PSO2 JP Experiencing DDoS Attack

Outdated Information

Please visit the Service Relaunch post for new updates.

 June 27th @ 16:30 JST

PSO2 Service Reopens

The DDoS attacks are coming in at a much lower rate. Sega has reopened PSO2 service as of June 27th 16:30 JST. Unfortunately, there are still other services that need to be reopened, and it will take some time to complete this task. 

  • They will need some more time in addressing PSO2es, they'll announce at a later time when they'll relaunch service for PSO2es.
  • AC purchases will be suspended for a while. They'll announce at a later time when AC can be purchased again.

Sega will announce the rescheduling of the 6/26 update after examining the stability of the servers. The countermeasures they now have in place may cause, under specific environments, communication delays and connection difficulties. In regards to this, they plan to make improvements while examining the stability of the service.

Sega will post another followup report on Saturday, June 28 @ 19:00 JST.

At this time, the current services have been suspended:

  • AC Purchases
  • Smartphone Version PSO2es Logins

At this time, the following bugs have been confirmed:

  • Players with OTP enabled may receive an error message upon logging in. If this occurs, you should wait some time before trying to login again. If you get through, this bug may resurface if you log out and log in again.

As for compensations, they plan to address them after examining the stability of the servers.

Compensation Plans:

  • They will examine some kind of compensation for all users.
  • They will extend the AC expiration date.
  • They will consider extending items that are valid for a period of time, like Premium Sets and Extra Storage Slots.
  • They will discuss the new schedule for the various events and campaigns (including the interlocking WEB Event) at a later time.
    • Targeted Events & Campaigns:
      • Item Design Contest
      • 2nd Anniv: Character Contest
      • 2nd Anniv: Character Portrait
      • Interlocking Web Event Missions
      • MJxPSO2 Campaign
      • PSO2 New Registration Campaign #9
      • Buy AC Campaign #11
      • Welcome Back Go! Go! Campaign #2
      • Spend AC, Get Items Campaign #9
      • Sonic's Birthday 2014
      • Webmoney Campaign #10
      • Client Order Campaign #56
      • PSO2 Live Broadcast #21 Secret Keyword
  • They will extend the expiration date for campaign item retrieval.
  • Compensation details and dates will be discussed at a later time.



The following contents have been extended:

  • Twinkle Splash: July 2nd @ 11:00 JST
  • Sega Platinum Selection: July 16th @11:00 JST

More extension announcements will be posted in the future.



Comments have been reopened, however they will be placed under strict moderation and may take some time to show up. Some comment threads and their replies (regardless of whether they were reasonable or not) have been removed. After the service restores, the comment section will return to its regular format.


435 thoughts to “PSO2 JP Experiencing DDoS Attack”

  1. ……i was so happy because today i passed my licensure exam but then i saw this… whoever is doing this to sega, pls DIE!!

    1. I was well on my way to being a lvl 70 braver… just two more levels… Please let me level up…..

    2. I know how u feel meiko… i was on my way to lvl 50 techer so it sux for me too… lets hope it will be fine very fast

    3. Just started the game this month. Loving it. Meiko, Miku, Darck, Chaos… I feel you. I think I'm having pso2 withdrawals. Still haven't even been able to find word on today's update on the situation.

  2. "June 18th at 19:18 JST"
    June 19th*
    um dunno if i am wrong or right about this but the DDoS Attack was just announced today June 19.

  3. Somehow I get the feeling that other communities are handling this quite well, as opposed to everybody losing their minds about it over here. Oh well, it'll be up and running again in no time.

    1. Go look at PSO-World, at least 5 different threads about it already, and people throwing around the "IP BAN INC LOLOLOLOL" like the idiots they are.

    2. To be frank, PSOWorld is choke full of trolls and deliberate bad influences. They like to start rumors and cite sources by saying 'oh I'm sure it will happen because Sega did a bunch of other things loosely related to it.' Furthermore, they refuse to read questions before providing answers.

      I really, REALLY wouldn't use PSOWorld as an example, if I were you. It's kind of like using a gas station washroom as an example of the average household cleanliness.

    3. It's….not really any of those things. Are there trolls? Obviously. But not nearly as many as you seem to think. PSOW doesn't really start rumors as far as I can tell; they seem to get their 'rumors' and 'sources' from other places.

      I take it you're a Redditor and/or a Chan user, then? Nowhere else to go to talk Phantasy Star besides those three places.

  4. @SuperFalz

    The IP blocks are not going to happen. Seriously, they're not going to punish a large majority of legitimate players, especially ones they get money from, over a DDoS that may not have even come from this country. Everybody needs to calm down.

    1. Who knows, some game publishers from JP do things like that, SEGA may do this as well. We will see, when servers will be back 🙂 Let's hope they will only block Zaperos friend IP ~~ ^^

    2. The only one they'd do would be against the DDoSer, yeah. Other than that, we really have nothing to worry about. A Western Release is more likely than an IP block at this point.

    3. >implying sega has done that before with servers they themselves ran
      odd, I seem to recall playing PSU's jp servers just fine while the NA ones were up.

    4. "What if SEA is only banned by Asiasoft’s request and this attack was a result of the backlash?"

      This is the only valid reason i can think of, which basically means that Sega themselves are at fault here.

    5. Just for the time being, comments will go 6 levels deep. After that, the reply button will no longer display. After PSO2 resumes, the comments system will return to 5 levels deep.

    6. Not to be mean, but the hacker that did the ddosing can hide themselves with the ddos since you can send ddos from multiple IPs, it might not be trackable or it will take them awhile to find him/her, either way, ddos attacks are crafty. Believe me, I've been hit a few times when I had my MC server up and running and kicked my players and friends off///. :/

    7. Lets talk about how many friends there are between the Japanese and English players, and lets talk about how we are enjoying the game together, lets talk about how not to be a racist Pr***

    8. Strange, since back when I had a problem with PSO2 and contacted Sega, I handed them my I.P. address on a silver platter and they were well aware of the fact that I was not a Japanese player. Didnt get a block at all.

      1/10, you have to try harder

    9. For the most part I don't really think Sega actually cares about where your IP is from (of course, aside from places that have licensed the game, e.g. SEA), because as long as you can speak Japanese they're just like whatever. Just don't expect any official support if you don't. And really most Japanese players don't care where you're from as long as you can speak some Japanese. To most JP players, a foreigner that can speak some Japanese is usually considered more of a "participant" in the game than a worthless leech, but if you can't speak JP they will NOT be pleased. It's been like that in most online games, actually. It's not so much racism as it is linguistic elitism.

    10. to wohdin- speaking Jp doesnt make jp players more friendly towards you, especially since most use god-awfu;l goo translate to "talk" they are more offended…trust me…when you butcher their language, lols.

    11. I think people have entirely forgotten that Sakai himself has said on several occasions that he loves the western market and their enthusiasm for his game, and even loves the effort and care put into the english patches. He practically endorsed breaking the ToS so that we can play and enjoy the game, and the locality clause of the ToS didn't even exist until people started hacking NPCs in the lobby post-launch. We're not getting banned or IP blocked. It's technically illegal to ride a bicycle on the sidewalk in the US, but you don't see people getting ticketed for it. The spirit of the law is not always its letter.

    12. Is this in his blog? Not that I don't believe you, I'd just really be interested in exploring this.

    13. Yeah, I don't have time to scrounge up links right now, but it was in some articles Ricardo posted on the press events way back in late beta and early release when Sakai was still doing most of the PR himself.

    14. I'm curious where you get the 'large majority' from. Is that in comparison of Japanese players? Are there more US players than Japanese players, somehow? Or are you saying that the 200 million people in the US are all actively playing the game?

      If that were the case, they'd bring the market to the location instead of risk the bandwidth issues from the connections. I understand that they're very lax with IP sniffing and tracking, but that means something very simple: There aren't enough US players for it to affect their bandwidth enough for them to care about it.

      And if there aren't enough people infringing the agreement to have them enforce the agreement, then it really shouldn't be that big a deal for their sales department if they did block the US, would it? To lose about a dozen tangible customers amidst about 200 infringing players? Compared to their millions of tangible customers in their own country? That's just wishful thinking.

      If they block the US, it won't affect them. If they don't block the US, it won't affect them. There isn't a large enough number of players outside their country to hold a candle one way or the other.

  5. Its a DDos attack it can be fixed just takes time, I played Forsaken world and week 3 i think it was it became under a DDoS attack. Just give them time and they will fix it and patch the problem and the game will be back up and runing.

  6. if the IP-Block happen it will a easy task for they, but like ASDFASDF say they're not going to punish the legitimate player, so now the only thing we can do is wait til sega fix the problem and take the proper measures for not happen again so easily.

    1. PSO-HACK are hackers indeed but not DDos Attackers. This attack was planned by asian players that were ipbanned after SEA release, this is not something new.

    2. relax dude , a guy that knows how to do a DDos attack won't stop at an IP ban , there is always VPN

    3. That page has nothing on the part "planned by asian players that were ipbanned after SEA release". It is all assumption so far. Don't go spread false rumor

  7. Such a sad turn of events… I'll just wait for the servers to come back up after they deal with the issue. Evidently they are using IP spoofing, according to the updated news release, but hopefully normal service will be resumed soon. Need to get my FO and Techer up to 70 prior to the August release of bouncer and the new skill revamp already ^^;

  8. Blaming SEA players in this predicament is downright unfair. Yes there is a high possibility that this is done by the SEA Players. But Put yourself in thier shoes. If you were the attacker which version would you rather attack? Ashitsoft? The fkers who suggested the ip block or japan who is just earning money from that?

    And if the Japanese who posted earlier was still here I just wanna say, Being in your servers is wrong Yes we breached the TOS but most of us play because it's a fun game. We are not fortunate enough to be born in Japan and enjoy all your amazing entertainments and attractions. And we live in fear of being banned anytime. You guys on the other hand don't need to worry about this you are fotunate to have such a game and many of us playing it you should feel proud of your own country rather then Blaming us.

    From the looks of this, I'm hoping this attack is not a frame. By frame I mean a japanese hacker is doing this to force the Foreigners out of their servers. From what I can think logically from this incident. A japanese hacker may be encouraging SEGA to ip ban all foreigners by intentionally making all the ddos connections from a foreign country. So whats the solution to stop them easily? You should know the answer.

