PSNOVA DLC: Version 1.05

Version 1.05

Level Cap Update

Extra Hard PSNova

Player Level Cap

  • Raised the level cap to 200.
  • Added new skills!

Gran Arts Level Cap

  • Raised the level cap to 30.


Extra Hard Difficulty

XH Quests

New Difficulty:

  • Added Extra Hard difficulty to existing quests.
  • Added Extra Hard quests that utilize this 「極:」  prefix in their titles.
  • Added a "Secret Boss" along with this update.


Orcus' Orders Objective Reward
Unlocking Extra Hard

Defeat Mid-size Gigantes:
[ウィルアフォル LV: 140]
Tip: The reskin in this SH quest:

Defeat the Gigantes:
[ヴィヴリュード LV 140]
[ギガティオン LV 140]

+6300 Gran Energy
180000 EXP


New Weapons

Nova Weapons New

New Weapons

  • Added ★13, ★14, and ★15 weapons.
  • Added weapons, shield units, and attachment parts.


New Operators

IZuna Operator

New Operators

  • Added Sail, Lutina, Izuna, and Fildia as Operators.
  • Each character becomes available after clearing specific Promise Orders.


New Partners

Kisara Party Member

New Partners

  • Riethiea and Kisara are now available as Party Members.
  • Each character becomes available by clearing their specific Promise Orders.

Cold Sleep Crew

  • Added [ARKS of ARKS] crew members to the Cold Sleep Counter.


Core Refinery

Core Refinery Crew

Core Refinery

  • Gain access to new [Core Grinding] recipes by assigning crew members with specific traits.
  • Certain abilities are only available from here.


Weapon Extension

Weapon Extension

 Weapon Extension

  • Lets you rewrite the performance of a weapon with another.
  • This features becomes available after clearing a specific Promise Order from Yomi.


Other Features

  • You can now redo the Character Creation process and change your character's name, race and gender.
    • This feature becomes available after clearing a Promise Order from Riethiea.
  • Corrected the descriptions of Skills and Special Abilities.
  • Correct bugs.


DLC List

Garnet Story 3

Title Cost
ーネット編 第3話:暴走の果て Garnet's Story: Episode 3
(Reckless Ends)
600 Yen
サンシャウト編 第3話:盲目な追走 Sunshout's Story: Episode 3
(Blind Chase)
600 Yen
ガーネット編 第2話:お料理大作戦 Garnet's Story: Episode 2
(Large Cooking Operation)
600 Yen
サンシャウト編 第2話:見えぬ妨害 Sunshout's Story: Episode 2
(An Unseen Hindrance)
600 Yen
メモリーフラグメント集結 Memory Fragment Gathering 400 Yen
経験値フェスティバル EXP Festival 400 Yen
タイムアタック・古代都市 Time Attack : Ancient City Free
PTアタック・鋼の荒野 Point Attack : Steel Desert Free
メモリーフラグメント回収 Memory Fragment Recovery 400 Yen
スーパーラッピータイム Super Rappy Time 400 Yen


Guide Updates (Feb ~ March)

  • Added some Version 1.03 skills.
  • Added Core Refinery explanation.

23 thoughts to “PSNOVA DLC: Version 1.05”

  1. Damn you SEGA – how can you make a game that looks this cool and not do a Western release of it? Argh! Needs to be a PC game too.

  2. @Ricardo Is Super Rappy Time the mission where you get to fight the Mega Rappy or is that a mission from the base game?

  3. Also forgot to mention, how do you unlock Fildia's sword Red Morning? I've yet to run across it or finding how you get it. Even the Wiki doesn't list how to get it.

    1. I haven't tested this method myself but this is what I found.

      You need to get Playstation Trophies from all crew members. This can be done by raising their friendship levels so that they unlock those ★ symbol quests. Both Rithiea and Kisara friendship ratings should be maxed out. You also have to clear Fildia's hardest PO, where you need to S-RANK clear the final boss. For Raven, you need to do a PO where you fight the final boss and break its parts. Look out for any yellow parts you can break. Concentrate on breaking lasers that appear directly above you.

      After you get all the trophies, just speak to Fildia to unlock this quest:  難:★ラスト・デート, after you clear it, you'll get her signature sword "Morning Red"

    2. Thanks Ricardo. You've been more help than PSOW. Also, the DLC quests for Sunshout and Garnet, is there anything worth getting from them as far as weapons, costumes or attach parts that are exclusive to those missions? I'm on the fence on getting them if they are even worth buying.

  4. Damned sega , release the game in europe ! and usa
    I wanted to play this so much !

    This is insane to release sonic and miku and not this
    also release the dlc and extensions would be a great +

    1. Um you realize people from europe and america play this right now? Ok most of us have to use proxy and english patch but its free and safe (pso2tweaker, google it), if you wanna play it so much, just do it like most of us did.

    2. We're talking about PS Nova, not PSO2 in this post – as far as I know there is no patch for Nova. We would also like it on PC. 🙂

    3. Correct. There's no patch for NOVA or PSO2vita because the vita filesystem hasn't been broken yet 🙁

  5. What's the Promise Order that Riethiea gives you to complete in order to unlock the remake your character?

    1. Unfortunately I don't know yet. It will take a long while to get to that point for me. However, someone mentioned this. You need to clear these two COs from Riethiea


      These appear to be Super Hardish Promise Orders.

      I think we need to assemble everyone who's playing to plug in some of the missing information from the wikis.

  6. So I'm guessing they're done with Nova since the developer was bought by that mobile company? Sucks that the game such a really short run. Was there any more info as to what the latest content was?

  7. I wish there was a way to redeem PSNova codes past their expiry date. I just bought one (after all this time) and it had the codes for the 30% off digital purchase as well as the code for those two costumes you never get elsewhere. Sadly, the code was only for until Nov. 2015. What a shame waste…

  8. is the update 1.05 on auto. im logged into my jp psnaccount now with the game and im not sure if it is on that version. when i go to the game screen before loading it up it shows an info tab mentioning 1.05 but it just brings me to a web page for the game.

    1. And before you ask, the one you need to talk to in Cafe is Sophia (engpatch folks gone dun goofed).

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