPISODE6] Boost Event! (March 20)

  • A special [Quest Boost] will be added

1 Million EXP Ticket (x10) Present (March 20th)

Daily Bonus Key & Bonus Quest Boost (March 20th ~ April 3rd @ 23:59)

  • Bonus Quest EXP Boost +200%

[Kings Crest] Get Campaign Final! (March 20th ~ April 3rd)

  • During the period you can get a total of 1400 Kings Crest


Road to Episode 6

  • [Road to EPISODE6] Upgrade Boost Event (April 17th ~ 24th)

    • +10% Grind Success Rate
    • +15% NT Grind EXP
    • +10% Affix Success Rate
  • [Pre-EP6 Release! Support Item Scratch] (April 17th ~ 24th)
    • Special AC scratch containing items to support your adventures!
    • Further Strengthen the weapons you’ve obtained during [Road To EPISODE6]!


KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World! Legend of Crimson

  • Kazuma, Aqua, Megumin, Darkness, YunYun’s Aesthetics.
  • Lobby Actions for scenes from the TV Anime.
  • Arriving Mid May


PSO2 Episode Oracle

  • A new TV anime that restructures Episodes 1 ~ 3.
  • Details will be revealed at future Phantasy Star Festas.
  • Broadcast Begins Sometime in 2019!


The Spring Update

Late March Update

  • Spring Event 2019
  • Sakura lobby
  • Sakura Nyau
  • Franka’s cafe (Sakura theme)
  • Subclass EXP gain increased up to LV. 70!


Late March Update

  • Spring Event 2019
  • Akhtar, Lien, and Gene will appear in the lobby!
  • Complete client orders to get [Chip Fragments] so you can obtain collab items from the shop!
    • Character Posters, Mats, and Makura Weapon Camos


Late March Update

  • Daydream Live (AC Scratch)
  • Lobby Action [Dance 57] & [Sakura Watching]
  • Ahktar and Lien outfits
  • Special Forces themed wear
  • Quna and Matoi’s [Phantasic QM] Costumes





Episode 6 Release Date

  • Episode 6 Release Date is April 24th
  • The concept of Episode 6 is for PSO2 to “Return to its Roots” with further enhancement of the Sci-Fi genre by battling the forces of [Luminmechs] & [Photoners] whose technology exceeds the ARKS!
  • PSO2 will retain its premise of allowing you to “play with your favorite weapons and class” by continuing to update all classes throughout Episode 6. Each class will receive new actions, (for example new PAs, etc.,) which will gradually release throughout EP6.
  • PSO2 will also introduce [Ultra Hard], allowing you to obtain a variety of items from powerful enemies.
  • The game will not only enhance its battle, but also its communication aspects.


Episode 6 New Story & Characters

  • Ulc, Theodor, Shiva, Varuna, Mitram, Lisa
  • Kyokuya (Phantom Trainer) (CV: Ryō Horikawa)
  • Ludmilla (Research Department) (CV: Rie Takahashi)
  • And introducing the [Luminmechs] which Photoners control.


Episode 6 Ultra Hard Difficulty (Mid May)

  • Ultra Enemies
    • Bosses will have different appearances and movesets in UH.
  • Photoner Infection Core
    • Appears in Ultra Hard difficulty and launches powerful attacks.
  • Enemy Shield
    • Drastically reduces damage if you attack areas other than the shield’s weakpoint.
    • Shields will have various aspects, for example, they might be vulnerable to short-distance attacks, but highly resistant to long-range attacks. In another example, they could be strong against ground attacks, but weak to air attacks.


New Emergency Quest (Late May)

  • [Armada of the End], an 8 player Emergency Quest!
  • The Arks have a new ace up their sleeve, the [A.I.S Vega], which makes three-dimensional space battle possible.
  • The Luminmechs are also prepared with the release of
    [Nemes Anjure]!


Giant Luminmech
Nemes Anjure




New Feature: Group Chat

  • A new chat system where up to 100 people can participate.
  • You can setup a group chat with your friends regardless of whether they’re in your team or not. You can join up to 5 chats.


