PSO2: 12 Hour Spring Break Score Attack

Hosts and guests from various PSO2 Broadcasts will be participating in a 12-hour Spring Break stream. Players who participate can earn Star Gems at a future date by defeating bosses within specific Level Up Quests.

「Border Breaking Bird」March 25th @ 18:00 ~ 0:00 JST
「Chaotic Darkness」 March 26th @ 0:00 ~ 6:00 JST

Star Gems will be distributed based on the following formula:

  • (Total Score + # Of Broadcast Viewers) ÷ 10,000

Points can be earned by defeating Bosses within the Limited Quest:

  • Normal: 1 Point
  • Hard: 2 Points
  • Very Hard: 3 Points
  • Super Hard: 4 Points
  • Extra Hard: 7 Points

Reward Qualifications

  • By clearing [Border Breaking Bird] or [Chaotic Darkness] at least once during the event period.

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9 thoughts to “PSO2: 12 Hour Spring Break Score Attack”

    1. I'm asking because SG aren't that easy to get(is it?) and the scoreboard numbers look ridiculously high.

  1. @Luciano
    The shared scoreboard. It's only high because you have to divide by 10000 = about 30SG.

    If you have time to be snarky, you have time to answer the damned question.

    1. @Anonymous Coward
      Thanks for the answer and don't mind about the scrub, he's not worth it.

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