PSO2 JP: Maintenance (9/9/2020)


The Oracle Moonlight Collection Revival Scratch starts after Maintenance
In case you missed it, Check out our PSO2 Station!+ Recap.

PSO2 Maintenance

  • 9/9/2020 @ 11:00 ~ 17:00 JST
  • 9/8/2020 @ 10:00 PM ~ 4:00 AM EDT

PSO2es Maintenance

  • 9/9/2020 @ 10:55 ~ 17:30 JST
  • 9/8/2020 @ 9:55 PM ~ 4:30 EDT



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Emergency Quest Schedule

Boost Event 49

Please Note:

  • The Emergency Quest schedule will update during maintenance.
  • Please resync the calendar periodically to receive the latest updates, as the schedule may change at Sega's discretion.
  • This calendar is unable to show Emergency Quests that occur at random.
  • You can see the Emergency Quest schedule on your phone by subscribing to the Google Calendar.


New Campaigns

Road to Luster – Login Campaign 2

During the Campaign Period, login each day to receive special rewards. You'll receive a bonus reward if you login multiple days!

Campaign Period

  • September 10th @ 00:00 ~ September 22nd @ 23:59 JST

Login Reward

  • Bonus Key Tokyo [Gold] (x2)

5 Day Bonus

  • Bonus Key Tokyo [Rainbow]


Road to Luster – Emergency Quest Rush

During the Campaign Period, the following quests will be boosted.

Campaign Period

  • September 12th 00:00 ~ September 13th 23:59 JST


  • +100% Rare Drop
  • +100% Experience

Boosted Quests

  • Primordial Glare for the Void
  • Requiem of the Specter's Grudge
  • Incarnation of Knowledge
  • Raging Dark Arms

※Only the Emergency Quests listed above qualify for the boost.


Puso Ni Comi Secret Phrases

Puso Ni Comi has a new season of animated episodes! Check the Official PSO2 Channel for new Episodes. While on PSO2, say the Phrase shown at the end of the Episode to receive a [Pusoni Memory 3].

New Secret Phrase

  • Ep.23: 等身大ゼクト降臨

Old Secret Phrases

  • Ep.22: 触手警察だー!
  • Ep.21: 新しい扉、開かない?
  • Ep.20: いつから見てたの?
  • Ep.19: 汚されたいんだ
  • Ep.18: 倉庫パンパンになってない?
  • Ep.17: 女の子とラッピーとカジキ
  • Ep.16: これは乙じゃなくてポニーテールなんだからね
  • Ep.15: 物欲センサーってあると思う?
  • Ep.14: あなたもお試し済み?
  • Ep.13: チャット発言先に気を付けよう
  • Ep.12: 女の子がカジキに丸のみ?
  • Ep.11: マグの中身って何かな?
  • Ep.10: レッツゴー野良緊急!
  • Ep.9: 朝までクエストガン回し
  • Ep.8: 銃座はどんどん強くなってるぞ
  • Ep.7: 初めてしてみたいです
  • Ep.6: スリスリぺちぺち
  • Ep.5: ドルチェと牧野の中の人公開中
  • Ep.4: 男の子だ!!!
  • Ep.3: キャストはえっちだ
  • Ep.2: キャラクリデータはとっておこう
  • Ep.1: アニメぷそ煮コミおかわり

Phrases Expiration Date

  • March 31st, 2021 @ 23:59 JST


Sage's Crest Campaign

Beat the following goals to obtain Sage's Crests. The crests can be exchanged for ★15 Weapons at Zieg!

Campaign Period

September 9th ~ September 16th

Campaign Tasks

  Goal Reward
1 Clear EQ [Primordial Glare from the Void] 1 Time Sage's Crests (x10)
2 Clear EQ [Requiem of the Specter's Grudge] 1 Time Sage's Crests (x10)
3 Clear EQ [Incarnation of Knowledge] 1 Time Sage's Crests (x10)
4 Clear EQ [Raging Dark Arms] 1 Time Sage's Crests (x10)
5 Login 3 Days Sage's Crests (x10)
6 Link with PSO2es and Quick Search once Sage's Crests (x10)

※Goal 6 will be distributed at a later time.


On-Going Campaigns

Road to Luster – Large Item Get Campaign

During the Campaign Period, Arks Missions will run with rewards that can be used to make ★15 Lightstream Gunslash, ★15 Liberate Gunslash, and ★13 Liberate Units. Along with them are items to beneficial to the Luster Class.

