PSO2 JP AC Scratch: Holy Night Christmas

Holy Night Christmas

Holy Night Christmas
(Until 1.14.2015)


Dreamcast Repca

ドリームキャスト・レプカ ║ Dreamcast Repca
ドリームキャスト・レプカ影 ║ Dreamcast Repca Black Shadow
ドリームキャスト・レプカ桜 ║ Dreamcast Repca Sakura Pink
ドリームキャスト・レプカ空 ║ Dreamcast Repca Sky Blue


Party Santa Dress

パーティーサンタドレス ║ Party Santa Dress
パーティーサンタドレス海 ║ Party Santa Dress Blue Sea
パーティーサンタドレス桜 ║ Party Santa Dress Sakura Pink
パーティーサンタドレス雪 ║ Party Santa Dress White Snow
パーティーサンタドレス影 ║ Party Santa Dress Black Shadow


Vivid Punkish

ビビッドパンキッシュ ║ Vivid Punkish
ビビッドパンキッシュ海 ║ Vivid Punkish Sea Blue
ビビッドパンキッシュ月 ║ Vivid Punkish Yellow Moon
ビビッドパンキッシュ雪 ║ Vivid Punkish White Snow

– No Tights –

ビビッドパンキッシュ/F ║ Vivid Punkish / F
ビビッドパンキッシュ海/F ║ Vivid Punkish Sea Blue / F
ビビッドパンキッシュ月/F ║ Vivid Punkish Yellow Moon / F
ビビッドパンキッシュ雪/F ║ Vivid Punkish White Snow / F


Half Santa Coat

ハーフサンタコート ║ Half Santa Coat
ハーフサンタコート海 ║ Half Santa Coat Sea Blue
ハーフサンタコート葉 ║ Half Santa Coat Leaf Green
ハーフサンタコート雪 ║ Half Santa Coat White Snow
ハーフサンタコート影 ║ Half Santa Coat Black Shadow


Cool Punkish

クールパンキッシュ ║ Cool Punkish
クールパンキッシュ海 ║ Cool Punkish Sea Blue
クールパンキッシュ月 ║ Cool Punkish Yellow Moon
クールパンキッシュ雪 ║ Cool Punkish White Snow


Race Swaps


  • トナカイ着ぐるみ雪 ║ Reindeer Costume White Snow
  • セクシーサンタドレス雪 ║ Sexy Santa Dress White Snow
  • ルピリスネージュ紅 ║ Lupris Neige Crimson Red
  • ファニートレイター栗 ║ Funny Traitor Chestnut Brown
  • ヴァニストレイター栗 ║ Vanis Traitor Chestnut Brown
  • フリューネージュ紅 ║ Furieux Neige Crimson Red


  • 縦縞タイツ白/黒 ║ White/Black Striped Tights
  • チェック柄タイツ黒 ║ Black Plaid Tights
  • セクシーサンタドレス ║ Sexy Santa Dress
  • サンタドレス ║ Santa Dress
  • サンタスーツ ║ Santa Suit
  • トナカイ着ぐるみ ║ Reindeer Costume
  • ナチュラルメイクC ║ Natural Makeup C
  • ファームイヤーマフ ║ Firm Earmuffs
  • フリューヘッド ║ Furieux Head
  • サンタ帽 ║ Santa Hat
  • ひげ付サンタ帽 ║ Santa Hat w/ Beard
  • スノーティアラ ║ Snow Tiara
  • セントラッピー耳あて ║ St. Rappy Earmuffs
  • ペガサスバレッタ ║ Pegasus Barrette
  • ブラックペガサスバレッタ ║ Black Pegasus Barrette
  • *シン・ジ・オピュクス ║ Sin the Ophiuchus
  • *ジングルツリー ║ Jingle Tree
  • クラス追加(バウンサー) ║ Class Addition (Bouncer)
  • クラス追加(ファイター) ║ Class Addition (Fighter)
  • 属性変化(闇属性) ║ Attribute Change (Dark)
    属性変化(氷属性) ║ Attribute Change (Ice)
  • 属性変化(雷属性) ║ Attribute Change (Lightning)
  • 特殊能力追加(打撃) ║ Add Special Ability (S-ATK)
  • フードデバイス/打撃 ║ Food Device / S-ATK

Yōko Hikasa – Female Voice #64

  • 女性追加ボイス64
  • 女性C追加ボイス64 (Cast Ver.)

