PSO2: Grinding 13 Star Weapons

Item Lab: Grinding ★13 Weapons

Grinding ★13 weapons at the Item Lab could be quite disastrous to your stock of Lambda Grinders. You can help alleviate this issue by grinding weapons in a specific manner. Before we actually begin, let's take a look at the items you'll need to complete this process.

Here are some suggestions for finding a 13 star weapon to unlock the requirements for the Class Level 80 cap.

  • Gather 1,200 [Weapons Badges 2017] and trade them in at the Badge and Memory Shop.
  • Complete client orders for guest NPCs that appear for a limited time.
  • Repeatedly clear XH "Seasonal" Emergency Quests
  • Complete Collection Files that expire in 5+ months.

You'll need 6 copies of the same weapon to reach +35.

For example (Same Grind Caps)

  1. The weapon you wish to grind.
  2. Copy of the weapon you wish to grind
  3. Copy of the weapon you wish to grind
  4. Copy of the weapon you wish to grind
  5. Copy of the weapon you wish to grind
  6. Copy of the weapon you wish to grind

However, 13 star weapons which drop in XH quests, will attain a random grind cap of [+31] ~ [+34]. Weapons that are grind capped in that manner will allow you to skip having to locate all 6 copies.

For Example: (Different Grind Caps)

  • The weapon you wish to grind (Grind Cap +33)
  • Copy of the weapon you wish to grind (Grind Cap +31)

Adding grind caps in this scenario:

  • (33 + 31) + (Bonus +30) = +35 Grind Cap
  • In other words: 33 + 1 + (1) = 35 Grind Cap


Skip all sections below if you don't care about Lambda Grinders.

Collecting Fodder

First you'll need to collect several ★12 weapons. The cheapest way to do this is to find  a Collection Sheet that rewards a ★12 weapon. Alternatively you could also just purchase these weapons from player shops.

Next you'll need to collect fodder weapons that you'll feed into the ★12 weapon. The best items for these are the 10 star weapons that drop in Emergency Quests.



Grinding ★12 Fodder

Here's what you'll need:

  • One (+26 ★12 weapon)
  • One (+30 ★12 weapon)
  • One (+13 ★12 weapon)
  • Two (+26 ★12 weapons)

※ Tip: Use ★10 weapon drops from EQs to grind ★12 weapons!


★13 Grinding Process

You'll have to +35 your ★13 weapon in order to meet one of the requirements for expert blocks and class level 80 unlocking. To do this, you'll need 6 copies of the weapon you wish to grind if you are only obtaining them through collection files or client orders. If the ★13 weapon drops in the quest, then please be sure to read the NT grinding guide for more details on Grind Cap raising.

Use the chart below as a guideline for grinding ★13 weapons!

★13 Grind Range ★12 Fodder
0 ~ 10 (+26)
10 ~ 20 (+30) and maybe (+13)
20 ~ 30 (+26) and (+26)


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