PSO2 Station #12 Recap

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October 7th Tidbits

October 25th Balance Adjustments

Passive Stance

  • Some stances will become passive skills:
    • Fury Stance
    • Brave Stance
    • Elemental Stance
    • Average Stance

Stance Behavior Changes

  • The following stances will remain Active Skills.
  • However, these stances will be paired with their counterpart where the effects will switch when activated.
  • For Example: (Guard Stance : Fury Stance)
  • If you press the stance button again, the effect will return to the original stance.
    • Guard Stance
    • Wise Stance
    • Weak Stance
    • Break Stance

Skill Activation Animation Removed

  • Some skills will have their activation animations removed
    • Guard Stance, Wise Stance, Weak Stance
    • Break Stance, Wand Lovers, Wand Gear Element
    • Talis Fast Throw, Switch Strike, Pet Switch Strike
    • Pet Switch Shoot, Critical Field, Elemental PP Restorate Field
    • Reverser Field

Skill Activation Animation Speed Up

  • Some skills will have faster activation animation speed.
    • War Cry, Limit Break, Photon Flare.

Techer Skill: Elemental Weak Hit Improvement

  • Damage will also rise when attacking the non-elemental weakness.
  • 10% non-elemental weakness at level 10

Braver & Bouncer Skill: Braver Mag / Bouncer Mag

  • Changed the conversion rate to 100%
  • Becomes a default skill


Future Balance Adjustments

Movement Speed Improvements

  • They are looking into measures so you don’t have to continuously use movement type PAs/Technics. They’ll announce whatever their plans are in the future.

Technic Battle Tempo Improvements

  • They are looking into implementing a skill that treats charged technics as Just Attacks.

Gameplay Content to Test the Strength of Powerful Players

  • They plan to release content in the future where the enemies are stronger. They’ll increase the rare drop rate in response to match how difficult it is.


Other Stuff

Trick or Treat 2017

  • The EQ will drop a new ★13 Talis (Lumihorrey)

Solo Buster Quest

  • You’ll soon be able to start a Buster Quest solo.

Dark Blast

  • Dark Blasts can be used once per quest and lasts for 60 seconds.
  • In the future, you might be able to customize the color too!
  • Dark Blast EXP is shared among the account, but the skill assignment is character based.
    • (Dark Blast has a bunch of skills that requires a set amount of EXP to level up. For example, Punishment Short Charge reduces the charging times for Punishment Knuckle. This skill requires zero EXP on LV. 1, but then asks for a very high amount on Lv. 2. Also on an unrelated note, some Dark Blast skills require certain actions before they’re unlocked in the Dark Blast Skill List.)

Emergency Buster Quest

  • Emergency Buster Quests will have difficulties: N, VH, SH, XH
  • The enemy level in SH is 75
  • ★14 may drop in SH too, but the drop rate on XH is higher.
  • XH requires Lv. 80/80
  • You can play two times per ship.
  • Elder Pain Omega is said to have a potential similar in some way to Elder Pain.

Regular Buster Quest (10/25~)

  • Buster Tower and Pile HP will change based on the number of people.
  • Buster Quest Play Stamina limit will be removed.

ARKS Boost Rally

  • Deus ★14 weapons will drop in the next ABR

Buster Quest Weapon Camos

  • They plan to add weapon camos with each country.

Story Quest Campaign (TBA Oct 11)

  • You can get the Valiant camo by clearing upcoming story content in chapter 2
  • You can get EP Zero Memory by clearing upcoming story content in chapter 2 and one of Episode 2’s Omnibus Quests.
  • Exact details will be announced during an upcoming maintenance.

Ultimate Quest Resuscitation

  • They’re thinking about having NT versions of the Slave series, etc, in the future. 
  • Ultimate Amduscia is getting a special boost for a limited time. It’s the type that buffs the enemies while increasing the RDR.
  • ★14 will be inserted into the drop table during this special boost.

Special Ability Reordering

  • They haven’t finalized their decision yet, but they’re thinking of having a feature that reorders the list of the special abilities.

More to be added.








Day 4: TGS

Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • Regiment of the Wicked
  • +300% EXP & Rare Drop Boost
  • EQ Appears After the Quna Concert Below
  • September 24th @ 22:30 ~


Live Sympathy 2018

  • PSO2 Live Sympathy 2018 Concert
  • March 24th, 2018 @ Differ Ariake
  • Eri Kitamura (Quna CV) will make an appearance.
  • Features PSO2 Vocal Songs & Character Songs
  • Other appearances include Shouta Aoi, Atsuko Enomoto, Runblebee, and more!


