PSO2 JP AC Scratch: Automata Revival

Automata Replica
(Until 5.13.2020)


ヨルハA2・レプカ[Ba] | YoRHa A2 Repca [Ba]


ヨルハ2B・レプカ | YoRHa 2B Repca
ヨルハ2B・レプカ雪 | YoRHa 2B Repca Snow
ヨルハ2B・レプカ紅 | YoRHa 2B Repca Crimson


— Male —

ヨルハ9S・レプカM | YoRHa 9S Repca M
ヨルハ9S・レプカM雪 | YoRHa 9S Repca M Snow
ヨルハ9S・レプカM紅 | YoRHa 9S Repca M Crimson

— Female —

ヨルハ9S・レプカF | YoRHa 9S Repca F
ヨルハ9S・レプカF雪 | YoRHa 9S Repca F Snow
ヨルハ9S・レプカF紅 | YoRHa 9S Repca F Crimson


Lobby Action

  • 298「オートマタ」 | 298 "Automata"
  • 105「ヘッドバンギング」 | 105 "Headbang"
  • 203「浮遊」 | 203 "Float"
  • 293「どこでもお茶屋」 | 293 "Ochaya Anywhere"
  • 340「雑巾がけ」 | 340 "Dust Cloth"
  • 423「傘ダンス」 | 423 "Umbrella Dance"


Voice Tickets

Item Set Voice Actor Tickets
女性追加ボイス05セット Aoi Yūki 女性追加ボイス05
女性追加ボイス16セット Kana Hanazawa 女性追加ボイス16
女性追加ボイス33セット Satomi Satō 女性追加ボイス33
女性追加ボイス45セット Mai Nakahara 女性追加ボイス45
女性追加ボイス73セット Kana Ueda 女性追加ボイス73
女性追加ボイス81セット Satomi Satō 女性追加ボイス81
女性追加ボイス91セット Rie Kugimiya 女性追加ボイス91
女性追加ボイス95セット Yui Horie 女性追加ボイス95
女性追加ボイス97セット Saori Hayami 女性追加ボイス97
女性追加ボイス99セット Mai Kadowaki 女性追加ボイス99
女性追加ボイス100セット Risa Taneda 女性追加ボイス100
女性追加ボイス147セット Saori Hayami 女性追加ボイス147
男性追加ボイス11セット Megumi Ogata 男性追加ボイス11
男性追加ボイス38セット Takahiro Sakura 男性追加ボイス38
男性追加ボイス45セット Takahiro Sakurai 男性追加ボイス45
男性追加ボイス84セット Miyuki Sawashiro 男性追加ボイス84


Scratch Bonus

Play this AC Scratch a specific amount of times for exclusive bonus items!

Normal AC Tickets
Frequency Rewards
20 times Emil Head

※Players can receive each item only once.
※This item is tradable.
※Emil Head is a hairstyle.

27 thoughts to “PSO2 JP AC Scratch: Automata Revival”

  1. The only people complaining are the people who hoarded their 2B/A2 Hair and never sold the before this revival :v

  2. i honestly just don't care for the automata stuff, especially considering this collab scratch wasn't THAT long ago.

    1. Why? It was a decent skill test when it was relevant. You can just outgear it now, especially with successor classes.
      Mother Deus on the other hand though, is the bad egg – boring and tedious gear check, made relevant by artificially halving your damage.

  3. Wat? How are both of them not gear checks that's all what these quests are, it's not a test of skill. It makes you use cheese tactics that are not used in any other situation in the game. But it's most likely done to filter out the gaijins that don't have the gear and cheese tactics. A true test of skill would be to solo a boss like apos dorios since the challenge is fair.

  4. I've seen well equipped players die to apos dorios before because obviously not good enough to dodge the black bird's attacks in "expert" matches. And if I wasn't good at the game then I wouldnt have been able to solo UQ bosses. I know that you three button tryhards think your good at the game but not everyone has the time or want to treat the game like it's a fighting game and a job. I'm pretty sure those tryhards would suck at other game since their long ass Te dodges and cheese cant save them in other games.

    1. I'm a 2-button player and I get to ask why are you complaining about tryhard content being tryhard?
      Like just don't play it.
      The whole Expert thing is for tryhards specifically. Average player probably doesn't even know it exists.

