Phantasy Star Nova: Out Now! (Plus Demo Save Importing)

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Phantasy Star Nova has officially launched on the Japanese PlayStation Network. The game costs (6,458 Yen digitally) or (5,980 Yen physically) and will require 3136MBs of space. Be sure to check out our Phantasy Star Nova Guide which will be updating each day after the game's release.

If you've been playing the demo, follow these steps to import your save file into the retail version!


Demo Importing

Demo Import
Click on New Game


Import Demo
When there's save data from the demo, this menu will appear.
Press [はい] to continue.


Save Data a
Then save the data here.


First Print: Item Code Bonuses

First print copies of Phantasy Star Nova will come included with three different product codes. Two of which contains costumes for Phantasy Star Nova and Phantasy Star Online 2. Those who purchase the digital version should act fast as these product codes are available for a very limited time.

ヴィテスシュタルク (Vitesse Stark)
グラスフォーアネーム (Glass Foehnaime)

❶ Phantasy Star Nova: Product Code #1

  • ヴィテスシュタルク (and) グラスフォーアネーム Costumes.
  • Double EXP Boost (x10)

Phantasy Star Nova: Product Code #2

  • 30% OFF voucher for a friend to download Phantasy Star Nova.

These product codes are for Phantasy Star Nova. A PlayStation Network connection is required to obtain the items.


  • After installing the DLC, start up the game and head to the Stockroom.
  • Press the last button 「DLCを受け取る」and select the item.
  • The items will be transferred to your inventory.


Cell Raider
PSO2 Product Code
セルレイダー (Cell Raider)
エイディルール (Adieloure)

❸ Phantasy Star Online 2: Item Code

  • セルレイダー (and) エイディルール costumes.
  • PS NOVA メインテーマ (PS Nova Main Theme Music Disc)
  • ジュークボックス (Jukebox Room Item)
  • カラーチェンジパス (Color Change Pass)
  • FUN1000獲得チケット (1000 FUN Ticket)
  • トライブースト+100% (+100% Tribooster)

This product code can be entered within Phantasy Star Online 2.

For those who purchased the DL version, product codes ❷ and ❸ will be sent to the email address registered to the Sony Entertainment Network account. This email will be sent around early December.


Echo, Afin, and Zeno

Echo Afin Zeno PSNova

Also don't forget you can import Echo, Afin, and Zeno into the game when you have Phantasy Star Online 2 installed on your PlayStation Vita!

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