Phantasy Star Online 2: Code Episode 2 Announced

Today at the Sympathy Concert, SEGA announced a new "expansion" to the PSO2 series titled "Phantasy Star Online 2: Code Episode 2."  Dengeki and GameWatch had the pleasure to relay some information found in the trailer; here's what we know so far:

PSO2 Code Episode 2 (Keywords)

  • Oracle's Collapse
  • Arks Road/Lord?
  • Photoners
  • "Who is the real enemy?"
  • The Third Darkers
  • The Beginning and End of the Arks
  • New Race, New Planet, New Classes.
  • New Weapon Categories.
  • Coming this Summer!

PSO2 Thanks Festa

Phantasy Star Online 2 is having their first offline nation-wide event. The Phantasy Star Thanks Festa 2013 plans to commemorate the 1 year anniversary of PSO2 by holding events across Japan in five different cities.  SEGA will also be holding the Arks Grand Prix time attack tournament, more details to come in April.

Arks Grand PrixThe event schedule is as follows; June 9th in Tokyo, June 15th in Nagoya, June 29th in Fukuoka, July 14th in Osaka, and July 28th in Sapporo. It will conclude with the Arks Grand Prix finals in Tokyo on August 3rd, 2013.  We'll add more details to this post once more information becomes available.


JukeBox Feature

Jukebox Menu

Shougai (a Japanese PSO fansite) got a chance to speak with Hideaki Kobayashi at the Sympathy Concert. There they learned of a new feature in the Jukebox that allows you to choose different variations of music. This can be noted in the Jukebox menu where the fourth option 曲譜を変える "change music" is currently disabled.

In the example Shougai provided; you can select from the Non-Battle, Battle, PSE Burst, and Rare Enemy variations of a stage's theme. This would also apply to the Vol Dragon's theme where you could choose between its magma and non-magma variations.


Sympathy Concert Track List

02.Phantasy Star Medley for Sympathy 2013
03.Phantasy Star Online OPENING THEME ~The whole new world~
04.Can still see the light ~Phantasy Star Online ENDING THEME~
05."IDOLA" have the immortal feather & the divine blade Medley
06.World with me ~Phantasy Star Online EPISODE2 ENDING THEME~
07."LET THE WINDS BLOW" – Theme of Phantasy Star Online EpisodeⅢ-
08.Underworld -equilibrium-
09.Phantasy Star Zero
11.Save This World – Orchestra Version –

12.Save This World – νMIX -  
13.Living Universe
14.Go Infinity
15.Burning Hearts ~炎のANGEL~
16.Ignite Infinity

17.Title – PSO2 –
18.Stage Medley – PSO2 –
19.Dark Ragne
20.Big Varder & Quartz Dragon Medley
21.Falz Arm & Dark Falz Elder Medley
22.For Brighter Day – Orchestra Version –

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