      It not working as intended is another problem entirely though.

    2. Expert ≠ Tryhard

      Expert requirements are to say….very doable. If you're having a hard time and want to get better at the game, then I suggest practicing. If you don't want to get better that's on you. Game is very casual friendly.

      Also, Apos is only recently relevant because of Divide? Lot of people haven't seen that bird for years and he does have very "jank" movement and can one shot easily. To say that Apos is relevant and people are not "expert level players" because they die to it is like…..what? Dying means you suck at this game when a decent amount of things can one shot you in UH….yeah no.

    3. If expert setting is not for tryhard, who is it even for? Casuals that are too insecure to admit they are casuals?
      It was implemented because tryhards cried about casuals in the first place.

  5. It's ok to complain becuase pso2's engine wasn't made to cater to tryhards. The slow level cap updates of previous episodes was also proof of this. There was always Fighter class for players who cant afford another game. But after episode 3, pso2 has been filled with cheap deaths, and projectiles that come out of nowhere. And yes I have done the phanatical phantoms and other solo quest but the problem is that neither challenge is fun, and that is what games are about.

  6. It seems to me that some are going to two extremes casual, and hardcore/tryhard. It seems that some have forgotten the core gaming experience, no thanks to the popularization of easy games and stuff like dark souls. A core gaming or mid core experience is the middlepoint of the two where a game might be deeper than a casual game but not as easy or shallow like wii sports, and not as absurd as sekiro or dark souls or hard like contra. PSO2 used to fit in this regard before ep4.

    1. Mid point you're talking about is "casual" in this context, because true casuals games are, as you mentioned, stuff like wii sports or bejewelled or plants vs zombies or whatever.
      "Core experience" in PSO2 is referred as "casual" in relation to high level play, which is referred as "tryhard".
      Trying to fit yourself inbetween, while complaining about Expert reqs only outs yourself as casual that is ashamed to admit he's casual, but has not enough dedication to conquer tryhard content without whining.

      Which is sad, since said "tryhard" content is still casual in relation to actually high skill-reliant games, since you can just outgear and outlevel it.

  7. That is quite the extremist mindset if I don't mind saying. Most of you guys also like playing the super easy overpowered class known as hunter which in any other game would fall as a casual's class/noob character.
    Once again, pso2 wasn't made to be a stressful game to play like ffxiv, but all these bad decisions have left it as a cheap death, and eroge simulator and kusoge nonsense. I just really dislike this you're either a casual or a sweaty esports guy with an ego problem thing in gaming and some of you are just bound to this extremism ( because it is).

    1. People are playing Hunter? Last survey earlier this year had a big majority playing advanced classes. Sure Hu/Et has increased it's popularity for sure but highly doubtful it did that much.

      "I just really dislike this you're either a casual or a sweaty esports guy with an ego problem thing in gaming and some of you are just bound to this extremism"
      Just play the game the way you want doesn't matter what people think. If you want to get better work toward getting better. Plenty of people in your shoes do actually learn and get better instead of complain (this includes tryhards and casuals). Practice makes perfect and you can definitely get better if you put your mind to it. again, Expert ≠ Tryhard

  8. Ah yes I keep forgetting that we're living in a world where calling things what they are is extremist.
    My point is don't play content that isn't made for you. Because it's clearly not for you.
    Just do dailies and PUG EQs and be happy.

  9. I am convinced that people these days have a hard time reading and comprehending, so I'm going to repeat that I have actually beaten the two requirements long ago. "Because it's clearly not for youf" "practice makes perfect" oh fuck off with the narcissism already, if the challenge isn't fair or just cheesy then something went wrong in the gameplay department. Because it's actually easier for them to make cheap deaths a thing than polish the gameplay like they did pre ep4.

    1. I think it was very easy to assume that you did not clear it based off of the sentence "Whoever made fanatical phantoms deserves to be speared to death." but clearly I am wrong as in another ramble it says " yes I have done the phanatical phantoms" so my apologies. Don't really understand the hate for an outdated quest then I suppose.

      Either way, I think your hate is better spent elsewhere (preferably not hate at all tbh). Play the game how you believe you should play it. Not trying to make myself out to be "better than you" honestly just giving my take on a topic that is being dragged on 🙁

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