GM Question & Answer Session: Aura Field Coming Soon!

Today there was a brief question and answer session from the GM Melchioir. As you know everything is mostly hush hush, so all of the juicy details were not given. In summary here are some answers to the questions that you’ve asked. If you’ve been keeping up to date with the Japanese version, none of this stuff is new to you.

  • There will be no Player versus Player Battle like PSO, however there will be Airboard racing.
  • Compensation for the 065 Error will be announced soon.
  • He added that its very unlikely they will extend MAG for the 065’s
    • However they Changed their Mind See Here
  • Melchior has hinted that if we keep up the pace we will eventually get Aura Field.
  • There is no way to completely stop hackers from exploiting the game but they are hoping to act more quickly on removing them.
  • Melchior hasn’t met any of the Voice Cast for any Sonic Games
  • Melchior moderates both 360 and PC version at the same time.

Unfortunately most of the attention was given to Xbox360, which seems there were many inappropriate players bothering the GM.

Interestingly enough, everyone sat in a circle around the GM as if it were Kindergarten.

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