Phantasy Fanworks: Nagisa and Rapico Papercraft

Nagisa Papercraft 300x225

Well it’s that time again, Moekami has created another Papercraft model featuring Nagisa. Seeing the process of putting the pieces together is very amazing. You have to have a lot of time on your hands to even plan out such a process.

Moekami has placed another Nico Nico video detailing the process. So here are some screens after the jump.


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Nagisa Face 300x225

Nagisa’s Head and Eyepatch


Nagisa uniform 300x225

Nagisa’s uniform


vlcsnap 2010 12 04 20h01m46s241 300x225

Nagisa and her sexy legs.


Nagisa cutouts 300x225

The pieces that make up Nagisa


Nagisa final 300x225

Here she is! The final product!


Nagisa steel hearts 300x225

Nagisa and the Steel Hearts

Rapico 300x225

Rapico and her head tilting action!


Well Rapico, (who’s also a partner character,) isn’t in 3D, but there’s a bit of a joke with this figure. At the official site you can embed a clock featuring Rapico onto your website. Rapico’s head tilts off to the side just like the screenshot above is demonstrating.

[via niconico + download]

Hyuga Artwork

hyuga ryght 300x170

Ana drew an image of the redesigned Hyuga. You can check it out on her blog.


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