New Feature: Arks Missions

  • Main Missions:
    • Guides the player into becoming a full-fledged ARKS.
    • Deepen your understanding of PSO2 as you gain equipment and explore various features.
  • Daily / Weekly Missions
    • Clear Missions to earn Meseta and Bonus Keys
    • Clear any Free/Arks/Limited Quest on SH+ for 42,000 Meseta
    • Use a Food Item or Boost Item for 40,000 EXP
    • Clear any Endless Quest once for 420,000 Meseta and 160,000 EXP.
    • Collect 350,000 meseta through CO rewards for 700,000 Meseta and 240,000 EXP.
    • The above are just a sample of the Daily / Weekly missions


Changed Contents

Accompanying the new Arks Mission feature are the following changes:

  • Arks Road will be suspended.
    • Navigation System will be integrated into [Main Missions].
    • Astarte will now be known as the [Arks Mission Administrator].
  • Decreased Meseta from Klotho
    • They will reduce the amount of Meseta earned from Klotho’s client orders, but will distribute the equivalent through [Daily/Weekly Mission] rewards.


Improvements for Early Portions of the Game

  • Completely improved the game’s prologue!
    • Made the basic operations more practical to learn.
    • Area 1 has Rockbear, Area 2 has Dark Ragne
  • Due to the above boss changes, Forest Exploration’s boss will now be set to Fang Banshee
  • Forest, Caves, And Desert will have lower enemy levels.
  • Item drops will be adjusted on Normal ~ Hard Difficulty.
  • Revised some of the initial PAs you learn on a new character.


Integrated all Story Content into the Quest Counter!

Episode 1~ 3 Adjustments

  • Omnibus EP1~3 will now be known & classified under the [Oracle Arc]
  • Scenes of Alma’s thoughts will occur if you play the opening of Episode 5.
  • Restored certain quests and events that were in high demand.

Episode 4 Adjustments

  • EP4 will be classified under the [Earth Arc].
  • The Story Board will be removed.
  • Improved the quality for certain events and revised the clear rewards.

Episode 6 Story

  • Episode 5 and 6 will be classified under the [Photoner Arc].
  • You can play Episode 6 after clearing Episode 5.


Other Improvements

  • You can now change how damage values are displayed (Large/Medium/Small/None)
  • Customize the reduction in effects of other players.
  • Place PAs on your Sub-palette.
  • Test lobby actions you’ve learned in the Beauty Salon
  • All the support effects on the Photon Tree are available.
  • Choose a different drink effect. (Overwrites the previous drink)
  • Class and Balance adjustments.


Spring ~ Early Summer 2019

  • Episode 6: Chapter 1
  • New NPCs
  • New Enemy Type [Luminmechs]
  • New Class [Phantom]
  • New Difficulty [Ultra Hard]
  • New Free Field: Region Exploration: Lillipa
  • New Boss Enemy: Ultra Enemies
  • New Enemy System: Enemy Shield & Photoner Infection Cores
  • New System: [Arks Mission]
  • New Communication System: [Group Chat]
  • Other Improvements.

Early Summer 2019

  • New Emergency Quest
  • Added A.I.S. Vega
  • New [Region Exploration] Area
  • Added Ultra Enemy.

Summer (7th Anniversary)

  • 7th Anniversary Event
  • 8 Person Limited Quest
  • 12 Person Limited Quest

Summer (August ~ September)

  • Episode 6: Chapter 2
  • New PA System
  • New PAs for Sword and Jet Boots
  • New [Region Exploration] Area
  • Added Ultra Enemies


  • A New Class is …!?


Phantom Skills

Some information is taken from social media and might be incorrect or missing context.

Visitors who attended the Phantasy Star Fan Festa 2019 got their first-hand trial of the adjustments made to Phantom class.

New Phantom Skills


Phantom Talis S Charge (NEW)

  • Reduces the charging time of the Technic that was activated from the thrown Talis of the PA: Eisen Fluegel
  • (Eisen Fluegel is a rod PA that shoots out a “Talis-like” bullet.)

