Phantasy Star Online 2 Screenshot Dump

Latest Screenshots from Famitsu. Somehow I have to type while watching a press conference.

  • Multiparty Area (A maximum of 12 players together)
  • Camp Ship (Where you jump into a mission)
  • Casts can skate
  • Rapico?
  • Third Person Shooting
  • Wired Lance (New Hunter Weapon)
  • You can morph every part of your face in character creation.
  • You can morph separate parts of your body.
  • You can add tattoos, and face paint.
  • Change eyebrow color different from your hair color.
  • Casts can change their armor color to any color of the rainbow.
  • BOOB sliders
  • Face type morphing
  • Gun Slash (All Classes)
  • Game Pad or Mouse or Keyboard

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