Phantasy Star Online 2 Vita: Quick Start Guide

PSO2 Vita'

This quick start guide will assist new players from downloading Phantasy Star Online 2 Vita through logging in. The guide will expand later on to cover other topics.

Welcome to the Phantasy Star Online 2 Vita: Quick Start Guide!


Please check that your Vita can connect to the official website prior to installing this game. If not, you will need a VPN in order to connect to the servers.

PSO2 Vita Fact Sheet

  • Phantasy Star Online 2 is a free to play game that can only be played online!
  • It is recommended you purchase an 32GB or higher memory card to store additional updates.
  • You can play the game over 3G and WiFi, however, WiFi is required when downloading updates.
  • The game is supported by Arks Cash where you pay real money to acquire items and such.
  • You can purchase Arks Cash at the Sega ID Management Page.
  • You can not purchase Arks Cash through the PlayStation Store.
  • You can optionally purchase the PSO2 Episode 3 Deluxe Edition which comes with several in-game items.

Please remember that maintenance is every Wednesday from 11:00 through 17:00 JST. Use the PSO2 Calendar to automatically convert this into your time zone.

Before you start, if you do not plan on purchasing the Vita Special Package version, you will be required to create a Japanese PlayStation Network Account. You can search Google for several tutorials on how to create one.


How to Download PSO2 Vita?

PSO2 Vita Download

When you arrive at the PlayStation Store, click the magnifying glass at the top right corner and enter "PSO2". When you reach the main page, click the orange button (like in the screenshot above) to download the game.


PSO2 Live Area

After the game has downloaded, you can click on its icon to reach the "Live Area" screen. As shown in the screenshot above, you can start the game by touching the center "Phantasy Star Online 2 はじめる" icon. The left icon sends you to the Vita website, while the right icon sends you to the SEGA ID registration page. (This screenshot may not reflect what's currently on your screen.)

If there is a patch, you can press the orange orb at the top left corner of the screen to download the update.


 Quick Start Guide

Vita Title Menu

After pressing start on the Title Screen, you will reach the Title Menu.

オンラインログイン (Online Login) Choose a Ship (Server) to play on.
ユーザー情報変更 (Edit User Info) Opens SEGA ID Mngmnt. Page
キャラクターポートレート  (Character Portrait) Augmented Reality Feature
オフラインキャラメイク   (Offline Character Creation)
クレジット    (Credits) View Credits
オンラインマニュアル    (Online Manual)
タイトルに戻る (Return to Title Screen.)


 Select A Ship

Select a Ship

Currently the English Community plays on Ship 02. Keep in mind that it costs ARKS Cash to transfer your character onto another ship.  After this, you will proceed to the Login screen. Type in your SEGA ID and Password to link your SEGA account with the SEN/PSN account.

If you do not have a SEGA ID you must register one at this page. (If you need help you can use the Registration Guide or Chrome Extension.)

The first time you log in, you must enter your SEGA ID and Password which will link your PlayStation Network Account to your SEGA ID. Once you've linked accounts, you can not switch to another SEGA ID.


Player ID Name

Player ID Screen

Your Player ID is like a screen name that identifies your account within the game. Type in a Player ID to proceed. Do not type your password here because other players will be able to see it within the game.  You can not change your Player ID once it’s set.


Start Menu

Start Menu

If you're a new player, you can select the first option to choose a character.

キャラクター選択 Choose a Character (or Create a Character)
サポートメニュー Support Menu

  • Options
  • Change User Details
  • Check SEGA ID
  • Online Manual

お友達招待システム Friend Invitation System
タイトルに戻る Return to Title Screen


Character Select Screen

Character Selection Screen

If this is your first time signing on, you can create a new character here.

キャラクターの新規作成 Create a Character.

After you have successfully created your first character, you will have to pay ARKS Cash each time you wish to create a new character. You may delete your first character and recreate them for free, but every subsequent character you make on your account will cost Arks Cash.

  • Your first character is free.
  • Your second character and onwards costs ARKS Cash

If you are creating a new character for the first time, you will proceed to the Friend Invitation System. You can skip that menu by pressing the right blue button.


Character Selection

Character Selection Screen

If you created your character and restart the game to the title screen, your Character Selection Screen will look similar to the screenshot above. You may select your character and choose the first option to start the game.

