PSO2: Chat and Autowords Guide


Log Window

Log Window

 The log window is where you view the chat log of other players and system messages. To access the log window press [Enter]. If you are using a gamepad, you may be under Direct Chat mode which lets you press any key on the keyboard to instantly chat. If you want to turn ON or OFF this feature press the [Scroll Lock] key.

Chat Log Shortcuts

  • [L] = Whisper Chat
  • [P] = Party Chat
  • [O] = Team Chat
  • [;] = Nearby Chat

You can change these key bindings in the options menu. As of July 18th, 2012, these chat shortcuts must be manually set.


Lobby Actions

In the chat window, you can type shortcuts to perform lobby actions automatically. This can be applied below to Shortcut Words too!


Shortcut Words

System Menu

Click the gears icon システム (System) then click チャット設定 Chat Settings.

Shortcut Word List

Shortcut Words are a quick way to access phrases you commonly use throughout the game. For example, you can type "Help Me" in Shortcut Word 1, then while you are in a quest, press CTRL+F1 to say that phrase.

CTRL+F1 ~ F10 keys will access each of the designated shortcut words.

Auto Words

Auto Word Menu

On the left side, right below Shortcut Words, is the Auto Word menu. Please take note of the three tabs, as each auto word phrase will be split in the list below based on each of those three tabs.

イベント Event

  • クエスト開始時 At the beginning of the quest.
  • クエストクリア時 When you clear the quest.
  • Eトライアル発生 When an Emergency Trial Occurs.
  • Eトライアル成功 When you complete an Emergency Trial.
  • Eトライアル失敗 When you fail an Emergency Trial
  • PSE発生: When PSE Occurs
  • PSEレベルアップ: PSE Level Up!
  • PSEバースト PSE Burst
  • クエストを受注した Accept a Quest.
  • クエストに途中参加 Participating in a quest midway

メンバー Member

  • 自分がレベルアップ I leveled up
  • 仲間がレベルアップ Teammate leveled up
  • 回復してもらった Healed
  • 補助してもらった Support

アクション Action

  • 戦闘不能になった Incapacitated
  • 復活した Revived
  • 残りHPが30%未満 Remaining HP < 30%
  • 残りHPが10%未満 Remaining HP < 10%
  • 回復アイテム使用 Used Recovery Item
  • レアアイテム取得 Received Rare Item
  • 小ダメージ Light Damage
  • 中ダメージ Medium Damage
  • 大ダメージ Heavy Damage
  • 通常攻撃 Attack
  • PA/テクニック発動 Photon Arts/Technic
  • ジャストガード成功 Just Guard
  • 回避アクション Evasive Maneuver
  • スキル発動 Used Skill

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