PSO2 JP: Maintenance, Patch, and Pre-Patch (6/5/2013)

This week, PSO2 will be undergoing maintenance at a slightly earlier time.

Weekly Maintenance

  • June 5th @ 9:00 ~ 17:00 JST
  • June 4th @ 8:00 PM ~ 4:00 AM EDT

Maintenance Contents

  • Perform various adjustments to the servers.

Patch Version

  • Launcher Version 01.07.05
  • PC/Vita Client ver. 1.0501.2

Patch Size

  • 23MB (PC)

Pre-Patch Schedule

PC players can download the June 12th update ahead of schedule.

  • June 5th @ 9:00 JST (835MB)
  • June 10th @ 15:00 JST (497MB)

Patch Notes

Campaign Rewards Distributed Today

  • Players Survey
  • Register Friend Campaign
  • Client Order Campaign 9
  • Arks Museum Character Portrait Winners
  • Use Fun and Get Items Campaign

Please note, due to a bug, the Rose Bouquet Weapon Camo will be distributed at a later date.

Players who have cleared Stage 40 of the Tundra and Mechs Extreme Quest by May 29th will receive three Heart Key catalyst at the visiphone.

Emergency Quest announcements will make it easier to know which planet is the intended target.

One-time Passwords can now be used when logging onto the servers.

Corrected a bug where you may not be able to advance after clearing a stage in Extreme Quests

Corrected a bug where the mimic lobby action could not be performed in the Panis Repca outfit

Corrected a bug where items with level 3 special abilities did not drop in the City Advance Quest.


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