Phantasy Star Online 2 Heads Onwards to the Closed Beta Test

Today a long list of responses to users feedback was submitted on the site, they will be added to this post below. Sakai has planned to move ahead to the closed beta test. This beta test will add a bunch of new content since the Alpha Test 2.

Story, quests, and weapon categories will be added. You could also play the new city area. More information will be revealed by the end of the month in a special presentation. This test plans to have 100,000 players. If you've already raised your character to level 10 in the second alpha, you are automatically given priority in this test. There is no need for you to apply again.

Sakai is planning a 2nd Media Briefing which will announce details about the Closed Beta Test. This will allow for details and the schedule of this test to be clearly explained to you guys through media outlets.  It will be something similar to the last media briefing event.


The lag is pretty bad, can you guys do something to improve it?

  • During updates in Alpha Test 2, we improved the lag to some extent but it’s completely difficult to have no lag whatsoever. We will continue to make adjustments so you can play comfortably.

I wasn’t really able to meet other parties in multiparty areas, can you do something so it’s easier to meet the other parties?

  • Since it was hard to understand the way you set up a multiparty quest, people generally didn’t cross paths with other parties. We’ll review this area and make it easier for you to meet them

I felt the attack power and HP of low level enemies were too high.

  • We’ll adjust it so that beginners can play without much stress.

I felt soloing was too difficult.

  • We'll adjust it so that even if a few people are playing it won't be extremely difficult.  Like previous games, we'll let you add NPC characters to your party.

I think there’s a problem with PSE Bursts, when it happens you can stay in one area endlessly and gain levels very quickly.

  • We’ll adjust the rate and duration a PSE Burst occurs so that it does not ruin the balance of the game.

In an emergency trial, the enemies kept re popping up endlessly, can you adjust it so that there can be a limit of how many enemies show up.

  • In this particular case, it was a bug. we’ll correct it.

I felt some quests were too long. Could you make smaller maps?

  • We’ll look into adjusting all quests, by looking at the average of their clear times and the length of maps they utilizes and make them smaller.

Like in the previous games, I think bosses should drop containers after they are defeated.

  • Containers will appear and after breaking it you’ll get the boss drops.

I want it to hold more significance when you destroy a certain part of the body on an enemy.

  • Only for boss enemies, if you destroy a part of the body, you’ll get additional drops.

My personal feedback: When you return to the camp ship area, the quest clear music should stop and change to the normal BGM.

  • We’ll do it after the quest results are shown.

Grinders and Synthesizers come up in a red box, but because of this you are less excited to see rare drops.

  • Grinders and Synthesizers and consumption items less than 6 stars will now be shown as regular drops.



I want you to do something since I can’t play with specific gamepads.

  • During an update in Alpha Test 2, we supported a variety of gamepads. We’ll expand the gamepad setting functions and support more types of gamepads.

I think you should allow us to immediately change from Direct chat to normal chat somewhere else other than the options menu.

  • We’ll allow it through the scroll lock key.

I want to be able to switch the map display while in Direct Chat Mode

  • We’ll let you be able to switch maps while in this mode by pressing CTRL+M for area map or CTRL+N for radar map.

The sub-palette should be accessed through the F keys, not the number keys when in direct chat mode.

  • We’ll allow you to choose what keys you want in the options.

You can rotate the camera very quickly and it makes you feel dizzy, you should adjust this.

  • We’ll allow you to adjust the rotation speed in options for both right/left and up/down

I felt the camera that faces the front of the character rotation speeds were too slow.

  • We’ll make it faster.

You should allow us to use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out. Even gamepads should have this option.

  • We’ll add a setting in options so you can control this with the mouse wheel. Additionally you can set it from the quick menu when you are using the gamepad.

Sometimes I push the autorun button by accident, I’d like there to be a setting where you can change it or not have it set at all.

  • In the initial settings, the gamepad won’t have a autorun button but you’ll be able to set this button in the options menu.

Even for gamepads, I’d like there be a way to change what you are auto-locked on to.

  • In the options menu, we’ll allow you to change the settings to whatever button you’d like to use.

The game doesn’t really play in full screen mode. I’d like you guys to add a REAL full screen mode.

  • Due to some circumstances we had to do a fake full screen mode in the alpha test 2. but now we’ll change it so you can actually play in full screen.

Can you make it so that that the number of detailed character models is higher than 50.

  • Yes, we’ll increase it.

Can you make us save screenshots something else other than BMP

  • By default you’ll save them as JPEG but we’ll offer support for PNG too.



I want it so that you can clearly know what item categories are supported for the Photon Arts and their disks.

  • On the first line of the item’s descriptions, we’ll show what categories are supported.

I want the icons of learned PA disks in the Item Pack and Storage greyed out

  • We’ll do so.

In the same way as weapons, I want equipped units to be able to utilize item customization features in the Item Lab.

  • We’ll do so.

In the quickmenu’s shortcut word list, I want you to show the first part of the message.

  • When the list is shown, we’ll make it so that the first line of the shortcut is shown.

You should make it easier to know what mode you are in when using weapons like the gunslash

  • The center icon in your palette will clearly show which mode your weapon is using.

The icon when you receive mail is small and inconspicuous.

  • We’ll make it so that you can see it better.

When showing the mail you received, I want a different tab to show system mail messages like when you register new friends.

  • We’ll make a new tab that shows all of your system mails.

While taking screenshots, I’d like to know if the screenshot was taken.

  • We’ll show a message informing you that a screenshot was taken.

I want there to be a ON/OFF function on whether or not you’ll use Auto Words

  • We’ll do so.

I want there to be chats where you can talk to any player 1 to 1.

  • We will implement a Whisper chat that allows you to do this.

For people I have been in parties with, I want there to be something where you can add them to your friend or black list.

  • We’ll make a player history function that allows you to see who you’ve played with in the past and you can decide whether to add them to your friend list or black list.

I want a feature where you can know whether your friends are logged in.

  • As an optional setting, when your friends log in, you’ll see that information displayed on your screen.



I want a room lock function added to My Room

  • We’ll add room lock functions where you could also set it to allow only friends to visit.

I want a function in My Room, that shows you what weapons I’ve acquired.

  • We’ll implement a room item that shows the weapons you have.

I want you to add a jukebox to my room so I can change the BGM that plays in there.

  • There will be a room item where you can change the BGM for your room.

I want to be able to perform actions when you access room items in your room.

  • Though it was temporary in Alpha test 2, only sit was available, but we plan to add a variety of actions.

I want to be able to put accessories on top of room items.

  • Again, we’ll allow you to place accessories on room items like desks and shelves.



Like the My Shop, I want to be able to directly trade items between players.

  • We’ll allow you to trade directly with players with the item trade functions.

I want there to be a search criteria where you can search for specific abilities attached to items in the My Shop.

  • We’ll do so.

I want to make sure I don’t sell very rare items in shops and such.

  • We’ll make it so that if you equipped it once you won’t be able to sell a very rare item in shops or trades.



In Character Creation, I want to be able to save the character I made as a character base model to work off of.

  • We’ll add a function where you can save character creation data to the PC.

In Character Creation, I want to be able to make male faces more square jawed, and female faces more round.

  • We’ll add more variations to facial shape structures.

After I create characters, I want to be able to customize them.

  • Like previous games, we will implement a makeup counter to customize your character again.


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