Character File: Kohri

Character Information

Role Story Character
Race Human Female
Class hunter_iconforce_icon
Age 16
JP Name コオリ
EN Name Kohri
Voice Actor Aya Suzaki
Location The Bridge

Obtaining Her Partner Card

  • Clear EP4 Storyboard [163-C] quest.



Outerwear 氷を召す理装[Ou]
Frigid Ideal [Ou]
Basewear 氷を召す理装[Ba]
Frigid Ideal [Ba]
Hairstyle コオリロングヘア
Kohri Long Hair
Weapon *魔剣・グラム
Cursed Sword Gramr


PSO2es Chips

Increases ATK PWR tremendously.
Attack Power will increase even more if Ice weapons are equipped.
Personifier of Faith Kohri [Premium]
Just Attacks activate an effect that greatly increases attack power. ATK PWR increases even more with Dark, Wind, or Ice PAs & Technics!



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