PSO2 Guide: Unlocking Quests with Client Orders

Episode 4 Koffie

You can gain access to new areas by clearing client orders from Koffie. Be sure to check up on her each time you clear a quest, to see if a new client order is available.

New Players: After leaving the Bridge, head to the Quest Counter and select the menus with the Wakaba Icon Wakaba mark to clear your first Arks Quest. Afterwards, you may then proceed to Koffie to start the long process of unlocking quests.


Koffie Initial Client Orders

Client Order Objective
Mag License Application
Deliver [フォンガルフの頭角] x1
※Drops from Fangulf
Reward: Mag License
Free Exploration Forest
Clear Dagan Extermination within 30 minutes
Deliver [ナベリウス観測素子aの調達] x2
※Drops from Naberius Natives
Clear the Training Quest.
Reward: Forest Exploration

Client Order Objective
Exploration Request I
Clear Forest Exploration in 25 min.
Reward: Unlock V. Cave ARKS Quests
Difficulty Unlock I
Defeat [Nordiran] x1
Defeat [Fordoran] x1
Defeat [Vol Dragon] x1
※ All enemies appear in V. Caves.
Reward: Hard Difficulty License
Free Exploration: V. Cave
Clear Kartargot Extermination in 30 min.
Clear Subdue Caterdra’n in 30 min.
Deliver [アムドゥスキア観測素子a] x2
※Drops from Dragonkin
Reward: Unlock V. Cave Free Field
Weapon Palette Expansion I
Deliver [キャタドランの水晶] x1
※Drops from Caterdra’n
Reward: Weapon Palette Exp. License
Exploration Request II
Clear V. Cave Exploration
Reward: Unlocks Desert/Coast
ARKS Quests
Free Exploration: Desert
Clear Rare Ore Mining in 30 min.
Clear Cargo Recovery: Desert in 30 min.
Deliver [リリーパ観測素子a] x2
※Drops from Mechs
Reward: Unlock Desert Free Field

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Once you’re finished with Forest Exploration you can head back to the Bridge to advance the story.


Frequently Asked Questions

Quest Counter To Training

Quest Counter

  • クエスト一覧から選ぶ Select from a list of Quests
  • クエスト中のパーティーに参加する Join a Party in a Quest
  • マッチング設定 (Matching Settings)
  • 練習クエストをプレイする (Play Training Quest) Wakaba Icon


Training Quest Types

Quest Type Selection

  • 共通訓練 Common Training
    • フォトンアーツの基礎 PA Training
    • テクニックの基礎 Technic Training
  • ハンター訓練 Hunter Training
  • レンジャー訓練 Ranger Training
  • フォース訓練 Force Training
  • ブレイバー訓練 Braver Training
  • バウンサー訓練 Bouncer Training
  • サモナー訓練 Summoner Training

Talk to Koffie

Select the second option to [Talk] to Koffie.

CO Menu

Select the top option to view the list of Client Orders.

Accept CO

New Client Order Icon Brand New Client Order
Client Order Icon A Currently Active Client Order
Client Order Icon B Cleared All Objectives
Completed Client Order Icon Completed Client Order

Selecting 「はい」 on a new client order will make it active.
Selecting 「はい」 on a currently active client order will cancel the request.

Note: Some Client Orders will enter a cooldown phase after you clear them.

Volcanic Cavern Unlocks

Client Order Objective
Exploration Request I
Clear Forest Exploration in 25 min.
Reward: Unlock V. Cave ARKS Quests

Story Board Ep4 Ch1

Tokyo is unlocked in a different way. First you’ll need to clear Episode 4: Chapter 1 (Guardian’s Awakening) by accessing the Story Board from the Bridge. This will unlock a Tokyo Arks Quest which must be cleared to activate a client order from Koffie.

Client Order Objective
Free Exploration: Tokyo
Clear Train Ghidoran Supression
Reward: Unlock Tokyo Free Field

You can gain access to most of the fields in the game by clearing Client Orders from Koffie. The general flow of unlocking quests is as follows:

  • Clear the first Arks Quest of a new Field.
  • Clear Koffie’s Client Order to unlock the Exploration Quest of that Field.
  • Clear Koffie’s Client Order for the Exploration Quest to unlock another Field.

This repeats over and over until all the quests are unlocked. Don’t forget that unlocking these quests are required in order to advance through the Story Board. You’ll need to advance through this to unlock certain features like Daily Orders.