PSO2: Basics [Buying, Selling, Equipping, Grinding]


This guide is to help those with the basic features of the game. It will explain how to equip items, weapons, and add icons to your sub palette. This guide is unfinished, you can make suggestions on what should be added to this guide in the comments section.

[Menu Guide] [Options Guide] [Basic Guide] [Open Beta Guide]

Player Stats

Character Data 450x210

Press [ESC] to reach the main menu. Click on the fourth icon “マイデータ” (My Data) and the top option “キャラクター情報” Character Information to view your player stats.

Character Stats 450x253

Character Stats

  • HP: Health Points
  • PP: Photon Points (For using Technics or Photon Arts)
  • 打撃力 Striking Power
  • 射撃力 Range Power
  • 法撃力 Tech Power
  • 技量 Ability/Skill *
  • 打撃防御 Striking Defense
  • 射撃防御 Range Defense
  • 法撃防御 Tech Defense

Ability is a damage stat. If your ability stat is high, you’ll do more damage. The ability stat isn’t well researched at this point. It is possible that it affects the range of damage you would do to an enemy. For example instead of doing 60 ~ 80, you’d do 70 ~ 80 damage. Your ability stat needs to be higher than the enemy’s to do more damage.

Item Pack

Item Pack 2 450x253

The Item Menu is the pop up window to the left.
Press [I] on your keyboard to access the menu quickly!

When you click on items in your item pack, a menu will pop up. Depending on the item you choose, this menu will be slightly different. If you have too many items while in a quest, choose the second option with the little arrow next to it to send the item to storage.

  • 使う Use
  • 倉庫に預ける > Place in Storage
  • ロック: Lock items from selling.
  • ステルス化: Stealth (Turns of Unit graphics)
  • ウィッシュリストに入れる Place in Wish List
  • プレゼントリストに入れる Place in Present List
  • 置く Drop on the Field*
  • 捨てる Discard

*Only certain items can be dropped on the field. The Lock button is shown for certain items.

Shop Locations

Ship Layout1 450x450

Shop Locations

The main lobby is split into two floors, the first floor is much brighter containing a Weapon Shop, My Room Shop, and Costume Shop. The second floor is darker containing the Quest Counter, and class changing areas.

Shop Menu

Buying and Selling 400x225

Shop Menu

  • アイテムを買う : Purchase Items
  • アイテムを売る: Sell items
  • 倉庫へアイテムを買う: Buy items to storage
  • 倉庫からアイテムを売る: Sell Items from storage
  • 買い戻す: Buyback previously sold items.

Purchasing Items 400x225

Buying / Selling in Bulk

When you are in the Buy or Sell screen, you can buy items in bulk by pressing the + or – signs. When you are finished, press the left blue button. The button left button will either show 購入 or 売却 (Buy or Sell) depending on the menu.

Shopping Menu Iconography

vitalv4 390x500

Other Icons and Technics

Equipping Weapons and Photon Arts

Main Menu 400x225

Main Menu

Press [ESC] to reach the main menu. the second icon (装備) will have three entries

  • 武器装備 Equip Weapons
  • 防具装備 Equip Shields #shield
  • サブパレット: Sub Palette #subp

Equip Weapons 400x225

Equip Weapon Screen

The equip weapon screen lets you equip items to your weapon palette and add photon arts or technics. We highly suggest using the mouse to navigate this menu. The left window in the screenshot above has 3 tabs above the item list. (Note the orange color shows the current tab).

1st tab: Weapons / 2nd tab: Photon Arts / 3rd tab: Technics.

Weapon Palette1

Weapon Palette

  • 1: Weapon: Set a weapon in this slot
  • 2: Normal Attack icon
  • 3: Photon Art Slots: Set 3 photon arts for your weapon.
  • 4: PA Technic Back Palette: When using Force or Ranger weapons, you can switch to the back palette to access photon arts or technics.
  • 5: Copy/Paste: Lets you copy or Paste a palette.


Photon Art Disks 400x225

Photon Art Discs

During your quests, you can pick up photon art disks that lets you learn new photon arts and technics. Each photon art disc has a level attached; if you currently have a photon art that’s above the disc’s level, it will be grayed out in the item pack.

Click on a photon art disc and press the top entry to use the item. As shown in the screenshot above, a window will pop up illustrating the gain in power for that Photon Art. Return to the Equipping Weapons menu to add that photon art to your weapon palette.

