PSO2 Live Broadcast #39 Recap

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Check out the Sapporo recap for more information on the new pets and gathering system.

39 Present Set

Secret Phrase

  • Say なにわたろう in chat to receive:
    • Stability Roll (×1)
    • Single Pancake +2 (×1)
    • Stamina Cookie +2 (×1)
  • The phrase can be said at any point in time, as long as it is done before March 2nd's Maintenance.
  • The prizes will be distributed at a later date.


Feb EQ Boost Poll

EQ Boost Poll

  • Progeny of the Apocalypse (+150% Rare Drop / EXP Boost)
  • Extra +10% Boost for attending the video event.
  • February 20th @ 22:00 JST after the Arks Manzai Video.



White Day Event

March Update

  • White Day Lobby (~3/23)
  • A Boisterous White Day 2016 (~4/6)
    • You're gonna fly SKY HIGH
    • Seiga and Quotz type weapons will drop.
    • Defeat the special prefixed named Quartz Dragon to receive a new ★13 weapon! This weapon is a bullet bow known as Aste Unicorn. Its potential gives it increased damage when HP is above 30%. Certain classes will be given the opportunity to equip this weapon outside of Braver.
  • White Day Bingo (~4/6)


Gathering Update 1

March Update

  • Check out this post for new information added today.


Seven 11 2016 Campaign

March Update

  • Seven Eleven Oracle Store (~6/8)
  • Seven Eleven will appear on the Tokyo Field (~6/8)
  • Purchase Seven Eleven collaboration items by spending 711 FUN points.


March Improvements'

March Improvements

  • New Premium Drinks that boost Rare Drop and EXP rate.
  • Obtain the "Last Minute Roll" (Girigiri Roll) at the Pet Lab
    • Costs 2 Photon Spheres.
    • When the pet suffers damage and their HP is low, there's a slight chance to recover HP.
  • Trade in multiple items at the Recycle Shop.
  • Border Piercing Blade as the Level Up Quest (~3/23)
  • Support Partners can now wear Layered Costumes.


Planet Explorer AC Scratch

March Update

  • Planet Explorer AC Scratch
  • Gatherer and "Casual Braver" themed Layered Costumes and Parts.
  • Trade in Ragol Memories for PSO posters.


EP 4 Story Board Events

March Update

  • Even more Story Board events and we're not even on Chapter 2 yet.
  • Introducing, the "notorious" Hagito, voiced by Kenichi Suzumura.
  • Enga, man of many mysteries and brother of Hitsugi.  Voice: Yoshimasa Hosoya.


Cherry Blossom Lobby

Late March Update

  • Sakura Lobby and Arks Ship Competition Event!
  • Sakura Lobby (~4/6)
  • The ARKS Ball transforms into the Sakura Ball.
  • Arks Ship Competition (Sakura Cup)
    • Ships are split up into 4 Groups.
    • New Prizes available


Star Shef Galaxy Scratch

Late March Update

  • Star Chef Galaxy AC Scratch
  • Cook uniforms from Franca's Cafe!
    • Kyleion Repca. (Another NPC who looks similar to PSNova's Hyperion)
  • Tensei Uniforms and other uniforms released on the overseas version.


EP 4 Chp 2

Late March Update

  • Episode 4: Chapter 2
  • Hitsugi and Al are ambushed by Phantoms again.
  • What is going on in the real world?


PSO2es New Chapter

PSO2es Emergency Quests Temporarily Suspended

  • EQs will be suspended at least until Early March.

PSO2es March Update

  • Story Quest: Chapter 3
  • 2 years have passed since chapter two, making it around the same time as Episode 4.
  • Jeané will appear in a new costume, and the stage will take place on Planet Wopal.


PSO2es New Chara

PSO2es March Update

  • Haruka Yoshimura will provide the voice of "Anette," a calm and collected Newman girl.



PSO2es March Update

  • Suddenly a new adversary appears! "Dante" will be voiced by Toshiki Iwasawa.


PSO2es Update

PSO2es Update

  • New weaponoid chips will be arriving in the future.
  • New PA Chip: Diffuse Shell EX
  • New 12 star Weaponoid Chip: Motav Prophecy


Chip Illust Contest Winners

PSO2es Chip Illustration Contest

  • Toki (Rulyra) and Singi (Overtail) have won the grand prize in the Chip Illustration Contest.
  • These will appear as Weaponoid chips in PSO2es in the future.


PSO2 Animation OST

PSO2 The Animation Original Soundtrack

  • Release Date: April 6th
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    • PSO2 Anime Wall Seal
    • Juke Box
    • Potential Ability (Music Disc)
    • Day after day (Music Disc)
    • Saver (Music Disc)
    • R. Defensive – Animation- (Music Disc)
    • -Animation- (Music Disc)
    • Days (Music Disc)
    • Spark Joy (Music Disc)
    • Tension (Music Disc)


PSO2 Soundtrack Vol 4 Slide

PSO2 Original Soundtrack Vol. 4

  • On Sale: April 13th, 2016.
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    • Floating Facility (Music Disc)
    • Kuronia (Music Disc)
    • Naberius Ultimate (Music Disc)
    • Lillipa Ultimate (Music Disc)
    • Harukotan Inside Double (Music Disc)
    • Magatsu Battle 1 (Music Disc)
    • Magatsu Battle 2 (Music Disc)
    • Mining Base: Demise 1 (Music Disc)
    • Mining Base: Demise 2 (Music Disc)
    • Challenge Quest (Music Disc)


PSO2 Ep3 Materials Col

Episode 3 Settings Material Collection

  • Contains concept art and illustrations, and explanations of the story and characters.
  • Item Codes include:
    • Omnis Blue F and Omnis Blue M Costumes.
    • Xiao Hair
    • Living On Like Stars Music Disc
    • Episode 3 Visual Posters and Settings Material Cover Poster.
    • Episode 3 Visual Mat and a Salon Pass.
  • On Sale: March 23rd, 2016.


