PSO: Racaseal Elenor Figure

Kotabukiya Shop is getting ready to sell the Elenor Plastic Kit. It was recently on display in unfinished form at the previous Tokyo Game Show, but now should be available for the Public. Elenor Camuel was a Racaseal from Phantasy Star Online, who was created by Dr. Jean Carlo Montague.


Elenor Sample Images

Elenor Camuel comes with several parts.


Elenor Figure comes with several hands, sabers, a handgun, and shots.


The Elenor Figure is built on 1/12 scale.


Elenor Kotabukiya Details

Elenor after a hard day’s work..

  • Elenor Details:
    • Release Date: 5/2011
    • Price: 3675 Yen
    • Type: Plastic Kit 135mm
    • Parts: 2xSaber, 1xShots, 1xhandgun, 5xHands
    • Maker: Kotobukiya
    • Preorder: AmiAmi

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