Clothes ‘n’ Parts Hunting Guide

Jay EvansClothes ‘n’ Parts has finally arrived. This mission features new clothes and previously exclusive ones that were hard to find. You can find this mission on the elevators of Cylez City 5th Floor.


Here’s a quick guide on where you can hunt for items you need. Some items are user suggested or based on personal experience. Unfortunately when it comes to donating in Shitenkaku, there is no sure fire way to get the items you want. Will update based on experiences.


Illuminus Coat

  • EX Device GH490
    Play the Moatoob Mission: Bladed Legacy and obtain 1 Magashi Head, 2 Magashi Legs, 2 Magashi Torso, 2 Magashi Arms
    Bring these items to The Collector on Parum
  • Two Headed Ragnus
    Highly suggest purchasing in Player shop otherwise try Scarred Planet S
  • Illuminus Tag
    Grab some popcorn, a movie, and a turbo joypad. Play Story Mission Ambition’s End 2, defeat Howzer then quickly abandon mission. 
  • Gugg Crown
    Highly suggest Flowery Pursuit on 3 star luck but you will need 3 players in the team.


  • Laia Portrait
    Complete story mission Restorations 1 on B or A with an end result rank of S.
  • Dallgun Portrait
    Complete story mission Ambitions End 2 on B or A with an end result rank of S.
    Try episode 3 story mission: Farewell to Mother
  • IGG Crown
    Highly suggest Flowery Pursuit on 3 star luck but you will need 3 players in the team. Find the Pink Rappy IGG.

Voloyal Set

  • Primitive Moat. Idol
    Highly suggest opening boxes in Episode 2 story mission Desert’s End 1.
  • De Rol Le Carapace
    Highly suggest buying in player shops due to Summer Event, otherwise try Awoken Serpent.
  • Diad
    Highly suggest Block 3 of White Beast.

Rappy Suit

  • Rappy Mode
    Obtain 5 Rappy Feathers, highly suggest Lightning Beast. Also try Forest of Illusion, you will need 4 players in team.
    Obtain 1 Serafi Feather, hunt for Rappy during the holiday lobbies of Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Easter, and Christmas.
    Highly suggest hunting for Serafi Feather in Forest of Illusion with 4 players, otherwise hunt for Rappy Igg in Flowery Pursuit.
    Bring 5 Rappy Feathers and 1 Serafi Feather to The Collector on Parum.
  • Petrified Rappy
    Obtain 5 Tear of Light, highly suggest boxes in Grove of Fanatics C.
    Obtain 5 Dogma Drop from Voloyal Brothers in episode 1 story mission The Mask 1. Bring items to the Collector.
  • Rappy Figure
    Obtain 3 Rappy Feathers. Buy [B] Rappy Figure on MA-GRMS Cylez and synth.
  • Rappy Doll
    Obtain 3 Rappy Feathers and 3 Gra-photons. Buy [B] Rappy Doll on MA-GRMS Cylez and synth.
  • Ascension Gift (Casts Only)
    Bring 20 silver coins to Casino Voloyal

SPF Tops And Bottoms

  • Ethan’s Portrait:
    Complete Episode 3 Story Mission: Ambition’s End with an end result of S.
  • Airboard:
    Buy 20 Par Ash and Parum Souvenir in  MA-GRMS Shop on Parum, then synthesize.
  • Solid / Knight:
    Lightning Beast S, after last Grass Assassin boxes at end.
  • Tormad:
    Try Scarred Planet, Eastern Peril or Lightning Beast in boxes.

Mikuna’s Set

  • Mirei Portrait:
    Complete Episode 3 Story Mission: Will of Light with end result of S.
  • Mirei Photo Stand:
    Suggest donating A rank weapons in Shitenkaku Offering Box. **
  • Mimic Doll:
    Fail the synthesis of ANY items in Partner Machinery. Try A-S Rank items.
  • Tear of Light:
    Grove of Fanatics: Open every box.
  • Paradi Cataract (Casts Only):
    Highly suggest Maximum Attack G’. Otherwise try The Dark God.


  • Lumia Portrait:
    Complete Episode 3 Story Mission: Despair and Hope 2 with end result of S.
  • Berry Pie:
    Buy in Maximum Attack G’ Mission from Cake Sisters in Ruins.
  • Har / Quick:
    Highly Suggest hunting at Dancing Birds S after Rappy Gugg.
  • Citrad:
    Try Story Mission “Will of Light 2” or Dancing Birds, Hill of Spores, and White Beast.

Bikini Swimwear

  • Protein Can:
    Can be bought for 10 Koltova Milk and 10 Koltova Gras at The Collector. Buy two Protein Cans.
    Highly suggest hunting Milk and Gras at Plains Overlord with 3 star luck, try map with Koltova as first spawn to the left.
  • Silence / Resist (Fleshies Only):
    Suggest buying in player shops due to low prices, otherwise try The Dark God, Or Maximum Attack G.
  • Cream House (Males Only):
    Buy in Maximum Attack G’ Mission from Cake Sisters in Ruins.
  • Chocolate House (Females Only):
    Buy in Maximum Attack G’ Mission from Cake Sisters in Ruins.
  • Groovy Juice:
    Buy 2 Groovy Juice Boards at MA-GRMS Cylez (2nd Floor). Synth with Hustle Berry & Love Berry. Suggest doing any Moatoob and Parum C rank missions.
  • Legsless / Rainbow (Casts Only):
    Try Electronic Brain A through S2. Highly suggest buying it in player shops.

Formalwear & Formal Dress

  • Gourmet Chocolat:
    Highly suggest boxes in Eastern Peril or Forested Islands. Also Try Grove of Fanatics.
  • Serafi Feather:
    Suggest buying it in player shops, otherwise hunt rappies during holidays like Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day.
  • Berilad (Fleshies Only):
    Highly suggest Habirao Forbidden District and White Beast.
  • Amethad (Casts Only) :
    Try Habirao Forbidden District Areas.

    MAG 2 Rewards, Clothes Mission slated for September 26, 2008

    Ricardo SantilliSega has just announced the new missions coming out for September 26. As the update is released, we will have more detailed information.



    • Clothes ‘n’ parts
    • Bladed Legacy C through S2
    • Mag 2 Rewards

    Clothes N Parts mission will be located on Guardians Colony Fifth Floor. The mission is accessible from the elevators located at the back wall behind the mission and type change counters. In this mission you’ll be able to purchase exclusive clothing items that were previously unavailable to obtain if you did not participate in a specific event. It will also include some brand new clothing styles that were only available offline. Clothes that may be available for purchase in this mission include:

    • SPF Top And Bottoms: Obel’s outfit for Males
    • Mikuna Set: Mirei Mikuna’s outfit for Females
    • Formalwear: Formal clothes previously available from 1up Cup
    • Bikini Swimwear: Bikinis previously available from 1up Cup
    • Amorosso Top and Bottoms: Lumia’s outfit for Females

    Bladed Legacy is a new mission located inside the Il Cabo Base lobby. This mission features 3 new enemies never before seen on the U.S servers. You will be fighting against beasts and machines, with a special guest appearance of Magashi clones! In this mission the exclusive Paural (which previously was only available if you failed a synth of technic weapons) will drop from SEED lab staff.

    Maximum Attack G 2 rewards include Sange and 10% Grinder boost!