PSO2 AC Scratch: Familia Historia

Familia Historia
(Until 2.06.2019)



ターフピオナ[Ou] | Turf Peony [Ou]


ターフピオナ[Ba] | Turf Peony [Ba]
ターフピオナ影[Ba] | Turf Peony Shadow [Ba]
ターフピオナ桜[Ba] | Turf Peony Sakura [Ba]
ターフピオナ紅[Ba] | Turf Peony Crimson [Ba]
ターフピオナ夜[Ba] | Turf Peony Night [Ba]
ターフピオナ雪[Ba] | Turf Peony Snow [Ba]


ターフピオナ[In] | Turf Peony [In]
ターフピオナ紅[In] | Turf Peony Crimson [In]
ターフピオナ夜[In] | Turf Peony Night [In]
ターフピオナ月[In] | Turf Peony Moon [In]
ターフピオナ雪[In] | Turf Peony Snow [In]
ターフピオナ影[In] | Turf Peony Shadow [In]



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Omega Invades The ARKS New Year Carnival!

~ January 9th, 2018 ~


Revelry of Darkness

Omega Hunar, Angel, Apprezina, and Dourumble have banded together in an all-out assault on Oracle. Demons and Darkers alike have started their rampage across each planet. It’s up to ARKS to defend Oracle from the nightmare infesting each planet. Those who are up for the challenge can take part in our newest 12-player limited quest, [Revelry of Darkness]!


An [Interlocking Boost] campaign will also occur alongside the release of Revelry of Darkness. The score earned through playing this quest will go towards boosting the Emergency Quest [Specter of Destruction] in various ways!

In addition, [Revelry of Darkness] will also drop its own Trigger quest, whose structure and difficulty will be a bit different from the regular version.


*Coat Barrel | *コートバレル
~ Photon Color Changeable ~

Revelry of Darkness also drops a new weapon camo from the Coat series.


ARKS New Year Carnival

The ARKS New Year Carnival kicks off a Web Panel Event that revolves around collecting [Weapon Badge 2019]. Reaching the milestones throughout the festivities will unlock various rewards for participating players! Xie will once again return to the lobby handing out various client orders for the New Years event!


Two Exchange Shops are accessible from Xie. The first exchange will consist of Weapons, Weapon Camos, Accessories, Lobby Actions, and the new “Mother × Deus” Solo Quest Trigger. The second exchange shop will have the Detonation, Clawdem, Allure, and Chalyra Weapon Series!


Familia Historia (AC Scratch)

Our latest scratch contains costumes, hairstyles, and accessories from the hit anime [Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?]. Dress up as Bell, Ais, and Hestia, and wield their weapon camos [*Hestia Knife] and [*Desperate]. Outside of the collaboration are the strangest racing outfits you’ve ever seen: Circuit Daisy, Velocity Good, and Turf Paeonia.

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PSO2 JP: Campaigns (01/01/2019)

Happy New Years!

Happy New Years, Arks! We made it through another year of PSO2. We hope you are all having fun acquiring your new weapons. Also, there will be no maintenance this week.

A couple reminders: The Arks New Year Carnival 2019 starts next week, and Episode 6 will arrive in the Spring with the new Phantom Class.

You may have seen that we’ve started to look for more volunteers to help around bumped, and we’ve gained quite a few helpers such as Sakuhoshi, Azure, Spin Cycle, Kaeto, and Haru! If you’re ever interested in helping out, you can always contact (PSO2Ricardo#4505) on Discord!

Thank you to all of our readers and patreons for helping keep this site alive! We hope you continue to use us as your most reliable PSO2 News Source in 2019!


Upcoming Broadcasts

Arks Live

  • January 19th @ 20:00 JST

PSO2 Station

  • January 29th @ 21:00 JST



Christmas 2018 Bingo

(December 5th ~ January 9th)

Bingo (Front)
  Objective Note
A-1 Defeat King Yede Lv.1+
A-2 Defeat Gulfur Lv.1+
A-3 Talk to Lachesis Main Gate
A-4 Defeat Ol Micda Lv.1+
A-5 Defeat Cyclonehda Lv.1+
B-1 Defeat Yede Lv.1+
B-2 Talk to Aru (Christmas) Shop Area
B-3 Play Mesetan Shooter Casino
B-4 Talk to Sophia Franka’s Cafe
B-5 Defeat Ga Wonda Lv.1+
C-1 Clear Client Order:
A Hitsugi Christmas!
Hitsugi (Christmas)
C-2 Clear Client Order:
Kohri (Christmas)
C-4 Clear Client Order:
Aru’s Relationship Plan!
Aru (Christmas)
C-5 Clear Client Order:
Defend the Eve of the Night
Hitsugi (Christmas)
D-1 Defeat Dagacha Lv.1+
D-2 Talk to Hitsugi (Christmas) Shop Area
D-3 Grind a Weapon or Unit Item Lab
D-4 Talk to Kohri (Christmas) Shop Area
D-5 Defeat Gu Wonda Lv.1+
E-1 Defeat Kuklonahda Lv.1+
E-2 Defeat Dahgash Lv.1+
E-3 Talk to Leontina Main Gate
E-4 Defeat Fangulfur Lv.1+
E-5 Defeat Malmoth Lv.1+

