PSO2 Station #35 Recap

Warning! This post is updating in real time!
Please take note as the information below is subject to change.


Secret Phrase

  • Say エピソードオラクル10月7日放送開始 in chat before August 28th’s Maintenance to receive:
    • Male [EX] Voice A24
    • Male C [EX] Voice A24
    • Male [EX] Voice A25
    • Male C [EX] Voice A25
    • Female [EX] Voice A29
    • Female C [EX] Voice A29
    • Female [EX] Voice A32
    • Female C [EX] Voice A32
    • 7th Anniversary Badges (x20)


Emergency Quest & Boost Poll

  • Beach Wars 2019
  • Rare Drop +150% and EXP +100%
  • +10% Live Boost If You Attend The Dance Festival
  • Aug 17th @ 23:00 JST (Arks Dance Festival First)


Early September Update

  • Otsukimi Lobby (~10/2)
  • Otsukimi Mission (~10/2)
    • Mission Reward: Evo Device / Kaguya


Early September Update

  • Seasonal Emergency Quest: Regiment 2019
  • Ultra Hard Supported
  • E-Trials with Weaponoids
  • Get Weaponoid Weapon Camos


Early September Update

  • New Ultralized Enemy: Deos Gryphon
  • Regiment ’19 Weapon / Egg Collection
    • Added a new weapon in Special Collection
  • Quest Drop: Dark Rappy Suit Mini
  • New Weapons!
    • Serpen Blenzer (Pot: Changes Attack Range of Vinto Gigue)


Early September Update

  • New Sword PA: Imperial Cleave (Hunters Only)
  • You can learn it by clearing Koffie’s Client Order.
  • It uses a special gauge. By consuming it, you can unleash a powerful attack.
  • This generates a giant sword of photons that mows down enemies and releases a shockwave.



Early September Update

  • Agito, Eldetross, Yasminkov 8000C, Fornis Physis and Space Tuna appear in the lobby.
  • Clear their Client Orders to receive the Partner Cards.



Early September Update

  • Ein Project (AC Scratch)
  • Uniforms from Legend of Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These
  • The spaceship Brünhild will appear in the Gate Area


Early September Update

  • Ein Project (AC Scratch)
  • Sorcerer Costumes and Aika & Itsuki (Japanese & Western Fusion) layered wear!
  • Rod Pose Lobby Action


Late September Update

  • Material Weaponoid (AC Scratch)
  • Agito, Eldetross, Y8000C, Fornis Physis [Ou], and Space Tuna Outfits.


Late September Update

  • Material Weaponoid (AC Scratch)
  • Lobby Action Poses for each Weaponoid
  • Maron and Mellon accessories!


Late September Update

  • We head to Amduscia with Sara
  • Quna appears in a new outfit and you can also receive her partner card.


Late September Update

  • Damage Tally Practice: Rockbear
  • Can be played Solo or Up To 4 Players.
  • Comes with Two Modes: Free Mode (Unlimited Time) or 20 Second Mode.


Late September Update

  • Anime Commemoration! Oracle Collection
  • Contains outfits from Anime characters plus Quna Pose and Lisa Pose


New Class: Étoile

~ New Class: Etoile ~
Double Saber, Wand, Dual Blades
Releasing This Winter
Try It Out October 5th At Sega’s Office



PSO2es Update

  • Story Quest Season 3 Chapter 6 (8/21)
  • Special Investigation: Mining Base added to Quick Search
    • 14* Weapons [Quelle Scarlette] and [Rykros Staff] along with [King’s Crests] as reward
  • Other Updates and System Changes
    • Chip Bag Expansion limit from 800>900
    • Login bonus Meseta amount changed to 10,000 Meseta per day
    • Auto battle AI tweaked
    • UI fixes
    • Bug fixes


PSO2es New Chip

  • Mitarashi (8/28)
  • Tetra (8/28)
  • Ichika (8/28)
  • Kasuga Ichiban (9/11)
  • Kamuroppu (9/11)


PSO2es New Chip

  • Agito [Moon Banquet] (9/4)
  • Assassin Quna [TCG] (8/28)
  • Casra [TCG] (9/11)


