PSO2 Live Broadcast #45 Recap

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August Secret Phrase

Secret Phrase

  • Speak the phrase ありがとうはるこあつこたろう in chat to receive hairstyles from the Broadcast regulars!
  • In addition, you'll receive one 5SG Ticket, and four 10SG Tickets for a total of 45 Star Gems.
  • This phrase can be said at any point in time as long as it is done before August 24th's maintenance.


EQ August Quest

Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • Perennial Apocalypse
  • August 13th @ 22:00 JST
  • +150% Rare Drop and EXP Boost
  • +10% Live Boost if you attend the live event.



PSU 10th Anniversary Update

PSU 10th Anniversary Update (August 31st)

  • PSU 10th Anniversary Scratch: Gurhal Collection
  • Ethan and Mirei Mikuna Outfits
  • Kakwane Suit and another Project CUTE outfit.
  • Difficult to obtain Ethan and Karen Costumes and voice tickets.
  • Koltova Juice and Special Abilities: GRM/Tenora/Yohmei Boost
    • Koltova Juice: +50% Rare Drop Boost (30Mins)
  • Scratch Bonuses include:
    • G-Colony Statue
    • Color Changeable Pete Evo Device.
    • Air Board Lobby Action


PSU 10th Anniversary 2

PSU 10th Anniversary Update (August 31st)

  • Ethan and Karen will appear in the lobby (~ 10/19)
  • You can get their partner card and they'll also appear together in e-trials.
  • Huge Cutter, Daggers of Serafi-NT, Crea Doubles will debut as ★13 weapons.




Autumn Event

Early September Update

  • Otsukimi Lobby (~10/5)
  • Otsukimi Bingo (~10/5)
  • Luna Nyau (~9/7)
  • Level Up Quest: Chaotic Darkness
  • SG Treasure Shop: Perennial Apocalypse Trigger
  • Weaponoid Potentials for Glorious Wing, Judgement Hearts, Niren Kamui, and Yamigarasu.
  • Yamigarasu: Increases [Panic] infliction rate and damage to enemies suffering from [Panic].
  • Glorious Wing: Increases damage when attacking in the air.
  • Niren Kamui: Increases damage when attacking in the air.


Medical Scratch

Early September Update

  • AC Scratch: Medical Cure Station
  • White Coat and Nurse Outfit.
  • New Shrine Maiden Layered Wear
  • Casual Techer themed outfits and parts.
  • Kuron Scenery Pass & Taisho Roman Room Items
  • Empe Rappy accessories in the Bonus Scratch


September EQ Quest

Early September Update

  • Emergency Quest: Regiment of the Wicked 2016 (~10/5)
  • Regiment 2016 Collection File (~10/5)
  • Added superior versions of Gal Gryphon's Weapon.
  • Appearances from Empe Rappy and a new special prefixed Gal Gryphon.


EP4 Story 4

Early September Update

  • The second half of Episode 4: Chapter 4
  • Huey reappears! He'll also show up in Emergency Trials.
  • Encounter a new Phantom type!
    • Laplace's Demon
    • Maxwell's Demon
  • Take note of their violent attacks which clash with their cute appearances.


Revival Scratch

Revival Scratch

  • Legacy Parts Selection G 2016 (Begins September 14th)
  • A 2 week long Revival Scratch containing difficult to obtain Cast Parts.

Limited Treasure Shop

  • The Treasure Shop will sell items for a limited time such as
    Item Code [Music Discs] and certain FUN Scratch [Lobby Actions] and [Accessories].


Master Orga

Late September Update

  • Master Nezumi and Orga Cats will appear in the lobby (~11/2)
  • You can obtain their partner cards and see them appear in Emergency Trials.
  • Clear their Client Orders to receive their favorite weapons.
  • You can change the weapon's photon color at the Item Lab.
  • Level UP Quest: Darkness From the Chaos (~10/5)


Earth Grace

Late September Update

  • Erdem and Phaleg layered outfits.
  • Autumn Layeredwear.
  • Erdem and Phaleg Lobby Action as a Scratch Bonus.
    • Get [Slit Eyes] for your character from the Scratch Bonus.


Tokyo TA Quest

Late September Update

  • New Time Attack: Marathon Practice: Tokyo
  • The key is to reduce your time with the Dash Panels.
  • Try not to get caught up in the explosions.
  • The boss will be Train Ghidoran, but if you're not quick, reinforcements will be sent in.


Summer Login Camp

Summer Login Campaign

  • You can receive a ticket for 5 Star Gems for each day you log into PSO2 between 8/17 ~ 8/23.


Revenge Campaign

ARKS ORDERS RUSH Revenge Campaign!

  • Players who clear certain Story Board pieces during the campaign period will receive the items we failed to get from the Web Panel Rewards.
  • Clear Story Board: 077-A (Blanc Noir Weapon Camo)
  • Clear Story Board: 083-B (VD「情報屋、変革します!」)
  • Period: August 24th ~ September 7th


PSO2 Fashion Tokyo Oracle

PSO2 Fashion Catalog: Oracle and Tokyo Collection

  • This Fashion Catalog covers items released from April 2015 through June 2016 and plans to go on sale September 17th for 3000 Yen.
  • Item Codes include:
    • Dealer Tail GV (Hairstyle)
    • Rappy Necklace (Accessory)
    • 258「Arm Chin Rest」
    • Blue Screen Booth
    • Color Change Pass
    • Free Salon Pass


Ultimate Amduscia

  • Coming this October!
  • Box Dewbles
  • Drago Deadlion
  • Glüzoras Drago
  • Anga Fundarge!?