Secret Phrase

  • Say the phrase 次回から火曜日 in chat to receive:
    • Head Riding ESC-A-kun
    • +100% Tribooster
  • You have until October 4th’s maintenance to complete this action.


Erythron Dragon
~ Coming December ~



Day 3: TGS

Balance Adjustments will be implemented Sep 27th instead of October.


Movement Ability Improvements

  • Close-range weapons step distance improvements.
  • Movement type PA improvements
  • Step Jump will also apply to Dive Rolls.
  • Mirage escape movement and turning ability improvements.

Power Improvements

  • Normal Attack damage improvements
  • Hit Stops reduced
  • PP recovery improvements.
  • Power buffs for some PAs.


Step Adjustments

  • Sword, Wired Lance, Partisan, Twin Dagger, Double Saber, Knuckles, Gunslash, Katana, Dual Blades, Bullet Bow, Wand, Jet Boots, and unarmed movement distance extended.

Dive Roll Adjustments

  • Added jump cancellation timing when dive rolling on the ground.
  • L / Step Jump will also apply to Dive Roll.

Mirage Escape Adjustments

  • Mirage Escape turning speed improved.
  • Mirage Escape movement distance extended.


Rare Mastery Adjustments

  • Rare Mastery will change to a default acquisition skill.
  • Rare Mastery will also apply to crafted items.
  • Rare Mastery will change from a stat rising effect to a damage bonus effect.

Stance Skill Adjustments

  • Relaxed the demerits for Wise and Brave Stance.
  • Made some improvements to Stance type Skill effects.
  • Made revisions to the level caps of certain Stance related skills.

Revising the Reliance of Certain Skills

  • Weak Hit Advance, etc. skills will receive a nerf. In exchange, Photon Arts, Class Skills, and Normal Attacks will receive a buff. This adjustment allows for more stable attack power.


Skill Adjustments

  • Gunner’s Showtime: Recast Time improved.
  • Hunter”s JG PP Gain: PP Recovery Amount improved.
  • Force’s Rod Shoot: PP Recovery Amount improved.
  • Summoner’s Pet Sympathy: Pet Sympathy request chances improved.
  • Some other Class Skill buffs.
  • Revised the prerequisite learning levels for Force Mastery Skills.


Movement-type PA Improvements

  • Guilty Break non-charged movement speed improved.
  • PAs such as Grim Barrage, Il Zonde, Heartless Impact, Type-0 Sa Foie, Shunka-shunran, Asagiri-rendan, and others will receive improvements to their movement.

Some PA Buffs

  • Some Wired Lance PAs will see improvements to speed during their holding animations.
  • Chase Arrow’s animation speed will be improved.
  • Relaxed the decay distance for Shooting weapons.
  • Improved the animation speed of Vinto Gigue.
  • Improved the power and changed the behavior of certain PAs.

Sept 27th Balance Adjustments


Early October Update

  • Halloween Lobby & Bingo (~11/18)
  • Franca’s Night Café
  • Matoi will appear as the host in a Halloween outfit!?
  • You can also obtain her partner card.
  • She can appear during E-Trials.
  • New Enemy: Latan Empe Rappy


Early October Update

  • Misty Dark World (AC Scratch)
  • Halloween Style Matoi costume.
  • An eerie hooded outfit for men and women.
  • Demonic layered wear and parts.
  • Basewear version of the Exercise Bloomers.
  • Scratch Bonus: Perched Latan Empe  / LA: Teleportation.


Early October Update

  • Episode 5: Chapter 2 – Part 3
  • Gettemhart and Melphonsina aim for the imperial capital!
  • Will a moment of peace arrive for the two?
  • Shocking developments await!


Early October Update

  • Trick or Treat 2017 is getting a different map this year.
  • Esca Darkers and Phantoms will spawn.
  • Trick or Treat 2017 Collection
    • Fornis Wired Lance
    • Fornis Double Saber
    • Viola Egg
    • Aero Egg
  • Certainly the quest will also have special drops!



Late October Update

  • Atelier series Collaboration Scratch
  • Escha and Logy costumes.
  • Sophie and Plachta costumes.
  • Weapon Camos, Lobby Actions, and a Plachta Mag device too!


Late October Update

  • Alchemist Replica (AC Scratch)
  • PSO2es Avenger and Bluesy Replica costumes.
  • Scratch Bonus: Skull Soldier Suit.
  • Bluesy and Avenger will appear in the lobby.
  • Clear their client orders for NT weapons.
  • You can also receive their partner cards.
  • They’ll have an exchange shop as well.