    1. SEA players should just learn how to VPN and play that way on JP, when it comes back up that is.


    2. One of my teammates is SEA player, but using VPN is the only 1, but not fully usable options. DCing every 15-20 minutes to reset connection sometimes dont even let you finish EQ, and thats fckin annoying.

    3. Yeah, I've used alternate methods to play some region-blocked games for several years, and they are really not reliable. Disconnections commonly occur at the worst possible times. These games aren't designed for unstable connections.

    4. not sure what your friends are on, my VPN is working just fine without any disconnections

    5. What i find rather odd here, is how people keep referring to the SEA game's terms and conditions, and using that to say that all players who are not blocked from playing that game are to blame, and Illegitimate for sticking with our more well rounded, well looked after Japanese buddies.

      I do believe i made my account far before any other version appeared, and i haven't touched the end user agreement for any other than the version i play, so unless these people are referring to the Japanese tos agreement, lets stop acting like everyone has accepted the terms and conditions of a completely different game thanks ^-^

      That being said, using the term Legit player for this, why does the country we play from matter? Our kind hosts don't seem to think it matters, like another commenter stated, they saw it, and where it was from when helping him, he did not get the ban hammer.

      Our Japanese hosts are generous for allowing us to join them on their servers for so long, this makes me wonder if the TOS agreement people refer to is in the Japanese version, Are people interpreting it correctly? or are they misunderstanding some similarly cleverly worded phrase that touches on the subject, Or is it a part of the language barrier of that particular person.

      i have made a lot of friends in my time in the Japanese servers, and i have enjoyed my time challenging the game and progressing through, i have loved pso since my first time playing it on the game cube when i first discovered it with my friends, and i have never gotten tired of the game. pso2 hosted by Sega has been consistently great, and generous.

      Lets stop making such a huge fuss for them and let them do what they've got to do, they are even talking about compensating us, How many servers do you know that will do so much for you, normally you are compensated with just something you cant use, or a tiny extension of your subscription and/or duration based bonus/item. They are not hesitating to do all of the above, and knowing them, it'll be a rather cool gift we all get. They don't have to compensate you know, with the servers closing they could just freeze the premium and duration bonuses. no they are going to extend them.

      Maybe not all of Sega are as good as our pso2 hosts here, but the short fuse of people, and tension raising between SEA players and the rest is needless.

      in direct response, if you read more about a ddos, IP blocking will not stop it from happening, people from a country that has been IP blocked can still target them.

  9. I say, calm down guys. Jumping to conclusions is no help. Just wait until there's more Info about it and play or do something else meanwhile. PSO2 will be back soon enough.

  10. I hope this problem is resolved so fast … I do not like to lose everything I've done in 2 years than I have in the game as well as the members of the team I have, they (100 members) have contacted me asking me to happened to the servers. danmit Crackers!!

  11. So, maybe a topic a little less hostile guys haha. Like whats everyones plans to fight boredom while the servers are down? I know im loading my gun to blow my brains out now (joking ofc ^_^)

    1. ima download music lol You guys should check the Drakengard 3 soundtrack! its eargasmic xD Try this song = Drakengard 3 – Kuroi Uta (Battle Version)

    2. Hello Kos, guess who :P.
      This DDoS attack sucks, but people jumping on the IP-Ban train need to stop being so paranoid and just be patient and wait for the servers to go back up. In the mean time, I should take this time to continue some VNs.

    3. Beer. Even if the problem isn't resolved soon I can take a nice nap and be good for tomorrow when it should be up. ^^

    4. Well, the DDoS can finally get me to stop procrastinating and get some drawing done… So I guess it's kind of fortunate. .w.

  12. Oh some of them know of VPNs, it's just that ISPs in most SEA countries aren't exactly good enough to allow them to play comfortably. Heck 1MB/s connections and below are still a thing.

  13. @KOS-MOS – are you the same KOS-MOS from SEA? I dunno if it's just me but the SEA service seems to be dying from lack of updates already…

    1. Your obviously big vardha! :0 destroying ships wasnt enough for you! now your after innocent commenteers! o.O eeeek! -runs away-

  14. If I'm ever going to launch DDoS attack, I rather attack PlayShit, I mean PlayPark server until the server went down for long, long, long time as a revenge for suggesting IP Ban. There is nothing to gain by attacking JP Server, I mean there's always many ways to play there beside VPN.

    And to user FROM JAPAN, why I get the feeling that you are just some dickhead that posing as japanase? But, IF you are really a japanese (only IF), please enlightened me why we make you frustated and uncomfortable?

    1. I'm a bit surprised about why none of those enraged people^ ever doubt if this guy is really "from japan" or not. lol

    2. Of course "from japan" is not japanese, he's just a western (maybe even an american) trolling. People need to use common sense

  15. well at least I know I wasn't alone

    every time something happens preventing me from accessing the servers I automatically assume it's my shitty third-world internet connection responsible :I

    also really getting sick of these magnification ddos shit, all my favorite sites have been hit with it this year and now the only MMO I can play is getting it too? goddammit china/russia stahp


    名無しオンライン[] 2014/06/19(木) 19:26:51.27 ID:DuOAPuEU (1/1)
    3:名無しオンライン[] 2014/06/19(木) 19:27:36.13 ID:QgRMup+s (1/1)

  16. seems everything was calmed down here, but im afraid, I need to state my findings so far, this DDos Attack was suspected being the act of some unknown Chinese Group that attacks US last may, (according to ) but for me actually, I don't know why, that group aren't related to this incident, rather than more deep conspiracy, either like I read here, maybe from some fools who resent SEGA for the IP ban, but I myself thinks, if Asiasoft are knowing that most of SEA player still hangs on SEGA server, and their IP block request isn't good enugh to stop SEA player from going to JP server (because I'm on "SEA requested IP ban" side of thinking) they also mixed up their attack with that Chinese group so they won't get tracked easily…… well, this is just what on my head, I don't mark this as complete truth, but this might give a clue or to toward the real truth….

    1. You honestly think a Chinese cyberterrorism group is going to waste time attacking a Japanese game rather than, say, the US networking infrastructure?

  17. reading into this, the DDoS happened at around 10am GMT, however, I was having connection issues at around 4 – 5am when trying to change to B11 on ship 2, I don't know if anyone else had this kind of problem, and I don't know if it related to the DDoS but it does feel a bit strange now I think about it.

    1. Yup same here. I started having the same issue around the same time and finally got sick of it and just went to bed thinking I would wake up and the problem would be gone and I would be able to play. Now this bullshit.

  18. The best thing this DDoS could have as an after-effect is to have SEGA change its mind about the SEA IP ban and get some of the old players back from that prison. It's not funny when Forum Mods are closing and locking threads (possibly banning users as well) just because they were talking about how Grinding risk rates were different between JP and SEA since the two servers were on different client updates. That's just downright strange and scary as a player (Trying to move back to JP from SEA).

    1. I don't think this possible assuming it is a contract? but yeah, small chance is small…

    2. It's not surprising at all. MoneySoft is "awesome" at screwing up games, while their "fancy" Mods are doing their best job locking/closing thread… especially when people are voicing out the truths.

    3. This actually happened in the PSO2 SEA official forums (I was still able to read the thread before it got shot). They were just talking about how the rates sucked since we only got like the worst 9* stuff now with the FC and Ruins still not out yet, and why 7* stuff were somewhat hard to grind sometimes. A few people replied about the patch and update differences, mentioning some text that were unreadable in-game due to the textbox character format differences, while some decided to give out jokes.

      The talks was fine (IMO one or two jokes on a thread isn't that harmful right?), but suddenly one CM comes in the conversation, says the topic was "challenging the company" (meaning @soft) and that "it's against the rules" as well as "they couldn't do such changes (referring to grind risk rates and the clipping text issues) without everything going through SEGA first". The next thing, BAM! CM locks thread, closes the topic, and IIRC one of the people who was in the conversation got the words "banned for life" under his forum membership status (I think mine says "Registered Member").

      Meh, the SEA ship 2 blocks have around <20~30% population with 1 normal and 1 hard block slightliy full right now. You can barely meet people on the lobby even during "busy times". The 7~9* stuff started around 1m to 500k but now they're like 1k per piece on player shops = – =

    4. Well my friend was their moderator in their another games. He Quit and telling how bad the CM was. Like they always Blaming to the Developer for any complains, instead of "We will report and discuss this with the developer, thank you". yeah, they tend to locking "harmful for their business" thread.

      Look, I here's one example. there's a rich bastard in their games, which having an OP characters because of money power. Then someone seeing him breaking a rules with unfair "Fame" Farming bot even with videos of proof. My friend reported it immediately but instead of that person being banned, the thread about Proof Videos was taken down. Their game is still running now and that rich bastard still ruling over.

      Nah… I was their user in past, and I will not go back to them anymore… Paying a VPN is much better than giving my wallet to untrustable company like that…

      Sorry @soft… Even thou you have PSO2 now…

  19. I knew something wasn't right yesterday. A friend of mine spent Arks cash for 3 tickets, but she didn't get them in her inventory after she purchased them. Shortly after mining base 2 EQ, I had 5 10☆'s that I went to recycle for excubes, but after using the npc, I didn't even get the cubes…relogged and nothing had changed, so I gave up for the day, especially after getting a random pm from PSO-Hack. Hopefully the issue is fixed and there's no more trouble.

  20. Well then, this explains all the constant disconnections and abrupt stopping of information being transferred to the game.

  21. Goddammit ! is this what everyone was saying about b-20 ? i just made my new cast last night to 0_o i hope they don't punish everyone because of this shit …

  22. Lol, just saw one JP twitter post a joke about foreign players hacking the game and getting banned by SEGA JP making those foreign players DDoS attack the JP servers in retaliation. I found it on Sakai's PSO2 blog feed. XD

    1. Its a good game also. not as fun as PSO2, but tis a good game with a great storyline

    2. FF 14 kinda takes a dump on pso2 imo (dont get me wrong, I LOVE pso bu giving my opinon since i play both).

    3. You can't really compare a WoW clone to an action adventure dungeon crawler. Apples and oranges. (I also like both)

    4. Nothing wrong with having an opinion, tho I feel the opposite love pso2 more then ff14.

    5. After the disaster that was the initial FF14 launch, you'd have to not only pay my subscription and any other in-game charges I feel like accruing, but you'd also have to pay me a sizable monthly fee to even TOUCH that game again.