Equipping Shields

Armor 400x225

PSO2 uses units to add defensive stats to your character. There are three unit slots you can use; Rear, Arm, and Leg. Sub units can be equipped to any of the three slots, whereas other units can only be equipped to a specific slot.

Costume and Unit

Costume and 3 Units [Rear] [Arm] [Leg]
Units are visually distinctive by their purple icons.

Setting the Sub Palette

.Sub Palette 400x225

The sub-palette is displayed at the bottom of your screen during quests. Of these ten slots for the sub palette, you can place items, skills, and photon blasts. The window that pops up when you click on a slot has two tabs. The first tab (indicated in orange) is for your items, while the second tab is for skills.

Item Grinding (Item Lab)

Item Grind 450x253

  • アイテム強化 Grind Items #grinding
  • 属性強化 Grind Attributes #attributes
  • 特殊能力追加 Add Abilities #abilities
  • アイテムラブを出る Exit the Item Lab

Grind Items

Grinding Items 450x253

Item Grinding Menu

You can strengthen weapons or units in the Item Lab by spending Grinders and Meseta! When you grind a weapon or unit, a “+value” will be appended after the name. Grinding has its risks though, if you fail, your grind levels may drop.

The center window in this screenshot above:

  • 成功確率 Success Rate: 確実 Assured安全 Safe注意 Caution危険 Danger
  • 最大リスク Greatest Risk: なし None > 強化値-1 Grind-1 > 強化 -2 Grind-2
  • 効果補正(%) Effect Modifier
  • 打撃力 Striking Power
  • 射撃力 Range Power
  • 法撃力 Tech Power


Grind window

You can improve your success rate and reduce your risks by inserting Gacha items. Within this same window press the left blue button “はい” to confirm.


Adding Attributes

Attribute Grinding 450x253

Attribute Grinding

You can grind attributes onto a weapon by combining it of weapons of the same name. The first weapon you select becomes the target weapon, and it must have an elemental attribute attached. The other weapons you combine with it becomes the material weapon. The material weapons can be of different or no attributes as long as each weapon has the same name as the target weapon.

To grind attributes, the Material weapon must have the same name as the Target weapon.

  • Target: Breaker
  • Materials: Breaker and Breaker +4 and Breaker +2 (ACCEPTABLE!)
  • Target: Breaker
  • Materials: Alva Sword and Alva Rifle (UNACCEPTABLE!)

How Attributes are added to the target weapon:

  • Attribute + Same Attribute (1-29%) = +2%
  • Attribute + Same Attribute (30-50%) = +3%
  • Attribute + No Attribute = +1%
  • Attribute + Different Attribute (1~29%) = +1%
  • Attribute + Different Attribute (30~50%) = +2%

The left window lets you add items from the Gacha into the grinding process. For example, you can use an item to change the elemental attribute of the weapon. Within this same window press the left blue button “はい” to confirm.

Adding Abilities

Adding Abilities 450x253

(Click Here for Advanced Help)

Though it may look intimidating at first, adding abilities onto weapons is just as easy as grinding them. As with attribute grinding, the first weapon or unit you select becomes the Target item. You can transfer abilities from weapons or units to the target weapon.

The target weapon/unit requires its Material items to have the same number of abilities it has attached already. (A target weapon with one ability attached obviously can not combine with a weapon with zero abilities. A target weapon with 1 ability will require the material items to have at least 1 ability attached.) If however your Target weapon has no abilities, you can transfer abilities from a weapon with more than 1 ability.


Extra Slot 450x253

There’s also an extra slot which allows you to add another ability onto the weapon. However, as you add more abilities to your weapon, your success rate decreases.

On the window to the left of this menu, items you’ve obtained in the Gacha can be used to increase the success rate of transferring abilities.


success rate 450x111

During the transfer process, whatever abilities you try to add will overwrite any existing ability on the Target weapon.  On the window to the left, you can optionally choose the same exact abilities that were originally on the weapon or you can start fresh with new abilities.

When adding abilities, certain abilities will only transfer over if they are either on the Target weapon and Material weapon or on two Material weapons.

Example Case 1

Target: No Abilities

  • Material: Ragne Soul
  • Material: Ragne Soul

Possible Transfers: Ragne Soul!

