PSO2 Reveals New Character: Aurora

~ December 9th, 2015 ~


Christmas Lobby

Christmas 2015 Xie

The Christmas season is finally here and to celebrate, Sega is implementing this year’s Christmas lobby! More beautifully illuminated than ever, the lobby features even more festive decorations.


Snow Cannon Man
*スノーキャノンマン (Snow Cannon Man)

Sensing Christmas approaching, Xie comes dashing through the snow to offer a new set of client orders! Complete them to receive the frosty [*Snow Cannon Man ] weapon camo for launchers.


*イクスシュレイラ (Ixschrayla)

The Christmas 2015 Bingo joins her with objectives perfect for the fourth edition of the Merry Christmas on Ice quest. Players will be rewarded with presents like boosters and the [*Ixschrayla ] gunslash weapon camo for advancing through the bingo card.


Merry Christmas on Ice 4

Christmas on Ice 4 Gal Grpyhon

The seasonal [Merry Christmas on Ice 4] Emergency Quest returns with a new installment! Various Toy Darkers will be encountered alongside the Tundra’s natives, with frequent appearances by Falz Douran and Dorill. Nyau will also appear, capable of summoning Gal Gryphon onto the field.


Dio Hunar makes its debut in battle form, tormenting players with attacks more fearsome than Viel. Upon defeat, it may drop Phantasmal Ares Stones used in trading at the Pyroxene Exchange Shop for Ares series weapons.


Merry Christmas on Ice 4

NPCs like Patty and Tiea will arrive during Emergency Trials, donning Christmas outfits and accessories. Players can wear Christmas costumes as well for a PSE Costume Bonus Effect, slightly increasing experience gain and the rare drop rate.

View the Christmas Costumes


Episode 3 Side Story

This chapter introduces Aurora, a mysterious girl who claims to be the “Original” Apprentice. Her sudden arrival prompts Afin and Euclita to travel around Lillipa to investigate the reason why she appeared. They arrived at the Corrupted Region, but Aurora, sensing something inside, advances forward ignoring the attempts to stop her.


Legend of Heroes (AC Scratch)

リィン・レプカ (Rean Repca)
リィン・レプカ (Rean Repca)

In collaboration with Nihon Falcom’s [Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki II] comes the costumes, hairstyles, and weapons of characters Rean, Alisa, Laura, and Fie! Get festive with one of the new Christmas costumes, or don the moody dark coat joining the scratch.


アリサ・レプカ (Alisa Repca)
アリサ・レプカ (Alisa Repca)
ラウラ・レプカ (Laura Repca)
ラウラ・レプカ (Laura Repca)
フィー・レプカ (Fie Repca)
フィー・レプカ (Fie Repca)
ハピネスノエル (Happiness Noel)
ハピネスノエル (Happiness Noel)
ドラグナーコートM (Dragner Coat M)
ドラグナーコートM (Dragner Coat M)
フィーの双銃剣 (Fie's Twin Bayonets)
フィーの双銃剣 (Fie’s Twin Bayonets)
ラウラの両手剣 (Laura's Two-Handed Sword)
ラウラの両手剣 (Laura’s Two-Handed Sword)
アリサの動力弓 (Alisa's Orbal Bow)
アリサの導力弓 (Alisa’s Orbal Bow)
Rean Longsword
リィンの太刀 (Rean’s Katana)


※ Looking for naming suggestions for the Bingo’s Gunslash Camo.


15 thoughts to “PSO2 Reveals New Character: Aurora”

    1. I secretly hope she will give us her Partner Card someday ^_^’ Be my friend, now you’re not my enemy anymore x)

    2. Just you I suspect, how’d you even jump to *that* conclusion of all things? I mean the only reference point we have is (was?) Luther to begin with…

    3. It might not be that far fetched. We know that the Falz need hosts, so it may not be too much of a stretch to assume that the first hosts might have been Photoners. So if Aurora really is the “Original” [Apprentice] (ie. its first host), then it is possible she is/was a Photoner. Of course this is just idle speculation.

    4. That seems to be stretching the evidence pretty thin – might as well assume the [Double] hosts are Photoners too then. And it’s not like we know if [Apprentice] even emerged while the Photos were still around – going by the naming [Elder] probably did, and those two seem to have a vaguely mentor/protege-ish relationship which would suggest the former is the younger one.
      The details are scarce enough there’s no actual reason to assume the Falzes predate the Photoners’ decline to begin with – for all we know they’re the PD’s direct analog to the ARKS, created to “carry the torch” when it was no longer able to.

    5. I get that feel from her too. it’s the “star” motif on thing slike her gloves, ribbons, choker, tights, and chest. It matches Xion and Xiao.

    6. Maybe its just the way she appears, popping up out of thin air?
      Last phrase from her is something like “whether a warrior or a politician, as long as he is human, before me he will be exposed”. As in, drawing his true nature or something, I guess.

    7. Casual teleportation is something of a characteristic Falz move though, Eu herself like(s/d) doing it a lot…

  1. Huhum… Now arrives a new bad girl…? Well, I guess I’ll eat the Side Story with pleasure once it will be here 😀

    But when I see this new Collaboration I’m wondering… Was it the year of Collabs or something? I feel like we only had a very few new non-Collabs Scratchs since January.

    Oh and… Merry Christmas on Ice 4. \o/

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