PSO2: Emergency Quest Cancellation Policy

Starting March 22nd, any account repeatedly engaging in the activity below may be subject to temporary or permanent suspension. This suspension will only apply if the account violated the activity a certain number of times over a certain period.

Violation Activity

  • Being the first to abandon an emergency quest after starting the quest with 12 players.

Targeted Quests

  • Certain Emergency Quests which are highly difficult and have a limited number of runs.

Players can also be caught in violation of the statement above, even from disconnections or game client terminations. They may, however, be excused from hitting a violation, if there was confirmation of a bug that has impeded their progression through the quest. Once the bug has been corrected, the policy will be enforced for the affected Emergency Quest.


107 thoughts on “PSO2: Emergency Quest Cancellation Policy

  1. >sega put all these efforts to cater players with special needs
    >somehow pso2 models still have frozen fingers


  2. Since i basically TLDR the comments. could someone help me understand the meaning of the second violation? I read it and it makes little to no sense to me. is there a piece i’m missing or am i just not understanding the words?

    1. violation -> the 1st to leave in 12/12 mpa
      what quest qualifies the violation
      – Difficult to win quest
      – Limited run quest

      Mother, PD, Magatsu, Yamato, TD (putting 3, 4, Necky. Still not sure bout 1 & 2 from SEGA side)

  3. So, some mpa does fine, then some dude in it cucks the raid to 11/12 by disconnecting, because he thought he is entitled to play multiplayer game with his awful internet.
    Tell me he doesn’t deserve a ban.

    You got a clear warning before ep3 started that you’re not welcomed in the game, you got another warning in ep4, now they have moved on ultimatum. Either you’re quitting yourself, or you will have to be dealt with.

    1. I think that if you aren’t using English patch (which is technically a violation of TOS) and you are a premium user then you should be treated fairly regardless.

      It’s fine to get an attitude about stuff if you’re dealing with free players but when money is involved then you are doing bad business to exclude a person from a game from a disconnect or two. I don’t care if you’re Blizzard with WOW, you don’t ban players for a simple disconnect. Especially not paying players.

      Look at online games in America. Ever been DC’d? Yes, yes you have. And your internet wasn’t even awful at the time either. If it hasn’t happened to you personally I’m sure you’ve at least heard a story or two. You’ve probably heard the popular phrase “Comcast sucks”.

      Internet Service Providers (or ISPs) are not perfect. Not even fucking close, it is a strangled technology due to monopolization of region’s, they rarely get any better.

      Thankfully we are beginning to expand with the advent of Fiber Optics and the upcoming 5G internet. The former is just a thousand times faster and more stable and the latter will probably be more affordable so long as you have a plan. Cable internet providers will finally have to get their act together!

    2. As harsh as it may be, this is true.
      I haven’t browsed any forums for thoughts on this from the Japanese players’ side of things, but there are an awful lot of concerns around here with disconnecting and it makes me wonder how often people actually do disconnect.

      It’s not like disconnecting once will cause you to be banned immediately. If someone disconnects from an EQ a bunch of times within a few months, that’s kind of a problem and a liability for the other players also doing the EQ. I wouldn’t want to be in a multi-party with someone who I knew had frequent connection issues.

      I know some people really like the game but can’t help but have finicky internet due to circumstances, but constant disconnections causing EQ multiparties to become 11/12 is kind of irritating.

      And again, yes. This is a server in Japan we’re connecting to, and some people are using a VPN/proxy service as well. Chances are that if there are disconnections, it is not Sega’s fault and they really don’t have to take any responsibility for it. The only time I’ve seen mass player disconnect is when the PSO2 Proxy went down that one time ages ago, and that has nothing to do with Sega.

    3. ^ Exactly. I wouldn’t go so far to say that the person who disconnected deserves a ban, but there is definitely a different in damage output when it comes to 12/12 or 11/12. Also, yes we are connected to the game via proxy/vpn: if we disconnect, so be it. The issue is that people are thinking of re-connecting right after they DC, so they are worried that if a DC streak occurs, that would get them the penalties. Just leave the computer and go get some fresh air, you would’ve already missed out on all those rares if you didn’t DC so might as well.

      So far looking at some retweets on Twitter and blog comments, it seems like JP base is more concerned about disconnections happening mainly when they have fixed MPA or when there is mutual agreement to abandon quest in a fixed MPA (for aug hunting, etc.). Being in a JP team myself, I really haven’t seen players complain about this policy (mainly because our online members are usually not enough to do fixed MPA), but neither have I seen them disconnect that often. At the very most, they do experience massive delays in Boss Raid EQs at times, but that wasn’t even enough to get them disconnected from the game.

  4. You guys forgot that this is a japanese game.
    You’re connecting to the servers in japan

    If you lose connection, I WONDER WHY?

    1. A lot of people seem to forget this.

      I’m more than certain that disconnections happen significantly less in Japan purely due to proximity to the servers, and a lot of people here are not Sega’s responsibility.

      Unless Sega’s servers go down, or the game is known to frequently crash (during EQs, in particular too) for a concerning number of people, there isn’t ‘technically’ anything wrong with this rule.

      I’m getting tired of entering parties that are doing just fine with a decent time on an EQ, but a speedrunner decides that it isn’t 30 seconds fast enough for them and leaves. One player does make a difference and these people don’t care about what happen to the other 11- who will either be forced to tread through an even longer EQ or all disband and disperse into other multi-parties.

      I’ve found the average Expert block clear times to be pretty darn fast in comparison to the groups on the Extra Hard blocks, so the Expert blocks are getting the job done even if it has imperfections. Sega’s just taking one step at a time to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

      I don’t think Sega would have made the decision to apply this policy if they were getting loads of disconnection reports, which means they probably weren’t.