ゲーム開始 Start Game
各種手続き > キャラクターの削除 Delete Character.

In the bottom option, you may choose to delete your character. Keep in mind that you can delete and recreate your first character for free. However, upon creating your second character, you will have to pay ARKS Cash if you wish to recreate them after deleting them.


Character Creation Screens

Character Creation

You should be able to navigate through Character Creation without needing to understand Japanese. Just select from the list of sex and race combinations, choose your class, and select a preset, then create your character.


Character Name

Character Name

Once you've created your character, you can type in their name. You will then proceed to a confirmation screen which will transfer you to the main game.



Battle Interface

While you are in a quest, the interface is set up as follows:

  • (1) Radar Map
  • (2) Your Character
  • (3) Your HP
  • (4) Your Sub Palette (Healing Items/ Skills / Photon Blast)
  • (5) Your Weapon Palette
  • (6) The Chat Icon. (Single Tap for Shortcuts and Double Tap to chat with other players)



41 thoughts to “Phantasy Star Online 2 Vita: Quick Start Guide”

  1. 8gb is not enough. i just downloaded it and am now trying to patch it but the patch is 6gb and the game is almost 4gb so i can do the update. Unless the update over rights some of the old files it will not fit on an 8gb memory card, and even so it is not possible yo update it because the vita wont automatically over right the old memory.

    1. 8GB is only enough if you have a physical copy of the game, otherwise you'll need a 16GB card, for the reason you've mentioned. I found this out the expensive way as well, first purchasing an 8GB card, only to have to buy another 16GB one >_>

  2. I'm looking to buy a physical copy of PSO2 Vita. On eBay I see 2 different copies. PSO2 and PSO2 Ep2. Are these different games or is Ep2 the current update ?

    1. It's the same game. Basically you will receive a patch to update your game to the latest version. But before you buy PSO2, make sure that your vita can connect to the official website. Otherwise you'll need a VPN to connect to the game. If you wait a few months you can buy a new deluxe package version which comes with item codes for some interesting items.

  3. Should also include the part about Sega sending a code to you after logging in for the first time to verify your account. I thought I was supposed to enter my emial address in that empty box since the only thing I could read was Mail while the rest was in Kanji.

    1. Yea, 32 GB should be safe for future updates. The installer was around 3.6 GB and the patches were aroung 6-7 GB. It should be the same or close since I just installed it a few days ago.

    2. Actually, I think 16GB is sufficient. Sure, you don't leave extra space for much else, but after the Episode 3 patch condensed the game to 5GB, you shouldn't really need any more space.

  4. The website just needs to load on the Vita right? I'm connected to the site on my Vita and I even gotten into the Vita players page, will that guarantee that the game works? I'm thinking of ordering the physical Episode 3 pack from Amazon and wanted to make sure.
    Also, if I'm using the physical version with an NA PSN, will the game still be able to update?

    1. Yes, Ive been some time in Japan and bought the game (the first version)…. and my vita plays it with no problem. What i really recomend is a 64 GB card, i know its too expensive, but if you use the vita a lot, it does worth it. I have the pso2 physical copy, and all updates on my card, and more 20 others games, 30 mp4 episodes of 80mb each… well, about your last question, yes, you can update. I have no japanese ps, i play the game with a NA ps account. Ah, and I play from Brazil, if it matters for someone….

  5. i still have problem sir, its right after i choose ship, it wont connect to the server, do i really need a japanese IP? if yes how do i do it if the connection my vita use is from my android tathering?

  6. I rediscovered the series upon stumbling across my old copy of Phantasy Star Zero for the NDS, and have since been playing PSO2. After playing PSZero again, I now plan to get a physical copy of PSO2 for Vita.

    Now, here's my conundrum: according to the above, you need to have a 16GB memory card. The thing is, it then gives the instructions for downloading the digital copy. So my questions are:

    *If I get the physical copy of the game, does that mean that I could make do with a smaller memory card? If so, approximately how much memory would I still need for patches?

    *What are the differences between the different "Episode (#) Deluxe Packages"? I mean, I have heard that they're all the same game, but still, is there a difference in the size of the patches need to download? Like, does that mean that the patch for the Episode 3 package is smaller than the one needed for the Episode 2 package, etc?