Nobuo Tobita – Male Voice #53

  • 男性追加ボイス53
  • 男性C追加ボイス53 (Cast Ver.)

Lobby Action

  • 145「ダンス29」 (/la dance29) Dance 29


FUN Scratch


  • メリーロングマフラー ║ Merry Long Scarf
  • トライデントヘッド ║ Trident Head
  • スノーマンヘッド ║ Snowman Head
  • トナカイホーン ║ Reindeer Horns
  • レッドノーズ ║ Red Nose
  • ブッシュドノエル ║ Buche de Noel
  • シュトーレン ║ Stollen
  • クリスマスツリー ║ Christmas Tree
  • イルミネーションボード ║ Illumination Board
  • クリスマスリース ║ Christmas Wreath
  • ウォールシェルフ ║ Wall Shelf
  • グラリネ・アンサチェア ║ Grarlionaire Answer Chair
  • ウェルカムアーチ ║ Welcome Arch
  • ゴシックチェアR ║ Gothic Chair R
  • ゴシックスタンドR ║ Gothic Stand R
  • ゴシックライトR ║ Gothic Light R
  • ゴシックソファR ║ Gothic Sofa R
  • ゴシックローテーブルR ║ Gothic Low Table R
  • ゴシックベッドR ║ Gothic Bed R
  • ゴシックマットR ║ Gothic Mat R
  • ゴシックテーブルR ║ Gothic Table R
  • Christmas
  • Dreams Dreams
  • DreamsDreams(KidsVer)
  • Silent Night, Holly Night
  • ゴシック・テーマ/R ║ Gothic Theme / R

Lobby Action

  • 146「ポーズ14」 (/la pose14) Pose 14

Music Discs

  • PSO2 イベント「怒」 PSO2 Event [Anger]
  • ジングルベル Jingle Bells (maimai)



23 thoughts to “PSO2 JP AC Scratch: Holy Night Christmas”

  1. Yes I agree, I wanted to buy a AC, but I see this……scratch, and I think I will save the moneys. Rude costumes looks too ugly

  2. Why all the hate for this scratch, and the comments feeling the need to express it? Just because it doesn’t appeal to you doesn’t make it objectively bad; personally there’s quite a lot of nice things in here for both FUN and AC. I just don’t see the need to post a comment that is nothing but “LOL THIS SET SUCKS NOTHING TO SEE HERE.” Surely there’s a more constructive comment you can make other than complaining about every scratch update?

    1. Well, what’s the problem :)? If this scratch appeals to you doesn’t make it objectively good ^^’.
      I play since a while (more or less 2 years) and I can assure you scratches in old times were better and different, because everyting was new. Now we have few really new things and lot of revivals to lengthen the stock, and the new ideas , most of the time aren’t that good.
      Since players should be supposed to pay to get stuff (in a way or another), I think they have the right to be happy or complain about it.
      Unfortunately there’s no chance to suggest something to developers, but IMHO the game lacks real space-themed outfits. The ones you can get are very nice, but few.
      Hope the next one (Yamato) will worth my money :)!

    2. I’ve been playing since Alpha Test, so I was around for all of the scratches. Please do not lecture me on what AC scratches may or may not be better since it is a purely subjective matter, and I have seen them longer than you have. The only objective thing is that there ARE lots of new things every scratch; whether or not they seem new to somebody is an entirely different beast. You of course have the right to be happy or dissatisfied with a Scratch, but coming here and doing literally nothing but going “THIS SUCKS” accomplishes nothing and just angers people who have no problem with it. Whenever the game shows a lack in a costume field it tends to get filled pretty quickly, as evidenced with Yamato. If you don’t like it, fine, but you don’t need to make a scene about it. That’s all I’m saying.