PSO2 The Animation Vol 2 Bonus Item code

PSO2 The Animation Vol 2 Blu-ray / DVD Item Codes

  • Master Nezumi Repca & Orga Cats Repca
  • Master Nezumi Voice & Orga Cats Voice
  • Master Nezumi Tail & Master Nezumi Ears
  • Orga Cats Tail & Orga Cats Ears
  • Crying Mole and Cat Whiskers
  • Plainclothes Itsuki [Ba]
  • Plainclothes Rina [Ba]
  • Rina's Ribbon and Rina Hair 2
  • PSO2 Anime Vol. 2 Poster



711 Collaboration

Seven Eleven Collaboration

  • 7-11 Prepaid Card Bonuses
    • 7-11 T-Shirt Basewear
  • 7 Spot Bonuses
    • Sukunahime and Kotoshiro 711 themed Costumes and Accessories.
    • Shironian Suit 711
  • Pouch Jelly Bonuses
    • Drink Jelly Lobby Action.


Sega Lucky Kuji Matoi

Sega Lucku Kuji 711

Sega Lucky Kuji ~ Matoi Compilation

  • Sega Lucky Kuji is like a real-life AC scratch where you win prizes by drawing a ticket out of a box.
  • Two special items among the prize list are the Innocent Cluster style Matoi figurine and a Matoi Basewear figurine. Good luck trying to get these outside of Japan. You'll probably need a proxy shipping service.


PSO2's New Opening!

Late April Update

  • PSO2 New Opening!

May Update

  • New Boss: Phantom Battleship Yamato


EP 4 DX Package Box Art

EP4 DX Package 4 20

Episode 4 Deluxe Package

  • Releasing on PS4/PC/Vita on April 20th, 2016.
  • Item Codes include:
    • PSO2 Itsuki & RINA's Costumes, Hairstyles, and Voices.
    • Itsuki and RINA Weapon Camo Set
    • Rappy Egg ☆10
    • Music Disc: PSO2 Main Theme Ver 5
    • 30 Day Premium Set
    • 100 SG Ticket.
    • 1000 FUN Ticket, Color Change Pass, Free Salon Pass


Chara Create Demo 229

Episode 4 Character Creation Demo

  • See how your PC handles [Tier 6] graphics!
  • Releasing February 29th, 2016!

97 thoughts to “PSO2 Live Broadcast #39 Recap”

  1. Aah… Too bad "es" wasn't released on Windowsphone… Don't think trying will work.

    Anyway, I don't really care about the place and the caractère but I still hope something big on the Story.

  2. The new PSO2 opening makes me a cringe a little. Why a ship of all things, and on top of that why the hell are post ww2-styled planes and cannons (not even sci-fi) blowing up a mechanized advanced futuristic A.I.S. literal Gundam that is used to fight darkers. The cringe is real 🙁


      – "Space Battleship Yamato" reruns confirmed public menace
      – Kancolle collab confiiirmt 8|

      …and leaving that aside I'm kinda suspecting withstanding 127, 155 and *460* mm artillery, no matter how dated, wasn't exactly part of the AIS design specs…

    2. Where did you live all this time?
      There is more than Laser / Beam in Gundam you know
      and it existed since long ago

    3. Uh, more like; what kind of backwards logic is that?

      Phantoms? give me a break. The darker's are more menacing, threatening, and powerful than some lame train ghidorian that can't catch you for half a minute.

      Since when did these phantoms suddenly become stronger than an A.I.S. robot? So unrealistic it makes me cringe. The entire trailer is literal hype to make it seem cooler, but it only looks lamer when your big cool A.I.S is literally blown to pieces by a weak tiny WW2 plane that couldn't even damage it with gunfire.

      Of course you're gonna fight a giant ship on foot, as seen by the end of the trailer, instead of your A.I.S because who needs efficiency and logic? Basic common sense, just use it.

    4. > unrealistic

      goofy pls. And while as of yet we haven't exactly been told wtf Phantoms actually *are*, should be pretty safe to assume they're something reasonably similar to Darkers. In practical terms they certainly would appear to interact identically with ARKS combat tech so eh – and if Exoda are to judge by, AIS have some problems with "corrupted" technology. (Going by the relative readiness with which they perish if you actually let the bigger Darkers hit them, it would rather seem mobility and firepower were prioritised well above armour in their design anyway.)
      And in the case you forgot Phantom vehicles will quite cheerfully dramatically reconfigure their weapons on the fly (*cough*Type15*cough*) and in general aren't exactly faithful replicas of their inspirations – or how many actual road rollers have you seen spinning around like that? Also relevant:

      FWIW the armament loadout of the real "Zero" included a pair of 20 mm autocannon, not unusual for period warplanes. Given what the Phantoms do with humble *construction equipement* it oughta be quite safe to assume whatever the birds are spitting out is NOT standard-issue Forties shells…

    5. Wow a type 15 how scary. Easy enough to beat without needing A.I.S. But a ww2 plane apparantly has more raw power than a more modernized tank that's not even part of the ridiculous post-era scheme.

      Whatever happened to the AIS laser and the fact the AIS mobility more than makes up for its lack of armor. If the AIS can handle darkers abuse then it can handle a tiny stupid plane.

      Trailer hype is alright if done well, like if that battleship transforms and shoots lasers and stuff, or the fact that those planes turn into deadly guided missiles or advanced fighters. Either way ridiculously hyping a trailer by blowing AIS to bits with something like that is just plain lame.

      If anything the worst part was them fighting a ship on foot at the end of the trailer ( i hope that's not an accurate depiction since the other trailers seem to more or less follow that). Yeah good luck fighting a massive ship with cannons without an AIS, totally efficient and logical.

      There's not even enough information on phantoms to make them seem like some sort of "scary" dangerous threat like darkers are. Give me a break; you're fighting rats, crows, and zombie looking dudes with lame pistols and batons? seriously? Thats supposed to be omgscarydangerous? Oh i'm sorry i should give T-Rex a little bit of credit, and Tanks and modernized Helicopters some more credit since they are a bit stronger, but not by much sadly. Don't forget those road rollers trying to run you over or toss a chunk of concrete at you, totally more dangerous than a dark rinze or some other massive boss shooting giant lasers and balls of death.

      I'll reserve my judgement for now until the update comes out, but the trailer is pretty meh compared to the other trailers. Even Magatsu trailer is way cooler.

    6. > Darkers
      > scary threat

      lolno.jpg; also, Vibrace has like the worst ratio of impressive appearance to actual effectiveness *ever* and in the practical tower-wrecking job is readily outperformed by any random Goldrahda swarm or lone Decol. It's downright pathetic in an "anti-infantry" role which gets amply demonstrated in both the Mining Bases and at least two story quests.