      Once bitten, twice shy.

    6. That is preference my friend. No game is better than another since there are so many people with different taste.

    7. Both are good games. I play both. Do love 14 because my RL friends play.

      No one will touch PSO2.

      I think it comes to preference.

  23. Question regarding above.. What exactly is PSO-HACK? Is it just some group of hackers that exploit the game? I got a message from one last night a few hours before the game went down. <.< It just said "test <3" and probably isn't related to anything but I'm just curious about who they are.

    Also, that guy above clearly isn't Japanese. And if he's a gaijin living in Japan, that's just sad.

  24. Oh wow.. To think some people would blame the SEA players in this matter… I feel worried with how the community would think about us in the game already…

  25. You know. If I was paranoid too, I'd totally not find it funny that the day following a server equipment and hardware maintenance (extended too D; ), a server stress nature attack happened on those freshly checked servers.

    I mean. I just find it silly.
    Even it were an actual active-time (because you want to know how it behaves when there's activity, who cares about dead-hours) stress test of new / updated hardware (what would've went wrong or confirmed something, who even knows), I think they'd downright say so.

    So while I don't really believe my own paranoid conspiracy suspicious, I however truly find the timing to be amusing.

    Also, wow, people. Stop even starting blaming people, you're being silly. Who cares who it could be. Whatever the reaction is, it won't change depending whether or not you were guilty, or whoever was. If something happens, it'll just happen. Ride the flow just see how it goes.

    People even defending themselves against JP discontentment with foreigner activity on the servers, why? Why are you even defending yourself for the actions of an annoying bunch?
    Do you people not know that this is on the internet. >The internet. The most fabulous knowledge pool in human history! Also the greatest CESSPOOL and trashpit that humanity will ever see.
    Where I'm going with this is. Whether they speak English or Japanese, there WILL be assholes, pricks, annoying people, trolls, downright retarded idiots and everything like that you can think of. There. Will. Be. Without fail. Where they even come from doesn't matter.

    Are you feeling targeted? Are you an asshole or one of those annoying people? No? Well then don't even fret. You have nothing to defend yourself about. Just go on doing whatever it is you do…. except child porn. If you're doing that please stop, like right now.

    …..Also wow, this got longer than expected.

  26. So… I'm from SEA but DDoS-ers are one of my most hated people. They make games unplayable for periods of times. Also, I think people need to stop assuming too much and let things get sorted out. I personally don't like the way SEGA handled the rise of PSO2SEA by IP-banning but that didn't put me down unlike my other 2 friends who are playing it on their Vita since I have VPN while they had to drop the entire game (cause IP ban, yo… pshh).

    I really want to see a globally unified PSO2 some day. Everyone on different regions and different servers yet the main mother-server that connects all players together would create an entire global bridge that connects us all. Or at least have us an official language selection while we all connect to JP server. No more IP ban, please (VPN solves half a problem and adds more PLUS there's the effort and time put into an account in the server that they decide to just say, "your effort is naught so HAHA!". I still don't want to port over my account to Asiasuck even if I were given an option, though that may help players who don't VPN.)

    1. Blame Asiasoft for that mate, apparently since their HQ is in a certain country, that country has its own PSO2 release (different from SEA) which doesn't have IP-block. The one they put up as PSO2 SEA probably also caused the IP-ban in JP. I second that PSO2 global if SEGA JP themselves handle it using the latest JP client and stuff. Makes me wonder why they put in the language selection for JP launcher's config options when it never really did anything in-game (*hint hint*).

  27. how about NO. we like the people in charge of the server. its not his fault some asshat is attacking the PSO2 server. if you dont know what a DDoS is. LOOK IT UP. its not Sega's fault. its some butthurt kid who needs to be punished

  28. oh hey i want a custom icon! :3 it says sign up at gravatar. Is that somewhere in this site or anyone has a link? sorry for my newbness xD

  29. As far as i see, It's not anyone from pso hack/nolife/losers. lol. It look slike china or Russia, (the two main countries that hack at this large scale) they usually are the one mining gold, hacking game currency, running bots, etc. Im not pointing fingers, i just wanted to pint out that im ashamed if my people are blame american for this. sorry for my type it isnt perfect.
    Sega is trying fix situation,and everyoen should be back on soon tomoorw by your time. i assume it eastern amercia time? we should be back on by 15:00 here. this is a guess, do not assume it fact. D:
    I dont mind you players on our servers. if anythign you make it more fun, as most people here have no persoanlity and are very boring and take thign too serious. i hope you all caan stay, it is reason i choose ship 2 in first place! there is a huge amount japan player that love you guys,and if you ar ebanned it will not be same game

    1. Oh yeah, Im sure theres a lot of japanese players who like, dont mind, or is tolerant of western players. There 7bn+ people in thos wprld. Not everyone is going to like everyone. Just at not everyone is not gonna play nice

  30. I actualy feel bad for that guy. Working around the clock, flicking this and patching that, just to get the new equipment work close enough, to only have it all taken down next day…. Ouch

    But hey its Sega, maybe they just build it plug and pray way

  31. O-kay… Well that made some… umm… sense? Anyway that PSO-Hack guy/group is probably the one responsible for the DDoS attack as far as I can think of without being overly conspiracy theorist. He/They probably tested if they could hack the game again after the maintenance (heck I haven't played JP since SEA opened until I tried patching yesterday which finished early morning). Since the hacking happened during live time (hence people receiving that PM), the people at the company took it as an extreme issue and tried defending vital player/game/account data.

    Insert vid with company HQ IT Staff fighting against hackers in real-time cyberspace (TAPTATAPTAP the keyboards with red alert warnings on their super huge monitors).

    After the active hackers/hacking signs have stopped, the servers were put down and we got our official (meaning press-release version of the story) word from the main site and here at bumped.

    Regardless of whodoneit, something big is coming because of the ripple-effect that DDoS just did. I just hope it goes the right karma way and IP block gets removed instead (@me being super optimistic after seeing my SEA team of 100ppl become 7ppl a minute ago).

    1. If you can hack a game that has good security, I don't think you can DDoS it on accident. Blaming PSO-HACK makes no sense. People hack because they want have the upper hand in the game hence, they care about it. If they didnt care about pso2 they wouldn't even bother to hack the game. The DDOSers obviously don't care if they play pso2 or not.

  32. Well lets hope all these guys who trying to DDos will die or will be catch and thrown into the prison and let them in for the rest of their life. i mean srysly, why such people exist like these <.<

    1. The only thing i pray for is that these people change their heart, and get past the pettiness, its immature.

  33. o it has come to my attention that we here at PSO-HACK is getting the blame for the DDoS attack that is currently going on.
    At least by some people.
    So I just want to clear up this confusion by saying. No, we are not the ones who are behind the DDoS attack.

    PSO-HACK is not and never will be about destroying the game or making the game unplayable.
    Sure, some people will argue that our trainer is destroying the game, but keep in mind though that our trainer is only there to make things easier for that particular player. We only provide extra feature that wont directly affect other players.

    The services we provide here at PSO-HACK rely on the fact that there is a server to play on.
    Why would we want to take down the server entirely?
    If we want to mess around with people then we can just login and warp people around.

    We enjoy reverse-engineering, our kick comes from the challenge of finding new ways to exploit the existing client.
    Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) is something entirely different. There is nothing new to be found from that.
    It's not reverse-engineering and it's not something that we do here.

    Of course, even with this post there will still be people who blame us for it.
    But at least now we've shared our input on the matter.

    // PSO-HACK Team

    1. Could your group please drop the mass pm's atleast, it's freaking some people out that are already afraid of getting IP-banned because playing abroad and it's annoying to the JP players aswell.
      We know you're just having fun and doing it for kicks, that's ok, just don't annoy the playerbase with it, ty

    2. Yeah. Agree with that. Its ok if you want to have fun, but some people like me can easily be freaked out with the PM. And i have a bad history with hackers. I know some people hacks for the fun of it. But my past with them isnt helping in this situation.

    3. I agree. It can be scary, after lose two other games' accounts. I just wanna play peacefully, and enjoy my free time.

    4. It also makes you guys look very suspicious, considering the timing before the alleged DDoS attack.

  34. hey, alguien mas de mexico aqui? ojala este problema se solucione pronto, y dejense de pendejdas de rasismo, esto es sobre los atacantes a SEGA sean de donde sean

  35. Hmm, wait until Monday for further info? Err, okay I can live with that. Time to finish some game that I haven't been touch.

    Well, I'm much more intrigued with the compensation that SEGA will provide.

    1. Hey Dudu, your grind business also Stopped right? Why would you worry about Dark Falz?

    2. "Ill be back" and then ill compensate the loss of my profit by even more: "swiggity swail upgrade fail".

  36. Hey, who did this to Sega?! Hackers, this is all your fault if in the future, they'll ban gaijins from playing PSO2 anymore!!!

  37. Why would you do this, simpleton hackers? Do you realize what had you done now? Now they 'll believe we, most SEA players that are loyal to the JP version, are responsible for this.

  38. No pso2 no life. What is there to do with life as I wait. REturning to skyrim doesn't sound bad. Mess around with some mods but ehhh…. Warframe? ehhh… diablo 3? ehhh… Go through some of my 80gig torrents of unlistened music? ehhh. Right now, I am looking up at my ps3 collection wondering if i should bother. I never played neptunia mk2 but i can't be bothered with an RPG. Nothing really good on netflix. GoT season is over and naruto is getting good i have to wait a whole week for the next episode.

    Right now. Life is no meaning. Without pso2. There is no life. i'll just pop on in black ops 2 and own some n00bs.

  39. It sucks that the game is going to be down for a few more days, but at least it given me the motivation to actually get out of the house for a change as well as catch up on some anime series' that I've been neglecting to finish or even really start. Though I feel bad for the people who have money currently invested in premium and whatnot, just like CROM, I feel bad for the person(s) who had their work shot not long after finishing. As much as SEGA pisses me off, I hope things turn out for the best, sooner, than later and hopefully with no repercussions for them or the PSO2 community.

  40. I just want to say this; "some kid" can't pull off a server wide ddos. There's a group behind this stupid stunt that's doing a ddos. Taking down multiple servers and keeping them down takes a lot of data. I just hope this stops soon because they're just ruining everyone else's fun.

    1. Sure they can, DDoS is just a simple stupid technique, and they could use most free stuff i.e. free hosting companies.


