Phantasy Star Online 2: Original Soundtrack Volume 6 Tracklist

Now it’s time for the Las Vegas side of Episode 4’s soundtrack! This four-disc set includes music from Esca Falz Mother and Deus Esca Zephyros, along with tracks from Adam and Phaleg. The soundtrack is available in stores today and can be purchased for 5,400 Yen.


Track List

Disc 1

  1. Neon Days – The Earth – Scenery
  2. Neon Days – The Earth – Battle
  3. The Replica – Mother –
  4. Race through El Dorado! – Stand by –
  5. Neon Days – Race through El Dorado! – 1st STAGE
  6. Neon Days – Race through El Dorado! – 2nd STAGE
  7. Neon Days – Race through El Dorado! – Last STAGE
  8. Scattered Lights – Al –
  10. Snowball – Franca’s Cafe –
  11. Ice-covered Love – Kohri –


Disc 2

  1. Neon Nights – The Earth-Scenery
  2. Neon Nights – The Earth-Battle
  3. Restored Bonds
  4. Neon Nights – Race through El Dorado! – 1st STAGE
  5. Neon Nights – Race through El Dorado! – 2nd STAGE
  6. Neon Nights – Race through El Dorado! – Last STAGE
  7. Race through El Dorado! – Stage Clear –
  8. SAKURA – Franca’s Cafe –
  9. The Perfection – Phaleg – Midnight
  10. The Perfection – Phaleg – Daybreak
  11. 光の果て – Epilogue Ver – Instrumental


Disc 3

  1. Eclipse for Esca
  2. Tears of the moon – Selene –
  3. Tears of the moon – Artemis –
  4. Metamorphosis to Esca Falz
  5. Erosion of Nightmare
  6. Lunar Base – Stand By –
  7. Superluminal – chase – Esca Falz Mother – phase1
  8. Superluminal- chase – Esca Falz Mother – phase2
  9. Superluminal – danger -Esca Falz Mother –
  10. Superluminal – rush – Esca Falz Mother –
  11. The Place Of Death – Esca Falz Mother battle –
  12. Esca Falz Mother – deathblow –
  13. Esca Falz Mother – superiority –
  14. The whole new world – Esca Falz Mother –
  15. Sacredness – Adam –
  16. Sacred Corridor Probe – Inner Earth –
  17. False Credo – Earthguide –


Disc 4

  1. Yggdrasil – Appear –
  2. Advent of Deus Esca
  3. Path to the Future
  4. Cherub α
  5. Cherub β
  6. – Mother – of the Earth
  7. Deus Esca – Yggdrasil shining on the earth –
  8. Yggdrasil – Stand by –
  9. Yggdrasil
  10. Cherub γ
  11. Cherub δ
  12. Eden
  13. 光の果て – Epilogue Ver –


Item Codes

Name Type
Earth-Las Vegas [Day]
Music Disc
Earth-Las Vegas [Night]
Music Disc
Moon-Abandoned Facility
Music Disc
Mother [Standby Area]
Music Disc
Mother [First Half Battle]
Music Disc
Earth-Earth Guide Underground HQ
Music Disc
Earth-Yggdrasil [Standby Area]
Music Disc
Music Disc
PSO2 Event [Adam 2]
Music Disc
True Phaleg Battle
Music Disc
DJ Booth
Room Item

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Phantasy Star Online 2 Fashion Catalog 2016-2017: Realization of Illusion

This catalog showcases over 2,000 articles of fashion related content released from July 2016 through May 2017. Packaged within the catalog is an item code that rewards a new hairstyle, lobby action, and room item.

Item Code List
編みこみハーフアップGV Braided Half Up GV
業火の左腕 Left Arm Hellfire
312「見上げる」 312 [Look Up]
変色スタンドライト Color Changing Floor Light
カラーチェンジパス Color Change Pass
 エステ無料パス  Free Salon Pass

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Win the Hitsugi Figurine in the PSO2 × 7-Eleven Collaboration

Participating 7-Eleven stores across Japan will be collaborating with PSO2 through five different campaigns. Two of particular note will offer codes for brand new items.


Sega Lucky Lottery

Participants must purchase the right to draw a ticket from the Sega Lucky Lottery. Each ticket contains a letter that corresponds to a particular prize.

Premium Figure
Hitsugi: Awakened Ver.
Lillipan Soft Vinyl Piggybank Sprawled Rappy
Plush Toy
Melamine Plates
Rubber Chain
Mini Drama CDs
Clear File
& Mini Book Set
Premium Figure
Hitsugi Sheathed Ver.

Item Codes

エンぺTシャツM[Ba] エンぺTシャツF[Ba] 322「ヒツギポーズ」
Empe T Shirt M [Ba] Empe T Shirt F [Ba] 322 [Hitsugi Pose]
女性共通ヒツギ覚醒ボイス PSO2 イベント「クール」 PSO2 イベント「ヒツギ」
Female Hitsugi Awakening Voice PSO2 Event [Cool] PSO2 Event [Hitsugi]
FUN711獲得チケット エンペ・ラッピーチェーン  
711 FUN Ticket Empe Rappy Chain  

Each letter prize comes attached with a different combination of item codes.


Ice Cream × PSO2 Collaboration

Players can earn points by purchasing specific ice cream from 7-Eleven stores across Japan. These points can be traded in for prizes such as lobby actions and accessories.

328「アイスを食べる」 328 [Eat Ice Cream]
275「雪遊び」 275 [Playing in the Snow]
ダイヤモンドダスト Diamond Dust

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