2016 Autumn Roadmap

PSO2 Fall to Winter Roadmap


  • New Ultimate Quest
  • Episode 4 Chapter 5
  • More PA & Technic Customizations
  • PA and Skill Balance Adjustments
  • Pet Egg Added
  • Collaboration Interlocking WEB Event
  • PSU 10th Anniversary Project Part 2
  • Famous Game Collaboration Scratch
  • Seasonal Franca's Cafe
  • New Team Room

Winter ~ End of Year

  • Episode 4 Chapter 6
  • New Type Grinding System Expansion
  • Appraisal Shop Expansion
  • Pet Egg Added
  • 12 Player Raid Boss
  • SG Scratch Volume 2
  • Famous Game Collaboration Scratch
  • Seasonal Franca's Cafe



PSO2es Update August test

PSO2es Update

  • Special Ability [Ext Receptor] arrives August 18th from EQs.
  • This ability increases the fusion success rates for Flict, Alter, and certain IV and V Special Abilities.
  • The most recent update added new Quick Search quests like Material Gathering Desert/Coast/Forest/Tokyo.


PSO2es Late August Chips

PSO2es Update

  • Late August Chips: Aurora and Euclita
  • Early September Chip: After-Bath Aika
    • A chip with a design taken from PSO2 The Animation's end card.


Weaponoids September

PSO2es New Chip (Mid September)

  • Spread Needle and Nox Dinas weaponoids


PSO2es Upcoming Weaponoid

New Weaponoid Chips and PA

  • Weddle Park
  • Volcano Mace
  • Fubuki Toushū
  • Guren Tessen


Weaponoid Story August Sept

More Weaponoid Stories

  • Judgement Hearts (8/17)
  • Glorious Wing (8/24)
  • Yamigarasu (8/31)
  • Dies Ryu (9/7)
  • Shut Rounder (9/14)
  • Seimei Kikami (9/21)

20 thoughts to “PSO2 Live Broadcast #45 Recap”

  1. > Ethan and Karen PC: \o/ (Maybe they'll put Emilia and Vivienne someday too?)
    > Diffucult to obtain Ethan and Karen Costumes: You mean… Other Costumes? Their Costumes already exists on Players Shops…
    > New UQ Nice one, don't link Amduscia but it will take some interest from it.
    > Ep4 Chap6: Hope it's not the end?

  2. 母なる月光 sounds like some sort of opposite variation of 深遠なる闇. Betting on the Moon being December boss.

  3. huzzah, four years later they get to the last [project cute] outfit I cared about. one can only hope they didn't screw the pooch. specially since it's the only thing in the next few scratches I care about.

    those "casual tector" outfits… I'm not sure the designer knows what "casual" means, n' (s)he certainly doesn't "get" the tector style any more than whoever it was who did the previous tector themed outfits. meh.

    so outside story stuff (math demons! MATH DEMONS! FFFFFFF- just look them up on wikipedia) I guess I'll be in a lull 'till next update bloc… just sitting and salivating over the news of more PA/tech customs n' such without it having taken almost a whole year again to get them. I wish I could be hyped about UQ amu-amu-amumu, but UQs are too clusterfucky for me to really enjoy them.

    aaanyway. let's giggle: who actually thought sega was going to let any of the web panel rewards NOT get distributed? whether we want to lap up the tears of kirito stu's fans over the totally-not-elucidator-and-darkrepulser camo being missed, it was only predictable that sega'd find an excuse to use the assets, 'tween that and the vocal drama thing. time and money spent, etc.

    1. Casual enough by the standards of 18th-century (or so) aristocracy, who seem to have furnished much of the visual inspiration. o3o

      Gonna have to agree with the last paragraph. The VD in particular must've cost rather too much to make to be left unused merely because they miscalibrated the point reqs…

  4. What does it mean by "Difficult to get"? I already have the costumes from the Deluxe Package, as well as the Mag, but I do want the Karen voice.

    1. hard to get , as in- these items haven't been on the market, or introdcued for a few years lmao. Yes, we've all seen the Ethan and Karen outfits, but they havent been obtainable for 2 years or so

    2. Oh, misinterpretation of the wording then, I thought it meant hard to get, as lower scratch rates.

      I'm more worried about the getting the voice than anything, but good to know it was just my mistake.

    1. Mother is reaching for world domination anyway, so whatever goes. Phantoms were always a problem in Earth history, but apparently 12 years ago things ramped up terribly.
      Apostles have to follow Mother's orders, but there seem to be some leeway where they can do whatever for a while without being punished. Bethor went overboard and got "killed", Phaleg escaped just in time before drawing attention.

    2. Maybe it's a stupid idea but… 12 years ago is the date when Matoi traveled in ages to us at the beginning of EP1 too, right? Coincidence… (I tried not to be too clear not to spoil eventual new players but you understand what I mean)

    1. …and if they added those instead people would bitch about how customisations have been abandoned again.

      So, yeah.

    2. do we really need new PAs atm..?

      Unless you're playing JBs or something I don't really see why you'd need new PAs that badly.

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