Jellen Redress (NEW)

  • Strengthens Jellen when you attack an enemy afflicted by Jellen.

Ph Weapon Bonus 1 & 2 (NEW)

  • Increases power when using Phantom’s Weapon Types
  • Power: 165% Each

Gespenst (NEW)

  • When you receive an attack when your HP is 50% or below, it will nullify status effects and greatly reduce damage.
  • Recast Time will occur after activation.

Main & Sub

Critical Stream (NEW)

  • Increases Critical Rate and Critical Damage based on the Max PP.
  • Critical Rate: Max +60%
  • Critical Power: Max +5%

PP High Up (New)

  • PP+20 at Max (LV.10)

All Attack Bonus (New)

  • Gain a Damage Bonus
  • Strike: 145%
  • Range: 130%
  • Tech: 135%
  • Pet: 135%

Main Class Skills

Phantom Time (Active Skill)

  • An active skill that consumes 50% of Phantom Gear.
  • You’ll be invincible for 5 seconds from activation.
  • Extends the invincibility frames during step.
  • PP consumption reduced by 20%.

Phantom Time Finish

  • Enables a Finisher for Phantom Time

Phantom Time Mark Plus

  • Provides a Marker Accumulation Bonus during Phantom Time.

Phantom Time Jellen Plus

  • Provides a certain chance to apply Jellen when an attack hits during Phantom Time.

Mark PP Drain

  • Recovers PP when you’ve accumulated the max amount of markers.

Lord of Thorn

  • Decreases markers, and increases marker detonation power.

Chase Mark Boost

  • Provides a Marker Accumulation Bonus when attacking enemies suffering from Status Effects or Jellen.

Dodge Counter Shot

  • Dodge Counter Shot activates when you perform an attack after evading an enemy’s attack using [Step].

Stealth Tech Charge

  • For a certain time, from the start of charging a technic, you’ll become invincible and your movement speed will increase.

Phantom Talis S Charge (NEW)

  • Reduces the charging time of the Technic that was activated from the thrown Talis of the PA: Eisen Flugel
  • (Eisen Flugel is a rod PA that shoots out a “Talis-like” bullet.)

Attack Jellen

  • Provides a certain chance to apply Jellen to an enemy hit by an attack.

Jellen Redress (NEW)

  • Strengthens Jellen when you attack an enemy afflicted by Jellen.

Dodge PP Regain

  • Recovers PP when you evade an enemy’s attack.

Phantom Marker

  • Accumulates Markers towards an enemy hit by an attack.

Marker Heal

  • Recovers HP when you accumulate the max amount of markers.

Zero Range Mark Boost

  • Provides a Marker Accumulation Bonus when attacking enemies at close-range

Long Range Mark Boost

  • Provides a Marker Accumulation Bonus when attacking enemies at long-range.

Quick Cut

  • For Katanas, when you perform a weapon action at a specific time, the behavior will change.


  • While using Rifles, markers are accumulated by Marker Detonation.


  • While using Rods, accumulates markers and gear by doing Technics.

Gespenst (NEW)

  • When you receive an attack when your HP is 50% or below, it will nullify status effects and greatly reduce damage.
  • Recast Time will occur after activation.

Ph Weapon Bonus 1 & 2 (NEW)

  • Increases power when using Phantom’s Weapon Types
  • Power: 165% Each


Main and Sub Skills

Full Drive

  • Increases gear accumulation

Sprint Tech Charge

  • Increases movement speed while charging Technics.

Tech Short Charge

  • Reduces Technic charging time and PP consumption, but also lowers the power.

Phantom PP Restorate

  • Increases the amount of PP recovered.
  • Auto PP Recovery / Attack PP Recovery:  130% Each.

Photon Stream

  • Increases damage based on your max PP.
  • Max Power: +10%

Critical Stream (NEW)

  • Increases Critical Rate and Critical Damage based on the Max PP.
  • Max Critical Rate: +60%
  • Max Critical Power: +5%

PP High Up (NEW)

  • PP+20 at Max (LV.10)

All Attack Bonus (NEW)

  • Gain a Damage Bonus
  • Strike: 145%
  • Range: 130%
  • Tech: 135%
  • Pet: 135%

Questions & Answers

Will there be other opportunities to obtain Atol Orbit?

