The Protectors o Walkthrough and Discs


Summer Event
The Protectors y | The Protectors o

Our new Summer Event continues with the Protectors Delta. The "Protectors δ" or "Protectors g" or "Protectors o" features pieces of various missions released after Japan's equivalent of our Winter Event. The mission can be pretty annoying based on the amount of Megid that's thrown at you, but it is very straightforward and solo friendly.

Note that each major block has 2 discs. When you complete a block and each of it's sub blocks you will end up in a small area with a healing pad and PP cube. This is the only area that does not have two discs. There are a total of 24 discs in this mission.

What Should I Bring ?

Megid is thrown at you on a few blocks. Equip anything that helps with the END stat so you can avoid instant death. Scape Dolls are a must for this particular situation as the mission is over once everyone runs out. If your party only contains Fighmasters and Masterforces you can not complete Route C-b, you need a class that can shoot with a ranged weapon.

  • Recommended Equipment
    • Light Elemental Weapons
    • Ice Elemental Weapons
    • Dark Element Line Shield
    • Aimable Guns
    • Endurance attachments
    • Scape Dolls
    • De Colte Line

VR: Entrance


The entrance is similar to the Bonus Mission on Mission Carnival and it is very straight forward. You can find Disc #1 near the first teleporter. You need goggles to break the tree next to it.  As soon as you teleport you can find Disc #2 right at the corner of the three portals.


Choose Your Blocks

In the next area you can choose which block to go to next. To your left will be Block A, in front of you will be Block B, to the right will be Block C.  Generally the populace likes to choose Block A and obtain only 12 discs through the whole run to get an S rank.


Block A-a


To your right from the first spawn you will see Disc #3. After you defeat the spawn in the room where you'll have two green doors in front of you. Choose the right most door and behind the teleporter there will be a false wall of crates which will have Disc #4.


Block A-b

Very easy to spot, it's behind the rubble in the start of the block. Use your goggles to target and obtain Disc #5.


When you go downstairs, Disc #6 will be behind this locked door. To open it you must target it with your goggles and destroy the rubble. Behind the door is a moving trap which will throw you against conveniently placed flames. When you break free there is a small hallway which will hold the disc after you destroy the rubble in front of it.


Block A-c


At the start of the block that's an exact replica of Phantom Fissure. Run over the four floor switches to obtain Disc #7

After you defeat the long hallway of Grass Assassins, Disc #8 is located behind a false wall right near the end of Block A-c.


VR Main Block 2


If you are speeding through and getting 12 discs then you do not have to return to the entrance. However to get all discs, use the transfer crystal to return to VR: Entrance.


Block B-a


Just like the Maximum Attack G' mission, head off to the portal to your right where you would normally go to pick up Kireek. In the darkened room before the blue gate there is Disc #9.


In the room of Carriguines, after you defeat them head to the door where the cake sisters would normally be. Disc #10 is there.


Block B-b


As you play you'll reach up to a bridge with three confusion traps. If you destroy the trap in the middle of the bridge, Disc #11 will appear. Near the end of this block after you defeat all the Gaizeneros, head downstairs and underneath them is Disc #12.


Block B-c


This Megid fest of the Dark God mission has Disc #13 hidden inside a pillar. Use your goggles to target it then destroy it. Disc #14 will be easily spotted near the end of this block behind some boxes.


Block C-a


This mission is exactly the same as the story mission with Howzer. In order to obtain both discs you will need to find 4 keys to open the door with ID:1. Behind every Zashrogan (the red scorpion monster) there is a false wall with a fire trap that will lead you to a key. The first Zashrogan will lead you to both a key and Disc #15. There's two false walls you must enter through to get that disc.


Disc #16 can be found behind the door that needs 4 keys. If you've been picking up keys along the way by fighting every spawn you will surely get all the keys you need. Remember there is a second Zashrogan on the platform across the lower path. You must also run behind it and head through both false walls to pick up the remaining key. The disc can be found in the room behind the 4 key door.


Block C-b


It's the Egg Thieves mission with extra areas closed off. The mission plays out the same way. You must shoot down the rubble on the ceiling at the end of the outside  ledge.  This will stop the laser trap from killing you when you defeat the spawn inside the room. Disc #17 will also be in the same position as the switch would be in Egg Thieves. If you shot down the rubble, break all the remaining pieces on the ground to get Disc #18.

If your party consists of Fighmasters and Masterforces only, you will not be able to complete this block because you need a gun to open the gate at the distant part of the block.


Block C-c


At the start of the block, use your goggles to target then shoot the broken switch in front of the door. Before you head off to the teleporter, there is a false wall right behind it. Enter it to receive Disc #19. Disc #20 will be easily visible in the corner after you defeat all the Magashi clones.


VR Main Block 2


After defeating all the enemies, Disc #21 will appear inside the seed pod.


Disc #22 is at the start of the block behind this fake wall which does not blend with its surroundings very well.



Disc #23 appears after a certain amount of time in the starting point of Mother Brain. Disc #24 will appear in the middle of the block for Dark Falz.


The Protectors y Walkthrough and Discs


Summer Event
The Protectors y | The Protectors o

Our new Summer Event kicks off today. The "Protectors y" or "Protectors γ" or "Protectors Gamma" features pieces various missions released after Japan's equivalent of our Winter Event. The mission can be pretty annoying based on the amount of sleep and freeze status effect enemies throw at you, but it is very straightforward and can be played solo.