  5. Glad I already hit 70 this week. lol I was planning playing on avoiding EQs anyway. All I want to do is collect weapons and clothes. Too bad about LQs though. The Vegas one was pretty fun. I’ll just have to solo the current one on a lower level and grind out my EXP slowly to 75.

  6. Thankfully the only time I d/c is when my modem on rare occasions decides to reboot itself. So I do feel sorry for those who have shit connections. Feels like the ppl it’s gonna hurt is those individuals with poor connection to the game. cuz the try hards gonna find a loophole with that and still leave w/o penalty lol.

  7. So, what happens if your running a EQ, and a blackout occurs? Not saying this happens all the time or a lot. But it does happen.

    1. Assuming that a blackout occurs once per week, I’m pretty sure that 4 times in a month does not warrant for a penalty. If the blackout frequency is more than that, I would’ve just taken a break from the game and continue when service is more stable. I wouldn’t want to deal with my own rage issues just because I keep disconnecting and the thought of getting a ban would keep me awake all night.

  8. That’s it I quit! Don’t want to play in a game that can ban me due to my internet connection! Why permanent ban? Can they just ban someone from doing EQ for a week or month instead for permanent account ban.

    1. They know whether or not you terminated client or if the internet cuts out. I’m pretty sure cord pullers will make it so legitimate disconnects are penalized too.

  9. Like, just how often are y’all disconnecting anyway? Are you disconnecting every hour?? Once a day? Do you dc often during EQs?

    “What about a blackout?” If you’re gonna have a blackout during every scheduled EQ (and there’s at least 5-8 a day) you have a lot bigger problems than an online game.

    It’s not like you dc once and you’re done forever. Or twice. Or three times. It’s gotta be habitual.

    1. You’re talking like people are psychic and fortune teller.
      Yesterday my connection is “normal”, got no DC’ed.
      No one know about today.

    2. I’m talking that no one is THAT unlucky that they ONLY get DC’d during EQs and not just being on the game in general.

      And again, a few accidental dc’s won’t get you banned unless life is that bad where it happens only in EQs and in every EQ. In which case how do you ever finish an EQ then if you get dc’d from every run?

    3. I guess I am THAT unlucky since I only DC during major EQs xD
      Only time I get to join EQs safely is during the morning in Japan time
      I never DC in normal quests though

    4. DC on major EQ, during the boss nearly die phase or crystal breaking phase
      Welcome to the bad luck club where lucky people won’t understand

      and also, you can’t exactly predict disconnections anyway. Too many factors to consider and a slight change thought can change the whole events. They happened too naturally for people to understand.

    5. The thing is the people who DC most often are ones who use the proxy to bypass the SEA IP block, Sega isn’t going to have their concerns in mind when they make decisions, obviously. Also you have to DC multiple times within a short time. Also if you ARE banned its not a perma ban unless its a repeat offense. Also theres an appeal form for banned accounts where you can explain the details of what happened if it was disconnections or bugs or whatnot.

      Native Japanese players have multiple ways to avoid being banned IF for whatever reason they find themselves on the end of one. Its only going to threaten people who already jump through a plethora of hoops to play. If anyone is to be mad at, its playpark for hosting such a garbage SEA server, not Sega.

    6. Nope. SEA ARKS in the team have the same amount of disconnects as everyone else, if sega wanted SEA ARKS ded they’d get them but currently they are enforcing it enough for SEA management to fuck off legally.
      Natives will have to deal with tech support and no one likes that, they will lose people if it comes to it too. Most likely the ban threshold and whatever sega planned won’t be severe and will probably affect only raging quitters while keeping everyone else on toes, probably…

    7. well I dunno what to tell you, seeing as anyone who doesn’t use the proxy in our team has a stable connection. The proxy users are the ones getting DCed or the ones from SEA that have very slow connections anyway.

      Factually people behind a public VPN are at a much higher risk of DCing or having poor speeds.

    8. As a player from SEA I can tell you that I do not experience a lot of DC instances. Same goes for my friends from the region who uses a different proxy other than the one provided by tweaker. The only times I experience 630 is when my router acts up, other than that its just occasional hiccups from my VPN but that does not happen very often either.

    9. I do. Their disconnect rate in EQs is fairly low or they don’t even make it INTO the EQ. Most of their drops occur during TAs or AQs.

      They may dc often but the dc’s aren’t that often during EQs.

  10. Lets just face it, you gaijins from SEA and whoever who use VPN with bad internet cause a lagfest that affects Sega servers and as a entertainment corp they have to deal with it, aka “fixing”, and to maintain the quality of game play considering the condescending rude attitudes of some who go to lengths of public chat in languages or manners that aren’t always welcome in the JP community, its a JP game, learn how to respect or learn nothing and get patted out of the game. this was as expected, a method to get rid of people who make other players game experience crappy and leave mpa’s hopeless and in dire situations when people dc due to bad ping or power cuts every few hours?(wtf?). lastly am a blunt person i rarely comment but when i do, i point out the facts point blank and simple, how would you feel if the positions were reversed.

    1. Obviously they’re not doing it SPECIFICALLY to target foreign players, that’s an insanely extremist view. Foreign players have nothing to do with the decision. Its simply that they aren’t concerned over what happens to foreign players. They don’t even think of it.

  11. If you read above, please note it says, “REPEATEDLY”.

    Therefore, if you did Disconnect due to bag internet, you would not be banned. Not unless you did it say… 10 times in a day?

    And if you disconnected from EQs that often due to bad connection, well, you should not be in high level EQ where that can mean win or lose for the rest of the players~ Be considerate!

    I think this new rule is mainly aimed at TROLLS. Those people who just join difficult EQs simply to leave– In order to screw everyone else who joined over and waste time.

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