    *"If your Vita can connect to the official site (by that, do you mean ""?), you could play it?" Does that mean I won't get the dreaded "Error 650/651" on the Vita like I do on the PC version if I log in without using the cyberkitsune Proxy? I ask because I could access on my PC's browsers (Firefox and Chrome, if that matters. I don't bother with IE), yet I still get 650'd without cyberkitsune.

    …aaaand… well, that's about it, honestly. Although I do have an unrelated question.
    I am willing to buy this game because I feel as if I have spent enough time on the English-patched PC version to be able to maneuver the menus without much trouble, but I was also considering getting Phnatasy Star Nova, so:

    *Do you think that I, a guy with absolutely no understanding of written Japanese and a pitiful handful of spoken Japanese, should import PSNova as well as PSO2?

    Any (helpful) response within the next couple of weeks would be greatly appreciated.

    1. 1) In theory, yes. However, the patches will pile up as time goes on, meaning eventually you may have to buy a bigger memory stick to play at all on Vita. I would get a reasonably large memory card, a grade up from whatever the minimum that will hold PSO2 is (I forget exactly how much that is though)

      2) It's as you say, the size of the patches for each special package will be larger the older the episode of the special package. They generally come with all the content up to the point the package was released on-cartridge. Besides that, the main difference is the item codes that come in the package.

      3) I can't really answer about the proxy, since I don't use it, sorry about that >~<

      4) I've imported both Nova and a Copy of PsO2Vita, and I can say yes, you most certainly can. It's a lot easier to understand PSO2Vita if you have experience with PSO2PC already, since most of the layout is the same, or the important stuff at least. PSNova is a bit more of an uphill struggle – if you fly at it blind, you might get a bit confused, but I THINK there are some guides on the basic stuff around here somewhere…

    2. Thank you for your prompt reply. That was quite helpful, though it's a shame you couldn't answer the third question. If anyone could answer that, I would be quite happy. I suppose I should get the Episode 3 pack, then? The Episode 4 one isn't going to be released until next month, and the price is prohibitive even if it was available early.

    3. Before you go off buying the deluxe package, I'd suggest testing if you can connect from the Vita outside of the proxy.

      In order to play the game you will definitely need a 16GB memory card regardless of whether you have the game cart or not.

    4. Testing what, exactly? It can connect to, but if you mean getting the free version via a JP PSN account, well, that's exactly why I want to get the physical version: I'm not sure I am capable of downloading anything too large, and I don't really want to make a JP PSN account. Making the JP SEGA account for PSO2 was already a pain, and I don't want to have to switch between a US and JP account every time I want to play some PSO2.

  7. Just got it and the update was a little over 9gb. Im in new england and have no problems so far. Add me if you're playing. My game id is MillcityFury

    1. Nope. But it's playable in Japanese, it's even easier if you take the time to learn how to read Katakana, since most of the menus are English loan words.

    1. You can download the English installer and Tweaker (an easy way to handle english patches and plugins) at:
      There are also guides here on Bumped, located at the top of the page, which should cover any other information you need to get going on PSO2.

    2. On Vita/PS4? You need to download it form the Japanese PSN
      On PC, download the installer from the official site, or look up ARKS-Layer.

    3. Oh crap, I didn't pay attention to the fact that you asked this question under the Vita guide. My bad!
      But yeah, it's as Oreno says, but you'll have to make a Japanese PSN account so you can access their store. If you need help, as this guide says, Google will bring plenty of guides on how to do that.

  8. for some reason when i try to update the tweaker i get an error and the update never happens so do i need to update the tweaker for the "patch updates" or can i get the latest tweaker download link asap? i have my antivirus ignoring iit and everything so um help?

  9. I play PSO2 on PC but I wanna play it on vita when I'm out but it is said that the Vita must be able to access the game website. My question is, how do I know if the Vita can access the gamesite before I buy one? Is it by the region version of the Vita(Asia, North America, Europe Version), or is it by my general location (What country am I in? Which means my region is blocked), or some other method.
    If it is the 2nd one can anyone recommend a good vpn(If there are any. Tried searching but nothing came up)

  10. I just started downloading PSO2 on my Vita. Its 3GB from PS Store & 13GB Patch. Don't know yet how much after unpack and install…

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