PSO2es New Chip

  • Divine Tsukuyomi (8/21)
  • Smash Harisen (8/28)
  • Grandia (9/11)
  • Ares Talis (9/11)


PSO2es Update

  • Tower Quest Event (9/4~9/18)
    • Puso Ni Comi collab chip [Mitarashi]
    • 14* Aculd Sword 
    • 14* Aculd Rod
  • Special Quest to get [PSO2 TCG] Chips (9/11~10/2)



IDOLA: Phantasy Star Saga

  • Sigmund will appear in his exclusive class: “Emperor”
  • The Strongest Fire ATK


IDOLA: Phantasy Star Saga

  • Luther will appear in his exclusive class: “Photoner”
  • A certain man finally arrives in the World of Idola.
  • Coming September.



Phantasy Star Festival 2019

  • Merchandise from the Phantasy Star Festival will also be sold from the Sega Store.


Wally x PSO2 Smartphone Case

  • Wally teams up with PSO2 to bring original Smartphone Cases.
  • Begins August 17th for 2,980 Yen each.


PSO2 Character Song CD

  • PSO2 Character Song CD ~Song Festival~ V
  • Item Codes include
    • CD Package Mat 15
    • Stratos Pose (LA)
  • Date: August 23rd, 2019
  • Prize: 2,800 Yen


PSO2 Soundtrack Volume 7 & 8

  • Release Date: August 28th
  • Price: 3,980 Yen
  • Volume 7 songs: INVERRUCION, Omega Hunar, Buster Quest, Omega Falz Hunar, etc
  • Volume 8 songs: FINARIA, Apprentice, Dark Falz Persona, Leygender in Omega and Japanese.


PSO2es Gene Stella Innocent Ver.

  • PSO2es Gene Stella Innocent Ver Plastic Model
  • Price: 6,000 Yen
  • Sales Date: December 2019
  • Size: ~160mm


Matoi Figure

  • PSO2 Matoi Nidy-2D-Ver
  • Scale: 1/7
  • Price: TBA
  • Sales Date: 2020


PSO2es Gene Figure

  • PSO2es Gene Bunny Ver.
  • Scale: 1/4
  • Category: B-Style
  • Size: ~350mm
  • Price: TBA
  • Sales Date: 2020


PSO2es Gyu

  • The Phantasy Star Online 2es Gyu comic will be on sale September 27th.


PSO2es Gyu

  • Purchasing the comic gives you access to several items:
    • rtfgyuhkl Suit
    • rtfgyu Akhtar Mat
    • rtfgyuhkl Mat
    • rtfgyu Gene Mat
    • rtfgyu Lien Mat
    • rtfgyu Khorshid Mat
    • rtfgyu Annette Mat
    • rtfgyu More Mat


PSO2 Station #34 Recap

Warning! This post is updating in real time!
Please take note as the information below is subject to change.

PSO2 General

Secret Phrase

  • Say the phrase below using the in-game chat to receive prizes.
  • 祝7周年
  • Empe Rappy Chest Medal and 7th Anniversary Donuts x7
  • You have until July 24th’s maintenance to complete this task.
  • Items can be picked up at the Visiphone


Emergency Quest & Boost Poll

  • Armada of Demise Sector 3
  • Rare Drop +150% and EXP +100%
  • +10% Live Boost If You Attend the Puso Ni Anime Viewing)
  • July 14th @ 22:55 JST (Puso Ni Anime First)


Legend of Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These

  • Collaboration with Legend of Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These
  • Reinhard And Yang uniforms and Prosit Lobby Action
  • Coming this fall!


Early August Update

  • Summer Lobby (~9/4)
  • Summer Missions (~9/4)
    • Reward: Little Meduna
  • Summer Rappy (~9/4)
  • Summer Nyau


Early August Update

  • Gene, Annette, and Bluesy in their summer outfits appear in the lobby!
  • Items in Gene’s Limited Shop include Daki camos, floor mats,


Early August Update

  • Gene, Annette, Bluesy Requiem Swimwear!


Early August Update

  • AC Scratch: Sparkling Resort
  • Gothic and Rappy Swimwear.
  • Kick 3 and Banana Boat Lobby Actions


Early August Update

  • Beach Wars 2019
  • Ultralized Enemies will appear on Ultra Hard
  • Nasunacan and Characters in Swimsuits will appear.



