PSO2 JP: Friend Invite System

The Friend Invite System is perfect for introducing friends who have never played Phantasy Star Online 2 before. With your friends, you can obtain items sold exclusively at the Badge Exchange Shop.

When you invite a friend and they reach the levels of 10 / 20 / 30 / 40, both players (you and your friend) will receive badges. If there's more than one character on your friend's account, it's whichever character reaches those levels first.


  • The player you are inviting must have not made any characters on any ship. This also counts for those who made a character and deleted them, the account must have not made any characters on any ship regardless.
  • The player you are inviting must be told your player ID and ship number before they start the process.
  • The player you are inviting must start the game on the SAME ship as you.
  • For the player being invited, you are only able to accept one invite, but you can send invites to other friends any number of times.


Step 1: Send your Information

Before you invite your friend, in the start menu after logging in and choosing a ship, there is a new menu called "お友達招待システム" it is the THIRD menu in this window at the time of this writing. You will see a window pop up as the screenshot above. This new menu shows your Player ID and Ship number in yellow font.

Tell your Player ID and Ship Number to your friend. You may copy and paste these numbers and email them to your friend. Press the blue left button to copy this information automatically.

It should come out something like this:




Step 2: Registration

This step is performed by the player who was invited. Log into the same ship as the person inviting you.

After you sign on you will see a menu similar to the one in Step 1.
Press the top option "キャラクター選択" to choose a character,
then choose キャラクターの新規作成 to create a new character.

You will soon see a window similar to the screenshot above in Step 2. Copy your friend's PlayerID as-is (the string of numbers they sent you), and paste them into the box. Press the left blue button 決定 on the bottom of this screen. You will then start the Character Creation process. You can use this guide if you need help getting through, read from top to bottom.


Step 3: Invite Confirmation

This step is intended for both players. You will receive an in game email informing you that the invite has been established.


Getting Badges

Check the Storage Box in the lobby and select "運営倉庫" Admin. Storage.

When your friend reaches the levels of 10 / 20 / 30 / 40, you will receive a mail informing you of the accomplishment. An Arks badge will now be sent to your administrator storage. First select 受け取り専用倉庫 Receipt Storage then select 運営倉庫 Administrator Storage. This guide will show you the steps you need to reach that menu.


The Badge Exchange Shop is near the Recycle Shop.


Item List

The Badge Exchange Shop Item list

Trade the アークスバッヂ青 Arks Badges (Blue) you received to acquire exclusive items.



  • ブレイド・ボール Blade Ball (WL) 5 Badges
  • フリィバイパー Fury Viper (La) 5 Badges
  • ソリッドストレート Solid Straight (Tl) 5 Badges
  • クリーンブラシ Clean Brush (PZ) 4 Badges



  • カンカン帽A Straw Hat A (4 Badges)
  • カンカン帽B Straw Hat B (4 Badges)
  • シニヨン飾り Chignon Decoration (3 Badges)
  • ファニーリボン Funny Ribbon (3 Badges)



  • 白ハチマキ White Head Band (3 Badges)
  • 赤ハチマキ Red Head Band (3 Badges)
  • ゴーグル Goggle (3 Badges)
  • ぐるぐるメガネ Dizzy Glasses (2 Badges)
  • ハートメガネ Heart Glasses (2 Badges)
  • スターメガネ Star Glasses (2 Badges)
  • 獲得経験値+50% EXP + 50% (2 Badges)
  • 獲得メセタ+50% Meseta + 50% (2 Badges)
  • レアドロップ倍率+50% Rare Drop Boost + 50% (1 Badge)


New Registration Campaign

To coincide with this system update, all those who register for a new PSO2 account during the campaign period will receive a Crappy Mini Doll.

Campaign Period

  • September 12th ~ October 3rd 2012.

Campaign Prize

  • Rappy Mini Doll (Room Item)

Item Distribution

  • Late October


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