Final Fantasy XIV's Odin Roams into PSO2

~ July 6th, 2016 ~


War God Odin Descends

Odin Limited Quest

The [Border Roaming Black Knight] Limited Quest puts your skills to the test as you cleave your way through the Ruins of Naberius, and onto a fearsome boss battle with Final Fantasy XIV's Odin. Along the journey you'll face many other bosses, such as Falz Hunar, Falz Angel, Gal Gryphon, and Zeta Guranz. To make matters even more difficult, the effectiveness of health restoring techs and items will be reduced.


Nestled deep within the strange land of the Black Shroud lies Odin, a primal knight sheathed in ebony armor, awaiting worthy challengers. He devastates foes with a variety of attacks, like his Gungnir lance and Sanngetal abilities. Defeat him before he finishes casting his ultimate move, Shin-Zantetsuken, or face total annihilation and failure of the quest.

※"War God Odin" can be fought within the Limited Quest and Parallel Area; however, in Free Field quests he may appear either as "Odin" or "War God Odin."



Black Knight Collection

The Black Knight Collection introduces the new "Aura" series of ★13 weapons. These sheets task you with defeating the assortment of bosses appearing within Odin's Limited Quest.


New Client Orders and Bingo Card

Xie miqote

Xie, now clothed in default Miqo'te garb, will offer an additional selection of client orders for a limited time.

Patty N Tiea Mag

Progress through the new 4th Anniversary Bingo II card and receive this adorable Patty & Tiea inspired Mag Device, added in commemoration of their victory in the Best Partner General Election.


Other Features

Weapnoid Booster 2

New Weaponoid Potentials

  • New Weaponoid Potentials can be found within Bio Triner, Red Scorpio, Tenimusou, and Kazanoh. A weaponoid booster is required to unlock this hidden potential.

PSO2es Star Gem Login Bonus

  • Players with a linked account can receive an [SG 1 Ticket] for each day they log into PSO2es.


Eorzea Selection (AC Scratch)

ミコッテ・レプカM (Miqo'te Repca M)
ミコッテ・レプカM ║ Miqo'te Repca M

PSO2's wondrous collaboration with Final Fantasy XIV is becoming a reality! Costumes worn by the popular Miqo'te race, as well as items from the Black Mage, White Mage, Dark Knight, and Monk jobs are set to appear.


ミコッテ・レプカF ║ Miqo’te Repca F
ミコッテ・レプカF ║ Miqo’te Repca F
ヒーラー・レプカF ║ Healer Repca F
ヒーラー・レプカF ║ Healer Repca F
*タイラス ║ Thyrus
*タイラス ║ Thyrus
ウィザード・レプカF ║ Wizard Repca F
ウィザード・レプカF ║ Wizard Repca F
Stardust Rod Camo
*スターダストロッド ║ Stardust Rod
テンプル・レプカ ║ Temple Repca
テンプル・レプカ ║ Temple Repca
Sphairai Camo
*スファライ ║ Sphairai
カオス・レプカ ║ Chaos Repca
カオス・レプカ ║ Chaos Repca
Death Bringer camo
*デスブリンガー ║ Deathbringer


30 thoughts to “Final Fantasy XIV's Odin Roams into PSO2”

  1. Wait so male only gets Chaos outfit and female gets Temple odd to see female players get the short end of the stick.

    1. Females have overall more costumes than males. Now male gets chaos outfit and females gets the short end of stick? Grow up.

    2. When did I imply I am even mad about this? Because as you just pointed out females have more costumes than males so to see them get shafted is quite the odd occurrence.

    3. Well from the video it seems to be that way. They showed off the male and female versions of Wizard and Healer but not Temple or Chaos.

    4. So sad, I was hoping for at LEAST the Temple outfit for males, but nope. Pretty much the Miqo'te outfit is the only thing I'll want from this. 🙁 It's stupid since the outfits are all both genders in FFXIV… Also annoying that the male class outfit is the bulkiest thing unlike the healer/wizard outfits.
      It always seems if they gender-lock RPG roles, the magic/healer roles tend to be always female and the strong melee types end up male. =_=

    5. I think Vindictus might want to have a word with you, Kouki. Granted the only "healer" is female, but her alternate weapon setup involves hitting things with a big scythe for Fun & Profit(tm)… and the only straight-up tank is female. (The two big musclemen in the roster are mitigation tanks instead.)

    6. If you watch the trailer, the mages have versions for both genders, I think Monk was the only one with only female. I didn't notice before too, but i actually watched it and they show both genders for most of the costumes.

    7. Its not gender LOCKING. Its having to make the same costume in two versions rigged differently to either gender, because those have different animated skeleton.
      Its the reason you have two persona costumes that are seemingly the same.

    8. They have both genders for most of the costumes in the trailer anyways, it's just not in the post.

  2. I think that I will never complete any 13* NT weapon at this rate. The collection sheets gets replaced too fast.

    1. Really? I can understand the Tagami weapons, but you don't have any of the Revo or Yamato weapons yet? the Yamato weapons are fairly easy to get as long as you catch 1 or 2 of the eq's each day.

    2. Why are you +35ing them? The returns for that are so pathetic it is amazing they were even added in, oh wait its SEGA. Every level past +30 only increases your attack by single digits. Be better saving those Lambdas and Meseta for some other 13* or affixing.

    3. Typically +10 per grind after 30. It's a min/max thing, though. I agree it's not necessary, just something extra to aim for.

    4. +32 is a given (though grinding up to that cap is optional) because ele values. Past that merely gratuitous and e-peen.

      Then again… +32 to +35 is still something like 30-50 Atk? Far easier and cheaper to get that much extra this way than via affixes…

    5. I don't think the current ones will get removed until August? They've been there for months now (besides the new Ray weps).

  3. as a fan of FF im very disappointed in this update, nothing much interesting, bad characters, wizard outfit lame maybe deathbringer the only one looking good

    1. I don't play anymore because of the sub fee, as much as I want too, but I was on Faerie

    2. I love XIV, it's (in my opinion) one of the top 3 MMOs I've played, but I don't really have the funds to keep paying right now. I'd love to go back someday once I can though.

    3. Not sure what a freeb is, but I played for almost 2 years until I decided to take a break from the sub fees for a bit, so idk

  4. Tried this finally a few days ago, liked it but I've been trying to find what the main music track is that plays during this quest, anyone know?

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