The Missions will be distributed in groups on August 26th, September 2nd, and September 9th. Clear the previous Missions to have the new ones appear. You have until the Campaign ends to clear them all!

Campaign Period

  • August 26th ~ September 30th


Road to Luster Twitter Campaign

During the Campaign Period, tweets with #roadtoluster hashtag from Sega's Official PSO2 Twitter. Hitting certain milestones will reward players with luxurious prizes.

Campaign Period

  • August 9th ~ September 16th @ 11:59 JST
1,500 RT +150% TRI Boost (x2)
3,000 RT 1 Million EXP Ticket (x5)
5,000 RT Bonus Key Tokyo [Rainbow]
10,000 RT +100% TRI Boost (x3)
15,000 RT *Victoire Ehre

Reward Date

  • Early October


Multi-Platform Play Campaign

During the Campaign Period, login each Month on two different Platforms to earn rewards at a later date.

Campaign Period

  • March 25th ~ September 16th

Qualifying Platforms

  • PC, PS Vita, PS4, Cloud (PC),  Cloud (Switch)

Monthly Login Periods

  • March 25th ~  April 30th
  • May 1st ~ May 31st
  • June 1st ~ June 30th
  • July 1st ~ July 31st
  • August 1st ~ August 31st
  • September 1st ~ September 16th

Rewards Per Login Period

  • 50 Star Gems
  • Bonus Key Tokyo [Gold]

Reward Periods

  • Early to Mid June
  • Early to Mid July
  • Early to Mid August
  • Early to Mid September
  • Early to Mid October
  • Early to Mid November


Vita Going Away Campaign

PSO2 for the Vita will shut down on August 19th. Before it shuts down, anyone who has played on the PS VITA version of PSO2 before March 24th will be able to earn back up to 1,000 Star Gems per monthly period during the Campaign.

Campaign Period

  • March 25th ~ September 16th

Campaign Details

  • Using AC or SG while logged into an account will earn you back Star Gems.
  • For each monthly period, you will only be able to earn back up to 1,000 Star Gems.
  • Half of the total amount of SG & AC used during each period will be converted back into Star Gems, with every 5 AC used converted to 1 SG.

The Account must have been logged in once before March 24th, 2020 on the PS Vita Version.

Monthly Periods

  • March 25th ~  April 30th
  • May 1st ~ May 31st
  • June 1st ~ June 30th
  • July 1st ~ July 31st
  • August 1st ~ August 31st
  • September 1st ~ September 16th

Point Back Periods

  • Early to Mid June
  • Early to Mid July
  • Early to Mid August
  • Early to Mid September
  • Early to Mid October
  • Early to Mid November


PSO2 Station! Plus #9 Recap

Warning! This post is updating in real time!
Please take note as the information below is subject to change.


Secret Phrase

  • Say the secret phrase in chat to receive prizes.
  • 未来創る輝き
  • You have until Sept 16th's maintenance to complete this task
  • Prizes can be claimed at the Visiphone
  • Prizes include: Idol Fan Luther / Idol Fan Xiao / Bonus Key Tokyo [Rainbow]


Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • Primordial Darkness (Rare Drop +150% / EXP +50%)
  • September 8th @ 23:00 JST (Quna Concert First)


Senran Kagura Collaboration!

  • Asuka, Homura, Yumi, Miyabi's outfits, camos, lobby actions, and more will be released in November 2020!


Mid-September Update

  • Franca's Night Cafe (~10/28)
  • ★13 Units Can Be Turned into Excubes
  • ★14 Weapons Can Be Sold In Your Shops
  • Increased the purchase limits for ★15 Weapons and ★13 Units to 99 in the Cobalt Medal Exchange Shop.
  • Added Luminmech Grainne Crystal to the Prize Medal Shop
  • Increased the purchase limits for ★15 Weapons and ★13 Units to 99 in the Prize Medal Shop.
  • Added an Introductory Video for New Players (which I think is in the NA version?)


Mid-September Update

  • Mission Pass is no longer a PSO2Global Exclusive feature!


Mission Pass System

  • Completing certain ARKS Missions will earn you [Stars]!
  • These Missions have a variety of tasks such as, "Clear Emergency Quests 10 times," "Defeat 500 Enemies," "Turn in 30 Client Orders," etc.
  • Collecting Stars will raise your [Tier]
  • Your [Tier] gives you access to rewards shown underneath its Tier number.
  • Rewards in PURPLE can be collected as long as you reach that tier.
  • Rewards in GOLD require a [Mission Pass Gold Ticket] to unlock them for that tier.
  • Mission Pass Season 1 begins September 16th ~ October 14th.