Bingo (Reverse)
  Objective Note
A-1 Defeat Deus Anges Lv.41+
A-2 Defeat Org Blan Lv.41+
A-3 Complete [Merry Christmas on Ice] VH+
A-4 Defeat Guar Zigmorde Lv.41+
A-5 Defeat Aratron Phemut Lv.41+
B-1 Defeat Anjhadu-lili Lv.41+
B-2 Defeat Snow Banther Lv.41+
B-3 Find the Lillipan Graffiti Casino
B-4 Defeat Rock Bear Lv.41+
B-5 Defeat Gigur Gunne-gam Lv.41+
C-1 Defeat King Mesetan in Mesetan Shooter Casino
C-2 Send a [Like] in the Fashion Catalog  
C-4 Play Black Nyack Casino
C-5 Grind a Weapon’s Element Item Lab
D-1 Defeat Tranzmizer Lv.41+
D-2 Defeat Snow Banshee Lv.41+
D-3 Scratch the FUN Scratch  
D-4 Defeat Caterdra’nsa Lv.41+
D-5 Defeat Drago Deadlion Lv.41+
E-1 Defeat Zeta Guranz Lv.41+
E-2 Defeat De Malmoth Lv.41+
E-3 Clear E-Trial: Storm Gift Mr. Umblla
E-4 Defeat Codotta Idetta Lv.41+
E-5 Defeat Greuzoras Drago Lv.41+


We’d like to thank all of our current patrons for helping to keep the site afloat! If you like the work that we do, please consider donating 1$ or more to continue our Phantasy Star coverage!



Emergency Quest Schedule

Boost Event 49

▲▲ Eastern Standard Time ▲▲
Please [Refresh] the calendar after maintenance has ended!

▲▲ Japanese Standard Time ▲▲
Please [Refresh] the calendar after maintenance has ended!

Eastern / Central / Mountain / Arizona / Pacific

Hawaii / São Paulo / London / Berlin / Moscow

Bangkok / Philippines / Sydney / Japan

Please Note:

  • The Emergency Quest schedule will update automatically during maintenance. Please wait until after maintenance has ended to see the current schedule.
  • Please resync the calendar periodically to receive the latest updates, as the schedule may change at Sega’s discretion.
  • This calendar is unable to show Emergency Quests that occur at random.
  • Boost Events that occur for 24 hours will appear with only their start times.
  • Boost Events that occur for several hours will use the “period” suffix in their titles. Please check the Google Calendar itself to view the event duration.
  • You can see the Emergency Quest schedule on your phone by subscribing to the Google Calendar.


Character General Election

Vote for your favorite Episode 5 Characters and Enemies, and the winners will have items created based off of them.

Voting Period

  • December 26th, 2019 ~ February 6th, 2019 @ 16:00 JST

Voting Links


AC Shop Bargains

The following bundles contain AC Shop items at a discounted price!

Period Date: Until January 9th’s Maintenance

Item Package Contents Price
Half-Priced AC Scratch Ticket
AC Scratch Ticket 100 AC
Useful Set 2 + Bonus
AC Scratch Ticket
Character Storage Expansion +50
Mag Ticket
+400% Rare Drop Booster
2,000 AC
5 Item Pack Expansions Set +Bonus
Item Pack Expansion +10 (x5)
Bonus Key Tokyo [Gold]
1,600 AC

※Each bundle is limited once per account.


SG Shop Bargains

The following bundles contain SG Shop items at a discounted price!

Period Date: Until January 2nd @ 23:59

Item Package Contents Price
Weapon Form Ticket Set
Weapon Form Ticket (x50) 222 SG

※Each bundle is limited once per account.



Purchase Premium Campaign

During the Campaign Period, purchase a [90 Day Premium] ticket to receive various rewards.

Campaign Period

  • December 12th, 2018 ~ January 16th, 2019 @ Maintenance


  • Head Rappy Wind Vane
  • +150% Tribooster (x3)
  • King’s Crest (x50)
  • Bonus Key Kazuchi Assault


Welcome Back Campaign

During the campaign period, players who haven’t logged on since October 10th’s Maintenance will be rewarded with various welcome back gifts.

Campaign Period

  • November 7th, 2018 ~ January 9th, 2019

Returning Player’s Gifts

  • King’s Crest (x100)
  • Bonus Key Tokyo [Gold] (x5)
  • +100% Tribooster (x10)
  • Free Salon Pass

Friend of Returning Players

If you’re a friend of a Returning Player by one of these dates, you’ll receive gifts at a later date!

Friend’s Gifts

  • King’s Crest (x100)
  • Bonus Key Tokyo [Gold]
  • Bonus Key Magatsu [Gold]
  • Bonus Key Rappy F

Friend by November 14th, 2018

  • Late November

Friend by December 12th, 2018

  • Late December

Friend by January 9th, 2019

  • Late January

※You can only receive the rewards once.


