PSO2: Item Lab Ability Transfer Process and Case Scenarios

The original guide was a general recap from the Official Manual. As the game progressed, we discovered new things about the transfer process that wasn't covered in the Manual. Considering how vague it was and how angry some players got when they failed the transfer process, we'll go through a more in depth guide with case scenarios.

What causes an ability to transfer?

  • Each item has a specific number of abilities already attached to it, you can view this on the third tab of the item details window. An item of 1 ability will require other items with 1 ability attached. An item with 2 abilities will require other items with 2 abilities. Unfortunately as you transfer abilities over, they can fail, and you may lose everything.

What happens to the weapons when you transfer an ability.

  • The weapon that is receiving the ability is known as the target weapon. This is the weapon you first select in this menu. You then select up to 5 material weapons, the abilities on these weapons will transfer over to the target weapon. However, as you try to transfer more and more abilities onto a weapon you risk that some abilities may not transfer over. Your material weapons are always destroyed in the process regardless of if the abilities transferred over or not.

What are these slots?

  • You can have up to 8 slots on one weapon, as you can imagine, it is a risky process to even reach up to 8 abilities. When you are transferring abilities, you are overwriting the slots of the target weapon. For example, if you have Ragne Soul and Shoot 1 on a target weapon, and the material weapons does not contain Ragne Soul, then the Ragne Soul will be lost and Shoot 1 will remain.

Difference Between Souls and Normal type abilities.

  • In order for a normal ability like (Freeze I) to transfer over, it only requires that one weapon among either the Target or Material to have that ability attached. So if you selected three weapons, and one of them has Freeze 1, then that ability will be available for transferring. However SOUL and MUTATION type abilities requires two weapons in the transfer process to have them. This means an ability like Ragne Soul requires both the target and material weapon to have it, OR, both material weapons to have it.

Extra Slots

  • If it is allowed, you can add an extra ability onto your weapon. In some cases if you are trying to transfer the same types of abilities [like trying to add both Burn and Shock], then an error message will pop up informing you to choose another ability. Essentially you can turn a weapon of 1 slot into 2, then into 3, and so on. But in each case, they will require weapons with the same number of abilities.

Leveling up Abilities

  • If you transfer two of the same abilities onto a weapon, then that ability can level up and become stronger. For example, if your first material weapon has (Shoot 1) and your second material weapon  has (Shoot 1) then (Shoot 2 )will be available in the list of possible transfers. Careful, Shoot 2 has even less of a chance at transferring over compared to Shoot 1.

Increasing the Success Rate (Currently Under Investigation.)

  • Items you've obtained from the Gacha (Scratch) can be used to buff the success rate of transferring. If you have a Mutation ability attached to the weapon, it can boost the success rate of transferring other abilities. According to Japanese Wiki observations, mutation's success rate buff starts to kick in once you start creating a Level 3 ability. This occurs by combining two or more level 2 abilities.
  • You can increase the success rate by having all 3 weapons contain the same exact ability in the transfer process. So if your Target weapon has Burn 2, and the two material weapons also have Burn 2, it will increase the success rate by 20%.


Case Scenario 1

Target weapon: Veta Lance (No Abilities)

  • Material Weapon: Veta Lance (Vardha Soul + Mind 1)
  • Material Weapon: Veta Lance (Vardha Soul)

Possible Transfers: Vardha Soul (40%) / Mind 1 (75%)

Outcome: Vardha Soul!

Weapons with zero abilities are a special case in that it can accept transfers from weapons with 1 or more abilities. However, you only get one slot!

Success! We were successful in transferring Varhda Soul onto a weapon with no abilities. But Dudu is crafty and will find someway to ruin our fun!


Case Scenario 2

Target Weapon: Alva Lance (Mutation 1 + Vol Soul)

  • Material Weapon: Alva Tag Valve (Vardha Soul + Burn 2)
  • Material Weapon: Alva Splein (Vardha Soul + Shock 2)

Possible Transfers: Vardha Soul, Shock 2, and Burn 2.

Let's stop for a second. Did you notice Mutation 1 and Vol Soul are not in the list of possible transfers? That's because in this transferring process, only one weapon had Vol Soul and Mutation. In order to transfer Mutation and Soul type abilities, two weapons must have them attached. Since this condition was not met, they will be lost in the transfer.


Outcome: Vardha Soul (50%) + Shock 2 (40%)

Look at that, they both transferred over! Now the Alva Lance has Shock 2 and Vardha Soul!


Case Scenario 3

Target Weapon Ability: Body 1 and Power 1

  • Material Ability: Body 1 and Technic 1
  • Material Ability: Arm 1 and Shoot 1

Possible Transfers: Ability 1, Arm 1, Shoot 1, Body 1, Body 2, Power 1, Technic 1, Power 1

Let's stop again! Since the Target weapon has Body 1, and the Material weapon has Body 1, Body 2 is now available in the list of transfers. However Body 2 has a less chance of transferring over. To be on the safe side, we are not going to select it.

Slots Chosen:

  • Slot 1: Arm 1
  • Slot 2: Shot 1
  • Extra Slot: Body 1

We can make a weapon that originally had two abilities into three abilities. Just like the first case scenario, we turned a weapon with zero abilities into a weapon with one ability. We've had a two win streak, will Dudu be gracious to us this time?


Ho ho ho!


  • Arm 1 ( 70%)
  • Shoot 1 (70%)

It looks like we lost the Body 1 ability. So now we still have 2 abilities attached to the weapon instead of 3. We'll have to repeat this process later.


Case Scenario 4

Now for the Ultimate Weapon! Let's try getting a Soul Ability onto a weapon with 2 other abilities.

Target Weapon Ability: Arm 1 + Shoot 1

  • Material Ability: Ragne Soul + Shock 1
  • Material Ability: Ragne Soul + Arm 1

Our target weapon doesn't have Ragne Soul, and in order to transfer Ragne Soul we will need two material weapons with that ability. (If the Target weapon had Range Soul, and a least 1 Material Weapon had Ragne Soul, then Ragne Soul would be selectable in the transfer process.)

Possible Transfers: Arm 1, Shoot 1, Arm 2, Shock 1, Ragne Soul

Again, because we have two Arm 1 abilities, it allowed us the possibility to transfer Arm 2.

Slots Chosen:

  • Slot 1: Range Soul (35%)
  • Slot 2: Shoot 1 (70%)
  • Extra Slot:  Arm 2 (42%)

Ouch! The Ragne Soul transfer rate dropped by 15%? Well, as we keep adding more and more abilities, the success rate drops. Let's see what happened.



  • Ragne Soul (35%)


  • Shoot 1 (70%)
  • Arm 2 (42%)

No! How could this happen? I'm going to write an angry letter to whoever made this guide.


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