Mission Pass Rewards and Recycle

  • Mission Pass Reward: Evo Device / Chibi Rera
  • Mission Badge Recycle Shop
    • Special Ability Astral S
    • Special Ability Ether F
    • Special Ability Mana Reverie
    • Sage Crest
    • Cobalt Medal
    • Gold Prize Medal
    • Weapons Badge 2020
    • Grind Cap +1
  • You can collect Mission Badges from Mission Pass Tier Rewards.


Mid-September Update

  • PSO2 AC Scratch: Integrate Luster
  • Luster style Layered Wear and Parts
  • Luster Pose LA


Mid-September Update

  • PSO2 AC Scratch: Integrate Luster
  • Gothic style Japanese Outfits.
  • Video Contest Lobby Action: Respect


New Successor Class: Luster

  • Successor Class that specializes in high speed battles.
  • This class only utilizes Gunslashes
  • To unlock, you'll need two classes at level 75+.
  • Three different battle styles based on the weapon's element.

Fomel Style (Fire & Dark)

  • An attack focused style.
  • Become sturdy for a limited time when you perform a PERFECT Just Attack.

Barants Style (Ice & Light)

  • A defense focused style.
  • Produces Guard Points and extends the range of Stay Arts.

Zandis Style (Lightning & Wind)

  • A speed focused style
  • Produces suction effects and evasive attacks.

Photon Art Styles

  • The Photon Art style changes based on whether you tap or hold the PA button.

Smart PA

  • It includes a Smart PA system that automatically activates an appropriate PA.

Weapon Action

  • Long press the weapon action button to activate special moves for each style.

Weapon Action: Evade Shoot

  • An evasive shooting attack


Skill: Luster Time (Main)

  • Provides various BONUS effects for a limited time.
  • Unleashes a finisher when you re-activate it during Luster Time (PP Recovery / Reduced Damage Received)

Skill: Slash Rise (Main)

  • Activates an ascending attack when you jump after an attack.

Skill: Quick Slash (Main)

  • Move at high speed when you perform a normal attack at a certain time.

Skill: Luster Voltage

  • Activates support effects based on the accumulated voltage of attacks hit.


Other Skills (Not An Exhaustive List)

  • Zandi Shoot Enhance
    • Move Arts V Boost
    • Zandi Dodge Advance
  • Zandi Attack Enhance
  • Fomel Shoot Enhance
    • Enhance Arts V Boost
    • Fomel JA Advance
  • Fomel Attack Enhance
  • Baran Shoot Enhance
    • Stay Arts V Boost
    • Baran JG Advance
  • Baran Attack Enhance
  • Luster Counter
  • Extra Attack
  • Killing Restorate
  • Deband Disorder
  • Tech Arts JA Multi Bonus
  • Gunslash Special Ability Plus
  • Enhance Combo
  • Luster Step Slide
  • Style Purge
  • and more!


Late September Update

  • Otsukimi Lobby (~10/14)
  • Luna Nyau
  • Weaponoid Costume Election Winners will appear in the lobby.
  • Clear their Client Orders to receive their Partner Cards.


Late September Update

  • Limited Time Ignis Shop
  • Various Character Posters
  • Ignis-NT / Elder Pain-NT / Optreion-NT / Saika Hyouri



Late September Update

  • AC Scratch: Skilled Weaponoid
  • Weaponoid Costume General Election 2019 Winners
  • Weaponoid Pose 8 and 9 Lobby Actions
  • Sorcery Pose 2 (Scratch Bonus)



  • New Emergency Quest: Viva Las Vegas
  • It's an enemy rush style quest
  • A max of 48 enemies can appear simultaneously
  • Rare drop rate increases based on the score.
  • Weaponoid NPCs will appear during the quest.
  • Empe Rappy / Izane Kazuchi can appear.


Late September Update

  • Viva Las Vegas Emergency Quest
  • Viva Las Vegas Weapon & Egg Collection
  • New ★15 Weapon in Special Collection
    • RA Blade
  • New Collection File: [Hr/Ph/Et ★15 Weapon Collection]
    • Adel (Hero Weapon Series)
    • Seiros (Phantom Weapon Series)
    • Fimbul (Etoile Weapon Series)


Early October Update

  • PSO2 The ANIMEtion
  • Outfits from the Anime package bonuses


Early October Update

  • AC Scratch: Earth Collection
  • Hitsugi 2, Aika, and Itsuki / RINA lobby actions.


