New Years Compensation; GBR Extension on December 26th 2008

GBR Extension

EspioKaos discovered post maintenance notes where Parum GBR has been extended for one extra week until January 16th 2009.

Compensation Details

GM Edward has  posted details about this week's update which entails a small compensation during last week's rollback. The compensation runs through January 16th, 2008 and includes:

  •  +10% grind bonus for weapons
  •  Super Holy Light luck bonus for all races
  •  50% Discount for clothes and parts
  • +10% synth bonus for weapons and armor
  • Free Makeovers!

Lobby Changes


The Christmas lobby is over and will be replaced by the New Years Lobby on January 1st, 2009. The New Years Lobby will run through January 16th, 2009. So today is the last day to get your Dagger of Serafi from Rappy Noel. We suggest trying Lightning Beasts, or Scarred Planet, both missions are available on Parum and run within GBR.

Item Additions

With the addition of the New Years Lobby, a Bamboo item will be sold in the room goods shop. This Bamboo item is actually called "Kadomatsu" in Japan. You can see the Kadomatsu prominently featured in the Neudaiz and Cylez City lobbies. There will also be a casino item rotation.


[via psujp and psuboards]

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