    No Pso2 really does mean No life (At least for me LOL) oh well I guess this will force me to go back to playing piano since I pretty much just use my comp for Pso2, Anime, and Music now XD. Well, there's League of Legends makes me sad when people rage at me T.T, Starbound got kinda stale when you have everything XD, Magicite…… kinda boring playing alone LOL. Actually I just scrolled through my program files and saw that I still have most of the Gaki no Tsukai Batsu Game series I think that should last me like 1-2 days 😉 then after that I suppose its piano all day until Pso2 comes back on.

  42. This is probably retaliation for the IP ban. I don't know if pso-world being down is tied to all this, but we can only hope everything gets sorted out asap.

  43. Holy moly, we sure have some ignorant, uneducated, and racist people in this chat. Anyways, the DDoS isn't by PSO-HACK, rectal ragnarok'd SEA players, or what-have-you. This is simply too large-scale.

    And the SEA ban won't be lifted. Why is it there? As an agreement between SEGA and the licensee in order to funnel services to the SEA version. Not IP locking would mean lost players and sales for the SEA version (which SEGA is keeping an eye on as far as considering a western release btw)

  44. It just came to me that the truth was the ARKS Ship got shot down by Gigantes and we're all headed into the world of Phantasy Star Nova. Prepare for landing guys! XD

  45. so when it will be restored? had enough waiting :/
    and is it legal for affricans to play? ( Morocco , extrem north of Africa) cuz Ive read its not for US players

  46. I hope they get everything sorted soon. I am really enjoying the game and I'm disappointed that some jerks feel the need to ruin the fun for everyone else.

  47. For those who think they'll get IP banned because they're going against TOS (Terms of Service) You do know when you log in your IP is already recorded right? When you log in on pso2 before you select your character there's an option that shows you the lists of IP addresses that log onto your account.

    Obviously sega knows we're playing from a different country but since most of us don't cause a commotion it allows them to update faster and share the game they love. They'll IP block people when SEA decides to release different pso2 for different countries, then again you can all just get around it by using a VPN.

    1. I miss u too darck, and meiko and lily… well but i tried bf hardline wasnt bad as i thought ^^ but now…well i just want play pso 2 again. ^^

    2. Ahh whats up, Its Pliskin! I found you guys elsewhere other than PSO XD!!

      But yeah don't worry, well get right back on grinding when they give the word. Maybe well get some good prizes for our patience haha

  48. no more PSO2 for now =(
    which means no slashing and shooting stuff with my furry character….
    what other game can i do that in?

    exactly(blade and soul being not NA released…and fkin TERA Online being a joke)

    hope PSO2 comes back up soon. cause otherwise…well i only have so much manga i can read before i want to play again Dx

    whoever the DDoSer is. I WILL EAT YOU!!!

  49. Perhaps we'll finally get an English release after 2 years? Seriously, how has it taken this long?

    1. I really hope we don't. I hope we never see an official NA/EU release of this game. Do you really want to be IP blocked from JP like SEA is? Do you want to start over and lose your 1000, 2000, 3000+ hours PLUS lose any real money you spent on this game?

      I would MUCH rather sign a petition pleading with Sega to NEVER release PSO2 in the US/EU.

    2. SEA IP blocks are normal for games in the region, note Taiwan didn't get blocked, and in the past NA releases didn't cause IP blocking
      SEA being blocked had nothing to do with Sega, blame that on Asiasoft

    3. SEA was only IP blocked/banned because Asiasoft requested it. Sure, they OKed it, but still…

    4. A petition you'd win by default, because prospective players who have never heard of PSO2 will never be able to counter the signatures, and never play the game you like. Because it's your game, and only you are allowed to play it.

      If you really can't stand to lose a few bucks to a free rpg, that's your own fault.

      To be frank, even if they did IP ban the US/EU, which is absurd considering other comments that have argued that PSO2 enjoys the US market enough to not ban everyone as-is for infringing on the terms and conditions for being privileged the opportunity to play the game, then you're welcome to not play again. Nobody is forcing you to 'waste' your money, or your time.

      We'd probably be better off without you spoiling it or ruining it for the rest of us.

  50. well i guess ill play a crappy mmo while i wait.. lmao ill try Tera while I wait for sega to fox these assholes mess

    1. Where Sega think it's safe too. I think they're still DDosing. PSO-World is still down afterall.

  51. I started playing Blade and Soul. Somehow since starting PSO2 other FTPs seem not so great by comparison…

    1. Ive been having the same problem. Combat/animation fluidity is not something you can really 'unsee'.

    2. Blade & Soul isn't necessarily a bad game, but my experience from the Chinese version is that their servers are absolute garbage, and the game itself doesn't do well with any sort of graphical load. It's fun, but not worth all the headache.

    3. *witty remark about chinese quality servers*

      BnS is sorta interesting, but ncsoft's management is… questionable, at best. they actually thought it was a good idea for the jp version of the game to be "free to play"… untill it unceremoniously d/cs you if one of your characters hits level 16, telling you to either pony up some cash or delete that character.

      and while BnS is capable of being prettier than pso2, good god is it unoptimized. pso2 is playable on my toaster, albeit at minimum settings… but it still looks good, presuming I'm making the one "visuals over performance" concession I can manage and using non-compressed textures. BnS? in it's "toaster mode", which is a setting unto itself, the game looks like shit; to the point that you can't even tell what a lot of stuff in the character creation is even changing and colors vary considerably… and it gets 5~6FPS ingame. seriously. it's lowest settings make PSO2 look god-tier and if your hardware is weak enough to actually need those settings it doesn't even run acceptably anyway. now. these companies aren't obligated to cater to poor people, but at the same time it's nice when they actually [i]try[/i] to not demand you buy a new comp for their game.

      also, I'm told that as you get further in the game with BnS you start running out of things to do that aren't PVP related, and to hell with that.

      I don't understand how the koreans do that all the time; make a game with a super cinematic feel at the start with a grand "save the world" storyline… and then a good chunk of the way through they go "meh, who cares about that, LET'S KILL OUR FELLOW ADVENTURERS INSTEAD!".

    4. I've been playing BnS for a few months, now. It definitely looks vastly better than PSO2 with maximum settings (hey, finger animation!).

      However, BnS is one of those WoW-wannabes with crosshair aiming (ala TERA, but far better). You need to have a very, very low latency or your DPS suffers terribly, and some endgame content literally becomes impossible to complete (enrage timers, ugh). And there isn't much endgame content – it's mostly "repeat the same few dailies for cash" (some PvP, some PvE), and "spend it all instantly on upgrading equipment with RNG failure"… kinda like PSO2, really.

      BnS honestly made me better appreciate some aspects of PSO2 (eg. true action, better customization, access to decent clothing without spending loads of real money, friend partners, vastly better boss battles). But both games have plenty of issues (eg. repetitive gameplay, lack of content, lots of time spent standing around upgrading equipment, poor class design/balance, dragged-out frustrating cliche story, etc).

      At least PSO2 doesn't force you to endure the story. It'd certainly be nice if PSO2 had a few aspects of BnS, such as higher quality visuals and a little more open-world freedom. Speaking of which, BnS's environments are mostly made solely for the purpose of the story, and there's little to explore outside of that. Don't expect much from the wall-running and flying either, they're clunky and unreliable.

      My impression of BnS is that it exists mostly for the story (which isn't great) and that most of the devs have probably already moved on to other projects.

    5. Oh, and I forgot: BnS dungeons aren't soloable like PSO2, either. Have fun standing around waiting for enough party members who don't suck.

      I should also point out that Tencent's CN localization is pretty brutal and outdated. All outfits are untradable, mostly temporary, and they like to do stuff like randomly moving some outfits/accessories from in-game RNG lottery to cash shop only, or removing access to them entirely.

    6. You, sir, you understand. Connection drops were very rare for me, but what I did get was frequent, lengthy lag, regardless of level. And for a game that bills itself on button timings, a minimum ping of 500ms is already unplayable, but when it jumps to 5 digits? Impossible to do anything but pray your timings got through before you get killed. And while the graphics were pretty, and with a decent system you could run max with little problem, the moment 5 or more people were around everything just tanked so hard.

      Storywise I never even paid attention, it was just stuff happening and lots of background noise mostly, but I can say that compared to PSO2's currently available content, BnS had a lot more substantial content, even without the PvP. There were plenty of instances to run, be they solo or in groups, world bosses in every zone, and a pretty smart weapon forging system. Never made it to end-game though, I think I got pissed off with the lag and quit around the early 30s, but I think the PS Crew would benefit from some of the design systems in BnS. No, AQs and XQs are not what I call substantial content, because they're all faceroll. I'm talking about actual end-game areas.

  52. Hmmm, IS it back up yet, if not does anyone know even a rough estimate of how long it takes to recover from DDoS attacks?

  53. Announcements from the Osaka Fan festa event
    Sakai and KMR explain the current situation for PSO2

    – There is no perfect guard against DDOS

    – DDOS won't last long(Not sure of source)

    – Server will be reopened, compensation, and Premium time will be compensanted in one form or another

    – DDOS is not the same as Hacking, and not to worry about Player data.

    – Please follow official twitter for more announcement

    Game future update

    – Accessory position editing will most likely not cost AC after player response

    – Episode 3 size will be 7G total

    – Added feature that you can see MPA on map too, beside party member.

    Movement Speed change

    – In the future, movement speed will have a normal speed and top speed(After running a short while) Top speed will be the same speed as Step Cancel

    – There is no plan to change or edit Step cancel, it is still a viable strategy for short term movement, for long range, just run till Top Speed

    Other Tidbit

    – Jet Boot depends on T-Atk for it's normal and PA

    – Dual Blade depends on S-Atk for it's normal and PA

    – Jet Boot will also depends on S-atk, like Bow's kamikaze depending on S-atk

    Time Attack
    – Episode 3 will have new TA

    – Klotho's TA will have change(Money earned or other) This part isn't clear, might reduced to 1/4 of current reward, but increase other quest's money earned.