Early October Update

  • ARKS Support Mission
  • ARKS Support Mission Campaign Reward: *Glauben Ehre
  • ARKS Mission Reward: Evo Device / Pegita


Mid-October Update

  • Wake Up Gridman (AC Scratch)
  • Contains outfits, hairstyles, and accessories  for characters from SSSS.Gridman.
  • Gridman Calibur Weapon Action and Gridman Lobby Action


Mid-October Update

  • Gender Swapped Combat Jacket and Suit Jacket
  • Lobby Action: Assault Rifle / Launcher
  • Sorcery Pose 3 (AC Scratch Bonus)


Mid-October Update

  • New Pet: Vulcan (Advance Pet of Synchro)
  • PAs are strengthened when you link together different PAs.
  • Since the attacks are long, after giving it instructions you can focus on evasion and support.
  • Pietro will of course have new Client Orders


Mid-October Update

  • The Cast Winners of the Character Contest
    • Sighx and Ecru
  • Mission Pass: Season 2
    • Evo Device / Tamahime 2
  • Cras Units at Zieg's Exchange Shop
    • Primordial Darkstone Deimos x50
    • Module / Shiva x20
    • Module / Mitra x25
    • Module / Varuna x25
    • Module / Execour x50
  • Arks Support Mission Part 2


Mid October Update

  • New Emergency Quest: Mourning of Demise (12 Player)
  • Battle against large hostiles in Armada of Demise
  • Once the hordes of enemies are destroyed, you'll move inside a ship.
  • Head to the deepest area to face Shiva and Varuna
  • New ★15 Weapon Drop: Talon Schneidle?


Revival Scratch

  • Oracle Halloween Collection (Oct 21 ~ Dec 2nd)




New Information about PSO2 New Genesis will be at the Tokyo Game Show 2020 Online. You can watch it on Sega Atlus TV on September 25th @ 21:00 JST


PSO Anime: Episode Oracle Volume 8

  • Release Date: Sept 16th
  • Price: Limited First Edition 7,500 (BR) 6,500 (DVD)


PSO Anime: Episode Oracle Volume 8

  • Contains Item Codes:
    • Soldiers Outerwear and Basewear
    • Eternal F Layer GV
    • EP Oracle 5 Lobby Action
    • EP Oracle Mat
    • Kitty Girl and Shiny Shiny Rainbow music discs



PSO Anime: Episode Oracle Volume 9

  • Release Date: October 21st
  • Price: Limited First Edition 7,500 (BR) 6,500 (DVD)


PSO Anime: Episode Oracle Volume 9

  • Item Codes Include:
    • Idea Cluster (Basewear and Innerwear)
    • Idea Twin Loop GV  (Hairstyle)
    • Idea Hood / Sleeves / Side Shield  (Accessories)
    • Persona's Regular and Cracked Mask (Accessories)



Tokyo Game Show 2020 Merchandise

  • Since TGS will be held online, you can purchase the merchandise straight from the Sega Store site.
  • Reservations: September 24th @ 10 Jst
  • Sales: Mid October to Late October


  • Class Pin Badge: Etoile (815 Yen)
  • Class Pin Badge: Luster (815 Yen)
  • Foldable Eco Bag (1700 Yen)
  • Arks Glasses (1700 Yen)


Tokyo Game Show 2020 Merchandise

  • PSO2/es/Idola Heroine Tapestry (3,100 Yen)
  • PSO2/es/Idola Heroine Clear File 4-Pack (1,500 Yen)
  • PSO2 Chibi Matoi Acrylic Key Holder (900 Yen)
  • PSO2 Chibi Quna Acrylic Key Holder (900 Yen)


Autumn Campaigns

  • Quest Linked Boost (9/30 ~ 10/14)
  • Arks Support Mission Campaign (10/7 ~ 10/28)
    • Receive additional rewards when you clear certain Arks Missions
  • Login Campaign (10/8 ~ 10/20)
    • Login each day to receive prizes.
    • Login 5 days to receive Supervia (Luster Weapon Camo)
  • Level Up Support Boost Event (10/14 ~ 10/21)
    • +200% EXP Boost for All Level Up Quests


ARKS Autumn Function (Sequentially Releasing Oct 21st)