  • They don’t have plans for this, however another version of the Orbit weapons will be implemented eventually through Ultra Hard.

What are the requirements for Ultra Hard?

  • Lv.85 for Main and Sub Class will be required.

Will there be plans to update the Expert conditions?

  • Yep! It won’t happen at the launch of Episode 6, but they’ll eventually change the conditions at some point in the future. It appears you’ll need to do solo content this time.

Will “Tech Arts” type skills/rings/abilities apply to Phantoms when they connect Normal PAs to Shift PAs?

  • Tech Arts-type effects require different PAs to connect. If you do Normal PA1 -> Shift PA1, this won’t count because they’re classified as the same PA. Instead you’d need to do Normal PA1 -> Shift PA2 for it to apply.

Are there plans to redistribute the Basilis Weapons?

  • Yes! The Basilis weapons will eventually make a comeback as a drop.

At what point will they allow trading for all ★13 weapons?

  • It’s still too early to say, but someday they want to do it.

Will they bring premium service for the Random Drink?

  • They don’t have plans for this.

Do they have plans for new compound rings?

  • At present, they do not have plans for new compound rings.

Will the Evleda Unit upgrade be strong enough for Ultra Hard?

  • Yes.

So how many people have the entire Austere-NT series?

  • A total of 13 players has obtained every weapon type of Austere-NT

Do they have plans to raise the PA/Tech level?

  • No.

Hey, so a while back you made adjustments for Bravers in regards to Rapid Shoot and Divine Raikou’s potential. Will we see something similar for Techers, like Wand’s normal attack speed and Lavis Cannon’s potential?

  • Adjustments will be made to Wand’s normal attack speed. We’re going to raise it so that it’s of similar speed to the current S4: Swift Strike. In addition, S4: Swift Strike will be adjusted to be a little bit faster, and will be placed about halfway between Wand’s normal attack speed and Lavis Cannon’s speed.

Persona Trigger (Specter of Tragedy) Play Report  (Feb 6 ~ Feb 12)

  • 65 players have cleared the trigger quest solo.
  • Fastest solo clear time was 12:43 as Ra/Hu
    • The masks were Double -> Elder
    • (Wow it’s not a Gu/Fi!)
  • Fastest party clear time was 3:40 with Br/Ra, Br/Ra, Fo/Te, and Te/Ra
    • The masks were Loser -> Apprentice

Area Survey: Remnants of Other Worlds Play Report (Feb 20 ~ Feb 26)

  • 939 players have reached Depth 400+
  • Most popular main classes in this quest who reached Depth 100+:
    • Hero (45%)
    • Hunter (12%)
    • Summoner (10%)
    • Braver (10%)
    • Fighter (9%)


★15 Popularity

  Atlas EX Austere-NT Lightstream
Swords 68% 15% 17%
Wired Lance 67% 22% 11%
Partizan 50% 38% 12%
Twin Daggers 71% 16% 13%
Double Sabers 62% 16% 22%
Knuckles 44% 20% 36%
Dual Blades 56% 26% 18%
Gunslash 28% 51% 21%
Assault Rifle 71% 17% 12%
Launcher 45% 40% 15%
TMGs 77% 15% 8%
Bullet Bow 73% 14% 13%
Rod 51% 22% 27%
Talis 46% 38% 16%
Wand 80% 11% 9%
Jet Boots 62% 16% 22%

More to be added.