      And kindly take off your AIS fanboi glasses for long enough to recall that the aforementioned Goldrahdas, which are basically [Apprentice]'s line infantry for the Mining Base battles, will *kick that mech to pieces* in rather short order if you let them. The diverse boss and miniboss Darkers will also rather readily scrap it if you're dumb enough to eat their attacks.
      Basically stop talking like AIS were MBT analogs because they demonstrably aren't. Conceptually they seem roughly analogous to modern heavy armoured cars like Sagaie or Centauro – very fast, lots of gun, made of paper as far as any serious hit is concerned. Which makes sense enough since they're mainly used as "infantry support" platforms against what mainly consists of lots and lots of infantry analogs; they probably get thrown at Maggy and now Phantom!Yamato more because they're readily available and the field ops are familiar with their use than because they're particularly well suited for such tasks.

      And if they retain the dimensions of their historical inspirations those "tiny" planes have fuselages roughly twice the size of an AIS, and wings on top of that. Being Phantoms they roubdly thumb their noses to mere material physics anyway and, given that they're associated with the Yamato manifestation (presumably a power surge in the Magatsu order of magnitude), are probably filled to bursting with whatever bizarro energy it now is that the Phantoms run on.
      That they can do a number on AISes, nevermind now on their figurative "home ground" ie. aerial fight, should not be at all surprising.

      Also if the Yamato EQ will involve dismounted boarding action (presumably to get at some kind of "power core" inside) after the thing's been immobilised, well. You know all those big guns that'll no doubt happily blast your fancy-pants AIS into so much tinfoil? They're going to be utterly useless against infantry running about the deck.

    7. You obviously didn't finish the video, after the logo you can see AIS battling against planes and Yamato, not only going by foot and no, phantoms are not that simple since they are pretty much photons

    8. What's really cringe worthy is the logo.
      That PSO 15th anniversary logo should NOT be used on crap like that.
      It's offensive to PSO.

      Apparently, anything in the "real" world is stronger than things in a "game".

      > Can handle being sliced by itself.
      > Can handle giant beetle pincers which are obviously sharp.
      > Can't survive being rammed into by a tiny plane half it's size.
      But, they did take the time to show the AIS are impervious to normal bullets!

      Pretty sure Falz energy is far above "alien phantom cells", which is just darkers V2.
      -foie techniques are more likely to cause an AIS to explode.

      Those exploding Darkers are more likely to cause an AIS to explode.
      Somehow, these two types of explosive forces are below phantoms.

    9. They apparently forgot to consult with Prof. Literally Who from Internet university on how exact power rankings go between mystical earth ghosts and evil space goblin hivemind, and how they usually penetrate armor structure of a flying thingamajig. Without accurately illustrating all these nuances in a halfminute video, there is no way we can allow displaying a sacred cow 15th anniversary logo.

    10. Nah, what's really cringeworthy is your comment. Especially this part "That PSO 15th anniversary logo should NOT be used on crap like that. It’s offensive to PSO.", haha.

      Also, do you even know about, uhh, dramatisation? I bet when the EQ get launched later, your AIS can take some hits from those cannon or kamikaze plane before going down.

    11. Honestly, the huge large cannons being strong i can understand, but i felt a little bit of me die inside when i saw a tiny plane basically turn a large robot into little tiny pieces.

      People replying aren't even realizing the player to AIS size ratio. Ever stood beside a player in an AIS and took a picture? Now imagine those Planes maybe double the players height and longer. Still not even close to being half the AIS size.

      Either way the Hype trailer wants to blow up an AIS so i guess it will. My AIS has taken abuse from huge bosses, from infested AIS, from magatsu and still lived. But i guess a tiny play with turn it into special effect particles for fun.

    12. AIS are maybe 3-5 meters tall tops, eyeballing them in Mining Bases. Quoting directly from the Wiki, the historical A6M is 9.06 m long and 3.05 m tall with a wingspan of 12 meters.
      I doth believe you have NO idea how big planes actually are, even single-engine light prop fighters.

      And that you think the size of a machine has much bearing on what it can kill tells me you know preciously little about weponry. Know what a modern man-portable antitank missile I randomly picked out of the list on Wikipedia, capable of taking out sixty-ton MBTs, weighs in at?
      ~30 kilos.

    13. Did you just seriously compare a futuristic robot utilizing the photons that ARCS use to out-dated (even worse than modern) antique looking weaponry? Just that logic alone is flawed. Ok lets take something that is from the future and put it up against something antique and see what wins. Its like trying to see if a ww2 era tank can beat a modernized military tank. Good luck with that i guess.

      Would it kill to use a little more logic and realism to what is being compared? The whole idea that some useless hunk of metal essentially can outmatch something sci-fi is ridiculous and a failed debate point.

    14. I wonder at which point you completely forgot the part where the Phantoms aren't exactly normal machinery (they probably aren't even normal *matter* come think of it) and routinely commit any number of violations of common sense and natural laws.

      Also not seeing why you're confusing what a given Phantom manifestation *looks like* with what it *is* and *can do*. Ones that look like WW2 hardware aren't going to have any more in common with the real deal than the T-Rexes that poke their damn skulls outta their chest to shoot ghostly pew pew lazors at you.

    15. No because it's battleship Yamato. Mabey not for Americans, but Yamato is kind of overpowered in mentality of most Japanese. If phantoms manifest through the fears of people, then for Japan, WW2 caused a lot of it, and this super powered Yamato is probably expected as the big boss for Earth [Japan]. (Also, think of all the WW2 collabs you can justify now without it being out of place)

      That said, I don't think an A.I.S. would enjoy getting hit by Yamato's 46cm guns regardless of whether its boosted by phantoms or not. Modern 21st century warships wouldn't enjoy that in real life either.

      Of course, Zero fighters are essentially on the same boat as Yamato, despite later Japanese planes being much better.

    16. I guess that probably makes sense. Battleship itself has large cannons and logically it makes more sense. The only real issue was because most past trailer were actual depictions of the literal gameplay, not just a CG trailer (example: magatsu trailer), so i'm not too fond of the idea of having some small kamikazi plane 1-OH-KO an AIS.

      Well either way we'll see when the update gets here, and all the nonsense aside, is there gonna be actual flying in the air with an A.I.S.? or is that just CG dramatization? Seems like a cool concept either way. AIS as they are right now can fake fly through the air by just floating high or low and strafing from side to side or circling.