Late October Update

  • ARKS Boost Rally #2
  • ABR: Advance Quests: Skyscape, Facility, & Ruins!
  • Limited ★13 Drop: Altabarrel
  • New Advance Quest: Floating Facility


Late October Update

  • New System: Dark Blast
  • Fill the Dark Blast Gauge and activate it once per quest.
  • You can learn Dark Blast skills and even level them up.
  • You can change the transformation pose too!
  • Dark Blast Training Quest will also be available.
  • Unlock Dark Blast by clearing EP5 Ch2 Part 3 or clear the Buster Emergency Quest on SH+.


Late October Update

  • Emergency Buster Quest: Endless Belligerence
    • (We’ll think of a better name later)
  • Omega Hunar will appear in this Buster Quest.
  • Darkers will finally appear on Omega.
  • Buster Tower(s) will get destroyed in a single blow if you don’t defeat Omega Hunar in time!
  • Dark Blasts will be the key to victory!


Late October Update

  • Endless Belligerence Collection (~4/11/2018)
    • [Detonation] Weapon Series
    • The potential has something to do with [Dark Blast].
  • ★14 [Elder Pain Omega] will drop.


Late October Features

  • View a list of characters that mainly appear for each event.
  • Added Hero animations for weapon preview windows.
  • Search Special Ability Factors in Storage Search.
  • Pay advance capsules and extreme passes from Material Storage.
  • Option to hide the display of Auto Words.


Coming Soon

  • Start a Buster Quest solo! This will make it easier to advance through those Buster Quest requirements in the story.


November 1st Update: SG Scratch

  • Darkness Conviction (SG Scratch)
  • Contains outfits from Dark Falz Lord (PSO2es Character).
  • ‘Another’ Persona Battle Suit
  • Dark Falz Warp Lobby Action
  • Previously released Dark Falz / Matoi / Xion costumes will reappear!


PSO2 x Dead or Alive 5 Last Round Collaboration

  • Kasumi, Ayane, Marie Rose, and Ryu Hayabusa’s costumes and accessories will appear in PSO2.
  • The collaboration will launch this fall.


PSO2 Evaluations (From The Survey A Few Weeks Ago)

  • Hero is pretty much well received among the player base.
  • However, people are somewhat dissatisfied with Buster Quests.
  • People are very dissatisfied with the balancing from EP5’s Launch
  • People are generally split in their evaluation of Episode 5 itself but many are still dissatisfied.


Episode 5 Future Plans

  • They are sorry for all the problems that have been occurring with cross block matching. It’s going to take some time to address them all.
  • In order to expand the breadth of gameplay content, they will be adding new types of quests in the future!
    • Nov: Dengeki PS Collab (A New Type of Emergency Quest)
    • Dec: 12-Player Raid Boss Emergency Quest on Omega
    • Jan~Feb: New Year’s Event Limited Content (A Progression Style Quest on a New Map for Omega)


Day 2: TGS


Dengeki! Polytan Carnival

  • Launching November
  • Dengeki! Polytan Lobby
  • Dengeki PlayStation Mascot [Polytan] will appear in the lobby.
  • Acquire [Dengeki Badges] from the quest or through gathering.


Dengeki Polytan Carnival

  • Limited-Time Emergency Quest: Dengeki! Polytan Land
  • An enemy rush quest where you clear Orders and increase the score.
  • Possible Orders
    • Have less than a certain amount of incapacitations!
    • Destroy a certain number of enemy parts!
    • And more!
  • Clearing these orders boosts the score rate by a certain percentage.
  • Polytan’s head will serve as the container for clearing the quest.


Dengeki! Polytan Carnival

  • Various collab items are available as rewards or from the Exch. Shop.
  • New Weapon Camo: Sengeki Blitzkrieg
  • [Dengeki Pose] Lobby Action
  • [Polytan] Accessories


PSO2 Cloud: Data Interaction

Left Labels

  • Nintendo Switch A
  • Nintendo Switch B
  • Nintendo Switch C
    • Input Signal >>
    • << Input Results Footage

Middle Labels

  • Cloud Server (A, B, C)
    • Input Results >>
    • << Server response to..

Right Label

  • PSO2 Game Server


PSO2 Cloud

  • Players will not have to get a large Hard Drive nor wait through lengthy downloads since the game data itself is stored on the cloud server. The graphics will be around Tier 5~Tier 6.
  • Due to the nature of cloud gaming, the game will run at 30fps, with some delays depending on the network. In order to receive a constant stream, a stable network is required.
  • The game will play basically like any other platform, with free to play and optional cash items.



59 thoughts on “PSO2 Station #12 Recap

    1. They want to do a mutual collaboration, but things are being discussed behind the scenes. You’ll have to check back later until something is finalized.

  1. most of episode 5’s stuff is a throwback to the old games, so i’m not surprised if they made the red dragon from the original game a raid boss on top of the medieval setting.