    3. I’ve been around since Alpha test, a bit longer than you, so please do not treat me as if I haven’t seen the scratches in the beginning. Quite frankly, I see little difference between the quality back then and the quality now. You certainly do have the right to complain, but posting nothing but whining just does nothing but irritate people and could case flame wars; that’s all I’m getting at.

    4. Whining?
      Expressing a sincere opinion is not whining (it’s a free world ya know :D?).
      I’m just disappointed about this scratch, not about everything or every past one. If people get irritated so easily is not my problem lol, and if I’d ever get the chance to leave a feedback for it I’d gladly would, but alas, it’s not possible as far as I know :).
      Thank goodness there’s so much better stuff around already that I won’t miss anything about it. Better luck next time :D.

    5. Technically it is whining if you do it frequently, as I have seen most people hating this scratch do with every scratch, and saying ‘it’s not my problem if I upset people’ is not a good way to go through life. You say its’ a free world, but if that’s your mindset for everything one day it’ll bite you when you aren’t expecting it. And even if its’ a sincere opinion, its’ still whining.

      I’ll be honest, I wouldn’t want you leaving feedback. We would only get one kind of scratch content instead of an even spread of different things if they were to listen.

    6. LOL man, are you serious? Because this conversation is getting a bit ridiculous.
      And, believe me, it seems you’re the only one having problems in here and fueling an argument.
      That I don’t wanna continue in here.
      Keep in mind that PSO2 is not your game and you didn’t develop a single thing in there, it belongs to all the players and since it takes at least our time (whenever not our money) we are FREE to criticize or praise it.
      I like variety, I don’t like EVERYTHING they throw at me. Said that, think whatever you like, nobody is addressing you, so quit taking it personally :D.
      If you wanna continue this talking feel free to contact me ingame, enough show in here. Byez.

    7. PSO2 is not your game alone either, and you should be respectful of other people’s views as you throw that phrase around yourself. You may be free to criticize or praise it, but when done it the way you and other have been doing, it simply does nothing but show that if something does not go your way, you will be ungrateful and whiny. I have not been taking this personally in the slightest, yet you are the one throwing insults and verbal jabs while adding emoticons and a flippant attitude as if to show arrogance, and when someone calls you on your childish behavior, your only response is to fall back on the typical “I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT” routine. I have no wish to continue this with you here or in-game, as you show a marked lack of respect for other players and the game itself, which makes me question why someone like yourself even plays it in the first place. You are quite a toxic player who is ruining this game for everybody else, and I do hope I never run into you in the game. Good day.

    8. The response you are giving are enough to set a flame war in any forum, please be more courteous and be mindful of the fact that you are not the only player in this game. > < ship 2 gaijins…….

    9. You are making assumptions; I play on Ship 5 and do not want to be associated with Ship 2. Furthermore, it is highly likely you are a foreigner as well (do not use gaijin if you are speaking English; it just looks silly.), and even if not simply because I am playing from outside Japan does not invalidate what I am saying. I would ask you and Lightfinder to please also be courteous and respect my opinions just as you say I should your own.

    10. I can assure you that nothing has changed, not even the people who complain about absolutely everything. Its a bread and butter of locals. Get used to them, you’re in for a ride.

  3. Well costumes in game look a little better than the model characters here. Regardless Punkish Girl /F is 5 million meseta on ship #2.

    1. It’s fairly common across a lot of ships for female costumes to be absurdly priced in the first week or so. Give it some time and it will drop.

  4. This is by far, the only AC scratch that I won’t be buying any of the outfits from.
    I’ve only bought the mag so far. The FUN scratch is pretty nice, though.
    The new years scratch looks like it will have some stuff I’d want, though.

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