    17. Like-I-said those "small" planes are nine meter long and three meters tall if they're faithful replicas. Historical combat weight was to the tune of 2.7 tons incidentally; even *without* Phantom shenanigans that's not really something you'd want to have high-speed collisions with…

      Also that's a literal opening cinematic. I recommend you rewatch the three-four ones already in the game and momentarily ponder upon how much relation those have with the actual gameplay.

    18. All you're ever saying is pure speculation you know? You need to provide some good proof before presenting your conclusions. Unfortunately Proof does not even exist since EP4 is still new and the story is still ongoing.

      Please stop comparing real world stuff to in-game, that's not how it works. Historical replica's and whatever doesn't mean you break the game's inner logic. Each game has it's own logic and what makes sense to the world it belongs to. When you introduce something new, you have to make sense of it or explain why it does what it does.

      Pure speculation with no proof will never make sense or even be close to accurate or factual. Darkers make more sense as it is than phantoms because phantoms don't even make sense yet to begin with. Also if you even played through EP4 (don't want to spoiler for those who didn't), you'll notice how photons were used to combat that phantom energy thing at that one part of the story.

    19. – "Did you just seriously compare a futuristic robot utilizing the photons that ARCS use to out-dated (even worse than modern) antique looking weaponry? Just that logic alone is flawed."
      – "Please stop comparing real world stuff to in-game, that’s not how it works. Historical replica’s and whatever doesn’t mean you break the game’s inner logic."
      Presumably said by the same person.

    20. MMM i think its ok to compare real world stuff to in game stuff when some of the in game stuff is based on real world stuff. The AIS are not invincible obviously and can get destroyed by bombs. A plane like that is obviously going to do major damage and act like a bomb to a mech even with photon energy. plus if you add momentum and shit to it your gonna see the same result. Now this is speculation but i would think the company that provides the Internet is using photons to create the phantoms.

    21. I'm pretty sure someone here isn't even reading what is posted at him anymore. And if he is he really needs to work on his reading comprehension.

      As far as "game's inner logic" goes, circa three-meter Goldrahdas can and will *kick your AIS to pieces*. That a high-speed midair collision with a nine-meter Phantom aircraft (which likely can augment its kamikaze imitation with whatever heavy wizardry it now runs on to boot) totally wrecks your shit would… appear quite logically and internally consistent?

      I'm honestly not really seeing what your major malfunction is here. Those little bomb-bugs Gia occasionally spits out towards the towers in Demise already do grossly disproportionate damage to AISes; sure takes some pretty selective sensibilities if far larger Phantom thingamajigs going all kamikaze and one-shotting the tin cans (in an *opening cinematic* no less) rustles your fanboi jimmies.

    22. If Magatsu trailer is "actual gameplay" then we´re mising that Jetboots giant spinning wheel of death PA that slices its arm (do want).

      People seem to forget that >>MAYBE<< (yes maybe, have not read enough info yet so im guessing) phantoms are not the things possesed by space crystals (a la ELS, awakening of trailblazer) but rather 100% photon made stuff with a known shape (neuroi-like?), hence that plane kamikaze could have been just a giant photon mass with a ton of kinetic energy which could really well destroy an ais, if we can destroy exodas and gunships on foot with photon weaponry a friggin plane made of photons can rekt it by crashing into it.

      Anyways more A.I.S gameplay is always welcomed

    23. Now that you mention the spinning jet boot PA thing, that would be kinda cool, but most everything else is accurate like the guren-tessen from the base Defense trailer.

      Unfortunately people here just want to get off to their Japanese-WW2 ship fetish, something even i don't understand (seems to be some sort of huge fetish with WW2 warplanes and ships – with games like Kancolle), instead of trying to make sense of something. Then there's those who want to compare concentrate darker energy that the AIS can still handle abuse from before going down to some lame kamikaze plane that clearly doesn't go even MACH-1 speed.

      It's like over-exaggerating everything about the plane that can't even be confirmed, because again you have no proof on what these so called phantoms can even do still. On top of several facts like how at one part in Episode 4, photons were used to fight off that phantom energy thing (you'll know what i'm talking about if you played episode 4). As if an AIS that uses photons for its primary offence and defense couldn't defend itself from 1 plane, but like someone else said they did take the time to show they're immune to normal bullets (wow what an achievement!).

      But let the hype trailer continue i guess, since people want to freak out over kamikaze planes wrecking giant robots and some random battleship.

    24. "accurate like the guren-tessen from the base Defense trailer"

      It's also now clear that you're simply ignoring what other people are actually wiriting and just make up strawmen, and shit, as you go.

    25. @CHAIRO

      If you're seriously trolling right now by appearing as an "Ignoramus Rex", then you aren't really doing a good job.

      Your content is pretty much an essay about how to be a living paradox and make a mockery out of yourself in front of the possible hundreds of thousands of internet-lurkers who can pretty much take a stance against your delusional logic and impetuous self-importance.

      I'll attempt on enlightening you, so prepare for a rather sarcastic explanation with surprisingly factual evidence. I will also mark important keywords in ALL CAPS so I apologize if your already butthurt feelings will feel even more butthurt after this:

      Ever heard of "Suspension of belief"? This is a term used by creative minds and audiences alike to put aside their "IRL" logic in order to immerse themselves on a fictional work (IE. Video games, books, movies, comics, etc…)

      PSO2 is a Sci-fi game– oh shit, it has "FICTIONAL" in its category! So why do you keep insisting on comparing whatever you think is real to a FICTIONAL game? You have to think like a fictional writer to even make sense of these works. Like, forrealz.

      We don't know what Phantoms are FULLY capable of as of yet, but if you can at least play the story –and UNDERSTAND– what the fuck they're saying, you realize that these "Phantoms" are as dangerous as any darkers around the PSO2 universe. HOW IS THAT? Well you see, Hitsugi, our new generic anime waifu logged out during her encounter with that Dark-Falz-like spooky paranormal activity ghost or whatever you call it and failed to go under diagnosis in the PSO2 world for any deus-ex machina abnormalities.

      Due to our lovely generic anime waifu's recklessness, this "abnormality" inside her went rampant behind her back during her sleep and created life to these so-called "Phantoms", invading and committing mass tentacle rape throughout the planet (Oh hey, this type of behavior is similar to darkers! lolsegac).

