PSO2 JP AC Scratch: Electronic Diva

Electronic Diva

Electronic Diva
(Until 8.13.2014)


Megurine Luka Repca

巡音ルカ・レプカ Megurine Luka Repca


Kagamine Rin Repca

鏡音リン・レプカ Kagamine Rin Repca


Yukata Ryuusui

ユカタリュウスイ Yukata Ryuusui
ユカタリュウスイ紅 Yukata Ryuusui Crimson Red
ユカタリュウスイ月 Yukata Ryuusui Yellow Moon
ユカタリュウスイ桜 Yukata Ryuusui Sakura Pink
ユカタリュウスイ影 Yukata Ryuusui Black Shadow
ユカタリュウスイ雪 Yukata Ryuusui White Snow


Kagamine Len Repca

鏡音レン・レプカ Kagamine Len Repca


 Recolors and Color Variations

  • ヨシノテフラ玄 Yoshino Tefura Mysterious Black
  • ヨシノテフラ雪 Yoshino Tefura White Snow
  • ヨシノテフラ夜 Yoshino Tefura Night Blue
  • ユカタウル紅 Yukata Ul Crimson Red
  • ユカタウル夜 Yukata Ul Night Blue
  • ゴコウバオリ夜 Gokou Baori Night Blue
  • ゴコウバオリ玄 Gokou Baori Mysterious Black
  • ゴコウバオリ冬 Gokou Baori Winter White
  • ジントクバオリ影 Jintoku Baori Black Shadow
  • ジントクバオリ冬 Jintoku Baori Winter White
  • クレイジーキトゥン紅 Crazy Kitten Crimson Red
  • クレイジーキトゥン月 Crazy Kitten Yellow Moon
  • エニグマレベリオン紅 Enigma Rebellion Crimson Red
  • エニグマレベリオン栗 Enigma Rebellion Chestnut Brown
  • リジェラン・ボディCV Rigelan Body CV
  • リジェラン・アームCV Rigelan Arms CV
  • リジェラン・レッグCV Rigelan Legs CV
  • リジェラン・ヘッドCV Rigelan Head CV
  • ベイバレル・ボディCV Beybarrel Body CV
  • ベイバレル・アームCV Beybarrel Arms CV
  • ベイバレル・レッグCV Beybarrel Legs CV
  • ベイバレル・ヘッドCV Beybarrel Head CV


  • 初音ミク・レプカ Hatsune Miku Repca
  • ヨシノテフラ Yoshino Tefura
  • ユカタウル桜 Yukata Ul Sakura
  • ユカタヴィア雪 Yukata Ul Snow
  • ゴコウバオリ影 Gokou Baori Shadow
  • ジントクバオリ紅 Jintoku Baori Crimson
  • ジンヴェバオリ Jinve Baori
  • 天女の羽衣 Celestial Robe
  • 麦わら帽子 Straw Hat
  • 水風船 Water Balloons
  • うちわ Fan
  • ねじりはちまき Nejiri Hachimaki
  • ラッピーおめん Rappy Mask
  • ラッピーおめんB Rappy Mask B
  • きつねのおめん Fox Mask
  • きつねのおめんB Fox Mask B
  • 進化デバイス/ミクダヨー Evo. Device / Mikudayo
  • *ヘット・ザ・キャンサー *Cheit the Cancer
  • DIVA・ポスターA DIVA Poster A
  • DIVA・ポスターB DIVA Poster B
  • クラス追加(テクター) Class Addition (Techer)
  • クラス追加(ハンター) Class Addition (Hunter)
  • 属性変化(闇属性) Attribute Change (Dark)
  • 属性変化(氷属性) Attribute Change (Ice)
  • 属性変化(雷属性) Attribute Change (Lightning)
  • 特殊能力追加(射撃) Ability Affixer (R-ATK)
  • フードデバイス/法撃 Food Device / T-ATK

Kana Asumi Female Voice #50

  • 女性追加ボイス50
  • 女性C追加ボイス50 (Cast Ver.)

Masaya Onosaka Male Voice #46

  • 男性追加ボイス46
  • 男性C追加ボイス46 (Cast Ver.)