Early August Update

  • New Ultralized Enemies
  • Collection File: Beach ’19 & Egg Collection
  • Added new weapon Special Collection
    • Eclucio Culte (★14 Talis)
    • Native Technic: Shifta
    • Potential: Casts Deband simultaneously with Shifta. Reduces Shifta’s PP consumption.
  • New ★15 Weapons: Anacates Himmel (Gunslash) & Anacates Cyan (Double Saber)
    • Potential: Recovers HP & PP when sheathed, based on the damage dealt amount.


Late August Update

  • Characters from Puso Ni Comic will appear in the lobby!
  • Clear their Client Orders to receive the Partner Card


Late August Update

  • AC Scratch: Brilliant Performance
  • Sci-Fi Outfits
  • Photon Circle and Bed 3 Lobby Actions


Late August Update

  • Japanese Rock Band style outfits


Late August Update

  • You can now do Weapon Extends (aka Crafting) on NT classified weapons!
  • The party creation menu can be simplified through a setting in Options.
  • Choose between two different styles of displaying the names of items picked up..
  • Auto pickup of ★13 or higher items and ★12 or higher units
  • Auto pickup of Material items are now available.
  • If your Material Storage is active, items gathered will now be sent directly to the Material Storage.
  • Organized Featured Quests


Late August Update

  • Group Chats will now be available on Shared Ships
  • You can turn off the display of Accessories on other characters.
  • You can now check the potentials and ability factors of Items from the Collection File menu.
  • Zieg’s menu is now organized into categories and is easier to use.


Late August Update

  • Ultra Hard: Wopal
  • New ★15 weapons Anacates (Rod) and Yasminkov 5000S


October Sneak Peek

~ Infiltration Survey: Enemy Ship Subversion ~
~ 4 Player Ultimate Quest ~

Arks Live

Exchange Shop Changes

  • Items such as Spellstones, Pyroxenes, etc, will be consolidated into Photon Spheres and Photon Boosters.
  • Eventually the list of items will go like this:
    • Ultimate Boosters
    • Photon Boosters (90 Photon Boosters ➡ 1 Ultimate Booster)
    • Photon Spheres (5 Photon Spheres ➡ 1 Photon Booster)
    • Photon Crystals
    • Photon Drops
  • Some items in the Photon Drop Exchange Shop that players barely ever obtained, will be removed from the shop listing.

Exchange Shop Changes #2

  • From August 21st, the following items will no longer drop:
    • Large and Small Pyroxenes (From Advance Quests)
    • Catalysts and Spell Stones (From Extreme Quests)
  • Photon Boosters will instead drop in their place.
  • You can trade in the above stones at the Recycle Shop to receive 1 Photon Booster
  • The OT weapons that were in the Pyroxene/Spellstone shops will be replaced with Weapon Camo versions requiring Photon Boosters.


Player Class Opinions

Players voiced their opinions in a recent survey about their thoughts on each class.

Hunter Opinion Summary

  • Players liked the changes made to Charge Parrying in both its effects and skill point relief.
  • Players seemed to dislike how slow Hunters are unless they use certain PAs. There are many PAs that require charging, which doesn’t keep up with the game’s current pacing. There are too few mid-range, long-range, and aerial attacks. They also dislike how slow normal attacks are.

The development team plans to look at Hunters again in terms of their attack speed, charging times, and their timing of descent. They also plan to add a new Sword PA in the future.

Ranger Opinion Summary

  • Players liked End Attract and the skill ring [L / P Weak Bullet]. They found the class fun to use due to its range covering support type to damage type! Thanks to its skills, they also liked how fast it was to gain PP.
  • Players disliked how in Ultra Hard, the headshot multipliers were decreased, so it felt like the damage output was too low. They feel PA charging times are too long, and that travel PAs are still slower than other classes. They also felt it’s hard to make good use of Standing Snipe with how fast the enemies move around.

The development team will look into the concerns raised by players and make some adjustments. They’ll look into Standing Snipe and Charge Times again since players were concerned that they do not keep up with the game’s current pacing. They also plan to add a new Launcher PA.