  2. Them tidbits… it seems they are actually listening to players… and not just what they wanna hear either. Did KMR lose influence or something?!

  3. valiant camo? what’s that, more coat trash for me to throw out?

    >thing that reorders the added ability list
    who really and truely gives a shit what order they’re in, given that it affects even less than fashion shenanigans do (which is already nothing)? I suppose this is easier for sega than overhauling the shitty system to not be a giant pain in the ass that nonetheless manages to be a gamebreaker, though.

    also… talis fast throw had an activation animation? wasn’t that passive, not active?

    >buffing EWH to give buff when you get it wrong as well as when you get it right
    much like how they made FI’s stances give almost their entire base boost even when you’re on the wrong side, this smells like another “we don’t want to admit this is a nuisance given the game flow we’re aiming at, and don’t want to directly buff things” step. aaand it’s more a benefit to FOTE/TEFO than TE/anythingotherthanFO which is what needs help most, so whatever.

    >They are looking into implementing a skill that treats charged technics as Just Attacks.
    how about making that a FO main only thing and making a TE main/wandlovers thing that makes JA’d techs come out immediately as their charged forms or something, so that mixing them into normal TE fighting doesn’t break tempo horribly? even though TE/notFO is bad at techs, at least mixing them in wouldn’t suck as much. not that it would help TE get back out of irrelevance.
    it’s very telling that just murdering zanverse (ha! ha! a WIND tech that isn’t even boosted by WIND MASTERY, brilliant!) managed to render the class largely extinct even outside content aimed at hero bandwagoning. much like how people insist FO became trash because of compounds no longer being spammable, it speaks to underlying issues with the class’ effectiveness when having a single ability downshifted kills it.

    >OP content for gigatwinks
    I’d applaud this if not for the whole “and also we’ll give it better drop rates”, because drop rates for most things you actually want are insultingly shitty. how about you just fix the drop rates on stuff people want to not be insulting, and use the “ultra hardcore” shit for bragging rights as is the natural order of things? oh wait, that makes sense. can’t have sense with kimura on board.
    besides, even if it were flat out “touhou on lunatic, no 1ups, no continues”, there’d be a crowd insisting it was too easy and shitting on anyone who doesn’t clear it. that’s just how it works.

    1. Valiant’s an old Talis camo that they handed out for free via web panels some Episodes ago. It’s the blue diamond thing with black orbs on fire (blue fire).

      Talis Fast Throw is an active skill, it alters the speed (and I think the distance) Talises travel so its something you want to toggle on and off on occasions depending on the situation.

      I’d honestly love if TE got like a full charge Tech comes out if you JA it sort of thing, would very much help any TE setup that isn’t purely wand-wacking or pets. The charged tech thing is really only something FO’s gonna give a shit about anywho. (Would be something very cool for Tech usage of JBs too, but most don’t play the tech side of BO to begin with.)

    2. >Complains about EWH/Fi Stances giving a non weak element/wrong side boost.

      Yeah because Rainbow sets are fun, especially when Zondeel changes your Element thanks to the Wand E charge skill ring. Loosing half of your DPS just because the enemy turned around is also fun.

  4. More like
    Some stances will be removed:
    Fury Stance
    Brave Stance
    Elemental Stance
    Average Stance

    (Thinking emoji…)

    1. “In accordance to buffing all classes up to Hero level, all conditional stance become global damage boost”

      Next step would be removing the charging part of a tech, where its going to be ready instantly.

  5. All is well other than the plan to boost movement. I mean we already had move speed boosted before and movement type PA spam isn’t that relevant until Guren shenanigans then Hero’s PA. The only way to stop people from spamming PA is by boosting normal run speed to be as fast as PA spamming, but that’s a stupid move. Because everyone want to be as fast as sanic they’ll always use the fastest method…then complaining that their PP is drained really fast because they prefer high atk/hp affixes rather than high atk/pp.

    1. The issue is that Step -> Step Attack is downright faster than sprinting. Not that PAs are much faster.

    2. Huh, really? Isn’t that only for Hero? Then again i only tried Te and Ra after the buff and Te’s step>step attack doesn’t feel all that fast.

  6. Just make sprint button/skill/PA that will accelerate you like in tokyo but will spend PP over time.
    Is that so difficult? Animations and mechanics are already there, just do it.

  7. Did anyone else encounter a strange bug/glitch with the partner NPCS? I can invite them onto the battlefield, but for some reason, they do not do anything. They won’t attack? Is this a glitch or did I forget to enable an option?

  8. is something delaying the new AC scratch info post? Interested in the contents of the scratch but haven’t seen the post yet and its usually up day of the update.

    1. They may be having issues on the site based on yesterday’s “Error 500” but who knows.

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