      And now, since a threat similar to what a darker invasion looks like is causing sheer amounts of chaos AT A DIFFERENT UNIVERSE AT THAT, (Because apparently, you find out that your world is an MMO in another universe! HOLY SHIT), the ARKS went on a total marshal and actually called us, THE MOST IMPORTANT CHARACTER, to ficks this shit! (Cue Star Ocean 3 OP)

      So what can we easily conclude here? 1 + 1 = 2!!!! OMG SO SIMPLE!!!

      Phantoms = Darkers! WOWEE!!!

      So with that in mind and to answer your never-ending complaint about the Plane vs AIS thing… pay close attention to the black AIS that got destroyed during the fight: That black AIS was the most active of the team, granted it was fighting in the front lines at the beginning– so it's safe to say that the AIS might have suffered enough damage during the fight for that one Kamikaze plane to totally decimate the unit.

      Therefore, your shitty KI-100 KAWASAKI WW2 Mitsubishi Honda BS edition IRL plane logic doesn't work in this universe. ERGO, a plane of that size (It isn't as puny as you may think. Shit, were you even watching the video?), especially if infused with Phantom Energy, can actually deal a decent amount of damage to an AIS with an impact explosion. ARGO, well, just ARGO.

      Thank you, good night, and God Bless.

      PS: Will not respond to any further questions.

    26. The new intro makes me cringe a lot. And not for that reason.

      This is the intro to a game I would not play. I'm not interested in mecha vs. WWII showdowns. And I'm not terribly interested in the phantoms, either, as… they're not terribly interesting.

      But then, I suppose that's appropriate, as PSO2 Episode 4 has largely *been* a game I would not play. It's pretty telling that I still log in to the Ep. 1-3 lobby when I log in. I generally only go to Tokyo when I get a bonus key, and the only reason I've bothered with that is the rapid EXP gain and the stones I need to get the only halfway-decent-looking 13* in the game (and seriously, can Sega not make a set of energy-based TMG's that are not four feet long? I'd rather not use ancient handguns, but better those than than all the other enormously oversized 13* weapons that look completely ridiculous). The Episode 4 content has been extremely disappointing so far.

      They've implemented a lot of nice features in other ways, like My Fashion (a logical next-step from the also great My Set functionality), the layered wear (well, it's not great yet due to crappy selection, but it has the potential to be once they get past the "casual wear" kick),and… right now I can't remember the other stuff I like, but I remember running into a couple of new things and going, "Hey, that's pretty nice," so I know there are some other things I'm forgetting. But the direction they're going with the story just strikes me as awful (starting with the time skip, and Ulc being in charge of ARKS (how exactly is she qualified for this role?), and then the whole "real world" thing, and then the whole phantom thing, and then the whole lack of Matoi (having her just drop off the face of the universe with no explanation after the amount of emotional investment put into her in Episode 3 is really bad writing!), and I hate the Tokyo field design (especially the speed rings, and the Emergency Code: Quick that is nearly impossible to complete solo, and, the enclosed areas resulting in constant camera problems) well… there's lots to hate here) and the phantoms as enemies just do nothing for me (mostly because they look far more ridiculous than scary).

    27. "– weapons that look completely ridiculous."

      Dafaq are you even doing in MMOs bruh. .-.

      Also I'm still mystified by people complaining about the Phantoms being "more ridiculous than scary" – as opposed to what? The bizarro acid-trip poultry farm that is the entire bird-Darker menagerie? The unfortunate-looking pseudo insects in [Apprentice]'s minion roster? Micdas, whose primary tactic is to ferociouly fall over in your general direction?

    28. PSO2 is out on the extreme even by MMO standards when it comes to oversized weapons. Believe me, I've played lots of MMO's. When I show pictures of PSO2 13* weapons to other gamers and their response is "What.", that is kinda telling.

      Also, other MMO's give better options for dealing with it. In Blade & Soul, for example, I can take the appearance of almost any other sword in the game and apply it to my Blade Master's massively oversized weapon. Sure, PSO2 has weapon camos, but most of them suck. If I could take the appearance of my Fubuki Rinka or my Yasminkov 9000, and slap it on the 13* TMG of my choice? I'd never complain about the appearance of new weapons again.

    29. You musta been playing different MMOs – and vidya gaemz in general – than me then. Be that as it may, PSO2 actually has unusually plausible handwaving for bizarro weapon designs – the damn things operate by channeling PHOTONS, SON and are the products of a high-tech spaceborne society that casually employs antigravity for *fashion accessories* and, apparently, teleporters instead of elevators. (And ARKS field ops at least seem to be using some kind of personal pocket dimension to carry their gear…)
      Mere material science, and related concerns like mass and balance, kind of aren't going to be a salient issue in that kind of context.

    30. None of those things make bizarro weapon designs visually appealing. But you're missing my point, also. I don't care that weapons that look like that exist in the game. But I'd like to have a reasonable number of options that *don't* look like that. If someone else wants their weapon to be the size of a Volkswagen, more power to them, but *every* high-level weapon in the game shouldn't look like that.

      Or, you know, they could just give us the ability to transfer the appearance of one weapon to another like nearly every modern MMO already does, and then problem solved.

    31. *shrug* Some two decades' worth of game graphical designers would seem to disagree with you on the "visually appealing" part. And if the cross-medium prevalence of weird weapon designs is anything to judge by so would much of the consumer base.
      Note that I'm *personally* something of a hobby-level hoplologist and strongly prefer realistic-looking weapons and a certain minimalist elegance.

      I just recognise I had better shelve such aesthetic sensibilities if I want to enjoy myself around ~99% of vidya gaemz. Ergo my primary criteria with them is if the thingamajigs are *visually interesting*.

      The option to turn any weapon into a camo is something that semi-regularly gets longed after in gchat conversations and I readily agree with the sentiment. SEGA has thus far only deemed fit to allow it for a very limited (and somewhat exclusive) selection, however, so that's that.
      Make do with the more understated camos in the meantime if that's an issue.

    32. To be fair who else is qualified to be in charge of the fleet.Also they were setting her up to be in charge since her return. And for the ,Matoi thing i think she still in stasis to get rid of the darker energy in her body just like how we were in stasis

    33. If that is the case, it would be nice if they would tell us that, but even so… as a writer, it's bad writing to have a character completely disappear so shortly after they are the major emotional focus of the story.

