Sega Planning a Phantasy Star Online 2 Beta Test

Sega is planning a Phantasy Star Online 2 Beta test in the future. This beta test was announced in relation to Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst Japanese server shutdown.

Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst will shut down at 12/27/10 at 16:00

  • 11/29/2010
    • Hunter's License 30 Day and Automatic Billing Cycles End
    • ハンターズライセンス(30日権)販売終了,    ハンターズライセンス(自動継続権)販売終了
    • Registration Code, and Episode 4 Registration Codes are no longer available.
    • 利用コード登録終了, エピソード4登録コード登録終了
  • 11/30/10/ ~ 12/27/10
    • Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst is Free
  • 12/27/10
    • Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst Shuts Down

To thank everyone who loved Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst, they plan to give out a special beta test invitation for Phantasy Star Online 2. The details about such test will be revealed in the future.

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Phantasy Star Online 2

Aaron Webber from Sega gave us one small detail about Phantasy Star Online 2. He compared it to "Phantasy Star Zero."  I guess that's a good thing if you liked Zero, or a bad thing if you uh didn't like it…

To help clarify, I'm actually saying that I have a lot of faith in the team being able to make a game that stays faithful to what made PSO great – and PSZ, to me at least, is that proof. 🙂  [Aaron Webber]

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Additional Comments

You can try to register for PSOBB here, it is the top option on the page.

PSP2i: Official Site Updates + Reve PSZero Outfit

This morning the official site updated about the new areas and new bosses.


In Episode 1 you became a member of Little Wing, now Infinity adds Episode 2 to continue the story. The game comes with three networking modes, Multiplayer, Online Multiplayer, and Friend Search.  Friend search is a new passive communications mode where friends and bonds are created! Limits will be broken with the new reincarnation system!


Clad 6

Clad 6 where Little Wing resides! Here you can enter your room, battle shop and style shop. In addition you can now enjoy relaxing in the water at our artificial beach.


Clad 6 Beach

Welcome to the Clad 6 sea shore! Enjoy our bright blue skies! Feel the sensation of speed as you leap through the air with our catapult jumps.


This artificial beach was constructed within Clad 6.


Jaggo Rizona and various enemies are running amok.


Dyla Bravas

A Stateria Dragon given the task to protect an important base. But now he went berserk attacking various places.  Watch out for his electrical and tornado attacks!


Geer Zog

This huge creature recently appeared at our artificial beach. Once you attack his weak point for massive damage, he changes colors to a reddish tint.  If he hits you with his bubble attack you may fall asleep, and we don't appreciate slackers here at Little Wing.


He spews bubbles, releases mines, and can tilt the platform!

Blog Updates

Yes Terada updated today, but at least he didn't say anything too controversial like last time..

  • Terada updated today with news of Reve's PSZero outfit.  He said you can expect to see such names like "Duman" and "Planet Treasure" in infinity. But wait a minute, wasn't Sakai supposed to answer questions today?
  • Anyways Terada wants you to expect a super important item called:
  •  "_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _∞" So what kind of item has the infinity symbol in the title. Hmm..
  • So the commenters to his post are already trying to crack the name.
  • Tsutsuji, a commenter on the blog, guessed it's エクステンドコード∞  (ExtendCode∞)? Well it seems to fit with the spaces but I think now that Infinity Weapons are gone, this may not be the case.
  •  What do you think this super important item's name could be?

Create Missions with Mission Codes in Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity

  • Clarified Information Regarding Partner Characters

Early this morning the official site updated with information that was already obtained from this post about Mission Codes. But now we at least get to see pretty pictures to go alongside it. 


Infinity Mission

Infinity Missions are user created missions where one applies an item called a "Mission Code" to customize the look and feel of a mission.

You can obtain mission codes either by exchanging them with other people or collecting them within a mission.  When you play these missions the monsters that appear are random allowing for new surprising monsters to appear.


First find a Mission Disk that contains a Mission Code


Go to the Code Counter
Register this Mission Disk to create an Infinity Mission


Enjoy your infinity Mission at the Mission Counter.


Mission Codes

A mission code controls aspects of the field, boss, and enemies that appear, including special effects where certain items can drop easily. The name of the mission code is affected by the boss and field contained in that code. For example the mission code, "Huge Monster of the Fresh Green" contains the grassy plain fields of Parum and the De Ragan as the boss. The mission code level affects the priority of the mission. Mission codes can be played on any difficulty rank. This includes the Infinity Mission rank which contains monsters above level 200.

Mission Code Info Page 1

On page 1: Mission codes can contain the boss and the types of monsters that appear, for example in the picture above, De Ragan is the boss and Moatoob and SEED monsters appear. The "Monster Level" is based on the degree of difficulty you select, then adds that amount to it.

  • Monster Levels
    • C Grade: 1+
    • B Grade: 50+
    • A Grade: 100+
    • S Grade: 150+
    • ∞ Grade: 200+


Mission Code Info Page 2

On Page 2:  The mission field and special effects are shown. The above shows how there's a special effect to increase the drop rate.


Mission Code Info Page 3

On Page 3: The Mission code contains who discovered the mission code and the number of "synthesis points." "Synthesis points" are used up when creating a mission code.



Mission Code Synthesis

Sort of like synthesizing a weapon in PSU, You can mix and match different mission codes to create your own customized mission. First you select a mission code that is specified as the "Base Mission" which contains the field that you will play on. Then you select the "Plus Mission" which contains the boss. Afterwards the "Result Mission" will be created with the aspects you selected before it.


Base (Field) + Plus (Boss) = Result (Mission)

For example, the picture above is using the "Huge Monster of the Fresh Green" mission code as the "Plus Mission" then changing the "base mission" to Neudaiz' cherry blossom fields. This can also change what the enemies drop. 

In the original mission code, you have Moatoob and Seed enemies in the green plains of Parum. They, for example, would normally drop sword related weapons in that field, once you change it to the cherry blossom field, they will drop rifles instead.

The created mission code will have a brand new name that reflects the contents of the mission code. The resulting name became "Huge Monster of the Bloom."

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Additional Comments

The images confirm the ability of downloadable mission codes. Recall the Pre-order post where they will give you a card containing the mission code for Dyla Bravas to appear as a boss.


Zero Costume

Terada says there's an outfit based on PSZero
He blurred it of course but it sure is obvious..

Captain T updated today with a little info about friend search, though personally I'd rather Sakai talk about it.  Instead we'll go through Shougai's interpretation on what Terada was talking about.

  • Meet all your characters!
    • I can use my character as a "Partner Character" and bring them along in missions.
    • When you select partner characters to bring along in a mission:
    • You can bring yourself (A character you created becomes an NPC), your friend's character (NPC), a Story Character and Colonel Sanders along with you in a mission.
    • Normally a partner character's level is usually reflected by the party leader's level however…
    • The level of your character as an NPC stays the same and does not gain any experience points. 
    • (Your partner character's strength is not affected by the party leader's level. )
    • (Remember this statement applies to partner characters that you personally made.)
    • (When Sakai talks about Friend Search, we'll have better and clearer information)

Basically the confusion as to why "you" couldn't gain any levels was that if you converted your own character (that you made) as a partner character, then that character can't gain levels.

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