Sega Trademarks Phantasy Star Eternal Hunters and Eternal Planets

Well apparently this thing has been known for quite some time before today, though in case you missed it…

商願2010-064684 PHANTASY STAR\エターナルハンターズ
商願2010-064685 PHANTASY STAR\エターナルプラネッツ

Phantasy Star Eternal Hunters and Phantasy Star Eternal Planets were trademarked in August. This leaves us to believe this could be a new game, or a game feature, or maybe nothing will come of it.

You can view a screenshot of the trademark at Shougai’s site.

[via shougaipso]

Both works are categorized under trademark categories 9 and 41. Category 9 trademarks fall under video game storage media including: CD ROM / Game Cartridge / Laser Disc / handheld game / computer game / etc…  Category 41 falls under animation / play / drama / etc…

Because it falls under soo many different forms of storage media in which a video game uses, we can assume it is a video game.

[via trademark office]

Additional Comments

The only thing I could tie to this title is that the Hunters were from PSZero. That’s all I can say for now. Its just best to not think much of this for now.

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