  • Autumn Mission Campaign
    • Get various items such as EX Boosters, Special Ability Transfer Passes, and Tokyo Bonus Keys by clearing Limited Missions
  • Login Campaign
    • Login to receive Boost Items and Bonus Keys that will help you level up.
  • WEB Event
    • Earn points by clearing qualifying quests.
    • Earn rewards from the Web Panels
  • Live Event
    • Attend the Live Concerts for a +75% Live Boost
  • Twitter Screenshot Contest
    • You get Star Gems by posting screenshots with a [Halloween] theme

PSO2 JP AC Scratch: ARKS Last Stand

ARKS Last Stand
(Until 9.30.2020)



トゥルークラスタ[Ou] | True Cluster [Ou]


トゥルークラスタ[Ba] | True Cluster [Ba]
トゥルークラスタ月[Ba] | True Cluster Moon [Ba]
トゥルークラスタ雅[Ba] | True Cluster Elegant [Ba]
トゥルークラスタ銀[Ba] | True Cluster Silver [Ba]
トゥルークラスタ海[Ba] | True Cluster Sea [Ba]
トゥルークラスタ影[Ba] | True Cluster Shadow [Ba]



火を継ぐ戦衣[Ou] | Hitsugi Battle Suit [Ou]


火を継ぐ戦衣[Ba] | Hitsugi Battle Suit [Ba]
火を継ぐ戦衣 影[Ba] | Hitsugi Battle Suit Shadow [Ba]
火を継ぐ戦衣 海[Ba] | Hitsugi Battle Suit Sea [Ba]
火を継ぐ戦衣 銀[Ba] | Hitsugi Battle Suit Silver [Ba]
火を継ぐ戦衣 雅[Ba] | Hitsugi Battle Suit Elegant [Ba]
火を継ぐ戦衣 雪[Ba] | Hitsugi Battle Suit Snow [Ba]



ハリエットの戦神衣[Ou] | Harriet Battle Suit [Ou]


ハリエットの戦神衣[Ba] | Harriet Battle Suit [Ba]
ハリエットの戦神衣 影[Ba] | Harriet Battle Suit Shadow [Ba]
ハリエットの戦神衣 雅[Ba] | Harriet Battle Suit Elegant [Ba]
ハリエットの戦神衣 紅[Ba] | Harriet Battle Suit Scarlet [Ba]
ハリエットの戦神衣 桜[Ba] | Harriet Battle Suit Sakura [Ba]
ハリエットの戦神衣 雪[Ba] | Harriet Battle Suit Snow [Ba]



和風ワンショル[Ba] | JP One Shoulder [Ba]
和風ワンショル桜[Ba] | JP One Shoulder Sakura [Ba]
和風ワンショル雅[Ba] | JP One Shoulder Elegant [Ba]
和風ワンショル影[Ba] | JP One Shoulder Shadow [Ba]
和風ワンショル空[Ba] | JP One Shoulder Sky [Ba]
和風ワンショル夜[Ba] | JP One Shoulder Night [Ba]



クンフースピリット[Ba] | Kung Fu Spirit [Ba]
クンフースピリット海[Ba] | Kung Fu Spirit Sea [Ba]
クンフースピリット紅[Ba] | Kung Fu Spirit Crimson [Ba]
クンフースピリット影[Ba] | Kung Fu Spirit Shadow [Ba]
クンフースピリット雅[Ba] | Kung Fu Spirit Elegant [Ba]
クンフースピリット葉[Ba] | Kung Fu Spirit Leaf [Ba]


Female Recolors

  • アウトイブカムラ紅[Ou] | Outive Kamla Crimson [Ou]
  • アウトイブカムラ玄[Ba] | Outive Kamla Mysterious [Ba]
  • アウトイブカムラ陽[Ba] | Outive Kamla Sun [Ba]
  • ヘンネスドロム夜[Ba] | Hennes Drom Night [Ba]
  • ヘンネスドロム冬[Ba] | Hennes Drom Winter [Ba]
  • ヘンネスドロム2夜[Ba] | Hennes Drom 2 Night [Ba]
  • ヘンネスドロム2冬[Ba] | Hennes Drom 2 Winter [Ba]
  • セクシーメイドドレス雪[Ba] | Sexy Maid Dress Snow [Ba]
  • セクシーメイドドレス玄[Ba] | Sexy Maid Dress Mysterious [Ba]
  • セクシーメイドドレス春[Ba] | Sexy Maid Dress Spring [Ba]
  • レットヴェーグ雪 | Recht Weg Snow
  • レットヴェーグ茜 | Recht Weg Madder
  • レットヴェーグ海 | Recht Weg Sea
  • 小悪魔風メイドドレス影 | Devilish Maid Dress Shadow
  • 小悪魔風メイドドレス雪 | Devilish Maid Dress Snow
  • 小悪魔風メイドドレス茜 | Devilish Maid Dress Madder