PSO2es (Smartphone Game)

PSO2es Update

  • Special Quest in commemoration of the 5th Anniversary [It’s the 5th Anniversary, Everyone Gather!]
    • Chance to obtain Songstress Akhtar chip.
    • April 1st ~ April 10th
  • Photon Dice becomes easier to play!
    • Added Skip Animations feature
    • Added Continue Feature
  • Other System Changes
    • Login Bonus EXP Tickets Adjustments
    • You will now get [100,000 EXP Ticket] x1 instead!
  • UI improvements
  • Bug fixes


PSO2es Update

  • PSO2 Linked Special Quest [5th Anniversary Comm. Mission]
    • March 20th ~ May 15th
    • Gather [Chip Fragments 2019] in [PSO2] & [PSO2es] to exchange for the [Darkness Ahktar] chip, ★13 NT Weapons, and [PSO2] Room Items and Weapon Camos.
    • [PSO2 TCG] chips will appear as drops
  • Eternal Tower: March 13th ~ March 27th
    • Evil Nochiuhau ★12 Chip as Ranking Reward
    • Clarita Visas-NT ★13 Weapon as Drop Reward


PSO2es Update

  • Emergency Quest (March 28th ~ April 10th)
  • [Banther Oran] & [Dark Agrahni]
  • Stacked XH Trigger Clear Reward: Aletheia Legan ★14 Knuckles


PSO2es New Chips

  • New Heroines [Anniversary] (4/1 ~ 4/2)
  • Afin [White Day] (3/13)


PSO2es New Chips

  • Double Cannon (3/20)
  • Bio Sloque (4/10)


PSO2es New Chips

  • Darkness Ahktar (3/20) (Exchange Shop)
  • Ahktar & Lien (4/17) (Exchange Shop)
  • Songstress Ahktar (4/1) (Special Quest)


PSO2es New Chips

  • Aste Unicorn (3/20)
  • Zeshuu (3/27)
  • Skull Schecter (4/10)
  • Bio Zect (4/17)


PSO2es New Chips

  • Information Broker Twin Tea [TCG] (3/13)
  • Shipboard Diva Quna [TCG] (4/10)
  • Huey [TCG] (3/20)
  • Fourier [TCG] (4/17)


[PSO2es Section Contributed by: Kurofml]

Idola: Phantasy Star Saga

Idola Phantasy Star Saga

  • New Characters: Lillimo and Meldor
  • You can get Lillimo during the Anniversary event.
  • Meldor is of a new class called “Shooter”
  • He also has the Zodiart Sagittarius


Idola Phantasy Star Saga

  • Gene from PSO2es will appear in Idola!


Idola Phantasy Star Saga

  • “LOW” version Gene


Idola Phantasy Star Saga

  • Chaos version Gene


Idola Phantasy Star Saga

  • The Arena opens late April.
  • Put your party’s skills to the test.
  • More details to be revealed in Nagoya’s PS Fan Festa

Other Big Idola Updates

  • New Characters, New Idola
  • New Breakthrough Quest
  • Obtain Items through the Half Anniversary Exchange
  • New Super-Class Difficulty


Prizes from Gameplay or Login Campaigns

  • ★5 Character: Lillimo (x5)
  • 10x Gacha Ticket (x10 Days) (One Per Day)
  • ★5 Chara Gacha Ticket
  • 10,000 Star Diamonds
  • Each Type of Rainbow EXP Book (Total) x230
  • 22.5 Million Meseta
  • Each Type of Star Stone (Total) x100
  • 10x Gacha Ticket (x3)
  • ★4+ Gacha Ticket (x3)
  • Gacha Ticket (x10)
  • Idola Core (x1000)
  • Stars:Episode 6 (Symbol)
  • Idola Main Theme ENDEAVOUR short. ver
  • Event Character Re-Release
  • Mystery Prize


Idola Half Anniversary

  • March 10th ~ March 18th
  • Login and get a special login bonus

Phantasy Star Merchandise

Phantasy Star Festa Merchandise

  • Mascot Character Fan (2000 Yen)
  • Mascot Character Mug Cup (1,400 Yen)
  • Mascot Character Coaster (500 Yen)


Phantasic 3d Live 2018 Blu-Ray

  • Pre-Sales at Nagoya Phantasy Star Festa
  • Purchase-Bonus Item Codes
    • 473 [VO Performance 8]
    • Electric Drum Set
    • Piano Mat
  • Pre-Sales: April 21st
  • General Sale: April 24th
  • Price: 7000 Yen


PSO2es Heroine Gene Plastic Model (Kotobukiya)

  • Title: PSO2es Gene (Stella Innocent Ver.)
  • Weapon: Fossil Tricks
  • Price: TBA
  • Sales Date: 2019
  • Size: Non-scale 150mm


PlayStation 4 Theme #7

  • Download the Arks New Year Carnival 2019 Theme for Free on the Japanese PlayStation Store.



