Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity Full Version Mini Guide

This post contains a small guide of the various  features introduced in Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity. The information contained in this post is based on user experiences and wiki information. The contents will update and become clearer over time.

Some information below is straight from the Japanese Wiki. For other basic procedures, please refer to the Demo Guide.


True Ending Theory

Both the Japanese and English communities are currently investigating a way to achieve the True Ending. The following information may or may not work for you but atleast some progress has been made. Please pay attention to the following list and links.

  • True Ending Requirements [According to Wiki]
    • Ch2: Act2: After Boss Select: “そうだ”  [Required]
    • Ch4: Act1: After Boss Select: “ナギサを信じている” [Required]
    • Ch4: Act2: You must not kill _____ during the boss battle.
    • Ch5: Act1: After Boss Select: 決して諦めない [Required]

If you don’t have dialogue choices after the boss of Chapter 5 Act 1, you won’t get the true ending. You’ll have to go back through previous chapters and select the appropriate choices.

You may also suggest your own choices that allowed you to achieve the true ending.

Episode 2 Situations

Chapter 1: Act 1: Along the way you’ll encounter a fence that requires a key. This key does not normally drop when you defeat the enemies in the area. You’ll have to trigger an event for it to appear.


Nagisa will speak in red text when you reach two specific areas. As you approach a tree, Nagisa will comment, “This tree is lovely, perhaps we should sit here.” You need to perform the first lobby action to sit by the tree. An item will appear magically out of nowhere.


The second situation occurs near the fence which you can’t normally open. Nagisa will comment about a bush,  she wants to see something but you must hide. Once again, perform the first lobby action to sit within the bushes. You will be ambushed by enemies and a key will appear. Once you open the gate you’ll meet a special character (who has a twitter account), who informs you that she is, “not an evil monster.”


Chapter 2 Act 1:  This mission requires you to trap monsters within a fence. You can do this by opening up your shortcut commands and selecting the first few entries depending on the situation. You can successively trap a monster by making sure it is the only one within its designated fence and that you are outside the perimeter of the fence.

As you progress through the level, you will gain control of two gates at the same time, but each gate can only hold one monster. Each shortcut order corresponds to a certain color fence. You may accidentally release one monster while trying to capture the other.


Use Shortcut orders to trap enemies

The Vahra and Astark are probably the most difficult enemies to trap. It wouldn’t hurt to attack (but not kill) the Vahra so that it continues to pay attention to you; otherwise, it has a chance at moving off in a random direction away from you.

[images: Ami]


Rebirth / Reincarnation 転生

Rebirth is initiated at the Type Counter. It is available at level 50 through 200. When you rebirth your character, you add additional stats based on the amount of bonus points you have. The amount of bonus points you have is based on the level your character is.


At Level 50, you are assigned 5 Bonus Points

Each stat, including the extend code, has a cap. This is a universal cap and applies to all races. Basically, no matter what race you are, you are allowed to increase the same stats up to a certain value. In the end, a Newman Force will still have higher tech than a Beast Force if both characters reach the tech cap.


Stats 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th Pt. total (+Stat)
HP(+50) 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 55 60 375(+500) 
PP(+5) 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 275(+50) 
ATK(+35) 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 55 60 65 425(+350)
DEF(+30) 8 12 16 20 24 28 32 36 40 44 260(+300)
ACC(+20) 25 30 35 40 45 50 55 60 65 70 475(+200)
EVA(+8) 25 30 35 40 45 50 55 60 65 70 475(+80)
TECH(+50) 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 55 60 65 425(+500)
MIND(+40) 8 12 16 20 24 28 32 36 40 44 260(+400)
STA(+2) 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 110(+20)
EXTCODE 1 Extend Code costs 5 pts. (10 Total per rebirth)
  • (@Lv200) Five Rebirths + (@Lv109)  1Rebirth = All stat capped
  • (@Lv150) Twelve Rebirths + (@Lv139) 1Rebirth = All stat capped
  • (@Lv100) Fifty One Rebirths + (@Lv76)  1Rebirth = All stat capped
  • (@Lv50) 616Rebirths = All stat capped

The first column lists each stat you can increase. For example, you can increase HP by 50 each time you spend bonus points on it. The same can be said for stamina. Each time you increase stamina, it adds +2 to your base stamina stat.