Force Opinion Summary

  • Players enjoyed the various selection of Technics they can use. They also like how you can attack while gathering enemies with Re Zandia. The love the buffs made to Technics that were left in the dust.
  • Players felt the PP efficiency for the class is poor and that they have few options because the PP recovery method available is dependent on the subclass. They want the recast time for Compound Technics to be a little bit shorter, They also feel the required skill points for things are too severe.

The development team plans to relax the points for skills such as Flame Tech S Charge and Bolt Tech PP Save. They will also make adjustments to make it easier to learn other skills.

Braver Opinion Summary

  • Players loved how exhilarating Katana Combat is, and how easy it is to use in dire situations. They love how high Bow’s firepower has become, and how mobile Katana is.
  • Players think Katana’s vertical mobility is poor. They feel Katanas have limited attack range and low power.  They don’t like the over-reliance on Kazami no Tachi. Also, for people who don’t want to specialize in just using one weapon type, they’ll find themselves limited by Skill Points and power.

The team has recently made adjustments to Katana. They are going to relax the skill points and make it easier to acquire skills based on the weapon and style used.

Bouncer Opinion Summary

  • Players like that this class has good compatibility with Phantom. They like the Jet Boot’s mobility and their elemental changing properties. The mobility and evasion performance of the class are great!
  • Players think the Elemental Stance effect is poor. They don’t like how once Rapid Boost’s effect wears off, the Jet Boots become difficult to use. They feel the PA variety for JB is quite limited and becomes kinda monotonous after a while.

The development team will make changes so that Jet Boot’s attack speed rises even when Rapid Boost isn’t in use. They also plan to add a new Jet Boots PA.

Summoner Opinion Summary

  • Players like how easy the class is for beginners and how difficult it is for their character to die. They like how each pet has a somewhat different battle style, and how easy it is understand when your strengthening your pet in battle. They also felt that having different pet color variations added more motivation to the class.
  • Players dislike the amount of time and money they have to invest into raising a pet. They feel there are no advantages to using the “advanced” pets. They don’t like how long they’ve been waiting for a new pet. They also feel that pets do not have enough stamina for Ultra Hard..

They’ve made adjustments to pets in the recent patch in areas such as revival times and PP consumption. They will add new Takts and Candy when the occasion demands.

Fighter Opinion Summary

  • They like how the riskiness of Limit Break leads to considerable damage. They’re fond of Limit Break Insurance alleviating some of the negatives of Limit Break. They find that each weapon type has excellent balance.
  • Players find the class to be lacking in mobility and having a narrow attack range. They see Twin Daggers as having poor PP recoverability. They also feel the class is uncomfortable around large groups of enemies.

Satisfaction surrounding Fighters is pretty high. Regardless, they will continue making adjustments towards PAs that are barely used, and expand the breadth of attack options.

Gunner Opinion Summary

  • Gunners love the high firepower through its chaining, movement speed, PP recovery, and attack range when using Another S-Roll Arts Mode. They find the class to be exhilarating, and thanks to the adjustments made to Chain Trigger’s recast times, the class became even easier to use.
  • Players find Another S-Roll Arts Mode too strong. There are also few scenarios for using PAs and it becomes monotonous. They think it’s difficult to feel the full strength of the class unless you reach Lvl. 85+. They also think it’s difficult to attach Chains to locked on areas.

The development team thinks the PA choices seem a bit narrow due to the utility of Another S-Roll Arts Mode. They are examining making adjustments to Another S-Roll Arts Mode along with buffing PAs that are less likely to be used.

Techer Opinion Summary

  • Players like the increased degree of freedom with having Phantom as the Subclass. Techer used to be just a Support class, but now it can even participate in battle. They like that Shifta and Deband can be applied to the entire party!
  • Techers feel inadequate when playing solo. They also feel that there is an over-reliance on normal attacks, and how the class is too weak for in-air combat. They see the weapon choices to be limited since the attack speed is dependent on the weapon.