      Also, you would think after the amount of effort my character put into rescuing Matoi, "Where is Matoi?" would be the first question out of her mouth after she came out of cold sleep.

      It probably seems more apparent to me in that regard because I just finished that quest a couple of weeks ago.

      Really, if they'd given us her new partner card after completing that story mission, it would have at least helped because there would be some feeling of her having been around in the intermediate time. But since there is very little story around actually fighting the Profound Darkness, we're instead left with this huge gap (and admittedly, this is a flaw in Episode 3 rather than Episode 4, but it carries over into Episode 4 and is still not addressed).

    34. The self-evident assumption would be that Matoi is still in the fridge, for the exact same reasons *you* were put into stasis – save with the presumably not irrelevant detail that her accumulated Darker energy almost hit the critical mass already once before and went well over it recently.
      Oughta take a bit longer for that crap to "half-life" down to safe levels in her case.

      Also, Ulc was the de facto adminstrative head of the post-Luther reformed organisation already in Ep 3 if you've forgotten. Xiao presumably considers her unflapable energy and general common sense to be well suited for the role and the "old guard", ie. the Council, seems to have no problem with this – although given the hit their prestige and credibility must have taken at the end of Ep 2 their disapproval probably wouldn't matter very much anyway.
      Tha actual day-to-day management will of course be handled by career technical specialists, as in all such things. That's what bureaucracy and organisations are *for*.

    35. In theory, ARKS is a military organization (catch the "Space Armed Forces" in one of their logos plastered in various places around the ship). Generally, the top individual in any military organization has some military experience, even if that person is currently a civilian.

      Ulc may have been qualified to act as an administrator when Shao was running the show. In his absence? That's much harder to justify.

      Also, expecting the audience to come to a particular conclusion (re: Matoi) as a "logical assumption" is *bad writing*. Period. Especially when it would take all of *two lines of dialogue* in your opening cutscene to make it explicit, if that's actually what they have in mind (which leads me to believe that it isn't what they have in mind at all, though I suppose it is possible that their writers *are* that bad).

    36. Not like Xiao can exactly boast of much "military experience" either you know, and Ulc nearly got killed in combat during her time in the ARKS support branch if you forgot. And it's not like many brilliant military organisers IRL ever actually commanded anything with more firepower than the proverbial writing desk either – plus at least a few were plum civvies who got the job solely on adminstrative (or political…) merit and were simply given suitable rank to boss around the soldiers as the job required.

      Also IIRC a major theme in the post-Luther reorganisation seemed to specifically be giving the ARKS a more "open" and transparent, "un-military", structure to avoid future instances of the kind of bullshit that went down.

    37. @RANDOM & N/A

      I think i already said what i had to say, and frankly i'm tired of talking to someone who clearly is too busy omgasming over their fetish to think for one moment. One fool writes an essay while complaining about a response calling it an "essay"; sorry but i went with TLDR your reply "essay", and the other fool wants to try to belittle others and act like an internet tough guy in-front of all "internet lurkers" our "essay" fool mentioned.

      Since the posers here take more time to try to pick apart someone's written message instead of take a minute to think about what they said before replying, i will continue to quote others who posted relevant and even logical reasons why this whole things is kinda lame-ish. But of course we're going to somehow put some half-morphed zombies, rats, crows, some tanks or helicopters and the assorted machinery to the highest danger rating well above a deadly planet buster Darker weapon (surprise surprise end of the world, also know as progeny of apocalypse emergency quest). But wow those pathetic and half-lame phantoms are more interesting and scary than darkers. interesting and amusing for how they even exist or came about maybe; but stronger, worse, capable of cracking a planet like an egg? Give me a break. Get off your hype train for a minute to just think about it and compare it to everything else in the game.

      It's more like a washed up idea since episode 1-3 is over, granted it might be that it just has enough potential to turn out to be something interesting (albeit eventually), but stop talking and acting like the internet's biggest wisest know-it-all. You're not and it's embarrassing to see such behavior.

      But don't forget the newest chapters set to release of scary phantoms 2.0 has a hot spring scene with the new cast (totally story worthy anime cliche moment). The day phantoms try to crack a planet like an egg is the day you can put them anywhere near dark Falz level of danger. Until then keep getting off to your nonsense and fetish.

      Now before an admin comes down on this comment section for toxicity i will withdraw from this argument. Too bad we couldn't have a constructive discussion on this without people acting immature and finally using slang or swearing.

    38. Chairo dude. You cannot even post under the salient message chains.

      Your 'contribution' thus far has consisted of inane whining completely beside the point, willful misunderstandings, and an acute inability to defend your arguments without wallowing in fallacies.

  3. soo wait we complete ep 4 half an all we get is a soro outfit but the ppl in jp get item codes for the mian char pso2 anime outfit voices and weapons camo plus the rappy egg 10*
    im srry but looks like to me we got the big middle finger throwing at us

    1. Honestly were not suppose to be on here in the first place (Something which I'll never understand since PSO2 isn't a PvP game, it's a PvE game), so if that's what it feels like to you, Sega won't care either way. Sorry to be blunt about it, but that's just the way it is.

      Your or anyone's best bet to get the juicy stuff is to buy the premium deluxe packages.

    2. @JIN

      PSO2 was supposed to be coming sometime in 2013 in the west, which was 2 years ago! At this point, just forget about PSO2 coming to the west.

    3. I'm not sure why you added that last part "just forget about PSO2 coming to the west", I've been playing the Japanese version for two plus years and have enjoyed every second of it!

    4. .. ToS/EULA said we are 'illegal players', so why they should care about us, gaijin?
      just be grateful they lift the ip block(except sea and taiwan region) .

    5. >lift the iP block except SEA and china

      except there never was an IP block for anywhere else. the post-DDoS problem was that sega's ISP put pso2's servers into an IP address range that was not standards-compliant and thus automatically null-routed by most ISPs in the world. and that was something that wasn't in sega's hands to fix, anyway.

    6. Because completing a basic storyline milestone is OBVIOUSLY comparable to, you know, *buying a deluxe physical sopy of the game* right. You DO realise they have absolutely no obligation to hand out any kind of extra goodies for the former in the first place…?

      I swear, these special snowflake kids and their congenital immunity to any kind of perspective.

