Face the Fiery Fury of Phaleg Ives in Episode 4's Side Story

~ May 10th, 2017 ~


Deus Esca Rematch

Endure God's wrath once again with the emergence of an even more powerful boss! The battle against Deus Esca Gracia will be intense, thanks to its enhanced power and defense.


Access to this quest is limited only to level 80/80+ players who've defeated Zephyros on Extra Hard. This iteration will not only skip the Yggdrasil tree ascension section, but also restrict the number of participants to just four players.


Those with the courage to dare defy Gracia have yet another thing to worry about. Once five player incapacitations have been accumulated during the battle, the quest will automatically fail. However, those who persevere to the end will have the opportunity to receive a Qliphad weapon or even a ★14 weapon drop.

※ [The Phantom Demiurge] can be cleared once per ship on Extra Hard.
※ [The Phantom Demiurge] requires a main and subclass of level 80+.


Episode 4 Side Story

The series of dramatic events that plagued Earth have come to end thanks to the brave efforts of the ARKS. With peace restored, Xiera wonders what Hitsugi is up to after returning to her everyday life. Meanwhile, the player receives a sudden invitation from Phaleg.


Phaleg Ives, her body the peak of human potential, wishes to duel our hero once again. Besting her in battle will be no easy task, with her lightning fast speed and magnificent moves. As the battle rages on, she'll grow resistant to certain weapon types. Vary up your arsenal and keep this demon on her toes. The slightest mistake could spell doom.


Winners Design 4 [Side B]

イノセントローズドレス | Innocent Rose Dress

The remaining item designs that won during the 4th Anniversary event will be unleashed in a new scratch. Adorn your character with costumes and accessories created by your fellow players!


プログレスクロースF | Progress Cross F


ブレイブスピリッツ | Brave Spirits


ポコッテポロン | Pokotte Poron


ブラッドマリア | Blood Mary
デフォルメアイA | Deformed Eyes A
ヘキサシールド | Hexashield
*ディナイアルワン | Denial One
*ラ・ベル・メール | La Belle Mer


Kotobukiya Plastic Model

In unrelated news, Kotobukiya is gearing up for the release of the A.I.S plastic model! This item is expected to go on sale August 2017 and will include item codes for the Evo. Device / AIS and a room mat.

Lastly, by speaking the phrase 毎月第二第四週末はネットカフェブーストデー using the in-game chat, you'll receive a +100% Tribooster at the Visiphone.


16 thoughts to “Face the Fiery Fury of Phaleg Ives in Episode 4's Side Story”

  1. There you go experts! Now you can quit complaining about the regular nerfed XH version. Don't forget to upload your videos to Twitch TV, Youtube etc. people will benefit by watching you play it.

    1. experts dont really need the 4 man deus when they can already run nerfed deus 4man (in the same time as a pug!!!!)

    2. I think this EQ will run at the same time as the regular version just like the Solo Profound Darkness. If that's the case then both can be done if the MPA is fast enough.

    3. Only 3 times more efficient than +20 nox users? Some experts there are.

  2. I'm looking foward to these videos also, all the crying and complaining that he was to easy, let's see how they handle this one, and with the 5 deaths, there will be much rage at anyone who dies in the fight now, Let the toxic fumes be released.

    1. Seeing as you're still going at it, I would have to say them toxic fumes are already here…

    2. What? wait, aren't you that naive kid i had to respond to before? what are you on about, that made no sense to what i said.

      The fumes comment was because of the toxicity that will occur during it because elitist love blaming everyone but them selves when things go wrong, since you seem to have a problem of jumping to conclusions i figure i'd clear that up for you.

      it'll be amusing to see, but let's see how the fight goes first. may not be as hard as people think.

    3. @sacred – o.o; Are you peeping into my room while I sleep? Kind of funny if you seem to possibly know my age and all.

      And yes, you're already spreading toxicity here. Please stop.

    1. There will always be dissatisfaction from someone no matter what is done, you can't win over everyone.

    2. then that someone should better invent their own video game instead of clinging to one already available.. then he will realized himself.

    3. Except that even when people who are told to make their own game MAKE THEIR OWN GAME, they are belittled and called morons for exploring ideas that the original inspiration never would of bothered with.

  3. >As the battle rages on, she’ll grow resistant to certain weapon types.

    the true dark souls starts here

  4. Pleasing everyone would be to get rid of everybody but yourself; that way you can just please yourself, thus pleasing everyone!

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