    – Virtual on Collab, if reaction is good, they might do another one with more mechs from Virtual on

    – All balance change for all class will be announced prior to Episode 3 release

    1. Could you clarify, please, "Episode 3 size will be 7G total"? Did you mean 7 GB? Or like 7 grand of something?

    2. Okay so it was gigs. I was assuming that's what the OP said. But wasn't sure as I've never seen it used as "G".

  54. mmm i have the bad feeling that game wont be up untill wednesday after the common sheduled maintenance and i really wonder if sega is going to postpone the new update and scratches 😛

  55. It's been 3 days :< this sucks, I want to play since that's all I can do!
    Are they also DDOS'ing the PSO2SEA servers too? Likely it's a company DDOS'ing them and not a hacker of some sort, I think someone with some type of brain will understand the consequences if they get caught. So companies fighting over a game? wow…. pathetic!

  56. well i guess i will just continue drawing concept arts until the problem is resolved. there is no1 to blame for this issue though. approaching this issue critically i believe the people responsible for the ddos attack have already regretted what they done and deep down they are crying and for this reasone i can not help feeling sorry for them. how could any1 hate them? if there is some1 to blame it is casper the friendly ghost. i know what i am saying because i'm an actual employee of sega jp. jk at any rate reading your comments will keep me entertained for a while. so yeah ^.^

    1. This particular post is moderated, meaning the comments have to be approved by the admins/chat moderator before it shows up.

  57. Anyone get a random command prompt window pop up whilst playing the game a few days prior to the DDoS? Anything to do with it ya think? Me and a team mate did.

  58. well the fanfest was fun and thankfully in a bigger area this yr – overall more organized! i did see Sakai when he walked around outside – the line was lonnnnng!! wahoo the rain held back and a cool breeze – some fun cosplayers too! not one person i chatted with brought up the problem – the ship banners ppl signing all gave がんば〜まけない encouragements – well heres to hoping things resolve soon. Meanwhile our house getting a nice cleaning haha >.<

  59. I don't think Sega would ever WANT to not be able to make money. This attack was just a small group of malcontents trying to stir the pot and aggravate everyone on both sides of the Pacific. In the end the group just managed to pause our fun, not end it.

    Let's wait and when the game comes back, party hard.

  60. Following the 6/23 update on twitter, I'm finding that my suspicions that arose last week are becoming more likely: Sega's PR writers must also work for TEPCO! (Just a joke to lighten the mood.)

    Seriously though, I would love it if there was a little bit of actual new news on the recovery progress in some of these official updates. Having lived in Japan for a long time, you'd think you would eventually get used to how common this kind of non-informational language is, but alas not.

    Thanks for you're diligent reporting Ricardo!

    1. Do you even understand how DDoSing works? There's nothing to report because there's literally nothing they CAN report. The fact they're giving details at scheduled intervals is already far more than we'd ever get from several US MMO publishers.

    2. Re: CLOTHO BUER –

      I was commenting on how similar the language usage is compared to when TEPCO does updates on the nuclear crisis in Fukashima which is a much bigger issue and has long term ramifications that extend further than a bunch of people being bored (and my comment also clearly states that it was a joke, which is probably less funny now that I've had to explain it in this second post). Linguistically speaking, there are innate elements within the Japanese language, especially in Keigo, which do not translate well to Twitter as you have to go so far out of your way to say anything meaningful that the character limit defeats the purpose of the post in a situation like this where a poster culturally has to apologize repeatedly for an outage. There are quite a few Japanese players who have been voicing frustration with the Twitter updates for the same reason on other sites as well.

      Sega would have been better off using their blog, which was still up and running despite the attack, to say what they needed (which obviously was more than they were saying since they started adding screen captures of longer releases after the weekend that were so long you couldn't read them through the Twitter photo viewer) and then posting the link to that via Twitter. The non-informative structures found in the Twitter postings are items that irk many native English speakers who live in Japan about the Japanese language and even some Japanese people who have lived abroad for extended periods of time and then return home.

      To address you concern: I do actually understand how DDoS works as I was an IT and Networking analyst for a large organization for over 7 years before going back to school so you can step off your soap box. What other companies in the US would do in this situation is irrelevant as the cultural differences are too great to have it be a worthy point of comparison in this instance. Before you have any other questions as to my credentialing, I also hold 3 degrees in Asian studies and linguistics and am engaged in academic research that directly involves PSO2. This outage is actually keeping me from getting some of my work done at the moment. I understand your anger but please direct it elsewhere.

  61. sigh almost a week now since DDOS attack, they really won't let up huh? Oh well back to playing Drakengard 3 😛 oh if anyone is interested i posted Drakengard 3 novella's in our site if anyone wants to read on the game's prolougue and character backstories 🙂, go to chit chat section and Drakengard 3 novella thread.

    1. I would assume they're getting DDoS'd too but only way to really know is to ask one of the people that runs it

    2. It seems waaay too coincidental that a site from our side is also "dead" at the same time.

  62. Maybe there is an MMO or a game we can all play to meet up and do stuff. Not having the daily dose of PSO2 is making some people crazy. People even started….GOING OUTSIDE!
    -gasp- @[email protected]

    1. The outside world has consume me..w-what are these, "games", people are speaking of?..

  63. You can also play PSO:BB online with others on a private server – i do from time to time – just google it.

  64. Totally gonna do this, just so I can play PSOBB without being disconnected from schthack, won't hack it though 😛

  65. isnt finaly fantasy 14 only free for a month? and pso2 is free…forever?>gamechanger lols. advantage pso2. onlu isses with free to play is more trolls, but they dont bother you when you get past noob levels anyways… just my opinion( sits back as fanboys rage up and fire bomb these poor forums ) poor pso2…wont you have a moon atomizer used on you? _-_;;

  66. One has to ask, what do the hackers gain from this? A laugh, showing that a companies security system is flawed? I mean, if it is just for a laugh, then it just goes to show they can be good with computers but are really stupid. If it's to show how easy it is to shut down a system, then they're just being posers. Anonymous shut down Sony along with their playstation network. So in the end, I don't actually see the hackers gaining anything out of this making this huge DDoS attack just a giant fail of an idea.

    1. That's not how hacking works, sir. DDoS attacks are NOT hacking. Calling DDoS script kiddie bullshit "hacking" is akin to calling a grade school bully an MMA fighter.

      Anyone can set up a DDoS attack against any website or service for a couple hundred bucks, to be honest.

  67. It's not hacking and not necessarily hackers, nor does it have anything to do with security flaws. A DDOS attack is essentially too many clients trying to access a server at one time, repeatedly, until the server/ISP can't take the traffic and has to shut it down.
    As for what they get out of it, this is clearly a very directed and quite thorough attack. It's unlikely this is some "group of hackers" or small set of people. This is quite likely a larger thing, and wouldn't surprise me if it was set up by a third party with something to gain from PSO2 being inaccessible, such as a smaller rival company.

  68. it's weird i almost never played pso2 at most i'd sit in lobby thinking about what to do, but now that i actually can't play it i want to play it hehe.

  69. Why would a large company run the risk of being exposed for this kind of action?
    What would a large enough group to pull this off gain from PSO2 being so thoroughly downed?

  70. Proof of concept maybe? I dunno, but this is less than a month after Wildstar got DDOS'd so maybe someone's gearing up for something. [/Conspiracy Theory]

  71. What if its Asiasoft being mad that people are still playing on JP through IP disguising instead of SEA? It wouldn't be surprising.

    1. well, a wild thought comes to my mind with fact that DDoS this long cant be cheap, must be corporate class fund or goverment class? , and asiasoft actually comes to my mind first… while might…all of this just my thought, so pardon me again … the JP server actually doesnt suffer anything, they just shut down the server and pretend got attacked. (so they think could get more ppl started at pso2sea?).
      Second thought… might goverment…? dunno which goverment thought… but surely doesnt happy with … idk… line in or line out too much…? and might they think endanger goverment sercrets? (despite what secret could be revealed with pso2?).
      And again… pardon me, these just for the wild thought. i just hope im wrong and the actually suspect is really a criminal that deserve in jail forever without internets access at all. or even without any acces to outside world.

    2. The first thought is a possibility, i wonder why sega supposedly had no measures to prevent this from happening in the first place considering they already had released older PS series online in the past. But we trust in sega to prevent it happening again.

    3. Go read up on what DDoS attacks actually are and then you'll learn just how hard it is to defend against them.

    4. There are services that offer DDoS protect. It's just kind of expensive for anything more that basic protection.

    5. Hmm no thanks i already know all about DDoS attacks, but this is SEGA do you understand how large this company is. But yet they lack protection or a a quick solution to solve this issue.

    6. I've heard from people who work with AT&T that a DDoS firewall can cost over a million dollars a month. That's a lot of money even for SEGA

    7. Really? So do you have a plan in place to deal with a terrorist attack on your person or location? I doubt it, because it's not something you expect or anticipate. This is the exact same situation, the majority of DDoS attacks against games are often carried out on ones with player-run servers, or are much more heavily competitive. Sakai or some other Sega employee isn't going to just wake up one morning and think "HEY! We might get DDoS'd by an aggravated customer, we'd better put in some preventative measures." Why? Because it's not something they, or anyone of us here or playing the game would've expected to happen, and that's why it's taken things so long to bring up, because it caught them completely by surprise. As for a "quick solution", there is no quick solution, because you can't just flip a switch and twist some cables and VOILA attackers are blocked and we can play again.

    8. For Aaron – Are you kidding?

      SEGA may be large in *your* eyes, but think of the bigger picture.

      Are they so large that they're a major console-producing player? No.

      Are they country governmental-level large? Of course not.

      So your point that "SEGA is too big to DDoS" is pointless, I even believe Sakai or someone at the recent Osaka..? (I forget..) Festa live event said there is no "real protection or counter-measures" against DDoS.

    9. But Square Enix solved there issue with a DDoS attack in a matter of days, makes me wonder that's all.

    10. That's a different company with a different budget than SEGA. I lack a proper comparison, but I'm sure someone could do that for you.

    11. This comment is so Ignorant. Your talking about how can they not have measures in place but do you understand anything about the true depth of DDOS attacks? You obviously don't otherwise you wouldnt be spewing this garbage about they shouldve had measures to prevent. Yes there are measures to prevent certain types of DDOS attacks but take a look at how in depth these attacks truly are. Give them time to fix the situation instead of whining like an entitled brat unless you posses the knowledge to solve the situation you have absolutely not leg to stand on regarding how fix this situation is resolved

    12. A DDoS doesnt really cost anything. Once its put into place in can basically keep sending packets indefinitely. is still being DDoSed and has been for months. They just figured out ways around it.

