How to Import DL Mission Codes in Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity

Downloadable Mission Codes

You can get mission codes in various ways, through Infinity Missions, trading, or friend search. But the most exclusive mission codes are delivered via the Playstation Network. Currently the Kizuna Mission Code and Dragon Hearts are delivered through the Playstation Network. They do not import the same way as clothes and weapons DLC

When you preorder the Japanese version of the game, you will receive the Kizuna Mission Code containing Dyla Bravas. Input the product code that came at the back of the Kizuna card onto the Playstation Network. If you want to download the recently released mission code, “Dragon Hearts,” simply access the Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity section of the Japanese Playstation Network.

After you download the codes, start the game and head to your My Ship:


Select Register Mission Codes


Select DLミッションコード登録


From here you will see a list of your DL Mission Codes that you can select to register.


Mission Code Schedule

The special thing about Mission Codes are that some areas and bosses are only available through distribution. (Meaning the game won’t naturally produce such a mission unless it’s delivered to you either through Sega staff, or Sega amusement clubs.)  For example, the Magashi mission is the first to be delivered through Friend Search at the Sega Amusement Clubs.

Some exclusive mission codes are distributed through the Playstation Network.

  • Playstation Network Mission Code Schedule [Contains Spoilers]
    • 3/10 Boss:Nagisa(転生者)
    • 3/31 Area:Fortress(秘境)
    • 4/7 Boss: Orga Angelus(太陽神)
    • 4/14 Boss:Orga Anastasis(堕天)
    • 4/21 Boss:Olga Flow First Form(覚醒者)
    • 4/28 Boss:Olga Flow Final Form(英雄)
    • 5/12 Area:聖櫃 Ark?(創生)
    • 5/19 Boss:Dark Falz Dios(破壊神)
    • 5/26 Boss:Yaoroz(神獣)


A large scale event is going to take place. The details of this event are not known other than it will consist of download missions.


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