According to the wiki, you have 10 chances per stat. As you near the 10th chance, the amount of bonus points you will spend for that particular stat also increases. For example, initially HP costs 15 Bonus Points. If you increase it again, it will cost 20 points. The third time costs 25 points. Once you reach the cap, you will spend 375 points to increase HP a total of 500.

+50 HP x 10 (chances) = 500 HP!

*Keep in mind you can rebirth as many times as you want. You can max out any stat at any time provided you have enough bonus points.

Not only can you increase stats with rebirth, but you can also obtain extend codes fairly easily. You can only obtain up to 10 extend codes per rebirth using this method.


Extend Code Infinity

Previously in Phantasy Star Portable 2, you can increase the stats of your weapon when you grind it 10 times. Afterwards, you need an extend code to grind it for the final time. Now, Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity adds a new item called “Extend Code Infinity.” This allows you to grind an extended weapon again for higher stats.


You can obtain an extend code infinity by obtaining Planet Treasure. You must obtain ALL FIVE Planet Treasure, then trade them within the “Treasure Exchange Mission トレジャー交換所” with Kunoh.


Kunoh wants all 5 planet treasure!

  • セット5 (The Fifth Set)
    • Fusion Code フュージョンコードx20
    • Extend Code Infinity エクステンドコード∞x1 

This set requires STONE, BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD, and PLATINUM, planet treasures!

Through the rebirth process, one can extend their battle type cap up to 50.  You can receive additional “Extend Code Infinity” from titles. By leveling a battle type up to 40 and 50, it allows for 8 additional ways to obtain the extend code infinity per character. For example, at Hunter Lv40, you will receive the reward from the title, “一刀両断の凄腕剣士”.  

[via Crysteon]


Daylight Scar Infinity Extended

When you use Extend Code Infinity on an item, their stats will increase and add the text “EXT FULL” on the data page.


Planet Treasure

Planet Treasure is probably the most Japanese intensive feature about the game. You will have to match kanji with other kanji. There are no easy visual ways to figure out what mission you need unless you memorize the kanji associated with the mission code combinations.

Planet Treasure Combination Spreadsheet

[spreadsheet via Keiji]

To understand the concept we’ll take a look at one of Yuber’s mission code list. Unfortunately, not everyone will have the same mission codes because the list is randomized.

For Stone Planet Treasure  ストーン, Yuber needs a mission code C rank or higher that contains 新緑巨獣. The first part 新緑 requires the field to be the grassy plains of Parum. The second part 巨獣 requires De Ragan. When Yuber acquires or produces the mission code and adds it to his mission code list…


新緑巨獣 Greens Behemoth.

Yuber will see a stone crown added to the mission counter. This crown will notify you of which treasure you can obtain. After clearing this mission, he will have a chance to receive the stone treasure. He can use it to trade within the “Treasure Exchange Mission” “トレジャー交換所” with Kunoh.

  • Planet Treasure: Stone
    •  Fusion Code フュージョンコード ×1
    • Calorie Mate Maple カロリーメイト・メープル ×1
  • Planet Treasure: Stone + Bronze
    •  Fusion Code フュージョンコード ×3 
    • Photon Booster フォトンブースター ×1
  • Planet Treasure: Stone + Bronze + Silver
    • Fusion Code フュージョンコード ×5 
    • Photon Code フォトンコード ×3
  • Planet Treasure: Stone + Bronze + Silver + Gold
    • Fusion Code フュージョンコード ×10
    • Extend Code  エクステンドコード ×1
  • Planet Treasure: Stone + Bronze + Silver + Gold + Platinum
    • Fusion Code フュージョンコード ×20
    • Extend Code Infinity エクステンドコード∞ ×1

Curtz Partner Card / Client Orders

You can obtain Curtz’ partner card by clearing all of his client orders. Most are fairly easy to do, while some require you to clear a mission. Here is a list of the current Curtz client orders.