    7. Its not like its stupidly easy to preorder the deluxe edition physical copy. Oh wait…yes it is. Hell I've had the PS4 version preordered as soon as it went up on amiami.

    8. Japan doesn't get that for free. They have to buy it, we can also buy it too. Play-Asia does sell this stuff.


      You'll have to poke around to find a PC version, also for some of them you'll have to check the original product description to find out which platform it's for.

      It's not the most intuitive, but you'll find it eventually. Course if you have a PS4 and/or Vita, it makes things MUCH easier for you, but you'll have to set up a japanese PSN account and link it to the PC version if you don't have these things already.

  4. On an entirely unrelated note, "My Boobs Are Huge" Jeané's new outfit is rapidly approaching the outright comical.

    1. Yeah. I mean, we already know this game has very few female fans and players, but how hard are they *trying* to alienate any they might have left with something like that?

  5. Oh, they already have an EP3 Materials Collection so soon? That's fantastic! The EP1&2 Materials Collection was lots of fun, and its world setting details were quite interesting. I'll definitely pick that up.

  6. Ah, the first secret phrase that isn't worth entering since all it does is take up 3 inv spaces. The end of an era.

  7. This new opening is, uh… Some kind of Gundam introduction, right? (Troll again? Ahaha.)

    Well, it's not really impressive, or explosively awesome like EP3 OP, or full or heroism like EP2 OP, or even full of "joy-memories-tears" like EP1 EP… But it's still nice, even if it doesn't reveal a lot of things. Except that… Is the world of the game really virtual? I mean… AIS are falling form the sky like if they had been launched (Like Heero at the beginning of Gundam Wing and… Oh sorry, I'm trolling again?! That was just a joke.)

    Hmm, let's wait to see it on our screens before totally judging.

    1. Here some thing to consider about the new OP:
      -Many JP player wants more of quest with AIS and maybe a customizable AIS
      -The theme of ep4 is "New Experience"
      I think that it's understandable that they put emphasis on AIS rather than the new class like the other OP.

      Also in my opinion this new OP is actually the most "explosively awesome".

    2. Hey, it's just my opinion and you don't need to agree with me. I mean, figthing Yamato the big badass battleship at that time (still lose to a carrier tho lel) using a robot! Who wouldn't be hyped for that?! Well, most of JP players is hyped for this so maybe your taste and cultural background differ too much from the target audiences.

    3. Hey man, losing to carriers (or rather their aircraft) was a perfectly legit way for a battleship to die. Effectively completely missing the Battle Off Samar due to two stray torpedoes from "tin can" destroyers and a literal wrong turn, OTOH, was just plain embarassing…

    4. I think my big problem with it is that it just doesn't feel like Phantasy Star anymore.

      Also, I like the AIS, but it's a gimmick. A cool gimmick, and pretty neat in the battles it's in… but even cool gimmicks lose their enjoyment factor if they get overused (see Batman, Arkham Knight, which is a great game, but has waaaaay too much Batmotank in it. The tank was a cool idea, but they turned something awesome into something annoying by overdoing it.)

      Bear in mind that once you're in an AIS, you're the same as every other player. Class distinctions cease to matter. Builds cease to matter. Equipment ceases to matter. That's not something you want to do too often in a game, because your players are invested in those things.

    5. It's not a gimmick.
      AIS move around more quickly than players, can fly and ( at times) do more damage than players, or at least kill things more quickly. They have their use and are implemented well based on that. In regards to that fight with magatsu where players purely use AIS, The idea is that it's a different battle pace than the players are used to. They are not even used that much, it's like 3 EQs. How are people feeling so jaded by things that are not even that relatively common? And it's not like you're completely throwing your character away. You play them in every other instance. AIS are a chance to get away from them for a bit. Also, since it puts every one on the same level, different things can be done with eqs to make them more interesting without making things uneven for players. They may even add more things you can do in an AIS which would mean more skill involved; So even with everyone having the same things, some people will just be better (Which is already the case).

      I actually think AIS fit really well with the game. There are giant space ships which hold cities pretty much. There are flying batter ships every where, there's obviously high grade technology around us yet the players have access to how much of that? Photon weps and that's about it. I'd love to see them let use pilot the flying ships and have other players attack from them. It happens all the time I pso2, just that the players can't do it.

    6. @Vierra – none of that makes it not a gimmick.

      The Batmotank had a lot of different gameplay elements, too… and it was still a gimmick.

      And I don't /want/ to get away from the character I've invested so much time and effort in. I /like/ that character. I like that gameplay. That's why I've chosen the main class that I've chosen – because I enjoy playing it.

      I didn't level my character for 75 levels each in multiple classes to ignore all of those skills and all of that equipment flying around in an ugly Gundam-wannabe mecha. If I wanted to fly a Gundam, I'd be playing Dynasty Warriors Gundam or something.

      I mean, I can enjoy it in small doses, but we're getting beyond the "small doses" point here. There's a reason that Batman: Arkham Knight got dubbed "Arkham: World of Tanks".

      And this OP is 99% AIS and 1% ARKS. I find that proportion decidedly ominous.

    7. @StormWalker

      There is a major difference in drawing attention to something versus something being a gimmick. Gimmicks are made to be attention bringing elements. They're made with drawing an audience first and everything else last. AIS are not that. Do you remember that mining base trailer? That was 100% mining base. The magatsu trailer focused almost completely on bouncers. That's what trailers are for. Does this make Bo a gimmick? Not really.

      My comment wasn't about you btw. It was about a broader subject. I'm not saying that you should like AIS, i'm saying that they are not a simple publicity toy; which is outside of opinion. You seem to be looking at this too personally to see outside of your own opinion of it.

      Let look at it this way. The AIS are what allow the whole arial fight to happen in the first place. Regardlessof anything else, this trailer is the only one that has this sort of arial combat scene. This means that they can appeal to people or views that the other trailers haven't, or in a way that the oter trailers haven't. It's somethg done differently. Everything else that has been in the game is still here, so it's a way of broadening what they show.