  72. Friend of mine said that someone or some group (couldn't really pin down a whole lot of details) was paying a sizable amount of money Anonymous to use their botnet to keep the system down. I'm really hoping it doesn't get to the point where the updates get thrown of schedule and whatnot because of this… :/

    1. That sounds like quite the hefty conspiracy theory. Still, Anonymous always pops up whenever this happens. Not that I doubt they wouldn't be able to do this, but it sounds like every other conspiracy theory out there: a bit far-fetched.

    2. I have a much more believable theory. Some PSO2 players didn't like the Sonic Anniversary music being played, so they are preventing everyone from hearing it.

    3. Rolling around at the speed of sound,
      Got one place to go,

    1. True, I heard DDoS attacks are almost entirely done for some sort of financial gain… not really sure how that works though.

  73. Revert conspiracy theory:
    Some intern left the performance test system running and pointing to the production server instead of the perf test one.

  74. I appreciate SEGA for working hard to get the servers back up instead of giving up and dropping everything entirely. Hell, they're even trying to bring it back up before this month is up. Nothing much to do but wait and believe in them. *tips hat*

  75. Maybe it's a company that offers DDOS protection trying to shake companies down, like some of those DRM companies do.

    1. Comments are under moderation; sometimes, depending who is on to approve your message, your comments may show up in under 5min, or possibly several hours.

    2. I know that, but that's not what i meant.
      For example making a new comment works just fine (like what i just did), however replying on certain older comments seems not to work for whatever possible reason.

    3. Replies are moderated as well. Not to mention after a while, the reply button gets hidden by the mass amounts of replies.

    4. in layman's terms:

      "this is a sentence";
      – will not appear if made as a reply on an old comment.
      – will appear if made as a new comment.

      This is not about moderation, it has to do with the system being used for replying on old comments which either bugs out OR just doesn't show on screen because of the set width of these reply boxes used on this blog.

      Sorry for going offtopic, that was all.

    1. Yeah bummer it's still down for now just rest, wake up, do your morning thing, hopefully wash and stuffs and see if pso is up after dressing. x)

    1. It /could/ be one person routing through multiple IPs, and multiple could mean anywhere from dozens, to hundreds, to thousands. It is more likely a small organization, each sill routing through multiple IPs.

  76. CAN ANYONE LOG ?!!

    I try log and have "ERROR 107"

    I play from france lv70/70

    I never had problems before but i use patch (US)

    I hope i no blocked…. :/

    Is game servers still off ?

    1. Are you sure a VPN is needed? If we're not blocked why use it just to get online there?
      Is anyone in vita section of the ships or better question, are any of us vita players there at all?

    2. Same question here. I just downloaded the Vita version, since I just got a Vita, and all the ships are labeled as "in maintenance."

    3. I'm a PC and Vita Players and I was able to log into my ship (05) just fine on my vita. Haven't checked on my pc but there seems to be a harder time logging in from PC side from what I've seen.

    4. Why would he say a VPN is needed if it wasn't? We need it because the servers are not entirely free of the DDoS attacks and they're not in the most stable of states right now. Even some Japanese players need them.

    5. If you want to connect to PSO2 faster, you'll need a VPN so you can make the Ships actually show up as Active instead of Unknown, or you'll just have to constantly go back and worth between the Ship Select screen and Title / Agreement Screen until the Ships are active (Normal and whatnot.)

      But yeah, that's currently the method we have to use since the Servers are unstable at the moment. We'll be able to connect normally once they patch up from the attacks.

    1. You are wrong. Sega said that current DDoS countermeasures will cause some connectivity issues for everyone. They're keeping an eye on it and working to ease the issues as possible.

  77. How are the servers up? They still show up as Unknown for me, prompted by Error 249 after trying to log in.

    1. 2 reasons for error 249. 1 st, Sega hasn't reopened the servers to everyone yet. and 2nd could be because your country does not support PSO2 online, aka IP banned country. I am hoping for the first reason, i'll just wait till next week. or until it has been confirmed open.

    2. We aren't banned and I'm getting an error code 107 right when I start up the launcher which means my launcher can't start up unless it has a connection to the server or the site, and that means they are shutdown still. We may have a chance that it might not be people or a person from the US that did it, but my guess is someone or some people, that disgustingly hates PSO2 and SEGA both together that could have done it. It could have been someone that use to been on the team that developed that game and that knows the coding and IPs of the game and servers, but then again, it's just a guess, it could be hackers or it could be an arch rival game/game company that has hackers that could have done this. and It's also a possibility that it might be a friend of ours or a person we know well that might know something or could have done it. Again, these are just guesses and I honestly don't know.

      Let's just pray that they get these servers up and running soon.with no interference.

  78. No servers are glitchy at the moment therefore most players are experiencing problems. How do I know that they haven't IP blocked outside of JP (Except for SEA players who already are IP blocked)

    My friend from JP cannot connect to servers (added via skype) + I am using a VPN at the moment to test and see if I can connect to servers and I still cannot, Huh I'm lying? Well here's some proof (

  79. Okay it's confirmed that I now need VPN to connect to the game and it asks me to input an authentication key when logging in. I tried pressing the send new key to email button but it seems to take a long time before the key arrives. Also, changing in-game passwords seem to now require 1 half-sized character as well as 2 full-sized Japanese characters on your new password. What sucks is that if you used English characters as your previous character, the page won't accept changing new passwords (probably because the character limitations are applied to the "old password" textbox as well.). Coming back to JP servers sure came up with a lot of problems.

    1. Sega said that the DDoS countermeasures they have up right now may cause connection issues under various circumstances. Keep trying and you'll get in, you just had better luck with your VPN. They also said they're going to keep working on it and ease the login issues as they are able. Expect to be able to get on, expect connection to be tentative for now, and expect it to improve over the next few days.

  80. seems like im stuck on 107 error too here but i dont have the will to try with a VPN,
    im from Europe too

  81. So in the end it seems Sega has blocked all connections from outside Japan.. and a VPN connection isnt very stable. I hope the current situation doesnt become permanent. Sega is making a hard time for western players and risks to loose them.

  82. My tweaker say that the servers are offline,can anybody help me with this problem.Do i have to use a VPN now?

  83. I'm really glad that the servers are finally getting back online. I stopped playing the game for about a month because I was a little bored and my character refuses to find any decent weapons, and last week when I decided I wanted to play again I found the game had been DDoS'd (annoyingly, around Bumped posted the first notice of the DDos around the same time I wanted to play so my luck stinks). Finally, people can start playing again. I'm assuming it's from the DDos and the issues they're still trying to iron out from it but I occasionally get the 107 error when I start up the launcher. I don't think it's anything too bad though because about 20 minutes later I went to check again and I didn't get it, so it must just be an off and on kind of thing as they fix the remaining issues. I live in the US so I'm taking it as a good sign that nothing terrible happened to us since I'm able to launch the game now. I just want to play! Life has been really boring this last week -_-

  84. Seems to me Ive logged in fine, though I did have Error107 couples times earlier but now its normal. And I didnt use this VPN to do this, currently in HK, was in UK 1st played the game.

  85. Guys, don't worry. You can use the Tweaker to bypass the error 107 and log in perfectly fine. Though the Tweaker may say the servers are offline, they are indeed online and working.

  86. Error 249 when trying to log in after using tweaker and error 107 when trying to use the vanilla launcher without it even starting. US here, east coast and using comcast, am I IP blocked? Anyone else signing in from east coast with no problems?

  87. Don't worry guys, is not an IP block if you get the 107 error, you just have to keep trying, my friends that are from USA got into the game without vpn and they got the 107 error at first, and i'm able to go the the main site and i'm from South America so don't panic, those errors are issues that sega is still working on it to make the server stable~

  88. Okay, so if I use the Vanilla launcher, it gives me the 107 Error, but the Tweaker gives me the 249 Error when I try logging in each time. Are we supposed to use the Vanilla one to access the Game now, or still try to get past the 249 on Tweaker?

  89. I tried logging on, but it appears that the servers are still under maintenance. Is it possible that SEGA is doing more work on them at the moment? Tweaker says the servers are offline as well, so I'll take it's word for it.

    Might as well clean my room or something until the servers are more stable.

  90. I still can't connect to the game online. The tweaker said that it's still offline, even though I use VPN in various ip locations. What gives?

    1. Okay, I managed to get into the game using the tweaker. The problem that I have right now is that I got Error 249, even though i use a vpn and the status says Online. I bet that others using the vanilla launcher got the 107 error code. Can someone help me on how to have the chance to connect properly?

  91. guy i have question ? Is the server still offline ? I using tweaker to log in game, and the tweaker say server are offline. omg i hope i not getting block , i in CA state hope there are no block there.

  92. There is NO IP block. Like the post says, SOME areas of the game are still being worked on. Therefore logging in will me buggy and spit out errors. I've read that others have been able to log in. Some ships are still down. Others aren't. People who successfully logged into the game say to keep attempting to log in and, eventually, you will get in.

  93. Ok here's what I got… I live in SEA region so I must use VPN… I have 3 vpn around…

    1. Softether
    I tried to log in using various vpn server location, but Japan is the only one have a small chance to login…

    2. purevpn
    I tried to log in using HK and JP. maybe because purevpn only support JP virtual vpn server through SEA, so I cannot login. Using HK also cannot.

    3. WTFast
    I tried to login using KOR, HK and JP. KOR and HK unable to login. JP is 100% stable to login. I passed Loser Emergency.

    That is… you might wanna try… Softether is Free, purevpn paid, WTFast is 30days Free…

  94. guys its definitly not an IP block, if u read any information right SEGA have still issues with the servers because while its online and some are playing its still under DDoS attacks. im totally sure it will be fine next days, i mean PSU got over 30 DDos attacks per year and its from SEGA too and they didnt gaved up. ok its closed now but only because for PSO 2 ^^ so calm down and finish your horror games or something ^^ in my place i play atm more APB again to bypass the waiting.

  95. For those of you who continue getting 107/249 errors– Here's a solution. VPN! Either use it or wait a day or two, guys. Now people whining don't really have an excuse. (Unless the VPN itself doesn't work.)

    Use the Tweaker to launch PSO2, however. Don't bother with the official launcher. If you were getting 107s with it previously, it probably won't change now either.



    Takes all of about ten minutes to set up. (Or twenty if you're like me, who had problems finding a VPN connection to connect to.)

