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This post is for Phantasy Star Online 2 Options Guide. We'll quickly walk you through each menu and what options are available within the game. Consult the Launcher guide for help on changing the graphical settings for the game. This section is incomplete and will update during the course of the game.

Table of Contents:

 Options Menu

Options Menu

Press [ESC] to open up the main menu. Click on System (Gears icon) and press the third entry to reach the Options menu!


How to Save Settings in the Options Mneu

Save settings by pressing the left-most bottom button!

 You may reset all options settings by pressing the right-most bottom button.


Basic Settings

基本設定: Basic Settings

  • レーダーマップの回転方法: Radar Map Rotation
    [Top = Rotate]
    [Bottom = Don't Rotate]
  • ロックオン操作 Lock-On Method
    [Top = One Click]
    [Bottom = Hold]
  • 裏パレット操作切り替え Switch Back Palette
    [Top = One Click]
    [Bottom = Hold]
  • 巨大モニター動画再生設定 Video Monitor Playback Settings
    [Top = Play Videos]
    [Bottom = Don't Play Videos]


Notification Settings

通知設定: Notification Settings

  • パーティー招待さ=時: Party Invitations
    [Top = Show in Selection Window]
    [Bottom = Only Notifications]
  • フレンド登録申し込みされた時 Friend Requests
    [Top = Show in Selection Window]
    [Bottom = Only Notifications]
  • チームスカウトされた時: Team Scout
    [Top = Show in Selection Window]
    [Bottom = Only Notifications]
  • トレード登録申し込みされた時 Trade Invitations
     [Top = Show in Selection Window]
    [Bottom = Only Notifications]
  • 拾ったアイテム名をログに表示 Show Items picked up in the log?
     [Top = ON]
    [Bottom = OFF]

 Camera Settings

カメラ設定 Camera Settings

  • カメラ左右回転 Horizontal Camera Rotation
    [Top = Normal]
    [Bottom = Reverse]
  • カメラ上下回転 Vertical Camera Rotation
    [Top = Normal]
    [Bottom = Reverse]
  • カメラ左右回転速度 Horizontal Camera Rotation Speed
  • カメラ上下回転速度 Vertical Camera Rotation Speed


Communication Settings

Communication Settings

コミュニケーション設定 Communication Settings

  • ダイレクトチャット Direct Chat
    [Top = ON]
    [Bottom = OFF]
  • オートワード使用設定 Use Autowords
    [Top = ON]
    [Bottom = OFF]
  • オートワードをログに表示 Show Autowords in the Log
    [Top = ON]
    [Bottom = OFF]
  • メール返信時の引用 Quote Mail
    [Top = Quote]
    [Bottom = Don't Quote]
  • ログインコール送信設定 "Login Call" Settings
    [Top = ON]
    [Bottom = OFF]
  • ログウィンドウの「すべて表示」に表示するチャンネル Log Window Channels
    [1st = Nearby]
    [2nd = Party]
    [3rd = Team]
    [4th = Whisper]
    [5th = System]
    [6th = Character]


Control Settings

Change the symbols for your buttons.

操作設定 Control Settings

  • 操作アナウンス: Choose Symbol Types
  • ゲームパッド設定: Gamepad Settings
    [Top = Manually Set Buttons]
    [Bottom = Automatically Set Buttons]
  • ゲームパッド操作: Gamepad Controls
  • マウス操作 Mouse Controls
  • キーボード操作 Keyboard Controls

Control Settings (Gamepad Reset)

If your gamepad controls are all wonky, head to the ゲームパッド設定 to initialize the button configuration. The bottom button will configure the settings for you automatically.

 Control Settings (Gamepad Configuration)

Gamepad Button Configuration (Action)


GamePad Buttons Config (Menu, Weapon and Sub Palette, Maps)



Gamepad Buttons Config (Camera Controls)



Gamepad Buttons Config (Window Tab)

In this menu you can change the button configuration of each entry by pressing the blue button next to them. The jump through list button is actually "expand functions."


Sound Settings

音声設定 Sound Settings

音量 Volume

  • BGM Volume
  • SE Volume
  • Voice Volume
  • In Game Video Volume

再生設定 Playback Settings

  • サラウンド設定 Surround Sound Settings
    [Top = ON]
    [Bottom = OFF]
  • グローバルフォーカスサウンド設定 Global Focus Sound
    [Top = ON]
    [Bottom = OFF]

Drawing Settings

Draw Settings (Shaders Only)

Draw Settings

  • エフェクト光源設定 Light Effect Settings
  • 地形光源 Light Terrain Settings
  • ブルーム処理 Bloom
  • 被写界深度 Depth of Field
  • ブラー Blur
  • ライトシャフト Light Shaft
  • アンチエイリアシング Anti-Aliasing



Display Settings

描画設定 Display Settings

  • 詳細モデル表示数 Detail Model Count
  • 写り込み品質 Reflection Quality
  • 影品質 Shadow Quality

Editing Options in English

Did you know that you can edit most of the game options outside of the game in English? Check for a file called user.pso2 in the following directory:


If you open this file with notepad, you can edit a whole assortment of options including

Graphics and Shader Settings:

        Draw = {
            TextureResolution = 1,
            Display = {
                ShadowQuality = 3,
                ReflectionQuality = 3,
                DitailModelNum = 12,
            Function = {
                SoftParticle = false,
                AntiAliasing = true,
                LightShaft = false,
                Blur = true,
                Bloom = false,
                LightEffect = true,
                Depth = false,
                LightGeoGraphy = false,
            ShaderQuality = true,

By changing SoftParticle, Anti-Aliasing, Blur, Bloom, etc to "false" will make the game run much faster while using shaders. Please note that the "ShaderQuality" must be set to true in order to edit these features. If ShaderQuality is false, the game will run without shaders.

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  1. Hi! My Direct Chat suddenly Enabled. and when i am trying to make it disabled after applying it. its still Enabled. what should i do?

  2. Would be nice if there's a guide to customize how far/near the POV camera would be (not the one used for screenshots) so we can view more of the field if we go on EQs.

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