Phantasy Star Online 2 Episode 6 Start Guide Book

  • Explains new contents from Episode 6
  • Sales Date: Episode 6’s Release
  • Price: TBA


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PSO2 Station #28 Recap


Warning! This post is updating in real time!
Please take note as the information below is subject to change.

February 9th News

White Day Event

  • Make sure to clear Aurora’s Valentine COs so you can get a new exclusive client order during White Day.

Exacrimav / Exacrimaph

  • A new ★14 Rifle.
  • Potential: The 3rd normal attack has an explosion upon impact.
    • Phantom Class Compatible.

Puso Ni Comic Anime Live Video

  • February 22nd ~ February 24th
  • It’s a “Movie Live,” but this time, (instead of Matoi), it’s the first four episodes of Puso Ni Comic Anime.
  • There will also be a Live Boost.

Endless Quest: Eternal Rondo

  • Contains 35 Areas.
  • Has Vegas Illusia with new actions like a roulette attack.
  • Added Duo (2players) and Trio (3players) Scoring Type with Titles too
  • Drink Terminals and Recovery Pods were added to the Interval Area.
  • The types of orders that appear changes based on # of players.
  • Five new S-Class Abilities
    • (S1) 25% chance for attacks to inflict Jellen
    • (S2) Reduces PP consumption after PA/Technic hit for 30 seconds. In rare cases it reduces PP consumption even more.
    • (S3) Reduces taken damage by 1% each time 300,000 damage is dealt. (Up to maximum of 15%)
    • (S3) Reduces PP consumption by 1% each time 300,000 damage is dealt. (Up to maximum of 15%)
    • (S3) Increases Crit Rate by 2% each time 300,000 damage is dealt. (Up to maximum of 30%)

Premium’s Super PSO2 Day

  • Premium Only Super PSO2 Day is Feb 22nd.

Evleda Unit Upgrade

  • Arriving in Episode 6 during PSO2’s 7th Anniversary (June ~ July)

Yamato Factor

  • Increased rates to get it will be coming in Episode 6.

Xion Unit Drop Rate

  • The drop rates for the Xion units are the same on XH and SH.

When Is Perpetual Madness Trigger?

  • Should be coming around April.

Will there be Graphics Setting Stage 7 with Episode 6?

  • They have no plans for Graphics Setting Stage 7

How Many People Have A 7 Slot Item With Returner V?

  • As of February, it appears nine people have it equipped.
  • Nobody has an 8 Slot item with Returner V.

How Many People Have the Forever Loner Title?

  • As of February, it appears twenty nine people have it.
  • 24 GuFis, 4 Heroes, and 1 FiHu.

When Will Episode 6 Come Out?

  • They will announce the release date at the Fan Festival next month.

Will Gathering be added to Enchanted Forest?

  • They currently do not have plans for this.

Arks Battle Tournament Campaign (2/16 ~ 3/9)

  • Play the [ABT2019 Preliminaries] Quest for rewards.
  • You’ll receive Weapons Badge 2019 based on the number of clears.
  • Play the ranked [Emblem Competition] match for Kings Crests

OLD January 29th News

Secret Phrase

  • Say the following phrase in chat for rewards!
  • PS感謝祭2019もうすぐ開催
  • Rewards: Ototobuhi and PSZero Memory (x1)
  • You have until Feb 6th Maintenance to complete this task!


Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • Specter of Destruction
  • January 29th @ 23:00 (Quna Concert First)
  • Rare Drop & EXP Rate +200%


King Of Fighters x PSO2 Collaboration

  • Collaboration Releases Early March


Pusoni Comic: Theme Song Single

  • Contains 5 versions of the theme song: Nico☆mmunication
  • Pre-Sales: March 10th (At Fan Festa)
  • General Release: March 27th
  • Item Codes Included
    • Niko☆mmunication (Music Disc)
    • CD Package Mat 14 (Room Item)
    • Puso ni Memory x4


PSO2 The Card Game: Legend Pack

  • Contains characters from the Phantasy Star Series
  • Sale Date: February 2nd


PSO2 x Village Vanguard Collaboration

  • Purchase the Curry and Spoon Set or Plush Cushion For Item Codes
    • VV S-ATK Curry (Consumable)
    • VV R-ATK Curry (Consumable)
    • VV T-ATK Curry (Consumable)
    • VV Rappy Spoon (Accessory)
    • VV Lillipa Spoon (Accessory)
    • VV Arkuma Spoon (Accessory)
    • VV Cushion (Lobby Action)
  • Item Code Sets are random.


Early Feb Update

  • Lyrical Magic (AC Scratch)
  • Nanoha, Fate, and Hayate’s Costumes, Hairstyles, and Accessories.
  • *RH Estrea, *RH Streamer, *BD Hornet *Rod (Hayate)
  • Nanoha, Hayate, and Fate Lobby Actions


Early Feb Update

  • Lyrical Magic (AC Scratch)
  • Wandering Musician Layered Wear and Parts.
  • Black Lillipa Suit Mini
  • When putting up items through your Player Shop, you can now search the prices of items with specific special abilities.


Early Feb Update

  • Play a 4-Player Trigger Quest for a Lv. 95 Dark Falz Persona
  • New actions will occur in the Trigger version
  • New Weapon Camos will drop in this version.


Late Feb Update

  • White Day Lobby, Lovey Rappy, Lovey Empe Rappy (~ 3/20)
  • White Day Bingo & Reward: *Anlazwal


Late Feb Update

  • White Day Afin appears in the Lobby.
  • You can also get his Partner Card too!
  • If you clear all Valentine’s Client Orders, Aurora will reappear with special orders and additional rewards.


Late Feb Update

  • Afin, Quna, and Phaleg White Day Outfits.
  • Noble medieval Knight Outfits
  • Sit 6 and Barrel Play Lobby Actions


Late Feb Update

  • A Boisterous White Day 2019
  • Some enemy spawns have changed.
  • Omega Apprezina will appear!
  • Characters wearing White Day costumes will appear!
  • Lovey Empe Rappy / Izane Kazuchi has a chance to appear.
  • White Day 2019 Collection (~3/20)
    • Fornis and Strategio at +30
    • L&K38 Combat +30
  • ★14 Quest Drop: Exacrimav (Rifle)


Late Feb Update

  • Phantasy Star Zero Collab #3
  • Ogi Cast Parts + Ana’s Costume and Hairstyle
  • *M25SE Missouri & *Maisen


Early March Update

  • KOF Legends (AC Scratch)
  • Costumes, Hairstyles, and more for:
    • Kyo Kusanagi
    • Iori Yagami
    • Mai Shiranui
    • Leona
    • Athena
  • Various KOF Lobby Actions


Early March Update

  • Endless Quest Part 2: Endless: Eternal Rondo
  • New Stages for More Powerful Arks Awaits!
  • There’s even a Battle Arena style stage!?


New Chips (1)

  •  Ares Nest – 13 Dark, Support (2/6)
  •  Elcuria – 12 Dark, Wind (2/6)
  •  Immediate Feather – 12 Lightning, Active (3/6)
  •  Evil Nochiuhau – 12 Dark, Active (2/13)


New Chips (2)

  •  Matoi [Valentines] – ★12 Wind, Support (2/6)
  •  Motav Prophecy [Valentines] – ★12 Fire, Support (2/13)
  •  Bruno [White Day]  – ★12 Wind, Support (3/6)


New Chips (3)