  96. well, on my end i don't get either of the above errors, but simply a Server Connection Time Out error. my guess is that the server is detected as online (even though tweaker and in-game says they're not), but it can't fully connect

  97. BUBBLECREAME is correct – this method works, and works well – just ran a TACO with no lag or disconnects using that method. I can not connect at all from my time-warner (ugh) ISP – but using the VPN it worked perfectly – should tide us over til SEGA gets the server working fully again – but for now it WILL allow you to play!

  98. So there are no IP ban , but do any1 know when server will be back online . Since tweaker say offline and i log in saw all 10 ship( server) are offline! well thanks you so much- most of my team are in SEA so thanks god.

  99. yea i'm having issues logging onto ship02 and i'm a vita player. but instead of getting error107 i'm getting error 249, plus my provider is time warner. guess imma have to wait a few hours or two more days and just hang onto C9 untill issues are resolved… v.v
    missing my two characters there

  100. Eeeeey gente, aqui desde mexico me pude conectar perfectamente bien, solo al iniciar el juego si te sale error107 sigue iniciandolo asta que inicia y ya, hice unos TACO's sin ningun problema, saludos a todos 🙂

    1. Que onda, soy bilingüe brother y soy de México también la diferencia es que solo juego en PSVita y aún no puedo entrar, me marca todo offline (las ships) además de que aún no mando confirmar mi cuenta. Mal rollo ya quería jugar u.u

  101. So I tried the VPN solution Bubblecrame gave… It worked. What I don't understand is why it says servers are Online with it, and Unknown status without. Maybe Sega is keeping the game for them some time before everything is fine?

    Anyway, I have a question: Did anyone had to give a code sent by Mail by Sega to before connecting? It was written I had to enter this code because "the game doesn't recognise the machine I tried to connect with".
    And will we have to keep connecting with VPN because of that? Not that it's too boring but I prefer logging in naturraly.

    1. I had the same e-mail from Sega, it's natural to get it when first connecting though a VPN as it doesn't recognise your IP, that is all it is, when you change back to connecting normally you may get another e-mail to put the code in again, maybe.

    2. I see. For now, normal connexions doesn't work at all for me, it still says the servers' status are Unknown. But I guess if tomorrow I move to an other country it will ask the same thing, then…

      And @Yumiko2004, I guess you're right too, better waiting some more. I believe Sega will publish a new follow-up message in some hours, we'll see what they will say.

    1. well this is a fine kettle of fish! game's pretty much dead lol, in it's current state. and if you do VPN makre usre you use same address ip to connect everytime, or you going to have to keep chekcing email to get online. since your loggin in IP is different

    2. I used VPN since long time but I'm still Okay… maybe your friend too many times using change server and keep failing on security email… That's my guess… Or because this DDoS issue still stand, it is also possible SEGA won't allow vpn user until the server stabilize…

    3. DON'T CONNECT !!!!
      I received it this morning in my mail with Error 816:
      ※このメールは株式会社セガ 「SEGA ID」運営チームより発行しております。


      このたび、お客様のSEGA IDに関して調査を行いましたところ、
      不審な接続が確認されたため、お客様のSEGA ID・パスワードが不正に利用される

      現在ご利用のSEGA IDではオンラインサービスにログインすることができなくなっております。

      ご利用の再開に関しましては、SEGA IDサポートのお問い合わせ窓口にて



      "ragequit"…..or i try a new account?

    4. They temporarily suspended your account because your password was apparently mistyped multiple times in an attempt to gain access into your account. Contact them with your SEGA ID (in japanese) if this wasn't you.

      tl:dr temp ban, needs contacting, else new account/rage.

    5. so… i dont unterstand…. when i connect with VPN i dont fail me password but.. is no about IP change? because this morning i dont fail me password or…?

    6. What's error did u get before you get banned?

      Maybe there's 2 case :
      1. You have your password invalid for several times
      2. Usually for the first time you use VPN, you will be asked for email aunthetication… you will need to check your email… when you try to login again, there will be a box to insert text… that is NOT a box for password, that's for email aunthentication… Failing this several times can cause temporary ban… if you didnt receive email, SEGA explained there's some error with sending email aunthetication…

    7. You're right… My fault for not being patient now the results are… i got error 816 right after the ship select… for using a vpn.

      All my hope has suddenly gone away… even though some might say is temporary untill you countact sega support but i'm not japanese neither speak any of it so… i can think of saying good bye to all my team mates and whishing them good luck for next.

    8. Hey Chaton. I believe you're in Europe too, right?

      Anyway I'm a little lost now. I've been able to play again during the last two weeks and just now, the game gives me the Error Code 249 again. I don't understand. I hope it's not coming back again like last time… I guess I'll wait a little before seeing what a VPN is up to.

    9. Yes i'm from France.
      I dont know what's going on with them…
      I get 816 error code at the screen then i've sent an inquiry (full japanese) asking what's the matter.They've replied this :

      Thank you very much for your continued support of SEGA patronage. First, regarding the information from this window, that it becomes the correspondence of only Japanese, so thank you for your note. With regard to the SEGA ID that I received your report, since the act in violation of the "Terms of Use" is confirmed, I was allowed to perform the corresponding stop use. It should be noted that, even if I have any questions about the future this matter, that I can not support us, please understand. ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ sender SEGA SEGA ID support mail: [email protected] business hours: From 10:00 7:00 pm (our designated holiday excluding) and confirmation of announcements ▼ SEGA ID management page SEGA ID-related, you can change procedures, such as various types of registration information on your own. ▼ In the case of the Contact Us Frequently Asked Questions of SEGA ID, please check here first. ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ※ Please refrain from unauthorized reproduction of this email

      From what i know now.. i dont have any access to the sega website when i type in my ID and pass i really start worrying now :'(

    10. You some how got banned, but you won't get support because your not connect to PSO2 from within Japan.

  102. Error 249 – サーバーへ接続することができませんでした。
    Unable to connect to the server – Please wait a while, then try connecting again. Please contact Technical Support if this error happens constantly.

    The server sometimes spits out this error instead of 649 during maintenance, but it can also be received if your connection/speed are not enough to fully connect to the server. Make sure you are connected to the Internet, the servers are up, your wireless strength is good or better if applicable, and try again


    1. Ah that explains my question then on the general chat, thanks for sharing, I guess I'll wait it out and give this game a rest in the meantime.

  103. Saturday, June 28 @ 19:00 JST already passed, as its 11:30 EDT Saturday 28th in US East Coast, and its 12:30 am in Japan Sunday now. I wonder if we have to wait on Ricardo to put the translated update on the game's status here for now.

    1. Hi. Let hope this all resolves, a new player could not even play… one that I helped get the game all installed, patched etc.

  104. Morning guy , i hear you guy using VPN , well for me i not using it , because too many risky -dangerous. I just check the tweaker and still say all server are offline, and to double check i use the normal launcher still say to me error 107. So i guess i have to wait for them to fix it up, since we have wait untill this long.

  105. All we need is patience. the servers isnt even 100% yet, and no region were banned as a result of the ddos attacks, nuff said

    1. the game itself is fixed. but not for outside japan of course. if you're outside japan you're not one of their concern.

    1. @erza, you would need to use a vpn and another new account, this is because you will switch ur ip and u will need to do the email stuff which is bugged atm, so i recommend u to make another acc and play with the vpn or wait.for the server to be stable (there aren't lot of ppl right now)

    2. I tried a vpn. Didn't work, unless I'm using it wrong. And I can't have a third account at my computer. My brother has one too. I'll have to wait. Miss you guys lol.

    3. the email stuff isn't always bugged, I logged into my account, got sent the mail (I use gmail btw) and then just put the code in 🙂

  106. Everyone please wait a little. Don't even bother touching PSO2. Just wait until they report back saying everything is fully restored to its original stable position. ^_^

  107. Okay, I'll have to say be careful using Free VPN like Softether and Vpngate… My friend also got his ID banned temporarily… Just stay chill from PKO right now… I think it's currently not welcoming gaijins until server stabilize…

    1. How do you know it's just temporarily, is it written it is?

      Anyway I guess I'll wait too… Dunno if it is a good sign – Or just here, or everybody has the same thing – but now the Tweaker doesn't sets an ERROR line during "checking PSO2 updates". as it does since last week.

  108. Listen I'm not trying to get anyone's hopes up, but I been using PN all weekend and got in . Well about 20 minutes I logged in without VPN and got in . I did it like 5 times. Without the VPN I wasn't able to get on till just a few minutes ago. . But I have done this 5 times without VPN. IM in Florida . SO there is definatly no IP ban if I'm getting in without VPN .

    1. I'm also Florida and I still can't get in, but you must not be Time Warner/Bright House Networks?

    2. Yeah no worry guys, well at least the people in America can log, if you cant and are getting 107 error just kepp opeing launchere eventually will pass since servers still have some issues but i ciuld play just fine for hrs.

    3. so if we can log in, i can't sign in for some reason. Error 249, what am i suppose to do?

  109. I'm in Florida as well, still not able to connect to the site, works with VPN but I wasn't asked to verify my location via email code either.

  110. I just downloaded game for first time and keep getting a 249 error when I try to log in with sega id and password whats this error

    1. its IP block/ban that's what 249 is. I encounter it alot since they have SEA version and im from SEA territory sad to say i have to use a VPN just to play =(

    2. It's not an IP block. It's Sega using a terrible ISP. Please do your research as some other people have. Sega is currently using which is using some weird connection of sorts. Although by this point it's safe to say that it's practically an unofficial IP ban. Just hope your ISP fixes whatever the problem is or Sega switches to a more reliable ISP which seems unlikely >.> (This is the source This is my first time posting here.

    3. Not to mention, its been on going for a while since the DDoS started, but I hope access for AT&T/SBC Global will be restored soon.

    4. it's technically not an IP block as what you have said. since it's a countermeasure for the DDoS.

      but i think they specifically chose for this purpose as a security. the issue is fixed inside japan, and that is their goal. it doesnt matter if foreigners dont get in.

      and the one who can fix this looks more like rather than anyone else. but i dont think would try to do anything for foreigners as well. VPN looks more like a valid choice.

  111. well i dunno if that's been said before or not, but some EU countries can connect just fine without VPN (i can myself, so i know its true ^^) so…stop talking ip bans and whatnot and just wait , and try to not waste your account by over-using VPN wrongly :/

  112. I wish I made the decision to go vpn like 2 weeks ago. Having to put up with sega's absolute crap of not getting the rewards is pissing me off.