Since the satisfaction for Techer as a Support is high, there will be no major changes planned for the class at this time.  They plan to make adjustments for Wand to make it easier to perform in battle, such as relaxing the timing of descent with normal attacks, among other things…

Phantom Opinion Summary

  • Thanks to Shift PAs, players found the freedom of attacks to be expansive and fun! With flashy animations and attacks, players find the class interesting and not boring. They see the class as not too powerful and not to weak, having just the right balance.
  • Players found Phantom Markers difficult to see. The wait time for Quick Cut is too long. They also found that PA power was generally low compared to Technics.

The development team has already made adjustments to Phantom in a recent update. They will advance preparations to improve the playability of the class by improving the visibility of Phantom Markers.

Hero Opinion Summary

  • People think it’s fun to change weapons based on the situation with the Weapon Switching PAs. They like that you can attack enemy from a distance with the Hand Bullets, and fight them up close with swords. They also find it invigorating when they pull off a Counter move.
  • Heroes find it difficult to maintain Hero Boost within Ultra Hard. Also, once Hero Boost wears off, they think the disadvantages are far too great. They think the Hand Bullets are too powerful since they don’t consume PP, and when charged, they deal high damage. They also find Twin Machine Guns and Talises unwieldy compared to Swords.

The development team is looking into making adjustments with Hero Boost. They’re going to review the power reduction that takes place when you take enough damage, as well as have Hero Counter recover a certain amount of that power back. The idea is to have the power drop by 30% each time you take enough damage. (With a 60% reduction being the cap.)


PSO2 Anime

PSO2 Episode Oracle Anime

  • Three and a half years since the original PSO2 Animation comes a new TV Anime!
  • It contains an original story based on Episodes 1 ~ 3.
  • Director: Masaki Tachibana
    • Worked on: Princess Principal / Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 / Barakamon
  • Series Producer: Hiroshi Onogi
    • GeGeGe no Kitaro / Idol Memories / Fullmetal Alchemist etc
  • Animation: Gonzo
  • 3DCG Production: Felix Film


PSO2 Episode Oracle Anime

  • Episodes begin airing October 2019


PSO2 Episode Oracle

  • Ash  (CV: Ono Daisuke) (Jotaro from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure 😂)


PSO2 Episode Oracle

  • Afin CV: Hiro Shimono
  • Matoi CV: Sato Satomi
  • Xion CV: Megumi Ogata
  • Zeno CV: Kimura Ryohei
  • Echo CV: Hikasa Yoko
  • Luther: Takahiro Sakurai
  • Gettemhart: Nobuo Tobita
  • Melfonsina: Hanazawa Kana


PSO2es Update – Chips 

  • ★13 Shell Opus – Ice, Active (8/7)
  • ★13 Kazami-No-Tachi – Wind, Active (8/7)
  • ★12 Yasminkov 8000C [Summer Vacation] – Ice, Active (7/17)


  • ★11 Susano Guren – Light, Active (7/24)
  • ★11 Edel Arrow – Light, Support (8/14)
  • ★11 Annette [Dream Night] – Light, Active (7/31)
  • ★11 Gene [Dream Night] – Light, Support (8/7)


  • ★12 Klariskrays [TCG] – Fire, Support (7/24)
  • ★12 Gilles Weihen – Fire, Active (8/7)
  • ★12 Crazy Galactis – Fire, Support (7/18)
  • ★12 Heretically – Ice, Support (8/7)


  • ★12 Akhtar [Summer Vacation] – Dark, Support (7/31)
  • ★12 Khorsid [Summer Vacation] – Light, Support (8/7)


PSO2es Update – Weaponoid Stories

  • ★11 Yasminkov 3000R (7/17)
  • ★12 Yasminkov 8000C [Summer Vacation] (7/24)
  • ★12 Akhtar [Summer Vacation] (7/31)
  • ★12 Khorsid [Summer Vacation] (8/7)
  • ★11 Teitou Tsuzumi (8/14)


PSO2es Update – Emergency Quest & Eternal Tower 

  • Emergency Quest: Magisa Meduna (8/1~8/6)
      • ★14 Aletheia Sweep (Twin Machineguns)
      • ★12 Crazy Galactis (XH Drop Reward)
  •  Tower Quest Event (8/7~8/21)
    • ★13 Kazami-No-Tachi
    • ★14 Aculd Gennon (Double Saber)
    • ★14 Aculd Ronbell (Rifle)

IDOLA: Phantasy Star Saga

Idola Summer Update

  • New Char: Stella [Summer] with her volleyball Elemental Blast


Idola Summer Update

  • New Char: Wyndis [Summer] with her ice pop Elemental Blast


Idola Summer Update

  • New Char: Phramy [Summer] with her Surfboard lute Elemental Blast


Idola Summer Update

  • A Special Story [Life On A Deserted Island in Swimsuits]
  • A fully voiced comical story.