  •  Anti-Android Rifle – ★11 Lightning, Support (2/20)
  •  Bio Radle – ★11 Fire, Support (2/27)
  •  Skia Blade – ★11 Ice, Support (3/6)
  •  Precious Balmung – ★11 Light, Support (3/1 AC only)

New Chips (4)

  •  Patty [TCG] – ★12 Wind, Active (2/13)
  •  Barbara [TCG] – ★11 Light, Support (2/6)
  •  Josef [TCG] – ★11 Dark, Active (3/6)


Weaponoid Side Stories

  •  Akhtar, Motav Prophecy [Valentines], Ray Dual, Evil Pirikanet, Ares Nest and Gene [Season 3] all will get gaiden stories (and/or) chapter additions. 


Special Quests & Event Update

  •  More [TCG] related special quests will arrive at a later date, similar to the previous three, they’ll have [TCG] character chips and drop ★13 weapons. 
  •  The Ares weaponoid story gets a second chapter (2/13). Learn more about Ares Nest and more Ares weaponoids! 
  •  Fight against Burn Draal and Magisa Meduna in a double-feature Emergency Quest, with another ★14 Aletheia series appearing as a drop, ★14 Aletheia Lancer. 
  •  This upcoming Eternal Tower features a new ranking chip: Evil Nochiuhau. Evil Pirikanet-NT will now drop here.


Story and other announcements

  •  Season 3 Chapter 3 arrives on (2/6)
  •  A new quick search area will be added (2/6), it will drop 13 and 14 weapons such as Yasminkov 8000C, Eternal Psycho Drive and and Bran Fluke
  •  Miscellaneous updates such as UI adjustments and changes to the Leisure activites in March. 
  •  The Seiga Rangers comic will be featured in G’s magazine. Go Go Seiga Rangers!(2/1)



Phantasy Star Fan Festival 2019

  • The Phantasy Star Fan Festival is an offline event where players can meet up, participate in the battle tournament, try out the new Phantom Class, and take photos with the official Phantom cosplayers. Each offline event takes place in a different location each month.
  • Fan Festival 2019 Schedule
    • 3/10 Tokyo
    • 4/21 Nagoya
    • 5/25 Nagoya
    • 6/8 Fukuoka
    • 7/14 Kobe
    • 8/17 Tokyo Big Sight (Finals)
  • Attendees can obtain item codes for exclusive lobby actions of each city’s specialty.
    • Tokyo Soy Sauce
    • Nagoya Fried Prawn
    • Other items will be revealed in the future.
  • Attendees will also receive item codes for in-game Fan Festival T-Shirts


Phantasy Star Fan Festival Merchandise

  • P-Spec Vol 6 (2000 Yen)
  • T-Shirts (2,700 Yen)
  • Aluminum Clear File (500 Yen)
  • Wrist Band (1,300 Yen)
  • Muffler Towel (2,000 Yen)

Phantasy Star Fan Festival Merchandise

  • Icing Cake (1200 Yen)
  • Map Tote Bag (1,500 Yen)
  • Location Based Acrylic Keychain (800 Yen Each)

Phantasy Star Fan Festival Merchandise

  • Rare Drop T-Shirt (3,500 Yen)
  • Planet Lillipa Graphic Tee (3,800 Yen)
  • PSO2 Die-cast Pins (1,200 Yen)
  • Phantom Pin Badge (800 Yen)
  • ARKS ID Pass Case (1,200 Yen)

Phantasy Star Fan Festival Merchandise

  • PC Plush Rappy (5,400 Yen)
  • PSO2 Mascot Hand Towel (1,500 Yen)
  • PSO2 Rubber Desk Mat (Phantasic QM) (2,500 Yen)
  • PSO2 Graphic Bath Towel (4,500 Yen)
  • PSO2 B2 Tapestry (P-Spec Vol 6) (3,000 Yen)
  • Puso Ni Comic Anime Mug (1,500 Yen)



~ The Heroes Gather ~


~ Ulc, Theodore, and Harriet!? ~


~ An Unforeseen Intruder ~


~ The False Goddess: Mitra ~
~ Voiced by Chika Anzai ~





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