Male Recolors

  • アウトイブシャムス紅[Ou] | Outive Shams Crimson [Ou]
  • アウトイブシャムス玄[Ba] | Outive Shams Mysterious [Ba]
  • アウトイブシャムス陽[Ba] | Outive Shams Sun [Ba]
  • レットスヴァール雪 | Recht Svalr Snow
  • レットスヴァール茜 | Recht Svalr Madder
  • レットスヴァール海 | Recht Svalr Sea

Female Voice #217 (CV: Yūko Kaida)

  • 女性追加ボイス217
  • 女性C追加ボイス217

Male Voice #183 (CV: Takehito Koyasu)

  • 男性追加ボイス183
  • 男性C追加ボイス183

Lobby Actions

  • 642「大剣/長槍」 | 642 "Sword/Partisan"
  • 643「吹っ飛ぶ2」 | 643 "Blown Away 2"



  • カムラヘアー | Kamla Hair
  • ヴェーグヘアー | Weg Hair

Mag Device

  • フードデバイス/射撃 | Food Device R-ATK

Grind Items

  • 特殊能力保護(5枠以下) | Ability Protection (5s or lower)
  • 特殊能力(射撃&PP/3) | Add Ability (Shoot&PP/3) 
  • 強化大成功(100%) | Great Grind Success (100%)
  • 属性強化+5% | Attribute Enhance +5%
  • 特殊能力(HP&PP/3) | Add Ability (Stamina&PP/3) 

Scratch Bonus

Play this AC Scratch a specific amount of times for exclusive bonus items!

Normal AC Tickets
Frequency Rewards
5 times PSZero Memory
10 times Bonus Key Tokyo [Silver]
15 times Bonus Key Kazuchi Raid
25 times Ability Protection (6s or Lower)
30 times A Last Stand Ticket
40 times Bonus Key Magatsu [Gold]
50 times EX Triboost +200%
60 times A Last Stand Ticket
120 times A Last Stand Ticket
Gold AC Tickets
Frequency Rewards
2 times Free Salon Pass
4 times Bonus Key Magatsu [Silver]
6 times Triboost +150%
10 times Ability Protection (6s or Lower)
12 times A Last Stand Ticket

※Players can receive each item only once.
※All of these items are untradeable.
※A Last Stand Ticket allows you to choose 1 item from this AC Scratch.


FUN Scratch

PSO Music Disc

  • Leavin flow


  • インテークラージテール | Large Intake Tails

Face Aesthetics

  • 頬染め | Blush

Body Paint

  • アンカータトゥーM | Anchor Tattoo M
  • アンカータトゥーF | Anchor Tattoo F


  • カラカサオバケ | Karakasa-Obake
  • ウクレレ | Ukelele
  • くわえアイス ソーダ | Bitten Soda Popsicle
  • くわえアイス ミルク | Bitten Milk Popsicle
  • ブラックアームスカーフ | Black Arm Scarf
  • ブルーアームスカーフ | Blue Arm Scarf
  • リップピアス 銀 | Lip Piercing Silver

Lobby Action

  • 190「ビーチバレー」 | 190 "Beach Volleyball"

Room Items

  • フーリン | Wind Chime
  • カ・ヤリブタ | Mosquito Fumigator
  • ヒヤシ・ショクザイ | Chilled Foods
  • カットスイカ | Cut Watermelon
  • メロンソーダ | Melon Soda
  • トロピカル・ブルー | Tropical Blue
  • リゾートライト | Resort Light
  • リゾートベッド | Resort Bed
  • リゾートローテーブル | Resort Low Table
  • リゾートチェア | Resort Chair
  • リゾートソファ | Resort Sofa
  • リゾートラグ | Resort Rug
  • リゾートシェルフ | Resort Shelf
  • リゾートスタンド | Resort Stand
  • リゾートスクリーン | Resort Screen
  • リゾートロングチェア | Resort Long Chair
  • リゾートサイドテーブル | Resort Side Table
  • リゾートタペストリー | Resort Tapestry
  • リゾート・テーマ | Resort Theme