More Beta Testers For PSO2 Vita


Check your emails later tonight (JST) to see if you were selected to be a part of the PSO2 Vita Beta Test! Now that more players are joining in, you will receive extra parting gifts if your character reaches level 20 or above in any class.

If your character reaches level 10 in any class within the Beta Test you will receive the following parting gifts:


A riser nacht


  • Aライザー/ナハト A Riser/Nacht
  • フォトンスフィア One Photon Sphere
  • FUN500獲得チケット One 500 FUN ticket


spiked choker (2)


If your character reaches level 20 in any class, you will also receive the following parting gifts:

  • キャプテンハット Captain Hat
  • トゲトゲの首輪 Spiked Choker
  • エクスキューブ One EXCube

The date you will receive these items will be discussed at a later time.

If you are new to the Beta Test please consider the following points:

  • You must create or use an existing SEGA ID in order to sign onto the game.
  • When you login for the first time, it will ask for your SEGA ID and Password. This process will link your SEGA ID with your PSN/SEN account.
  • All character data and AC will be deleted once the test is over and will not carry over to the official game.
  • The link between the SEGA ID and PSN/SEN account will be reset once the test is over.
  • Since the game is still in development, it is prohibited to release screenshots or videos to the public.

For more information please read the “Vita Beta Status” post which will be periodically updated as the test moves on. Coinciding with this news, the upcoming Beta Test hours are expected to change. We will update this news on the Vita Beta Status post once it is available. 

New Test Schedule

  • Test #4: January 23rd, 2013 @ 15:00~23:00 [converted]
  • Changed! Test #5: January 25th, 2013 @ 15:00~24:00 [converted]
  • Changed! Test #6: January 26th, 2013 @ 00:00~23:00 [converted]

Test #5 continues into Test #6.

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