Idola Summer Update

  • PSO2 Characters will appear in Swimsuits as Symbols
  • New Special Training Quest, Breakthrough Quest, and Collecting Quest


Idola Summer Update

  • Nicole: She’s Known as the Mercenary Queen


Idola Summer Update

  • Sven: The loyal yet sarcastic imperial guard of Emperor Sigmund.
  • Sven will appear as an Arena Gacha Reward!


Idola Summer Update

  • Idola’s Mags are called Idomags!
  • They are cute sidekicks who support you in battle.
  • Meet Bow, Kat, Rabby


Idola Summer Update

  • Raise them by letting them eat Enemy Materials and Symbol Fragments.
  • Idomags can be set in Law/Chaos Parties. They can boost the party’s strength and reverse rush effects.


Idola Summer Update

  • Idola Battles will now support “Quick Dispatch”
  • This lets you process up to 4 battles simultaneously.
  • Complete Idola Battles in an instant using Idola Cores


Idola Summer Update

  • Login to PSO2 during the campaign period using a SEGA ID that plays both PSO2 and Idola. Afterwards, play Idola Battles through Idola using that same account to receive the following prizes.
    • Hero’s Crest x50
    • Lobby Action [Gravure Pose]
  • Campaign Period July 10th @ 5:00 ~ July 24th @ 5:00
  • Delivered in August

PSO2 Merchandise

Plastic Model PSO2es Gene (Stella Innocent Ver.)

  • Gene Plastic Model (Stella Innocent Ver.)
  • Preorders begin July 16th!
  • Price: 6000 Yen
  • Sales Date: December 2019


Puso Ni Comics Volume 2

  • Sales Date: August 27th
  • Price: 920 Yen
  • Item Codes
    • Puso Ni End Card (LA)
    • Puso Ni Comi Memory 2
  • You can trade the Puso Ni Comi Memory for items at the exchange shop for Mats, Voice Tickets, and Hair


Soundtrack Vol 7&8

  • Pre Sales: August 17th
  • General Sales: August 28th
  • Volume 7 Item Codes
    • Alma, Xiera, Luther, Buster Quests 1 ~ 4, Omega Hunar Battle, PSO2 Main Theme Ver 6
  • Volume 8 Item Codes
    • Madness, Enchanted Forest, Apprentice, Omega Dourumble, Omega Masquerade, Finaria


Soundtrack Vol7&8

  • Volume 7 and 8 will also be combined into a [Special Pack ~RECITEA~]
  • This contains a booklet featuring an Omega Language Dictionary and an Omega Language Symposium.


PSO2 Station #33 Recap

Warning! This post is updating in real time!
Please take note as the information below is subject to change.

Secret Phrase

  • Say the following phrase in chat to receive Bride and Bridegroom accessories.
  • 決勝会場は我輩と握手であります
  • The phrase must be said in chat after 6/8 @ 19:00 JST (or 6AM EST)
  • You have until June 26th’s maintenance to complete this task.


Emergency Quest & Boost Poll

  • Armada of Demise
  • Quest Lineup:
    • Sector 1: Arks Ship Rescue
    • Sector 2: Disruptor Ship Pursuit
    • Sector 3: Battle Demolition (Nemes Ange)
  • +100% Rare Drop and EXP Boost
  • +10% Live Boost If Concert Attended
  • June 8th @ 23:00 JST (Quna Concert First)


PSO2 Survey Reminder

  • June 5th @ 15:00 ~ June 16th @ 23:59 JST
  • Receive a [+75% EX RDR Booster] at a later date for completing the PSO2 Survey
  • (This was the one mentioned in the Maintenance Post)

July Update

  • It’s the HOT SUMMER FESTA scratch!
  • Huey and Klaris’ Kabukimono Outfit
  • Fantasy God Outfits
  • Impatient 2 and Merry-Go-Round Lobby Actions


July Update

  • Winners of the Mini Costume General Election
  • Various Accessories.