Lobby Action

追加ロビーアクション117 (/la fireworks) [Fireworks]


FUN Scratch


  • ストレートツインドリル Straight Twin Drills
  • トライアングルクロス Triangle Cloth
  • キャンサーステッカーA Cancer Sticker A
  • キャンサーステッカーB Cancer Sticker B
  • オキク・ドール Okiku Doll
  • オキクノイド Okiku’s Well
  • ミステリーグレイブ Mystery Grave

Lobby Action

  • 追加ロビーアクション118 (/la talking) [Talking]

Music Discs

  • DECORATOR (Vocaloid BGM)
  • Living Universe(M&L)

FUN Shop

  • 追加ロビーアクション119 (/la pose11) [Pose 11]
  • 追加ロビーアクション120 (/la banzai) [Banzai]
  • クラフト時限ビルダー Craft Timed Builder
  • シーナリーパス・地下坑道 Scenery Pass Sub. Tunnels

38 thoughts to “PSO2 JP AC Scratch: Electronic Diva”

    1. The feels miku… I have to re-download the game…. I have the same issues u have.

    2. use VPN only to launch launcher then disconnect and run update i had issues too but after i disconnect vpn all was ok for me

    3. yeah tweaker lets it update but still wont let you play. gotta use a tunneling service or a vpn, i dont know how to use a vpn but i do know how to use tunneling services. ever heard of tunngle? cant remember if thats how its spelled.

    1. the thing is, you're getting it wrong if you think this is a world wide server. it's restricted only to japan in the TOS. that means you arent part of the target community SEGA is expecting.

      the game is working without problems in Japan, and that's that for SEGA JP.

  1. It's funny, I can update pso2 on my vita, but have had the 249 issue for a month. I have century link. Still can't even go to their website. Been trying to keep an eye on the comments and bumped updates for anything, I'm not sure anymore. I suppose I'll wait and see.

    1. I'm using centurylink as well and recently contacted them requesting a manager's help trying to fix this.
      They basically said the problem is the ISP in Japan not announcing its self as online to non Asian IPs , so they have no way to re-direct the traffic to connect to their servers and it's something that they will have to fix. They currently can't help you so it's just a waiting game.
      It seems like it's just a waiting game for now.

    2. That's what I thought. Well, guess it's time to look into something else for the mean time.

  2. yeah yeah this vpn…. i allready re downloaded the game meiko and it still dont work and i must say im slowly about to give up, i try every day, i look here every day i try any little hint/help and noooothing works… well good i didnt still lost APB…

    1. Imma try the service. Although I can't really spend the money on anything else because I am moving out.

  3. I use SoftEther VPN and it works fine; at least I can connect, update and play.
    BTW, 12M for Luka's hair, come on!!

  4. In other news, the DDOS attacks have moved to other games and places in the USA. I'm not sure how this bodes for PSO2.

    1. It seems the person responsible was testing it on PSO2 first (Where no support was offered) then moved onto a different game or he/she could be bad or banned on said games and wanted "revenge" although it was probably their own fault. These are the two most common situations I can think of.

    2. Yea I kinda stated what you said earlier but it was in different term of someone who did it for kicks. But I am starting to think it is someone who really hates foreigners. Probably somone inside japan.

    3. Do you have some kind of link or something where I could look into this? I would like to be able to see what other games have been hit and keep up with it if possible.

    4. The Guild Wars 2 forums (not sure you can browse it without logging in, sometimes you can) are a good start and reddit gaming sub reddits. mostly ncsoft (wildstar/GW2/linage II/Aion), blizzard(wow/diablo 3) and Arenanet (GW 1/2) and Archage's company (Rift/Defiance) and others are being hit hard now.

  5. Hello guys i found new cool solution for 107 etc error
    i got an offer for free trial of "secure VPN" from avast and gues what… 😛
    all works fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (you will need to enter e mail code but if you have email @ gmail code appear right away) im in game and theoreticaly sega cant complain because its part of antivirus not some random VPN

    1. Sega wouldn't complain. They'll just keep listening and making players inside japan happy. You're technically irrelevant until you or people similar to your method disrupts the game.

  6. Just a question of curiosity. What kind of vpn servers are some of you using and where is it located? I took a wild guess on the obvious. But i want to hear it from everyone.

  7. Well on the bright side of things i got other games to play. I will keep tweaker and try to log in maybe a year later when things die down. Hopefully things will change for the better. Well I am going to try out a vpn service and see if it works. If not.. well it has been nice knowing you guys at least for the most part team. T_T

    1. yea but maybe i should wait a while. I just want to make sure they completely fix things. I mean cyber attacks happen everyday. I am sure they will lift up the restrictions eventually when they improve their server security. As of now I will just have to wait. I am not going to risk being banned because of vpn.

    2. yeah, if sega dont fix this stuff before the release date of xenoblade chronicle X i guess i will focus on that game lol

    3. You're not Japanese, you're not the intended audience.

      SEGA *has* fixed "this stuff".

      For their target audience, Japan.

      Simple as that, either use a VPN, argue with your ISP, or don't play.

    1. Well, what are good male haircuts that aren't in the game yet?
      I'd take a few large beards though, especially if they could dangle around like some costume parts.

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