Boost Item Festival – Another Login Campaign

Login each day to receive numerous items!

Jan. 1st Bonus Key Tokyo [Gold]
Bonus Key Magatsu [Gold]
Bonus Key Rappy F
Bonus Key Kazuchi Assault
Jan. 2nd Color Change Pass
Jan. 3rd Free Salon Pass
Jan. 4th Half Doll (x2)
Jan. 5th Bonus Key Tokyo [Gold]
Jan. 6th Bonus Key Magatsu [Gold]
Jan. 7th 50SG Ticket
Jan. 8th Lambda Grinder (x10)


Boost Item Festival – Login Campaign +1

During the Campaign Period, login each day to receive a variety of boost items for your adventures!

Campaign Period

  • December 26th ~ January 8th @ 23:59 (JST) 


  • Monday ~ Friday
    • +100% Tribooster (x2)
    • +100% EXP Booster (x2)
    • +100% Meseta Booster (x2)
    • +250% RDR Booster (x2)
  • Saturday and Sunday
    • +100% Tribooster (x3)
    • +100% EXP Booster (x3)
    • +100% Meseta Booster (x3)
    • +250% RDR Booster (x3)
  • January 1st ~ January 3rd
    • +100% Tribooster (x4)
    • +100% EXP Booster (x4)
    • +100% Meseta Booster (x4)
    • +250% RDR Booster (x4)


New Year’s Login Campaign

During the campaign period, logging into the game a certain amount of days will reward the player with an accessory and lobby action! Additionally, you’ll be rewarded with [Toro Suit Mini] and [Kuro Suit Mini] if you login to the PS4 Version.

Campaign Period

  • December 27th ~ January 8th @ 23:59 JST


  • 3 Days: Stabilizer (Accessory)
  • 5 Days: 159 [Snowball Fight] (Lobby Action)

PS4 Rewards

  • 3 Days: Toro Suit Mini
  • 5 Days: Kuro Suit Mini



Web Panel Rewards

Web Panel Boost Rewards

December 26th ~ January 9th

  • +1 Login Stamp
  • +100% FUN Acquired
  • +100% Fever Occurrence Rate
  • Casino Super Boost
  • 20% Off Recycle Shop
  • +100% Challenge Miles
  • +100% Battle Coins
  • +150% EXP Boost
  • +150% Meseta Boost
  • +150% RDR Boost
  • +150% Rare Enemy Occurrence

January 1st ~ January 9th

  • +10% Grind Success Rate
  • +15% Grind EXP
  • +10% Affix Success Rate


Quest Boosts

December 1st ~ January 9th

Merry Christmas on Ice 2018

  • +100% EXP Boost
  • +100% RDR Boost
  • Increased Drop Rate of [White Rappy Suit Mini]


New Year Quest Boosts

Ultimate Naberius
Jan 1st 00:00 ~ 23:59 +100% RDR Boost
Jan 2nd 00:00 ~ 23:59 +150% RDR Boost
Ultimate Lillipa
Jan 3rd 00:00 ~ 23:59 +100% RDR Boost
Jan 4th 00:00 ~ 23:59 +150% RDR Boost
Ultimate Amduscia
Jan 5th 00:00 ~ 23:59 +100% RDR Boost
Jan 6th 00:00 ~ 23:59 +150% RDR Boost
Enchanted Forest Exploration
Jan 7th 00:00 ~ 23:59 +100% RDR Boost
Jan 8th 00:00 ~ Jan 9th Maint +150% RDR Boost


Weapon Form Ticket Campaign

Complete the following goals to obtain Weapon Form Tickets. Exchange the Tickets for a Pass from the Recycle Shop to change your weapon’s design!

Campaign Period

Jan. 2nd ~ Jan. 9th

Campaign Tasks

  Goal Reward
1 Clear [Enchanted Forest Exploration] x1 Weapon Form Ticket (x15)
2 Clear [Enchanted Forest Exploration] x3 Weapon Form Ticket (x15)
3 Clear any Ultimate Quest x1
Weapon Form Ticket (x15)
4 Clear any Ultimate Quest x3 Weapon Form Ticket (x15)
5 Login 3 Days Weapon Form Ticket (x15)
Link with PSO2es and Quick Search Weapon Form Ticket (x15)

※Goal 6 will be distributed on January 23rd


King’s Crest Campaign (x2)

Complete the following goals to obtain King’s Crests. The crests can be exchanged for ★14 Weapons at Zieg!

Campaign Period

Jan. 2nd ~ Jan. 9th

Campaign Tasks

  Goal Reward
1 Clear [Specter of Destruction] x2 King’s Crests (x40)
2 Clear Hans’ Client Order:
Dancing in the Corruption
King’s Crests (x40)
3 Clear Hans’ Client Order:
Purple Pulverizer

King’s Crests (x40)
4 Clear Hans’ Client Order:
Sturdy Mechanical Variations
King’s Crests (x40)
5 Login 3 Days King’s Crests (x40)


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