July Update

  • New Sub-Events for Episode 6 where you’ll meet a certain man…
  • The Character Creation Menu Structure & Sequence will be changed.
  • Freeze your character’s expressions with a new chat command. (/ce# stop)
  • Evleda Unit Upgrade at Zieg


July Update

  • 7th Anniversary Event: ARKS Eternal Link (Part 1)
    • Earn Points by collecting [7th Anniversary Badges]
    • Ship-wide Point Ranking (7/17~7/24)
    • Badge Exchange Shop Items (Partial List)
      • Harriet Mascot (Acc)
      • Hand Bell (LA)
      • Transformation Pose 1 (LA)
      • Rear / Arm / Leg Evleda Units
      • Cleasis Boosters
  • 7th Anniversary Commemorative Quest: Special Breakthrough Training: Episode 5
    • Final Area: Omega Masquerade
    • ★15 Chaval Weapons
    • The S4 Supporting ★15 Weapon Series: Novell
    • Breakthrough Training Episode 5 also has a Trigger version for 4 players.


Late July Update

  • Fearful Tempest (AC Scratch)
  • Devil King Layered Wear and Parts
  • T Machine Gun Pose LA


Late July Update

  • Fearful Tempest (AC Scratch)
  • Gothic Outfit


Late July Update

  • Profound Darkness EQ gains Ultra Hard difficulty.
  • Austere-NT and Novell Series will drop in UH!
  • The Solo Trigger will also gain Ultra Hard


Late July

  • 7th Anniversary Event Part 2
    • Transformation Pose 2 (LA)
    • Alis Mascot (Acc)
  • 7th Anniversary Quest: Corruption Course Trial: Excluder
    • ★15 Weapon: Corrupted Spear Epitemia
    • ★15 Weapon: Corrupted Launcher Tishia
    • ★12 Unit: Awake Series


PSO2 July Balance Adjustments

Ranger Skills

  • Power Bullet Effect Duration Extended (20s ➡️120s)
  • Sharp Shooter: Effect Activation Range Extended

Assault Rifle

  • Parallel Slider Type 0: Movement Speed Increased
  • Impact Slider: Added a Piercing ability. You can now adjust the PA’s moving distance.
  • Satellite Cannon: Extended its shooting range.


  • Zero Distance, Crazy Smash, Flame Bullet, Cosmo Breaker
    • Added Super Armor and made them easy to handle.


  • Shunka Shunran: Improved Power. Vertically tracks if used in the air.
  • Kanran Kikyou & Kazan Nadeshiko: Increased Power.
  • Katana Combat: Added a Guard Point in all directions upon activation. Expanded attack range. For the finisher, improved the PP recovery effect and gear accumulation.

Bouncer Skill

  • Field Remain: Effect Duration Extended (10s ➡️ 30s)

Dual Blade

  • Adjusted the PA power accumulation from the Gear Gauge level.. (Gear 1&2 effect Improved)
  • Relaxed the Step Cancellation timing of 4 PAs.
  • Dispersion Shrike: Expanded the attack range, and increased the attack speed.
  • Justice Crow: Increased power, projectile speed, and range. Added a guard point in front and relaxed the timing of descent. Adjusted the PA so that its damage range is towards the front, and the distribution of power will focus on its explosive section.

Phantom General

  • Increased the power of Phantom Shift for the three weapon types.