    1. I don't know why your complaining, its not like its Segas fault they they had a ddos attack and plus we're practically playing the game illegally. I haven't played the game since the beginning of the ddos attack and i'm not complaining, you can't get mad at Sega for something like getting rewarded for something they didn't cause.

    2. it was like… 2 weeks (early july) that SEGA announced that the server is 100% working.

      at that point, if you're unable to log in, that should have been like a wake up call to use VPN already. SEGA JP wont be accomodating foreigner issues. they dont care if you try to play, but find your own way, not ask/wait for SEGA to fix it for you.
      that is the ToS you agreed on.

  113. Mad sega japan needs to fix vita game for outside japan cause I ant using a VPN. Just using a VPN gets you banned cause forgners rant supposed to you use it in the first place also mad cause I bought the game off play aisa and I gave sega 65.00 dollars of. American money to get a phisicial copy of the game cause I didn't want to download it by changing psn account to japanese this dodos hack garbage happnes and then it is fixed but only in japan and now I have a useless game that I was told works on all vitas world wide not true any more it is a lie thanks sega for messing up every thing 🙁

    1. vita is a region free console. the game is also technically region free by program but the game service is officially japan only. its your fault for buying a game outside your region.
      and no, they will probably not fix anything since its working properly in japan.

    2. It is segas problem for ling to Americans and. Hate saga for denying use. The game release for over 6 months late. So yah you don't know what your talking about so yah it should be region free on vita So as of right now I hate saga and don't like them for what. They have done

    3. The only one here with no idea what they're talking about is you. The Vita is region-free, as are all the games. The servers are based in Japan, and currently aren't announcing their status to international networks and therefore no one outside can connect to them without going through a proxy. Sega never lied to anyone, they just aren't responsible for any customers outside Japan. Don't like it? Guess what, it's in the Terms of Use, so put your big boy panties on and deal with it.

    4. Sorry guys I understand what's going on now thanks for the info Clotho for explaining. The server issue and all sorry everyone for what I said can you for give me guys please :3

    5. 1) The DDoS protection measures are there to protect everyone, not just Sega, they are having trouble with the servers as well.
      2) The entirety of your $65 did not go towards Sega.
      3) There is no proof a VPN will get you banned.
      4) They are not denying use, your ISP is blocking the connection, do a tracert if you don't believe me.
      5) Learn English
      6) You are not alone on the problem
      7) Don't whine about something when you know (or were supposed to know) that the game is Japanese Based and they didn't intend on having foreign IPs connect.
      8) Just because the Vita is region free doesn't mean you should abuse it in that sense.
      9) The Vita version is free with a JP PSN account
      10) Sega don't offer support outside of Japan as it is a Japanese game.
      11) Don't be a 7 year old spoilt brat about it, the ISPs need notifying that the game is up and you cannot connect.

    6. #4 is wrong, US/EU ISPs are not blocking the connections, but instead Sega's hosting service is using an obsolete routing method which doesn't show on international networks, and therefore causing packets to stop within the country and time out, because there's no visible connection to hop to. Proof is right here:

    7. rather than obsolete, i think it was planned to be that way. yahoo isnt an obsolete company, nor is SEGA dumb enough to use an obsolete method since they didnt do such a thing for older phantasy star games.

    8. It may as well be obsolete. is using an ANCIENT connection set-up.

      So… yeah…. that forum link in Clotho' comment there says it all.

    9. lol assuming that the vpn is going to get a ban is ignorant really I have not seen any proof to back this up although so many ppl are paranoid about it

    10. i think it's more like vpn causes you to always enter "changed IP" code and people get stuck in it and then boom, temp ban where you need to call sega to raise the ban

      good as perma ban though, cause they'll know you're not inside japan. and not inside japan -> "we dont support foreigners"

    11. If you subscribe to a VPN service, that is to say, paying for it..

      You should have a static IP, which will never change as long as you pay for that particular VPN service.

  114. AT&T CUSTOMERS ARE NOW ABLE TO CONNECT ON AT&T!!! CALL YOUR ISP. Odds are they don't know about it. ATT was not aware when I called them. Tell them other ISPs in America and worldwide can and you can't. Tell them about the DDoS attacks and how the backend providers blocked it for protection but it is now safe. If they don't believe you, tell them to open their own web browser and try to go to BE NICE! You catch more flies with honey! (You're welcome fellow AT&T customers XD)

    1. thank you for clarifying this. however I cannot connect because as you said. however, I cannoyt contact the ISPs i use because they arnt mine. hence work. but finally people with AT&T can connect and its finally time to go back in without VPN.

    2. My mistake guys. I would not post if I didn't think it was fixed.

      I had successfully connected a few hours after calling att and the tech guy saying he's send something up without Softether and thought my issue I called about had been resolved. I have been on the phone with them all of today trying to get answers, and now they're all trying to tell me it's on Sega.

      Incoming hate for an honest mistake; go.

    3. Well it's not just that. Sega has to open the line between the ISPs and themsevles. They are slowly doing it, but for everyone else just wait it out. I still can't connect. Someone has contacted my ISP(Cox) and said they will establish the link as soon as Sega opens it up.

    4. wait i have at&t and its not working with mine im still getting the 107 error code

    5. That's because Idola was wrong.

      You guys need to learn to read. Or how to use a VPN.

      Either one. Possibly both.

    6. And Idola said before you posted your hate that he/she was wrong, and apologized. I think you're the one who needs to learn to read here.

    7. In the middle of a call with AT&T and they seem generally concerned with helping me get accesses. They have been helping me out for the last hour trying many different things to get accesses.. I'll update with more info after all is said and done

    8. Any updates are appreciated. Everyone I talked to fed me a line of shit after posting a false positive. Thanks in advance.

    9. Well they are talking with there advanced team about this right now after about 4 hours of on the phone telling them it's not my stuff that is the issue and them remote testing my stuff to prove to them that my stuff is not that issue. So in others words I'm on hold. so hopefully in about 30 ish min when they get back to me I should have some answers for everyone who is using AT&T as there ISP.

    10. Thanks a ton man. I feel bad after my false positive. I was super excited to tell everybody and then a couple hours later poof and I wanted to face desk so hard.

    11. Don't feel bad it was your post that made me want to call AT&T in the first place and give it a go that way. I'm focusing on trying to get them to get accesses to Once that happened getting accesses to the game should follow.

    12. Sorry was in a hurry when typing ment

      Wish me luck I'm conferencing with what they say are a few of there higher Lv tech support people right now

    13. Man does anyone know how to fix this Error 249???? I can't log in because it says the error 249 which is something with the connection. My Internet is pretty good, but I can't seem to bypass the error. Help me please, lol!

    14. For Nicco

      Either use a VPN (Virtual Private Network), or contact your ISP and talk with them about the issue.

      That's all you can do.

      Either that or just don't play.

  115. So I have good news for all players with AT&T for there ISP. What it boils down to is they are going to call Sega of Japan and get themselves connected again because as many people have stated ISPs outside a ranged area of japan haven't reconnected with , but they can reconnect to them once they put the call in to Sega. They also told me I should be receiving a call back from AT&T tomorrow morning. If I don't get a call back they gave me a case ID number I can use when I call them back around noon tomorrow to get the whole story of what's going on/ what will be happening in the near future. Hope this helps a lot of people calm down a bit. 🙂

    1. hey! When they've been reconnected can you tell me and send me proof that it worked? (like the tracerroute or something) My ISP says they need this before being able to go further into this problem: an another company outside of japan who can connect to the server and the proof. If I get that they will be able to reconnect also 😀 Thanks if you do it ;P

  116. Just wanted to let everyone know, without a doubt, 100% certainty that it is NOT A REGION/IP BAN! I have use VPN to login to game, using Japan server. and decided to try using aa differnt location ( I tried One in Boston, Massachusettes) It's in america, right? I verify ip address at and it says my Internet service provider is (Myvpn client) Not my actualy isp. (which happens to be charter) When it says sharter, i cannot launch game. No matter what region i connect to on vpn client, It launches and game plays no isues. if it were a region ban, ip ban, amercia ban (lol) It wouldn't let me access game, correct? Im only passing this info along as a friend in Japan told me about this site, and i tested it, and confirmed it. It will NOT work with free VPN software (such as SoftEther) as they do not use a "isp" they merley cnnect you to the Ip address you choose. If your Isp isnt fixing your isuue ( iknow mine sure aint) Gotaa pony up some money and just pay for Vpn service. Some ofer a dedicated Ip address, one you will ALWAYS get, unique to you ( so you dont have to worry about using multiple ip addresses…even thoguh its 100% fine.) When it xomes to logging into game, those ip addreses in our login history are for your eyes only… sega never sees these. Im not sure Why people are so worried about multiple ip addresses, as its perfectly normal for you rIP address to change slightly (usually the last three digits) Especially if you have dynamic Ip address. Most services provide dynamic ip to protect your connection for havkers and whatnot. Anyways, I hope this info has helped ease people's minds. Good luck! And see you all (hopefulluy) after miantenace. I would try the amazon method…but it seems extremely risky, especialy since you have to fake a Japan Address to sign up. Not a good long-term strategy if you ask me !

    1. im using amazons VPN, got my own IP address. I didnt need to fake an Address to sign up, just had to select the location for the ip address. its free for a year and 1.2 cents for every hour after that. its my first Real VPN iv had to set up. looks legit and has run great for me. i followed a guide i got off reddit to set it up as i dont know crap about the specifics. was easy

    2. it was never an IP ban in the first place, it's (which most foreign isp lands to in japan) not sending the connection properly to that's the main issue (though it's not sure if this was deliberate or coincidence) and SEGA doesnt have to do anything since the game is working properly in japan. SEGA JP doesnt have any obligations outside japan, remember?

      it's just that majority of foreign access dont want to pay for VPN, period.
      their loss, IMO.

  117. Deogi, can you please send me proof (i.e the traceroute) and which country you're from please? When I called my ISP they said that before they put more work into this they will need proof that another company outside of Japan can connect to the server. Otherwise they won't do anymore testing than what they'e done nor work on it to resolve. Would be greatly appreciated. Thanks 😉

    1. Verizon connects look into psow
      Time warner works some of my friends have that net

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