Note that each major block has 2 discs. When you complete a Block and each of it's sub blocks you will end up in a small area with a healing pad and PP cube. This is the only area that does not have two discs.

What Should I Bring ?

This mission is chocked full of sleep and frozen status effects. If you are playing solo I highly recommend bringing freeze / resist and sleep / resist. Otherwise it's pretty easy for the most part, but there are quite a few instances where you will be in close knit quarters with enemies attacking from everywhere.

  • Recommended Equipment
    • Dark Element Weapons
    • Light Element Line Shields
    • Aimable Guns
    • Freeze / Resist
    • Sleep / Resist

VR: Entrance


Hmm this block looks familiar, and with this block comes the first disc. Just like the Mission Carnival, you can shoot down the disc from the air.


The second disc can be found here. It's located right behind the teleporter. The door is fake and you can run right through it.

Choose your block


In the next area you can choose which block to go to next. To your left will be Block A, in front of you will be Block B, to the right will be Block C.  Generally the populace likes when the teams split among blocks. Although, it can be very difficult if you are under-leveled. In this case it is good to have two players in one block.


Block A-a


Before you press the switch, you can immediately see Disc 3 off to the far distance. Once you pick it up you can activate the switch.

The switch will place several traps around the area similar to the Bonus Event mission in Mission Carnival. The good part is that now you can die with no penalties! If you step in a pink area, there will be turrets shooting in shotgun style across the area. If you step in the center of the map a bomb will go off taking off a large amount of HP.


Disc 4 will be located inside a box after you clear the map.


Block A-b


Block A-b plays just like its Mission Carnival counterpart. After you teleport to a new area, check behind a false wall to get your disc 5. It's in the exact same location as the roses were in Mission Carnival.


Disc 6 is easy to find as it will be in the center area after you defeat the Ubrakada.


Block A-c

Aww, remember that touching story mission with Ethan and Karen. Well it's back again and this time all you need is six good mushrooms to obtain the disc. The Kagajibari, also known as the rainbow beast, spawns here as well. Please do not use dark element weapons on this enemy.


Along the way check out every mushroom. If you use your goggles you may see some mushrooms emit black smoke, these mushrooms you can avoid. There are also mushrooms with green and yellow transparent orbs on them. These mushrooms will either give 2 or 3 kv. You need a total of 16Kv of mushroom to find disc 8.


Disc 7 can be found in the centered area in the middle of the map. Defeat all the enemies in this block and it will appear here.


VR: Main Block 2


When you finish any Block sequence (a, b, then c), you will always end up in Block 2. However to get 24 discs you need to head off to the remaining blocks. In this walkthrough, we still have Block B and Block C to complete. Use the crystal to transfer back to VR:Entrance


Block B-a


You are back at Maximum Attack G! The map works out exactly the same way it did during the event. Disc 9 can be easily spotted in the second large area.


In the third large area, there is a long false wall that points to even more enemies, head there and defeat them all. Disc 10 is found in between the false wall. Normally you can not see it unless you move the camera.


Block B-b

It's The Big Push from Shred the Darkness. It plays exactly the same as it did. The Def Gauge at your lower right corner will tick down one by one based on the amount of time enemies stand within that box. If the Def Gauge goes down to 0 a large will try to kill you.


Disc 11 will pop up after you clear this map. Disc 12 will be hidden, you will need goggles to find it. It's located somewhat near the previous disc.


Block B-c

Ah, it's the last part of Dancing Birds. A very nice way to hunt for items needed for the synthesis of Rappy Suit. In this area you will need a gun to find a disc.


Disc 13 is found in the cave where the Rappy Gugg spawns. You can see it behind the teleporter. Disc 14 is found by shooting at the highest fruit in the tree. The tree is right in front of the exit door.


Block C-a

It's the highly needed abridged version Awoken Serpent. It plays out the same way except where you can walk over switches as one person.


Walking over the 4 switches, you will see Disc 15 show up.


Disc 16 can be easily found after you destroy the boxes in the last room. There will be no boss here just yet as you are whisked away to…


Block C-b

Sakura Blast! This block has a lovely little way to tech level with the PA boost since Boomas spawn at the beginning.


Disc 17 can be found in this tree. Use your goggles to target it and cut it down. The door that would normally lead to a PP cube and healing pad will now be replaced by Disc 18.


Block C-c


Disc 19 can be found behind this false wall by the PP cube. Just run through it to get it.


Disc 20 can be found behind two false walls. Normally at the end of Mines you will fight in a ring where a number of enemies will attack you from all sides. Once it's done you can step on each floor switch to open the false wall which would be located on the west of your map. There are two false walls you must go through before you see Disc 20.


Block 2

After you found all 20 discs you can rightfully enter Block 2. In this block there are 2 more discs. At least this event tries to change a little bit of White Beast's format.


Head across the stairs and fight all the enemies that show up in this location. Once it's finished you will run through a false wall. Normally this false wall does not show up in White Beast, but in this event the wall will open up to a small crevice. Disc 21 can be found here!


Disc 22 is located behind a frozen ice trap near the end of the block. It should be easily viewable.




The first boss will have a disc 23 in the center of the boat. The second boss will have disc 24 at the far end of the map, it will show up after a few moments be sure to get the disc before you kill the boss.