Phantom Katana

  • Folter Zeit: Attack range expanded.
  • SHIFT-Wolkenkratzer: Range extended and increased the Gear Accumulation.
  • SHIFT-Rose Schwert: Increased Marker Accumulation

Phantom Rod

  • Schwarze Katze (Normal & Shift) + Eisen Fluegel (Normal + Shift)
    • Increased Power

Phantom Rifle

  • SHIFT-Nachtangriff: Increased power, and adjusted the step cancel timing after the shot is released.
  • Verbrechen: Increased power.
  • SHIFT-Verbrechen: Increased power and adjusted the shards so that they have a longer duration of attack.
  • Strafe: Improved effect duration and adjusted the shards so that they have a longer duration of attack.
  • SHIFT-Strafe: Increased Gear Accumulation



Mini Report

Armada of Demise – High Score (May 29th ~ June 1st)

  • 508,780 Intercept Points
  • Classes:
    • Hero
    • Te/Ph
    • Fi/Hu
    • Phantom
    • Phantom
    • Phantom
    • Fo/Te
    • Fo/Te
  • Quest Lineup:
    • Arks Ship Rescue (x4)
    • Disruptor Ship Pursuit (x2)
    • Battleship Demolition

Expert Matching (May 29th ~ June 1st)

  • 28% of (active?) players have been recorded to have unlocked Expert Matching.
  • Their goal is around 30%.


★14 Blood Series

  • All class compatible, innate PAs will be set for each weapon type.

Are there any plans to implement UH difficulty for older quests?

  • Yes, for the Profound EQ and solo trigger.

Will there be more ★15 Takts?

  • There are plans to add more. The upcoming Novell Series will have a 15 Takt.
  • New candies will be added gradually over time.

In Armada of Demise, does destroying the turrets affect the drops?

  • Nothing extra is gained outside of the normal points received for destroying the turrets. However, more points gained by destroying the turrets, means better drops overall.

The maximum size of various accessories are obstructive.

  • We’re in the process of adjusting it.

Problems with viewing total drops of items (such as Atol Mirage and weapon camos).

  • It is part of future plans to adjust the item records display.

My subpallate does not show due to Xiera’s chatter.

  • It’ll be fixed.

Are there plans to revive limited time weapon camos and more?

  • Yes, there are plans to revive them occasionally in the treasure shop and various seasonal event shops.

Regarding auto pickup for materials and ★10 items.

  • Auto pickup for materials is being considered.

The BGM for the fleet battle is cool but who made the song?

  • Sector 3 – BGM
    • Composer: Mitsuharu Fukuyama 「福山光晴さん」
    • Lyrics: Rumblebee 「ランブルビーさん」
    • Vocalist: Amy 「エイミーさん」
    • Wicked Guitar Rift (Midway of Sector 3): Kobayashi 「小林さん」
  • Sector 1 & 2 – BGM
    • Composer: Horita 「堀田さん」

~ Arks Live done by Kaede & Kurofml


PSO2es Update

  • Story Quest Season 3 Chapter 5 (7/10)
  • Get a TCG Chip By Playing the Special Quest (7/10)
    • Revelle TCG
  • New Special Quests In which you can acquire various materials for the Specialized Chip system. The Quest is out now.


New Chips

  • Eldetross (Tanabata) (6/26)
  • Dream Master (6/26)


PSO2es Update

  • Revelle (TCG)
  • Churro 6/26
  • Magical Wand 7/3
  • Richter Ferris 7/10

PSO2es Update

  • Emergency Quest Ranking Event 7/18
    • ★14 Aletheia Wired Lance
  • Series Quest: Clan of Nemesis and Slave Episode 9 (6/19)


Character Song CD ~Song Festival~V

  • Release Date: August 23rd, 2019
  • Price: 2,800 Yen
  • Includes Hitsugi, Kohri, Xiera, and Stratos!


PSO2 The Animation Blu-ray Box

  • Release Date: August 21st, 2019
  • Price: 18,000 Yen
  • Includes all the Item Codes from Vol. 1 ~ 6


Episode 5 Material Collection

  • Release Date: July 13th, 2019
  • Price: 3,700 Yen
  • A 432 page book containing illustrations, key visuals, etc. from Episode 5.
  • Includes an Item Code with Xiao’s Layer Wear (Male & Female), [Xiao Pose] Lobby Action, and more.


Sgt Keroro Collaboration

  • By attending the offline event on August 17th, you’ll be able to get Sgt Frog items


PSO2 Episode 5 Soundtrack Announced

  • Simultaneous Release of Volume 7 and Volume 8 (3CDs Each)
  • A BOX package will also be released with the 2 Soundtracks.
  • More Details will be revealed on July 14th.
  • Pre-Sales will begin at the August 17th’s Fan Festa