Gurhal Boost Road July 2011 Schedule + Infinity Grand Prix EXTRA

Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity is now participating in Gurhal Boost Road. Gurhal Boost Road requires players to play specific free missions for extra EXP, TP, and Item Drop Rate. Enemy's HP is 60 percent of their original.  The GBR is an Internet multimode only event (for now).

July 15 Through July 22nd

  • GBR Mission:烈風渦巻く討伐戦 C~∞  War of the Winds [Free Mission / Parum]
  • Item Drop x2 | EXP x 2 | Type Point x 2 | HP x 0.60

July 22nd through July 29

  • GBR Mission: 乱破犇めく星霊祭 C~∞ Festival Fracas [Free Mission/Neudaiz]
  • Item Drop x2 | EXP x 2 | Type Point x 2 | HP x 0.60


  • Name: ∞GPEXTRA交換所 Infinity GP EXTRA Exchange
  • Date: July 15th 2011
  • Description: Trade the clear rewards from Infinity Grand Prix EXTRA and trade them for rare items. 


  • Name: ∞GPEXTRAステージ・零 Infinity G P EXTRA Stage Zero
  • Date: July 15th, 2011
  • Description: Infinity Grand Prix EXTRA begins! Defeat all Mothers in Ark Crowley who stand in your way and aim for the fastest time.


A PSZero Fan's Dream Come True (Sort of)

Infinity Grand Prix EXTRA – Stage Zero mimics Phantasy Star Zero's most difficult stage, Eternal Tower! Not the whole entire Eternal Tower, just a small portion of it. In this challenge mission you will fight all forms of Mothers, including Heaven Mother. Unlike the original Infinity Grand Prix, you can participate with up to 4 players.


In the Infinity Grand Prix EXTRA Exchange, you can trade clear items for Phantasy Star ZERO related room decorations, items,  and password items. Also, the Infinity Grand Prix Final Stage (the Olga Flow Challenge mission)  clear time has now changed from 5:00 minutes to 7:30 minutes.


Gurhal Boost Road's first mission of the week  is War of the Winds. In Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity, a Boost Road lets players play a specific free mission with the above bonuses applied to it as well as lower enemy health. Boost Road missions are indicated by orange text separating it from regular free missions. Boost Road missions are limited to Internet Multimode gameplay.

Sakai understands that you may have expected there to be a lot of boost road missions released at the same time, however he states that due to the size of download mission data, he can only deliver 1 to 2 kinds at a time. But if you feel he should place more missions among a boost road, you can send him a comment and maybe something will happen?

In addition those awaiting Phantasy Star Online 2 should expect an email newsletter tomorrow. And in his words, "Is there going to be surprising new information?"

We can only hope that he stops censoring Bunkohara's text.

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