PSO2: Create More Characters with Arks Cash

So you saw in the Character Creation demo you had a limited amount of clothes and hairstyles to choose from. But with Arks Cash you can enjoy even more varieties, and more will be added into the game through updates. If you play the Closed Beta you can get more color variations of  clothes. If you look at some of the NPCs in the lobby, you could see some of the future costumes that will eventually come out.

Now certainly you've been making many characters in the Demo, but in the main game, you will have one character. You must purchase the right to make additional characters through Arks Cash. (You can try this out in the Closed Beta since Arks Cash is distributed.) For all ships, you can have a total of 12 characters.

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Character Creation Contest!

Character Creation Contest!

  • Entry: 4.11.2012 through 4.20.2012
  • Voting: 4.27.2012 through 5.7.2012
  • Winner: 5.11.2012
  • Website: PSO2Chara

Grand Prize: Your Character in the Official Game!


Producer Prize: Your Character 3D printed (like WoW)


Arks Prize: Your character drawn by PSO2's designer.


Rappy Prize: Known locally as the Chogokin Racaseal



  • Enter a nickname
  • Email Address
  • Comments about your character
  • Whole body screenshot
  • Face closeup screenshot
  • Character Creation Game Data

One entry per person, please finalize your character before submitting. You must make an original character, you can not submit a character that would infringe others copyrights. Winners will be contacted through email.

Dengeki Playstation Interview

Shougai posted a new interview about Arks Cash, Playstation Vita, and the Update plans, and Shougai posted another interview with 4gamer.

Arks Cash and FUN Gacha!

  • Players can rent My Rooms for 30 days.
  • Two kinds of Arks Scratch, one that has costumes, and the other has costumes and consumption items.
  • There's also a free Gacha called FUN Scratch, that uses FUN points.
  • You can get things like room items and other items.
  • You can collect FUN points through player evaluations.
  • Like for example 1 person can say "Good Job" through a menu to someone else and that will increase both of the players' Fun points.
  • ((It is unknown currently what restrictions they have on player evaluations, like once a day or one time per person?))
  • You can also collect Fun points by doing quests with Friend Partners.
  • *Friend Partners are NPC AI's of your friends characters*
  • You can also get points by purchasing Arks Cash

Rental Features and Packs

  • My Room, My Shop, Extra Storage, etc  can be rented for 30 days.
  • You can purchase a "premium" pack.
  • Features that you can rent will be included in this premium pack as well as other features like trade functions .
  • Some of the items in this pack will apply to all your characters on your account.
  • (This would make it appear like monthly charges, similarly how PSU premium course has you pay for My Room access.)

Buyable Features

  • Additional Characters
  • Hold more item in the item pack.
  • An additional Skill Tree


  • You get 1 character per account, when you want additional characters, you must use Arks Cash to purchase them. You can have up to 12 characters on one account.
  • He is considering allowing characters to move across ships (servers) in the distant future, but for now your characters are tethered to the one ship they were created in.


  • Sakai plans to update the game every 3 to 4 weeks with maps, system updates, scratch contents, etc,
  • Plans to add new classes later
  • The level cap once the game comes out would be around level 40. This cap will increase as the game progresses.
  • Initially, players can choose to play up to Hard difficulty, but they plan to have several types of difficulties. You can unlock these difficulties once you meet a certain condition.
  • After the game comes out they plan to add super huge bosses in multi-parties.
  • These bosses are much bigger than normal bosses, and you can have 12 players fight it.
  • They plan to start off with 3 planets.

Matter Board

  • As you fill up the Matter Board, new story quests will appear. 
  • Depending on the situation, when you replay a story quest, different events may occur.
  • Some events can happen outside of story quests.
  • Like if the Matter board asks you to collect certain items, you can do so with friends, and an event could occur.

Playstation Vita

  • He's still investigating this, but for now he thinks the Vita version should use the onscreen keyboard.
  • He will probably have the beta test for PSO2 Vita start sometime during the fall through winter, but nothing is definite yet
  • He's thinking about the possibility of a separate offline title.


  • After the Closed Beta is over, the data is reset.
  • They plan to have you transfer your Open Beta Data to the official game when it starts.


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