Example Case 2

Target: Arm 1 + Ragne Soul

  • Material: Shoot 1 + Arm 1
  • Material: Arm 1 + Freeze 1

Possible Transfers: Shoot 1, Arm 1, Arm 2, Freeze 1

Example Case 3

Target: Ragne Soul

  • Material: Arm 1 + Ragne Soul
  • Material: Arm 1

Possible Transfers: Arm 1, Arm 2, Ragne Soul

In case 2 of the example, Ragne Soul will be destroyed because it requires two weapons to have that ability.  In Example 2 and 3, when two weapons have the same ability name and power, it can increase in strength to create a stronger ability. So (Arm 1) + (Arm 1) = (Arm 2) . However Arm 2 has a lower chance at transferring over than Arm 1. If you fail in transferring all of the abilities, you will lose everything, including what was originally on the weapon.

Need more help? Check out More Case Scenarios!


item details

This weapon has Freeze I and React I

On the third pane of your Item Details window you will see what current abilities are attached to your item.

Each ability has a levelⅠ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ, Ⅳ, or Ⅴ. The higher the level the greater the effect! You can combine two abilities of the same name for chance to create a stronger ability.

Stat Ability List (Name || Stat Ⅰ)

  • スタミナ Stamina || HP +20
  • スピリタ Spirit || PP +2
  • パワー = Power || Striking + 10
  • シュート = Shoot || Ranged + 10
  • テクニック = Technic || Tech + 10
  • アーム = Arm || Ability + 10
  • アビリティ = Ability || All Stats + 5
  • ボディ = Body || S-Def + 10
  • リアクト = React || R-Def + 10
  • マインド = Mind || T-Def + 10

Abilities for (Weapons || Effect Lv)

  • バーン Burn || Burn Lv Effect.
  • フリーズ Freeze || Freeze Lv Effect
  • ショック Shock || Shock Lv Effect
  • ミラージュ Mirage || Mirage Lv Effect
  • パニック Panic || Panic Lv Effect
  • ポイズン Poison || Poison Lv Effect

Resist Abilities (Resist || Stat Ⅰ)

  • ブロウレジスト Blow Resist || S-Def +3
  • ショットレジスト Shot Resist || R-Def +3
  • マインドレジスト Mind Resist || T-Def +3
  • フレイムレジスト Flame Resist || Fire Resistance + 3
  • アイスレジスト Ice Resist || Ice Resistance +3
  • ウィンドレジスト Wind Resist || Wind Resistance +3
  • ショックレジスト Shock Resist || Lightning Resistance +3
  • ライトレジスト Light Resist || Light Resistance +3
  • グルームレジスト Gloom Resist || Dark Resistance +3

Enemy Drop (Abilities || Stats Ⅰ)

  • ロックベア・ソール Rock Bear Soul || S-Def+30 HP+10 PP+2
  • ラッピー・ソール Rappy Soul || PP+3 Ability+30
  • キャタ・ソール Cata Soul || HP+20 TechDefense+30
  • ヴォル・ソール Vol Soul || HP+20 Striking+30
  • ラグネ・ソール Ragne Soul || HP+20 Tech+30
  • ブリアーダ・ソール Breeada Soul || Poison Lv3
  • グワナ・ソール Gwana Soul || S-Atk+30 HP+10 PP+2
  • スノウ・ソール Snow Soul || S-Def +30 HP+20
  • マルモ・ソール Malmo Soul || R-Def+30 HP+20
  • マイザー・ソール Mizer Soul || R-Atk + 30 PP+3
  • ミューテーション Mutation || S-ATK+10 Range+10 Tech+10 HP+10
  • ファング・ソール Fang Soul || R-ATK+30 HP+10 PP+2
  • シグノ・ソール Signo Soul || DEX+30 HP+20
  • ヴァーダー・ソール Vardha Soul || R-DEF+30 PP+3

Tekker Shop (Abilities || Effects Ⅰ)

  • EXPブースト Exp Boost || Exp +5%
  • ラッキーライズ Lucky Rise || Item Drop Rate Increases +5%
  • メセタフィーバー Meseta Fever || Meseta+5%
  • アナザーヒストリー Another History|| Exp +10%

The mutation ability may have different stats based on level.

When searching for Abilities in Player Shops you have to type the full-width numeral system. Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ, Ⅳ, or Ⅴ

  • EXPブースト
  • フリーズ

[banner art by [8]BitGinno]

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