Phantasy Star Universe 3rd Update catches up to Infinity

Coming sometime at the end of April, Sega plans to release a gigantic update for Phantasy Star Universe dubbed "PSU Update 3rd."  It contains actual new content for those who haven't played Phantasy Star Portable 2 and Infinity. The update includes new fields, items, weapons, SUVs, and photon arts.

Steel Hearts (Nagisa's Signature Sword)


Axion, a gunblade from PSZero (Saber)


Biwahoushi: Newman Female's Default (Rod)


Double Strong Cannon (Twin Handgun)


Red Scorpio (Laser Cannon)


Now players can enjoy new weapons from Infinity in higher quality! In addition expect new costumes from Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity's default characters like the Human Female's "Angel Perfume" and the Human Male's "Punish Jacket".

The 3rd Update also introduces improvements regarding how monsters interfere with the player's movement. New gimmicks will be added to missions (probably referencing catapult jump). Newmans and Humans will now have…. (Sega intentionally didn't finish this sentence.)


New Fields

The coast field introduced in Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity


A mysterious field having something to do with the Ancients?


A "space colony" that has a familiar logo?


New Photon Arts

So far new photon arts images show Blade Destruction, Sazonde, Dus Skadd. Surely the rest of the photon arts introduced in the portable series should make it over.


Casts receive new SUVs like Air ride Cluster.

[via 4gamer]


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