Phantasy Star Online 2: Registration Guide

This page outlines the signup process for registering a SEGA ID and signing up for the game. You may download the game from the official site or use the Tweaker to bypass the blockade set in place that prevents many ISPs from connecting to the official site.


 Official Release

  • The Official release began July 4th, 2012
  • The game has several servers known as “Ships”
  • The English Community plays on Ship 2 Block 20
  • Maintenance occurs every Wednesday in Japan at 11:00 ~ 17:00 JST.


Common Error Messages

Japanese Enabled Browser?

  1. In Firefox: Press ALT+T
  2. Click Options
  3. Click Content tab > Click Choose
  4. Add Japanese language


  • If you receive this message, the registration page is blocking access from your location.
  • You will need a Japanese proxy to continue registering.


  • If you receive this message, Sega is currently having hardware issues and has temporarily closed all new registrations.


 Registration Guide

Head to



SEGA ID RegisterCheck-mark the box next to 「SEGA ID利用規約」
Type in your email address then press the blue button!


The next page is just informing you that you should receive an email from Sega within 10 minutes. Check your email for a message from SEGA ID, click the link inside to continue registration.

Type in your birthday and desired username.

Birth year then month then day. Please note that the month and day must be two digits. For example: February 2nd is 02月 02日. Type in your desired username below and be sure to click the button underneath it. It will pop up blue if the ID is available, or red if the ID is unavailable.


Type in your password and again.


Secret Question

  • 通っていた幼稚園(保育園)の名前は? The name of the kindergarten or nursery school you went to.
  • 生まれた町名は? The name of the town/city you were born in.
  • 最初に乗った車の車種は?First Car Make or Model.
  • 子供の頃の憧れの選手は? Childhood role model.
  • 初恋の人のファーストネームは? First name of your first love.
  • 最初に飼ったペットの名前は? First pet’s name
  • 中学校三年生の時の担任は?Your (final year) middle school homeroom teacher.

Email Newsletter

Underneath the secret question is a tick box that asks if you wish to receive emails and newsletters from SEGA.


画像認証 (Captcha)

Solve the captcha by typing the “Hiragana” characters contained in the image. For further assistance, visit [Lexilogos Hiragana] to match the characters contained in the captcha. Be quick as the captcha times out after a few minutes! To make things a little bit easier, open the captcha image in a new tab and refresh the page to see the Japanese characters at a different angle.

Once you are finished, press the button directly underneath the text box and a confirmation page will appear.

On the confirmation page click [登録する] to complete the registration!


PSO2 Registration CompleteYou’ve completed your registration!
You may now close this page.



20 thoughts on “Phantasy Star Online 2: Registration Guide

  1. Thank you for this guide. It was very helpful. I would also suggest using google Chrome for registering for its awesome auto-translate function.

  2. I need help to change the e-mail of my account

    What does it mean? ※氏名か生年月日または秘密の質問を入力してください。

    姓 名

  3. Hey! Been playing PSO2 since bumped launched. Just got back on using proxy stuff after DDos hit. However, I’m encountering an error involving me going to when I try to access player shops. I’m pretty sure I have the right password, so I don’t know what’s up! I can’t connect to the main site either! Please help!

    Thansk in advance!

  4. will help with them japanese captchas, just add me on skype or steam.
    skype: jionelle15
    steam: Neko_urself

  5. Ok, I don’t have a japanese proxy, and it considers my response to my secret question acceptable; even though it’s in English. Help?

    1. u can use free vpn or browser addon like zenmate(to activate it, you need to register). available both at Mozilla and Chrome add-on store.

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