Curtz Client Order How to Complete Additional Notes
武器の入手と装備(1) Add the weapon: “Dagger” to your palette The Item must be called “ダガー”. not just any dagger.
武器の入手と装備(2) Add the weapon, “Machine Gun” to your palette.  The item must be called “マシンガン”, not just any machine gun.
ハンターのライセンス Change to a hunter  
レンジャーのライセンス Change to a Ranger  
フォースのライセンス Change to a Force  
ブレイバーのライセンス Change to a Braver  
As a hunter, type extend “knuckles” to B Rank  Hunter Exclusive
As a ranger, type extend “rifle” to
B Rank
 Ranger Exclusive
As a Force, type extend “rod” to
B Rank.
 Force Exclusive
As a Braver, type extend “Claw” to
B Rank
 Braver Exclusive
アビリティカスタマイズ Add HP Boost to your ability slot.  HPブースト (Ability)
チャット機能発言 Use the on screen keyboard and say something!  
オートワード設定 Set up a “mission clear” autoword phrase, then complete a mission.  Write some text in the second autoword entry.
ビジフォン所号受取 Go to Vision Phone, receive a title reward from “Title Master First Steps” “称号マスターへの第一歩” is the title.
For other character
AMF対SEEDライン” place that item in inventory.
祈祷効果 Receive a blessing from Sayo the Mystic  
Invite a MySynth to your party, and clear the beach mission:
トレーニングミッション Complete the training mission: 攻撃と属性  

After clearing all of these client requests, Curtz will hand over his card and disappear!


Is Curtz acting stubborn?

There are two reasons why due to a language barrier, it may seem as if Curtz is not allowing you to progress. The first reason occurs when you currently can not hold additional star atomizers, moon atomizers, trimates, or your item storage is full. Send any of these items to shared storage to open up space for Curtz to give you the reward.

The second reason can be seen in the screenshot above. Some client orders require you to be a certain battle type. You have to change to another battle type and clear the appropriate orders.


Partner Card Requirements

Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity adds a variety of Partner Characters to join your party. Each Partner Character will join as long as you fulfill a certain requirement. The list will update once more  information is known.

  • Partner Card Requirements
    • Nagisa:  Clear Episode 2: Chapter 1
    • Hyuga: Clear Episode 2: Chapter 2
    • Tylor: Clear Episode 2: Chapter 3
    • Vasque: Clear the 6th training mission
    • Kunoh: Clear Episode 2: Chapter 4
    • Curtz: Clear all Curtz Client Orders
    • Rico:  Acquire True Ending, Clear Side Story Mission:
      時空を超えて “To Cross Space and Time”
    • Flowen: Complete Max Attack Infinity II on Infinity Difficulty with less than 4 deaths.
    • Rapico: Find 5 Rapico Feathers of Fortune in the Maximum Attack Infinity Missions.
    • Colonel Sanders: Discover Kentucky Fried Chicken Gurhal Branch

[thanks: Reikou]
[image: via Yuber + Ami] 

Unit Module Nerf

Feril / Legs フェリル/レグス EVA 回避 +15

Although not reflected in the demo, it appears some unit modules were nerfed. The new nerf values are multiples of three, instead of multiples of five.  This means values start from +3 / +6 / + 12 / +15 and upFeril / Legs evasion adds + 15 instead of +25.  This is not the only unit module that is affected by the nerf.

Lumiras / Hit ルミラス/ヒット ACC 命中  +12?

Normally Lumiras / Hit is supposed to have +20 ACC, but also according to the screenshot above, it is now +12. The hit series are also multiples of 3.

  • Known Unit Module Nerfs
    • X / Legs series were nerfed to multiples of 3 values.
    • X / Hit series were nerfed to multiples of 3 values.

[Discovered by: Alma + J.B]

If you would like to add information, comment below or PM me.

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  1. To be able to achieve the true ending you must follow the thing below:

    Ch2: Act2: After Boss Select: “そうだ” [Required]
    Ch4: Act1: After Boss Select: “ナギサを信じている” [Required]
    Ch4: Act2: You must not kill _____ during the boss battle.

    (Above is the thing written in the top of this page)

    You guys said,you must not kill. It’s actually, not kill and run away from Nagisa for about 1 minute and 30 seconds. there is a timer at the middle right of the screen and the battle will end if you last that long.

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