    8. Don't know for everyone else but, sure, I wouldn't mind a new EQ or two with AIS in it. I kinda like using these mechas too. 🙂

      But, like you, it's just a personal opinion and maybe it will change to more positive when it will be on our game when we launch it. After all, we can't like everything at the first time everytime. ^^

    9. Both musical tracks of the new field somehow anticipate arrival of Arks. "like a meteor", "waiting for shining stars to fall". Including benchmark scenario and this opening, the whole new theme seem to be the arrival of saviors. I'd say its the first time Arks are saving the planet and not wiping out its locals. It wasn't that much of an accent during Lilipa or Vopar that barely had any sentient population, neither on Harukotan where you mostly help Sukunahime.

  8. …which reminds me of the other thing I forgot when explaining why I don't care for the new intro (or Episode 4 in general) in my post above.

    I *hate* the new music.

    The previous episodes all had pretty awesome music. Episode 2's main theme was downright epic.

    Now we have… J-pop. Now, I don't hate J-pop. I have a fair amount of it in my music collection. And I've liked some of the themes to previous games ("Ignite Infinity" is great, for example). But this intro is… really bad J-pop. And the Tokyo field music is painful to listen to. Especially after I'd gotten used to such wonderful field themes as Seabed and Floating Facility.

    It feels like to me in their whole "new experience" kick they have thrown the baby out with the bathwater. Sure, there were things in PSO2 that needed some refresh… but some of the biggest changes they've made were to things they had previously done *right*.

    1. So much emotion. You can write books on how you wouldn't buy the game like this, but I don't see any point of going on further. They can't read your heart, its not marketed to you, and it takes certain bias to like the game made for nation who will get shivers from seeing 「大和」 on the screen, as if their life was to be fake, and have imagination for dreams to enjoy cute stuff at any age. If you don't need it, what can they do, tell me? Nobody knows the way.
      You didn't like ep4, no one there did, except a few wapanese deviants like me who can follow them without rules. That is why I have fascination for defense shown in the opening. But who are you and who am I? The fact that you tolerated endless game on this blue planet might as well be a mistake, a statistical error. How long they could be like during ep1-3 era, nobody knows the truth. Lots of creatures before you never liked pso2 at all, it was too japanese for them. I don't want you to change your mind, but I would shut down the door in your place. Its okay, its normal, yes I know. Can we finally realize this and set it free? Now excuse me, I must keep running on ahead.

    2. Look, it's a game I really like. It has some of the most fun combat mechanics of any game I've ever played, and it's got some really great visuals. It has up to this point had an entertaining if not terribly original story. Good gameplay + good visuals + decent story is really all I ask for from a game. Having great music, which for the most part it has had, is a bonus.

      It feels, however, that with Episode 4 every single one of these attributes is slipping out of Sega's grasp. And as someone who really enjoys playing this game, I'd hate to see them wreck it.

    3. No, this is more, "It's not well written, well visualized, or well implemented, so it sucks."

      And I certainly don't think the game is ruined forever. They're perfectly capable of fixing it. But only if they realize they're in the process of wrecking it.

    4. That last sentence would be *exactly* the mindset that I was alluding to, you know.
      Basically stop taking animu space opera seriously dude.

      Incidentally, it could be argued that given the context J-pop is perfectly appropriate stylistic choice for Ep 4 music… whether *you* like it or not is very much your personal problem. I'm personally not too fond of the pseudo dubstep in the Lillipa undergorund but I don't whine about it in public at least.

    5. The game has taken a sharp turn away from the characteristics that made it enjoyable to me in the first place.

      I've yet to see anything in the Episode 4 story or the Tokyo field that I like. Not one thing. And believe me, I've been looking, because I have really enjoyed PSO2 and would like to have some hope that I will be able to enjoy it again in the future.

      Right now, I can only enjoy it if I'm willing to completely ignore the new content. Which is something that I can only do for so long.

    6. Obligatory "can I have your stuff?" 😐
      I mean let's be honest. Nobody here is going to give a rat's ass if you stop playing the game for whatever reason. But public whinage that basically just boils down to "They Changed It Now It Sucks" is just going to annoy people.

    7. I was just checking if you actually hate the soundtrack or just using it for extra derogatory points.

    8. The music you mentioned indeed sucks but I rather like the boost pads, they make things a bit more interesting and don't even get me started on how awesome some of the phantoms are when they use their phantom powers.

      Sure the game might be going in a different direction than you expected but sometimes you just have to go with the flow.

      Is it a departure from what phantasy star used to be? Yes. Is that inherently bad on it's own? Not especially.

      Let's look at the facts: PSO2 is the first Phantasy Star game with truly three dimensional movement. It's also the first rendered 3D Phantasy Star game to have more than four base classes. It's also the first to shake things up with new and interesting and hardly arbitrary (I'm looking at you stuff like floaders and failed attempts at pseudo-PvP) gameplay mechanics every now and then instead simply of using the existing ones for new types of challenges.

      So it uses a few stupid tropes and breaks away from the standards the series has set up in the past and do I even need to remind you how big of a departure from the classic games PSO was?

      The bottom line here is that you need to ask yourself an important question: "Is the game still fun?"

      If your answer to that is "no", then leave and don't come back. If the answer is "yes", then stop whining.

    1. Isn't PSO2 a reboot anyway. I'm not familiar with the OG PSO, but people seem to be complaining about consistency. So I'm assuming this is a reboot only adopting core concepts rather than the original story.

      I'm guessing this is the cause of all the hate is because reboots of anything are generally disliked by old fans regardless of whether its good or bad.

    2. The gist I've gotten from most conversations on that topic, between people whose experience with the franchise is longer than ~1.5 years (ie. mine), is "spiritual successor" or thereabout. Was under the impression the different PSO games mainly share concepts and themes, not any particular continuity or even necessarily "worldline".

  9. Holy shit this comment section….

    Did people here think that SEGA should cater to all these "mature,elegant and sophisticated" western audience (which pretty much shouldn't have existed according to their in-game EULA) rather than their actual target market which is, young Japanese ?

    Yo, i'm dissatisfied with some changes as well but it doesn't make me rant like a teen in puberty on every EP4 update page.

    1. :/ agreed. Normally I go into the comment section to laugh at these arguments but this one is just sad. Sure, I don't think what they're doing with Ep 4 is good either. Feels very off. But so far it's been fun gameplay wise, and I rather enjoy the (English) music personally.

      It does let them mix it up in all honesty. I think the newer places could use less corridors but it kind of makes sense in this place too, at the same time. A park would be nice however :U

      And who knew the would make new games for newer audiences?…especially when making an MMO where broad appeal is absolutely necessary.

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